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 Expert  108292

Expert in Chemical Competitor Process/Formulation & Improvement and Tech/Invest Analysis

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Texas (TX)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

Listed with other top experts in: 

Experienced in chemical process improvement, Expert has reduced the fouling of manufacturing equipment using variables like pH, temperature, inhibitors for chemical process troubleshooting and process optimization.This helped in reducing production down time and saving money. He has improved analytical instruments, methods for more sensitivity. He has used GC, GC/MS, FTIR, UV/ VIS, AA etc for forensic, pollution, manufacturing control analysis.Worked on processes involving formaldehyde, alkyl benzene, acrylonitrile, polymers-polyacrylonitrile, polyethylene, and polyvinyl chloride etc. He also did new product development, setting up experiments, formulations research developement using thixotropic agents, antioxidants, surfactants, and flame retardants including Intumiscent coatings formulation/Engineering. He has done accelerated testing, aging, product stability studies on formulations including polymers using UV, High temp, Salt spray etc. Has helped Attorneys in PATENT filing, as Expert Witness in Toxic exposure cases, Infringement-by cracking formulations, toxic tort defence, product liability, medical malpractice cases-- never lost one such case yet. Has done CNBR (Chemical, Nuclear, Biological, Radiation) Security Analysis and Safety Analysis of Buildings in case of terrorist attack/hazardous waste chemical storage explosion, focusing on Vulnerability, Independent audit, PPE, detection equipment, remediation and neutralization. Has backed and trained technical sales, service sales people. Resolved disputes between company and customer, EPA(pollution control), OSHA (worker safety) Governent Agencies. As Financial Advisor helped in increasing survivability of business via diversification after business analysis, technical analysis, competitor and market analysis, new product marketing/sales improvement, technology transfer and profitable sale of money loosing technologies to enhance share holder value. Proficient in 5 foreign languages including Spanish and German.

As FREELANCE WRITER, he has done writting/editing Proposals, a Management book, technical writing, brainstorming to write sales/marketing brochure, Health Newsletter writing and serving as information source expert for Journalist. He has writtten a proposal for pollution-free Titanium extraction process from Lunar soil (rich in TiO2) and won the NASA grant. Expert has researched, written proposal to MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT(MP), at his request, recommending novel methods/technologies for better/faster remediation of future 9/11(NY), 26/11(Mumbai) type terrorist attacks- aimed at saving lives & property, copy also provided to US Government,where upon he recieved very positive feedback. Also asked by MP, Expert wrote a technical information report on Pros and cons of signing Nuclear Agreement(123) with the US - covering possible hazards from illegal nuclear waste dumping and nuclear threat from China. Has made sale/marketing PRESENTATION in Spanish and English to Managers from Occidental Petroleum, Peru and USA, closing the sale of specialty chemical, worth 2 million dollars.He has been a winner of National Science Talent Award. Strengths in broad knowledge base-as part of Team/Board member or as single resource, troubleshooting, problem solving, analytical and innovative thinking.

Researched and authored a Report to US Govt---- LESSONS LEARNED FROM 9/11(NY) AND 26/11(Mumbai), Security Technological Strategies to minimize loss of life (also applicable to Business Security). Received positive feedback.

Currently Advisor/ Expert Witness on Nuclear Radiation Death/Criminal Negligence Exposure case by Cobalt-60 Gamma Radiator.


flexible manufacturing


new chemical process


nuclear, biological, and chemical contamination survivability


nuclear, biological, and chemical personal protection equipment


outer-space plant study


ozone production


pollution measurement


process analysis


reverse engineering


toxic tort


chemical industry market research


chemical process development


chemical process safety management


chemical process troubleshooting


chemical research and development


chemical technology innovation


chemical warfare decontamination


competitive chemical production analysis


contamination control


explosion safety and hazards analysis


grant writing


industrial waste treatment facility


international technology transfer


metal contamination


pollution prevention


process optimization


professional writing


proposal writing


report writing


soil contamination


technical writing

To stay competitive in today's shrinking global markets, Expert believes it is crucial to know about competitor products or products that have equivalent performance yet lower raw material costs. Expert has cracked competitor formulations and developed improved and cheaper products. He has successfully completed complex analysis using some analytical chemistry knowledge, experience backed by analytical chemistry instrumentation, and in some instances, discovered the copying of formulations by competitors in violation of patents or secrecy agreements.

competitive intelligence


competitive analysis

Expert has performed corrosion studies and chemical accident risk/liability reduction studies by checking incompatible chemicals storage reactions. He has analyzed the effect of operation variables and pH on different polymers and coatings such as polyesters, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PBT, PVDF, silicones, etc.

