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 Expert  107886

Expert in Wastewater Treatment

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Oregon (OR)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert has applied his background in chemical engineering, particulate filtration, and membrane separation technology to the areas of water and wastewater management, pollution prevention, and the treatment of industrial wastewaters and hazardous wastes. He is knowledgeable of waste minimization, waste surveys and audits (involving sampling and chemical analysis protocols), industrial water management and treatment, project management, process design and wastewater treatment equipment selection, control systems for treatment plants, operator training programs, and troubleshooting of existing treatment plants. He has consulted for clients in the electronics, semiconductor, disk drive, metal plating and finishing, chemical, oil, mining, textile, pulp and paper, laundry, ceramics and paints, pesticide, food and beverage, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.

chemical industrial wastewater treatment


industrial wastewater


industrial water


industrial water treatment


influent water treatment


plating waste




wastewater treatment


wastewater treatment engineering


wastewater pretreatment


process-water treatment


purified water


reverse osmosis


reverse osmosis water treatment




aquatic chemistry


water disinfectant


water disinfection


water evaporation


water filter


water filtration equipment


water filtration system


water pretreatment

Expert's experience in wastewater treatment facility design includes work on an effluent treatment system for an oil refinery using DAF, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and GAC. He worked on the process design and equipment specification of a 1 MGD treatment plant for the removal of selenium from agricultural drainage water. He was also involved in the design and development of a sophisticated computer control system for a wastewater treatment plant for a major semiconductor company.

industrial wastewater treatment facility


wastewater treatment facility


wastewater treatment facility design


copper recovery


reverse osmosis industrial wastewater treatment


water management

Expert has over 20 years of experience with process and engineering design of filtration equipment, membrane separation systems (including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration), ion exchange, evaporators, biological treatment, and general treatment systems.

wastewater treatment equipment


wastewater collection equipment


membrane separation


ultrafiltration membrane

Experienced with many aspects of pollution prevention, Expert is an expert in environmental compliance audits, performance audits, and site audits. He is extremely knowledgeable of hazardous waste regulations, particularly for California. He is a Registered Environmental Assessor in California. He has worked on audits and chemical analysis surveys for semiconductor manufactures.

process control system


wastewater statute


waste auditing


effluent monitoring


demineralized water

Expert provides his clients with cost effective solutions and detailed recommendations to minimize waste production and optimize water usage by operational improvements, production process equipment, chemical changes, operator training programs, and improved automation. He is familiar with hazardous waste reduction systems in the industries that produce heavy metals, pesticides, paints, dyestuffs, solvents, and oil and grease.

chemical waste minimization


hazardous-waste source reduction


waste minimization

Expert has both process design and operational experience with the treatment technologies used for recovery and reuse, including filtration, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, activated carbon, evaporation, dewatering filter presses, and drying equipment. He was a Project Manager for technology demonstration projects carried out for the California DHS Toxic Substances Control Division and the EPA SITE program. The former was a waste reduction and recycling system for heavy metals and pigments used in the paint and ceramics industry. Both water and separated waste were reused through the processes of microfiltration, filter press dewatering, drying, and vitrification to form a ceramic substance. The EPA SITE project was on the removal of high concentrations of heavy metals (copper and zinc) from acid mine drainage water.

wastewater recycling


hazardous waste treatment


waste recovery


wastewater flocculation


water reuse

A significant portion of Expert's career has involved process design, equipment selection, and troubleshooting of wastewater treatment systems for particulates and heavy metals removal encountered in the metal finishing industry. He has worked with copper, nickel, lead, zinc, and chromium. He is familiar with ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, chemical coagulation and flocculation, neutralization, pH control, activated carbon, particulate filtration, sludge dewatering and drying, and chemical oxygen demand removal. He has designed and installed over 40 wastewater treatment systems of sizes up to 250,000 gallons per day for the groundwater remediation, metal plating, ceramics production, semiconductors, electronics, and disk drive industries.

metal finishing wastewater treatment


plating wastewater treatment

Familiar with all aspects of filtration and membrane technology, Expert has designed and installed filtration and membrane separation equipment for desalination, process water treatment, particulate and fine filtration of beverages and wine, and cooling tower recirculation systems. He is extremely knowledgeable of treatment methods employing microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis systems.

aqueous filtration


industrial wastewater treatment


industrial wastewater filtration

Expert has experience with treating groundwater for the removal of heavy metals, particulates, oil, and organic substances by activated carbon or catalytic oxidation.

