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Expert in Compressed & Specialty Gas Safety, ER, Manufacture, Handling, Regulations and Training

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

New Jersey (NJ)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert was responsible for all gas disposal systems at 16 different specialty gas facilities in the U.S. He has consulted with several gas and scrubber companies on scrubbing techniques. His Master thesis was on specialty gas scrubbing. As a consultant he designed and installed process and emergency scrubbers for Arsine, Phosphine, Hydorgen Selenide, Hydrogen Chloride, Ammonia, Hydrogen Bromide, Chlorine which operated efficiently for 20 years before the facility closed in 2009

gas scrubber


gas scrubbing


specialty gas

Expert has over 30 years experience designing and developing systems in specialty gas facilities to custom blend, purify, transfill, and manufacture gases. Many of the gases were highly toxic, corrosive, flammable, or pyrophoric. Most were purified to 99.9999% for electronic applications. He developed systems to blend and analyze mixtures to meet specifications of 0.1% and traceable to NIST standards. He was responsible for the development of the MegaBit grade of Arsine, Phosphine, Hydrogen Selenide, Nitrous Oxide, Ammonia, Chlorine. His team also developed "Blue" ammonia in 1992 which allowed for the commercialization of GaN devices

gas absorption


gas mixing


gas purification

Expert developed cylinder and container physical and chemical treatments to maintain product purity or to minimize degradation in storage.

gas storage


liquefied gas storage

Expert is familiar with a variety of gas chromatography techniques including FID, PID, FPD, TCD, HID, and DID. He developed methods for purity analysis of electronic gases, separation of complex hydrocarbon streams, and reactive gases. He developed a PC controlled pyrolytic degassing and cryogenic trapping GC for a client to analyzed shale oil. He developed zero dead volume gas cylinder purge system for analysis of high purity gases.

gas chromatography

Expert is familiar with 49 CFR in regard to transportation of all compressed gases and the new DOT requirements. He has tested containers to meet the performance packaging specifications. He is familiar with IATA and IMO requirements and has applied for special permits (exemptions). He was a member of the joint UN/DOT task force to harmonize cylinder fill densities 2004-2007

gas transportation


liquefied gas transportation

Expert has over 30 years of designing and operating systems for specialty gases that were pyrophoric, flammable, highly toxic, corrosive, oxidizer and/or reactive. He designed systems with secondary containment, continuous monitoring, and failsafe control systems. To accommodate the hazards, many of the systems had high hazard fire systems, coaxial tubing, and physical segregation.

corrosive material handling


cryogenic material handling


flammable material handling


hazardous material handling


toxic gas


toxic material handling

Expert developed a complete emergency response program for Solkatronic Chemicals in 1988 that included custom equipment, procedures, and training. He was the General Manager for Emergency Response, Environmental & Education Division (EREE) which sold the ER equipment he developed. He was the Course Director & Instructor for both public and in house courses for compress gas right to know to and emergency response from 1988 - 2009. Expert was the Chairman of the Compress Gas Emergency Action Program (COMPGEAP) and Speciality Gas ER Managers Committees. He designed the Emergency Response Containment Vessel, patented Leaking Cylinder Cap, and Portable ER Scrubber. He is the instructor for a number of professional courses on compress gas. Expert has instructed a number of fire department and HazMat teams around the U.S., Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore on ER to Specialty Gases (24 hour course). He has held private company training seminars ranging from Right to Know (4 hours) to site specific ER (32 hours) on compress gas. He has trained over 4000 people (750 firefighters) .

emergency response


compressed gas


compressed gas handling


gas handling

Expert has developed a number of specialty gas ER devices for use on high pressure cylinders of arsine, silane, phosphine, and hydrogen chloride. These include the emergency response containment vessel (ERCV) which is a portable ASME vessel with a quick opening flange that can be used to fully contain a leaking cylinder. He designed a number of systems to isolate the hazard in an area or in double wall piping systems to meet new government regulations or insurance requirements.

hydrogen chloride


secondary containment equipment

Expert has been actively involved since 1986 when the first Hazardous Materials Code, Article 80 was developed. He also participated in the early development of the Santa Clara Toxic Gas Ordinance. He continues to participate in industry review of hazardous materials regulations through the CGA Hazardous Code committee. He is an alternate member of NFPA 55 (Compressed Gases and Cryogenic Liquids) and is a member of NFPA 400 (Hazardous Materials). He has designed gas storage and use facilities to meet these requirements as well as other local and insurance requirements.

toxic chemical safety code


hazard classification

Expert has researched cylinder conditioning techniques to stabilize diborane mixtures, has developed techniques to clean cylinders of higher borane compounds, investigated incidents.