process hazard analysis

Expert has hands-on experience with a variety of analytical instrumentation. He has worked with GC, GC/MS (including Finnigan 4500, HP 5972A with Wiley Library of 138,000 compounds), TIMS, Pyr-MS, FTIR, UV-VIS, AA/AE, ICP, TGA, DSC, TLC, T8E, SEM, injection molding, ion selective electrode systems etc. He has helped clients save money by assisting in making prudent instrumentation purchase decisions.

analytical chemistry instrument

Expert has advised on the set-up of analytical laboratories and exhaust hoods, selection of instrumentation, and lease or purchase decisions based on tax advantage/time duration of project or technology obsolesence. Of particular importance is personnel safety; Expert has found many labs that had inadequate fume hoods or unsafe storage of incompatible chemicals.

analytical laboratory

He has used AA/AE for metals analysis in waste waters, oil, refinery products, and competitive materials analysis.

atomic absorption spectroscopy

Expert enjoys troubleshooting chemical operations. In one case involving a monomer synthesis, the chemical engineers had made it exactly the same way for 20 years--which caused plugging of distillation columns. Cleaning the columns caused the plant to be shut down for three weeks every year, costing millions, and Expert was told it was unavoidable and not to try to fix it. However, Expert noticed a poly-ACN peak in his analysis (using pyrolysis GC/MS). He recommended changes in pH and inhibitors, which not only stopped the plugging but also increased heat transfer.

chemical operation troubleshooting

Expert has developed chemical processes, improved them, advised on safety aspects to minimize worker exposure to hazardous chemicals, and scaled them up from laboratory to large scale.

chemical process

Expert has advised personnel on the toxicity and the chemical accident potential of a given process. He once served as Safety Auditor/Officer, where duties included looking for safety problems in a plant.

process safety management auditing

Have done chemical safety training to teach technicians & chemical engineers. This comes naturally to me since I have worked as Ad. Professor in Chemistry and understand that retention of information is as important the mechanics of training and many times during an emergency there may be no time to page through voluminous procedures. Have done PPE training and carcinogenicity awareness training.

chemical safety training

He has analyzed problems through contaminant product GC/MS measurements and found materials causing process problem-changed ph, temperature etc for faster production

chemical plant troubleshooting

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Houston, Texas;  Pasadena, Texas;  Beaumont, Texas;  College Station, Texas;  Baytown, Texas;  Bryan, Texas;  Sugar Land, Texas;  Port Arthur, Texas;  Galveston, Texas;  and Missouri City, Texas.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1983   Ph.D.   Chemistry and Biochemistry   New Mexico State University - Las Cruces   National Science Talent Scholar
1978   B.S.   Chemistry and Biochemistry (Double Major)   University of Wisconsin, Madison  
1998   Financial/Business Advising   Technology Financial Investments Analysis, Mergers & Acquisitions, Risk Reduction/Business Management, Advising High Networth/ Company Presidents.   Morgan Stanley, New York   SEC Series 7, FINANCIAL ADVISOR, Commodities & Insurance Licenses passed.

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

1996 to 2012


Chem Tech Solutions




Developed Formulations--- Hand Sanitizer effective against certain viruses, Pine Cleaner Surfactant Formulation, Radiation Protection polymer apparel. Security and Safety Analysis--- Researched and authored a Report to US Govt---- LESSONS LEARNT FROM 9/11(NY) AND 26/11(Mumbai), Security Technological Strategies to minimize loss of life (also applicable to Business Security). Received positive feedback. Currently Advisor/ Expert Witness to Police on Nuclear Radiation Death/Criminal Negligence Exposure case by Cobalt-60 Gamma Radiator. Teaching/Seminars as Professor to Chemistry, Biochemistry. MBA students on "Risk Minimization and Prudent Business/Personal Financial Investment Strategies". Also, Advisor to Member of Parliament---working on Anti- terrorism measures, non destructive testing of Kevlar and UHMWP POLYMERS bullet proof vests. As Advisor to Cappillary Technologies did CRACKING/ ANALYSIS OF COMPETITOR PRODUCTS FROM CHINA AND SOUTH KOREA. Expert advises on chemical technology issues at Fortune 500 companies. He does safety and accident prevention, third party audits, investigates environmental and chemical accidents, and serves as an expert witness in chemical exposure, defective product, and toxic tort cases. He also helps in competitor intelligence, i.e., detecting if a competitor is copying a formulation or product (PATENT infringement), or if their new product is much more inexpensive and is putting a competitor out of business. He does this by cracking competitor formulations, using GC/MS, FTIR, and proprietary analytical techniques. He also gives presentations to help close sales to support MARKETING/sales personnel. He is multilingual(Spanish & German)which has helped expand business abroad. He also occasionally TEACHES & TRAINS ---CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY, ENVIRONMENTAL/SAFETY/AUDIT as an adjunct professor to Company Managers & Technicians.