groundwater cleanup


groundwater treatment

Expert has experience with the design, selection, programming, and installation of computer and PLC (programmable logic controllers) based control systems, including visual display units. He has been involved in projects ranging from pH control for neutralization and flocculation to complex, multi-process control systems for treatment plants that require monitoring, alarming, sequence control, PID control, and information logging.

process control system design

Expert has recently designed and installed a continuous, online process monitor for copper and nickel. This system uses ICP technology and automatically samples, analyses, provides process alarms, and prepares daily and monthly reports for treated wastewater prior to sewer discharge. The system is capable of analyzing up to 20 elements and can be used for the monitoring of most process streams requiring metals analysis.


process monitoring


heavy metal analysis



Expert has designed numerous desalination systems, including the commissioning of large units and trouble-shooting.



water treatment chemistry

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Fresno, California;  Salinas, California;  Visalia, California;  Santa Maria, California;  and Santa Cruz, California.

Often requested
with this expert:

Water Treatment
Water and Wastewater Treatment, Nanofiber and Nanotube...
Membrane Separation Processes, Water Purification, Waste...
Wastewater & Permits, Electro/ Electroless/ Semiconductor...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1972   PhD   Biochemical Engineering   UMIST  
1970   MSc   Biochemical Engineering   UMIST  
1968   BSc   Chemical Engineering   UMIST  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1998 to





Engineering Director


1997 to 1998


Hydrokinetic Systems, inc.


Technical Operations


Vice President


1993 to 1997








1989 to 1992


Binnie California, Inc.



Director of Operations


1987 to 1988


Binnie California, inc.



Chief Chemical Engineer


1986 to 1987





Managing Director


1984 to 1988


Binne and Partners



Consulting Engineer


1980 to 1984


University of Durban



Professor of Chemical Engineering


Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of the Water Pollution Control Federation and the American Association of Chemical Engineers.


Expert is a California Registered Environmental Assessor.


Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert advised client on setting up a microbiological testing laboratory, including specification of equipment and technician training.
  • Expert evaluated the market for a new polymer developed by a major chemical company, and advised on potential applications and large customers for the new product.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on Membrane failure.
  • Expert in Watertreatment.
  • Expert for consulting on Full Treatment Wastewater.
  • Solid filtration expert for consulting on Sea Water Filtration.
  • Wastewater expert for consulting on wastewater.
  • Wastewater chemistry expert for consulting on process water treatment.
  • Waste water treatment plant expert for consulting on aerobic activated sludge process.
  • Expert in quaternary ammonium compounds for consulting on treating sewage with DDAC.
  • Expert to consult in nanoparticle isolation and purification,.
  • Expert for consulting on Wastewater Filtration Process/System Design
  • Activated sludge design expert for consulting on BOD reduction.
  • Expert in Membranes for Life Science and Pharmaceutical Applications.
  • Waste water treatment expert Los Angeles for consulting on waste water pH neutralization process ORION.
  • Expert in heavy metal extraction for consulting on metal sludge recovery systems.
  • Expert in chemistry for consulting on coagulant and flocculent for a wastewater treatment plant treating pome denim washing.
  • Scada expert for consulting on PLC / SCADA platform programming and communication technical skills.
  • Expert in water management for consulting on enlargement of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert has been an expert witness for several litigation cases - control failure resulting in the collapse of an anerobic digestor, biosolds processing, and control failure at a sewage pumping station.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on design of improvements to wastewater treatment plant.
  • Waste water expert witnesses for consulting on expert witness in waste water treament industry and operation.
  • Expert in municipal waste water treatment for consultation in this subject matter.
  • Environmental engineer expert for consulting on municipal wastewater operations.
  • Wastewater treatment filter expert for consulting on Wastewater treament plant - filter repair.
  • Wastewater treatment expert witness seattle for consulting on Kemco v. Superior Linen Service.
  • Wastewater management expert for consulting on pipe corrosion and water treatment conditions and possible defect in piping.
  • Waste management expert for consulting on waste water treatment industry standards.
  • Water treatment expert witness for consulting on recharging of ion exchange resin beads.
  • Dredging expert for consulting on dredging quantities corrupted by excessive debris from severe storm runoff.
  • Carbon water filter effectiveness expert witness for consulting on effectiveness of Culligan carbon filter in removing benzene and toluene.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding expert testimony, litigation consulting and support, forensic services, or any related expert witness services.  A few litigation needs include product liability, personal injury, economic loss, intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), and insurance matters.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

International Experience:
Expert has worked in England, South Africa, and Australia as a consulting chemical engineer on water and wastewater projects.

Additional Skills and Services:

Ultra-pure water treatment. Wastewater treatment of heavy metals.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience locating vendors of: particulate filtration, heavy metal removal systems, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and filter press.


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