Expert has developed emergency equipment to deal with Fluorine, Chlorine Trifluoride and Bromine Trifluoride incidents. He has conducted release testing of these compounds with a variety of PPE, metals and other materials to better understand contact behavior

fluorine compound

Expert has participated in CGA (P-20 & 23) and ISO (10298 & 10156) committees that have developed standards/pamphlets for pure gas and mixture toxicity, flammability, oxidizing, stability

hazard identification

Expert has conducted numerous tests on pyrophoric gases (Silane, Disilane), liquids (Trimethylaluminum), water reactive liquids (Phosphorus Oxychloride, Silicon Tetrachloride, Trichlorosilane), oxidizers (Fluorine, Chlorine Trifluoride, Nitric Oxide), high toxic (Germane, Arsine, Phosgene, Phosphine, Diborane, Hydrogen Selenide) gases to develop procedures and/or equipment to use in an incident. Expert has participated in hazmat incidents where remote cylinder valve openers or cylinder drilling devices have been used to access the cylinder contents. Expert has trained HazMat units and ER teams worldwide on Specialty Gas and Chemical emergency repsonse. Expert has 4 patents for gas ER equipment

hazardous chemical spill

Expert has been responsible for classifying, labeling and marking specialty gas and chemical shipments. He is knowledgeable on product segregation and securement for cargo shipping containers. He is knowledgeable with IMO and IATA regulations and participated in the UN TDG meetings. He has applied for special permits (formerly exemptions)

hazardous chemical transportation

Expert has been the technical director for a speciaity gas and chemcials company that supplied the worldwide IC, TFT-LCD, PV markets. He has over 30 years of experience with hese materials and has condcuted numerous product safety training classes at these sites

semiconductor industry chemical

Expert has handled or designs systems for electronic specialty gases, many of which are toxic (Chlorine, Boron Trichloride, Boron Trifluoride, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Bromide, Hydrogen Fluoride, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbonyl Sulfide, Tungsten Hexafluoride), or highly toxic (Arsine, Phosphine, Hydrogen Selenide, Germane)

toxic chemical

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York;  Yonkers, New York;  Newark, New Jersey;  Jersey City, New Jersey;  Paterson, New Jersey;  Elizabeth, New Jersey;  Bridgeport, Connecticut;  Stamford, Connecticut;  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;  and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Often requested
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Compressed Gas Handling
Specialty Gases Manufacture,transportation and use
Specialty and Industrial Gas Manufacturing, Safety,...
Process Engineering and Chemistry of Inorganic Chemicals

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1984   MS   Environmental Engineering   New Jersey Institute of Technology  
1977   BS   Chemical Engineering   New Jersey Institute of Technology  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1998 to 2009


Air Products & Chemicals Inc


Product Safety


Director of ER & Disposal Technology


Safety and Emergency Response Training and Support of employees and customers on new chemcials and packages, as well as new countries where products are introduced

1988 to 1998


Solkatronic Chemicals Inc



Vice President Corporate Development & Technology


Responsible for R&D, Engineering, Quality Assurance, EHS,

1987 to 1990


EYN Enterprises, Inc.





1985 to 1987


Scientific Gas Products



Technical Director


1978 to 1985


Matheson Gas Products



Senior Project Engineer


Designed and built specialty gas faciltities, scrubbers

1973 to 1978


Exxon Research & Engineering



Technical Specialist


Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of the American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, National Fire Protection Association, and Semiconductor Safety Association. He is active in the Compressed Gas Association's Specialty Gas, Hazardous Code and COMPGEAP Committees. He is a member of NFPA55 and NFPA400. He is on the ISO 10298 and 10156 committees

Professional Appointments

Board of Advisors for Delatech Inc 1990-1992 (Semiconductor Gas Scrubbing Company)


Air Product's 2000 Individual EHS Achievement Award Compressed Gas Association Charles Glaiser Award for Life Time Achievement in Safety 2000 Air Products Safety Award in 2003 for Chlorine Trifluoride Release Testing Project Air Products Safety Award in 2005 for Acid Gas Isolation Cap System for ISO Containers Air Products Safety Award in 2007 for the Silane Product Safety Effort

Publications and Patents Summary

Expert has 5 US patents for compressed gas ER devices. (custom cylinder gas cabinet, a leaking cylinder cap, and a Portable ER Scrubber). He was coeditor for the 4th revision of the CGA Compressed Gas Handbook as well numerous technical articles and presentations. Developed the Emergency Film Inc training video "Cylinder Emergencies".