1993 to 1996


Monsanto Chemical Corporation


Staff Chemical Consultant and Group Leader


At Monsanto, Expert advised the Vice President and chemical engineers on process troubleshooting and improvement to reduce downtime. He used GC/MS, FTIR, ISE, etc., to detect the problems. He also investigated environmental and chemical accidents. As an ESH (Environmental Safety and Health) Officer, he performed safety audits, gave chemical accident prevention recommendations, and delivered seminars and training on new EPA and OSHA regulations. He made polymer recommendations, and developed toxic chemical detecting/analyzing equipment and advised on their safe handling/neutralization.

1980 to 1993


Champion Technologies


Head of Analytical Department


He cracked and analyzed competitor products and synthesized (organic)oil/gas chemicals including polymers, catalysts, and corrosion/scale inhibitors. He was also a technical representative and guided sales/marketing personnel and made a presentation to close a sale. He poerformed R&D on oil/gas/refinery products. He conducted information research for the Vice President and made recommendations on the purchase of new equipment, new technologies, and patents. He assesed toxic chemicals, detection and handling equipment, and protective equipment and corresponded with the EPA and the TNRCC on behalf of the company.

1988 to 1989


Rice University


Research Associate


Expert developed more ultra-sensitive detection/analysis methods. He made presentations to oil companies funding oil/gas/refinery research.

1983 to 1988


Electrochemical Treatment, Inc.


Materials Research Manager and Consultant


He advised the President on new technologies, made sales presentations, and cracked competitor formulations. He advised and did R&D on treatment of toxic chemical wastes, nuclear materials, and deactivation of pathogens.

Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of the ACS, ASTM, and NACE. He is also on the ASTM committee on Industrial Chemicals.


1. 2011 Training in Alternative Fuels, Carbon Footprint reduction, Pollution reduction, Waste water treatment & Geothermal Power. 2. Training in Formulations, Polymer Coatings-gloves, Nuclear radiation shielding garments (Fukushima related). 3. 2010 Hydrogen as alternative Fuel by German Professor Dr Winters. 4. Financial Investment Adviser--MBA equivalent (Financial Investments). Specializing in Market Analysis,Technology Investments, Pharmaceuticals,Chemical Industry, Precious metals --Gold trading in commodities). He holds business/asset management certification; SEC Series 7 licensed.

Professional Appointments

Adviser to Member of Parliament( Topics: Defence - Technology Copying & Industrial Espionage by Competitive Powers, Anti-terrorism strategy improvement, Nuclear Agreement Analysis, Nuclear technology/wastes-- Cancer concerns, UAV surveillance technology & Chemical Sniffers).


Expert was named a National Science Talent Scholar.

Publications and Patents Summary

He has one publication (which included developement of more sensitive Analytical Techniques and Instrumentation). Other new technologies covered by Secrecy Agreements thus not published to please paying Client Companies. For example-- Expert invented fast PCB tranformer paper removal process for Trinity Corp (Subsidiary of General Electric) -- was promptly paid extra for letting Business Manager take credit for it.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Analytica Chimica Acta  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2004 to 2009   Member of Parliament   Advisor   Advise Member of Parliament, Mr KNS Yadav on Nuclear Energy/Nuclear waste disposal Issues, IAEA approval.In 2009 Recommending better ANTI-TERRORISM response in wake of Mumbai attack on 26 Nov 2008 plus advising on non-destructive bullet proof vest testing because their defect lead to deaths of many security personnel.
2008 to 2008   US Embassy, New Delhi   CNBR Security Analyst   Did SECURITY ANALYSIS of US Embassy and assesment of vulnerability to CNBR (Chemical, Nuclear, Biological & Radiation)attack and recommendations for improvement(including detection of Nerve gas/toxic gas agents and their destruction).

