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 Expert  107803

Expert in Polymer Chemistry

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Florida (FL)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
ADHESIVE APPLICATION; POLYMER ADHESIVE. Expert has extensive experience in developing and testing products using adhesives such as rubber and acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives (including medical adhesives). He has worked with structural adhesives (including epoxies), acrylics (including dental adhesives), phenolics, nylons, and urethanes (particularly water-cured urethanes) with and without flame retardants and with textile binders. He has applied his knowledge to help develop products now on market and to aid sales personnel, customers, and plant personnel.

ORGANIC COATING PROCESS; ADHESIVE FAILURE. Expert is experienced in chemical troubleshooting related to coating processes (solvent based, water based, and hot melt), quality control, adhesive aging, and failure of adhesives on substrates using chemical and instrumental methods.

ADHESIVE FORMULATION TECHNOLOGY. Over the course of his career, Expert has brought many important products to market and processes into production. He is experienced with formulations to obtain special properties such as flame retardance, water resistance, and oxidative stability. Having numerous interactions with customers and sales personnel, Expert has also handled technical work on the government contract as a co-developer of LAST Armor System for the US Marine Corp.

POLYMER SYNTHESIS; POLYMER MATERIAL ANALYSIS; MONOMER SYNTHESIS; MONOMER ANALYSIS. Expert has extensive experience with polymer and monomer synthesis and characterization using chemical and instrumental techniques. He has polymerization catalysis expertise with carbanions, carbocations, and free radicals. Expert is knowledgeable of residual monomer and other polymer impurity analyses. He is exceptionally skilled in the synthesis, characterization, and testing of biologically active polymers.

OIL FIELD CHEMISTRY; ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY POLYMER. A significant portion of Expert's career has been devoted to developing chemicals for enhanced oil recovery. He is familiar with making and using poly (acrylamide) types of products, xanthan gum and related poly (saccharides) and carbohydrates, and thickeners for supercritical carbon dioxide applications. He has conducted testing for both chemical and biological stability.

HOOK AND LOOP FASTENER. Expert is knowledgeable of all (except weaving) areas of hook and loop fastener (Velcro) manufacturing, from recrystallization (heat setting) of materials through the required binder coating and optional adhesive coatings. He is familiar with nonweaving manufacturing techniques, sales problems, and customer complaints.

WASTE RECOVERY. Expert is a codeveloper of a process to convert organic wastes (paper, manure, sewage sludge, wood wastes, food wastes) to fuel oil by reaction with water and carbon monoxide.

MEDICAL POLYMER. Experienced with biomedical and biologically active polymers, Expert has researched and helped develop products for a variety of medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and drug delivery systems. He can answer chemical-related questions on dental polymers and composites, including orthodontic bracket adhesives, bonding agents, opaquers, porcelain veneer cements, and pit and fissure sealants.


adhesive application


adhesive failure


adhesive failure analysis


adhesive formulation


adhesive formulation technology


dental polymer


hook and loop fastener


medical polymer


monomer analysis


monomer synthesis


oil field chemistry


oil-field chemical


polymer adhesive


polymer synthesis


pressure-sensitive adhesive


enhanced oil recovery polymer

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Tampa, Florida;  Saint Petersburg, Florida;  Clearwater, Florida;  Cape Coral, Florida;  Port Saint Lucie, Florida;  Lakeland, Florida;  Largo, Florida;  Boynton Beach, Florida;  and Sarasota, Florida.

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Adhesives and Sealants
Adhesive Formulation
Adhesive Consulting, Formulating, & Research in Structural,...
Web Coating Technology

Year   Degree   Institution  
1953   PhD   Carnegie-Mellon University  
1949   BS   St. Lawrence University  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

1995 to 2000



Independent Consultant


1990 to 1995


Velcro Group Corporation


Director of Chemical Research


1987 to 1990


Macrochem Corporation


Vice President for Research and Technology


1985 to 1987


University of Alabama-Huntsville


Vice President for Research and Graduate Study


1981 to 1985


Polytechnic University (nee Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute)




1977 to 1981


New Mexico Tech


Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of Oilfield Chemicals Program


1975 to 1977


California State University, Fullerton



on leave

1962 to 1975


Clarkson University


Dean of the Graduate School and Director of Research, Professor of Chemistry


Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a Past Chairman of the American Chemical Society's Division of Polymer Science. He was Chairman of the Polymer Section of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Professional Appointments

Expert was a member of IUPAC Polymer Nomenclature Commission and an Associate Editor of Organic Reactions.


Expert received a commendation for DARPA for the development of the LAST Armor System for the US Marine Corp. He won a Carnegie-Mellon University Alumni Award as a Nationally Recognized Scientist in 1986.

Publications and Patents Summary

Besides being a recipient of numerous additional awards, Expert is the author of over 100 patents and publications in the general areas of organic synthesis and polymer chemistry.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - U.S. Patent and Trademark Office  
 - Journal of Applied Polymer Science  
 - Progress in Polymer Science  
 - Organic Reactions  

Consulting Services:
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in polymer to consult on synthetic track surfaces .
  • Oil field treating chemical expert for consulting on water soluble polymers.
  • Expert in intota for consulting on Dental Polymers.
  • Expert in Intumescent Coatings for consulting on Water Based Thin Film Intumescent Coating.
  • Expert in role of butadiene/acrylonitrile copolymer composition distribution variability in epoxy/nitrile thermoset matrices.
  • Expert in Optical Index Matching Fluid for PMMA/Elastomer System.
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Expert Witness:
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International Experience:
Expert worked for Velcro units in Canada, Mexico, and Spain to develop products and processes to handle customer troubleshooting.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
French   Expert reads technical French.
German   Expert reads technical German.

Market Research:
Expert has expertise in the technical marketing of products that are applied with adhesives, particularly pressure-sensitive adhesives, solvent- or heat-activated adhesives, and fire-retardant adhesives. He has similar expertise in hook and loop fasteners.

Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your marketing research, industry research, and company research needs.  For research needs involving multiple experts or secondary research, a Research Director can be assigned to coordinate the work into a custom report for you as a potentially quicker and more cost effective alternative to doing this work yourself or hiring a boutique consultancy.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Additional Skills and Services:

Expert is willing to perform selected training/seminars involving products that are applied with adhesives, particularly pressure sensitive adhesives, solvent or heat activated adhesives, and fire retardant adhesives. Also, he can provide expertise in hook and loop fasteners. His experience in these areas stems from his work at Velcro Group Corporation for Velcro, USA and Velcro, Canada.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience locating vendors of: Adhesives Polymers Monomers Fine chemicals.

Other Skills and Services

Expert worked for Velcro units in Canada, Mexico, and Spain to develop products and processes to handle customer troubleshooting.


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