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - International Semiconductor Environmental, Safety and Health Conference Proceedings  
 - Center for Chemical Process Safety Symposium  
 - Process Safety Progress  
 - Cleanroom Magazine  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2004 to 2008   FBI   Design   Designed and tested evidence containers for HazMat incidents. Provied cylinder containment vessels for HazMat unit and training
1999 to 2009   Fire Dept of New York   Trainer and Equipment Supplier   Supplied cylinder containment vessels. Provided annual training on compressed gas HazMat at the Fire Academy. Developed a 2 day training course on compressed gas terrorism in 2007
1993 to 2001   Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs   Trainer and Equipment Supplier   Supplied cylinder containment vessels. Provided training on compressed gas HazMat for the site ER teams

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Applied and received DOT Special Permit to transport a vaccine reactor under constant filtered air pressure as a hazardous material
  • Conducted compressed gas safety and emergency response training class for the chemical facility ER and EHS teams and with the local Fire Department and County HazMat teams
  • Developed Emergency Response plan for new speacilaty gas facility. Trained operators and fire dept on plan
  • Has consulted for these clients during 1987-1990Arnel, Inc., Parlin, NJ (custom laboratory instrumentation company). Air Liquide, Fairless Hills, PA. (specialty gas company). Airprotek, Inc., Napa, CA. (gas scrubbing company). Chemical Safety Associates, San Diego, CA. (chemical consulting and training company). CEMI, San Diego, CA. (gas incineration and scrubbing company). HuecoTech Inc., Langehorne, PA , (Paint Pigment Manufacturer) Liquid Carbonic, Chicago, IL. (industrial & specialty gas company). Selox, Inc.,Chattanooga,TN. (industrial gas company). Solkatronic Chemicals, Inc., Fairfield, NJ, (semiconductor gas company). St. Jude Medical, St. Paul. MN, (heart-valve manufacturing company).
  • Technical presentations:1986 – “Specialty Gas Scrubbing” – CGA Safety and Technical Conference, Cherry Hill, NJ 1989 – “Arsine/Phosphine Safety” – IBM Watson Center, Yorktown Heights, NY 1990 – “Gas Sensor Systems - CGA Safety and Technical Seminar, Langhorne, PA 1990 – “Compressed Gas Emergency Response” - CGA Safety and Technical Seminar, Langhorne, PA 1994 – “Compressed Gas Mutual Aid Programs”, - CGA Safety and Technical Conference, Princeton, NJ 1995 – “Arsine and Phosphine Manufacturing, Purification and Analysis” , Semicon West, San Francisco, CA 1996 – “Osaka University Silane Explosion”, CGA Safety and Technical Seminar, Princeton, NJ 1996 – “Compressed Gas Emergency Response in the United States”, Semiconductor Safety Association, Europe, Birmingham, UK. 1997 – “CGA Bulk Silane Release Studies”, Semiconductor Safety Association Conference, Europe, Dublin, Ireland 1998 – “Responsible Care Program”, Semicon West, San Francisco, CA 1998 – “Pressure Relief Device Incident, CGA Safety and Technical Seminar, Valley Forge, PA 1998 – “ Morrisville/Falls Township Mutual Aid Program” , CGA Safety and Technical Seminar, Valley Forge, PA 1998 – “Compressed Gas Emergency Response in the United States”, Semicon Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan 1999 “Arsine and Phosphine Safety and Emergency Response”, Singapore Civil Defence Academy 2000 “Transportation and Emergency Response for Electronic Specialty Gases”, American Industrial Chemical Manufacture's, Beijing, China 2000 “Compressed Gas Emergency Response”, Singapore Civil Defence Academy 2001 “Electronic Specialty Gas Emergency Response”, British Compressed Gas Association Conference, Manchester, UK 2001 “Air Product's Responsible Care Programs for Electronic Specialty Gases”, OMVPE Conference, San Diego, CA 2001 “Introduction to Specialty Gas Problem Cylinders”, Enviroexpo Exposition, Boston, MA 2002 “Chemical Security, Post Sept 11”, CGA Safety and Technical Seminar, Princeton, NJ 2002 “Diborane Incident, Shiwha, Korea”, CGA Safety and Technical Seminar, Princeton, NJ 2003 “UT & AE Testing, Valuable Tools in the Supply of Product to The Electronic Industry”, Ministry of Economic Development, Taipei, Taiwan2003 “Responsible Care and Product Safety”, SESHA Conference, San Antonio, TX2003 “Ultrasonic Cylinder Testing of Electronic Specialty Gas Cylinders”, Korea Gas Safety Corporation2003 “Chlorine Trifluoride