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert has INCREASED SALES by acting as a technical representative suporting sales people in the field. He has also acted as a liaison with government agencies, including the USDA, EPA, OSHA, and TNRCC, saving Companies from huge fines/penalties. In one case client company spilled little sodium dichromate, in desert. EPA threatened penalty-- panicked VP approached Expert. Expert requested soil analysis at site and randomly in other parts of the desert. Expert found background Chromium(VI) level in rest of desert was well above 5ppm--informed EPA about it--- resolving the dispute. He has resolved disputes between sellers and buyers because of off-specification shipments.
  • Expert has INCREASED BUSINESS by attracting $4 million worth of corrosion inhibitor business from a British Petroleum project in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska by developing a new flow-through analytical technique for a pipeline. Expert made presentations (in Spanish) to engineers from Occidental Petroleum, Peru to complete the sale of corrosion, scale inhibitors, and oil-field demulsifiers, which was close to $1 million. This sale occurred not because of superiority of products, but because the customer complained of difficulty in communicating with engineers of a competitor about their needs.
  • Expert has investigated reactor explosions. One case involved exothermic cyanide polymerization which caused fatalities. Another case involved a defective refinery formulation which an inexperienced chemist had developed in the laboratory. The chemist did not realize the formulation was explosive and capable of causing fatalities. Both instances were preventable. INCREASED SAFETY by making prudent recommendations.
  • He investigated a preventable poisonous HCN cloud released because of negligence of a poorly trained contractor, causing several million dollars loss to the manufacturer because of resultant down time plus death of workers who climbed in a tank in which defective analyzer indicated zero cyanide. Presented air sampling analysis to court thus DEFENDING the COMPANY from million dollar liability.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in Intumescent Coatings for consulting on Water Based Thin Film Intumescent Coating.
  • Technical expert for consulting on hardware used in the defense industry.
  • Expert chemist for consulting on developing a household consumer product.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert by analysis discovered copying of product by a major Corporation, helped Attorneys win PATENT Infringment Lawsuit. Expert sucessfully defended a paint company with benzene in its formulations, which allegedly caused cancer in the plaintiff. He educated company lawyers on carcinogenicity. In another instance, he also assisted in a MEDICAL MALPRACTICE case in which a doctor had left 50% lead forceps inside a woman during an operation, causing lead toxicity.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding expert testimony, litigation consulting and support, forensic services, or any related expert witness services.  A few litigation needs include product liability, personal injury, economic loss, intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), and insurance matters.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1997 to 1997   Peru   Expert made presentations in Spanish to petroleum engineers at Occidental Petroleum of Peru.
2000 to 2001   Mexico   He helped a company in Mexico set up water monitoring methods.
1988 to 1988   Germany   Expert helped a U.S. company file a patent in Germany.
2001 to 2001   England   He helped a U.K. company formulate a mango drink.
2001 to 2009   India   Expert is advising a Member of Parliament on Nuclear Energy/waste disposal issues. Recommending better ANTI-TERRORISM response in wake of Mumbai attack on 26 Nov 2008 plus advising on non-destructive bullet proof vest testing because their defect lead to deaths of many security personnel.Did SECURITY ANALYSIS of US Embassy and assesment of vulnerability to CNBR (Chemical, Nuclear, Biological & Radiation)attack and recommendations for improvement. Expert previously helped a polymer manufacturer crack competitor formulations and helped in export/import sales.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
German   Expert is proficient in spoken German.
Spanish   He is proficient in spoken Spanish.

Market Research:
Strengths include TROUBLESHOOTING and innovative PROBLEM SOLVING. He has made sales presentations and has done COLD CALLING to customers. Being MULTILINGUAL(Spanish & German) has helped him better understand client's needs and enjoys foreign travel. He served as technical/sales representative for oil/gas/refinery products, waste water treatment, and industrial waste treatment equipment. Expert also did before and after analysis on client samples using his own and competitor materials to demonstrate efficacy of equipment to CLOSE the sale.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Expert has made presentations and trained personnel on new technologies, safety, chemistry, statistics, chemical hazards, and EPA and OSHA regulations. He has been complemented for making presentation materials interesting through humor and examples.Being a PROFESSOR, has no stage fright in making public presentations.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has helped companies make smart, strategic INVESTMENTS in new technologies and equipment with a future, and save money by not buying technologies which were found to be fake and nonproductive. He has ordered GCs, GC/MS, HPLC, automated analyzers, ISE, FTIR, etc. He made decisions on warranty purchases and lease vs. purchase. Also helps as FINANCIAL ADVISOR (SEC series 7 Licensed) on Prudent investments and asset allocation.

Other Skills and Services

Expert has taken a number of special training/continuing education courses in business, polymer chemical engineering, electrochemical engineering, industrial microbiology and genetic engineering, business law, LEGAL/PATENT research, litigation law, finance, business management, investment analysis (stocks), and financial consulting.Has served as BOARD MEMBER/ADVISOR and Advisor to MEMBER of PARLIAMENT


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