Exposure and Reactivity Study”. International Semiconductor ESH Conference, Noodwijk, The Netherlands, 2003 NFS/SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing weekly lecture series ‘'Electronic Specialty Gas Safety”, Sept 4 and 11 ,2003, University of Arizona Teleseminar2004 EIGA (European Industrial Gas Association) Symposium, “Worldwide Electronic Specialty Gas ER Program”, January 21 – 22, 2004, Strasbourg, France2004 2004 Southern California CAER Conference, “Worldwide Electronic Specialty Gas ER Program”, May 12, 2004, San Diego, CA2004 33rd Multi National Safety Seminar, Shanghai, “Worldwide Electronic Specialty Gas ER Program”, May 18, 2004, Shanghai, China2004 Center for Chemical Process Safety, 19th Annual International Conference, ”Air Products Electronic Specialty Gas Emergency Response Program”, June 29 – July 1, 2004, Orlando, FL2004 Semicon West, “Release Testing of Reactive Fluoride Reactor Cleaning Gases”, July 12-15, 2004, San Francisco, CA2004 CGA 2004 Specialty Gas Safety and Technical Seminar, "Anatomy of a Specialty Gas Cylinder", Philadelphia, PA, Nov 2-3, 20042004 CGA 2004 Specialty Gas Safety and Technical Seminar, "Release Testing of Reactive Fluoride Reactor Cleaning Gases", Philadelphia, PA, Nov 2-3, 20042004 CGA 2004 Specialty Gas Safety and Technical Seminar, "Subatmospheric Gas Systems for Ion Implanters", Philadelphia, PA, Nov 2-3, 20042004 Keynote Speaker for Taiwan EPA 2004 National Conference on ToxicIn
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on SO2.
  • Expert in hydrogenselenide manufacturing equipment for consulting on H2Se manufacturing equipment.
  • Oil and gas expert for consulting on manufacturing and distribution product assesment.
  • Expert in analysis of organic metal and NO gas for consulting in China.
  • Clean room expert for consulting on design of a clean room and document clean room assembly procedures.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert witness for a number of compressed gas incident cases, Hydrogen, Arsine, Hydrogen Selenide, Liquid Nitrogen
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Cryogenic tank expert for consulting on cryogenic tank filling issues.
  • Expert for consulting on compressed gas labeling.
  • Gas cylinder expert for itigation case involving chlorine gas cylinders defect.
  • Compressed gas cylinder safety expert for consulting on case involving medical gas explosion.
  • Expert in fluoric acids for consulting on ping designs and construction in a semiconductor plant.
  • Expert for consulting on 211.22 Responsibilities of quality control unit.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2006 to 2007   Korea   Project to harmonize the Korea High Pressure Gas Regulations to that of US and UN standards. Presentations at the Korea Gas Safety Corporation. Hosted KGSC delegation for dicussions and visits to Compressed Gas Association and American Chemistry Council
2005 to 2006   Taiwan   Project to justify and install a ultrasonic cylinder testing system in place of the traditional hydrotesting system for periodic cylinder testing and approval. Technical presentations on the technology and ISO standards at the Taiwan High Pressure Gas Industry Association and the Taiwan Labor Bureau.
2004 to 2009   Asia   Charter member of the Electronic Gas working group of the Asia Industrial Gas Association. Helped to develop safety, disposal and emergency response standards for specialty gases. Presented at seminars in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan
2005 to 2008   Worldwide   After the fatal incident involving Silane at a Photovoltaic facility in 2005, led the campaign to educate the silane users, suppliers and government agencies on silane safety. Coordinated 1- 1 ½ day seminars with industry experts in Taiwan, US, Sinagpore, Korea and Belgium.
2000 to 2001   Singapore   Project to educate the Sinagpore Civil Defence Agency and Dept of Environment when highly toxic gases (Arsine, Phosphine) and pyrophoric gases were being stored and distributed for the first time in Singapore. Developed vulnerability and risk assessment. Conducted compressed gas training classes at the Civil Defence Academy and made keynote speech at the annual Civil Defence Senior Officers meeting

Market Research:
Expert has comprehensive safety and tecnhical knwoledge of specialty chemicals used in the many different Photovoltaic manufacturing processes (Arsine, Hydrogen Selenide, Silane, Phosphorus Oxychloride, Germane)

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Additional Skills and Services:

Expert has conducted numerous gas safety and emergency response courses since 1986. 1987 – 1990 Instructor with Al Mossman (former President of Matheson Gas Products) in a one day course titled: “Compressed Gas Safety”; to industrial clients which included AT&T, IBM, Bell Labs. 1987 – 1990 Instructor in a 2 day course titled: “Compressed Gas Control and Release Workshop”. 1988 – 1991 Center for Professional Advancement, East Brunswick, NJ. Instructor in 2 day courses titled: “Laboratory and Pilot Plant Compressed Gas Safety” and “Compressed Gas Safety” 1989 – 2005 Course Director and Instructor for a 3-day course titled: “Specialty Gas Emergency Response”. This was offered 4-5 times a year at locations around the world. Trained customers, other gas companies and public agencies such as fire departments from throughout the United States. Trained over.4000 people including 700 public responders. Also instructor at a number of in house 8 hour “Compressed Gas Safety” courses for IBM, AT&T, ITT, Northwestern University, Raytheon, etc as well as in house 3 day courses. 1994 – 2000 Pennsylvania HazMat Conference. Instructor on a one day course “Introduction to Compressed Emergency Response” conducted at the annual conference in Harrisburg, PA 1993 Montgomery County, PA Fire Academy Instructor on a two day course “Compressed Gas Emergency Response” 1995 Korea Gas Safety Corporation. Instructor for a 4-day “Specialty Gas Emergency Response” for the Korean Government. 1998 New York City Fire Academy. Instructor on a 4-hour “Compressed Gas Emergency Response” for New York City Fire Dept. Hazardous Materials Teams. Over a three day period trained 60 Firefighters 2000 Singapore Civil Defence Academy, Keynote speaker at the Annual meeting of senior officers 2003 New York City Fire Academy. Instructor on a 8-hour “Compressed Gas Emergency Response Primer for HazMat Technicians” for New York City Fire Dept. Hazardous Materials Teams. Over a two day period trained 20 Firefighters 2003 Marlborough MA Fire Academy Instructor on a 8-hour “Compressed Gas Emergency Response Primer for HazMat Technicians” for 6 HazMat district teams throughout the State of Massachusetts 2004 New York City Fire Academy 8-hour “Compressed Gas Emergency Response Primer for HazMat Technicians” course to train the entire HazMat 1 unit over a 4 day period. 90% of the unit is new since Sept 11. Developed protocols for use on HazMats in an urban environment 2005 USEPA Region 2 HazMat Conference, Baltimore, MD 8-hour “Compressed Gas Emergency Response Primer for HazMat Technicians” 2006 PA 2006 HazMat Conference, Harrisburg, PA 8-hour, “Compressed Gas and Cylinder Emergencies” 2007 PA 2007 HazMat Conference, Harrisburg, PA 8-hour, “Compressed Gas and Cylinder Emergencies” 2007 Camden County Fire Academy, Blackwood, NJ 6-hour “Compressed Gas Emergency Response”, NJ Hazmat Technician Course April and November 2007 New York City Fire Academy 16-hour “HazMat Response to Compressed Gases & Terrorism” 2008 PA 2008 HazMat Conference 4-hour, “Advanced Compressed Gas Emergency Response” 2008 Camden County Fire Academy, Blackwood, NJ 6-hour “Compressed Gas Emergency Response”, NJ Hazmat Technician Course April and November

CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN for: 1990 CGA Specialty Gas Seminar, Sept 1990, Langhorne, PA 2006 Asia Industrial Gas Association, Silane Safety Seminar, Hsin Chu, Taiwan, Sept 18, 2006 2006 AP Silane Safety Seminar, Hsin Chu, Taiwan, Sept. 19, 2006 2007 AP Korea Silane Safety Seminar, Seoul, Korea, Jan. 30, 2007 2007 Asia Industrial Gas Association, Silane Safety Seminar, Singapore, Dec 1 & 2, 2007 2008 Silane Safety Seminar, 2008 SESHA Conference, Portland, OR, March 26, 2008

Other Skills and Services

Led the accident investigation of significant compressed gas incidents (arsine, phosphine, silane, germane, chlorinetrifuoride, boron trifuoride) Remediation of problem cylinders Expert is has an international reputation for Silane and toxic metal hydride (Arsine, Phosphine Germane, Hydrogen Selenide) gas Safety and Emergency Response


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