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 Expert  108141

Expert in Electrical Connector Design and Materials, Electrical connector failure analysis, Forensic support

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Pennsylvania (PA)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
ELECTRIC CONTACT; ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR DESIGN. Expert has extensive experience studying metals and metal surfaces related to electrical conduction processes and how they occur in bulk and across interfaces. Such an understanding is a critical first step in the design of electronic connectors. He is familiar with the key surface characteristics for both conduction and wear processes. Expert's metallurgical background is the basis of his knowledge of materials and processes related to electrical and electronic connectors. He is experienced with dry, switch, and wiping contacts. He can answer questions on aluminum, copper, nickel, and silver connector materials as well as solderability and conductor jointing.

ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR RELIABILITY. Experienced with material selection and the design of electrical connectors, Expert has authored several papers on contact finishes and permanent connection technologies. He has contributed to the development of test procedures to assess connector performance and reliability. He also developed and marketed a microcoax connector for medical ultrasound equipment.

CONTACT RESISTANCE. Expert has extensive experience in studying the materials basis of contact physics, which includes both electrical contact resistance and the wear behavior of contact interfaces. He has published papers on relating contact resistance changes to connector qualification/performance and evaluation of connector reliability.

CRIMPED CONNECTOR, CRIMPING. Expert published articles on crimped connection processes and related technology, including a "Best in Conference Award" from the IICIT in 1997 for a paper titled "A Closer Look at Crimped Connections." He also contributed to development of a model of crimping processes while at AMP Incorporated.

ELECTRICAL CONTACT FINISH. A significant portion of Expert's work has involved electrical contact finishes. He published articles on contact finish selection criteria in assorted industry journals as well as articles on corrosion processes in noble metal finishes in mixed flowing gas environments.

INSULATION DISPLACEMENT CONNECTOR. Expert is familiar with insulation displacement connectors (IDCs), having published an article on IDC technology in an industry journal. He had contributed to the development of IDC terminal design criteria while at AMP Incorporated.

WIPING CONTACT. In his work with electrical contacts, Expert has gained particular expertise with wiping contacts. His knowledge of this area has led to the publication of three papers on wiping action as a function of connector design, relating to parameters of contact force and geometry.


contact resistance


crimped connector




dry contact


electric contact


electrical connector


electrical connector design


electrical connector reliability


electrical contact finish


insulation displacement connector


wiping contact

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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;  Allentown, Pennsylvania;  Reading, Pennsylvania;  Scranton, Pennsylvania;  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania;  Trenton, New Jersey;  Camden, New Jersey;  Wilmington, Delaware;  Baltimore, Maryland;  and Alexandria, Virginia.

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Electrical Connectors
Corrosion, Chemistry, Metallurgy and Engineering in...
Liquid Filled and Dry Type Transformer Design, Development,...
Dielectric Phenomena

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1967   ScD   Physical Metallurgy   Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
1964   SM   Physical Metallurgy   Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
1961   SB   Physical Metallurgy   Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

1998 to






Provide consulting service on electronic interconnetions with respect to connector selection, failure analysis and reliability. Provide training on the above subjects.

1993 to 1998


AMP Incorporated


AMP Principal


Technology spokesperson to Corporation and to AMP customers.

1990 to 1993


AMP Incorporated


Associate Director, Advanced Development Laboratories


Product development and engineering. Interface with Customers for new products.

1980 to 1990


AMP Incorporated


Associate Director, Connector Technology Research


Technology spokesperson within the Corporation and with AMP Customers. Provided training programs for AMP Engineering and AMP Customers.

1976 to 1980


AMP Incorporated


Manager, Metallurgical and Polymer Engineering


Provide consulting services to AMP Product, Development and Manufacturing Engineering Organizations. Develop Corporate Materials Specifications.

1971 to 1976


AMP Inc.


Senior Scientist


Development of GaP LED exptaxial technology.

1967 to 1971


RCA Advanced Development Laboratory




Development of vapor and liquid phase exptaxial processes for injection laser and LED production.

Career Accomplishments:

He is a member of the International Institute of Connector and Interconnection Technology (Life Member).


He is on the Advisory Board of Connector Specifier Magazine. He is on the technical Program Committee for IEEE Holm Conference. He served as US representative to TC48 Electromechanical Devices of International Electrotechnical Commission 1984-1998. He is the US Chief Delegate and Technical Advisor 1993-1998.

Professional Appointments

He received the IICIT Lifetime Acheivement Award in 1997. He received the IICIT Best Technical Paper Awards, 1987, 1991 and 1997.

Publications and Patents Summary

He has more than 25 publications and has contributed to four handbooks on Connector topics. He is the author of "Electronic Connector Handbook", McGraw Hill, 1998. He holds seven connector related patents.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - McGraw-Hill  
 - International conf. on Electric Contact Phenomena  
 - IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)  
 - Annual International Institute of Connector and Interconnection Technology Symposium  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert has been involved in numerous visits to connector user facilities to assist in the selection of appropriate connectors for their application requirements.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in materials selection for Switch contact design.
  • Expert in Occasional issues with custom spring finger connectors.
  • Expert in electrical connector design for consulting on 5-Pole disconnect terminal block insertion force.
  • Design expert for consulting on power connector design.
  • Expert for consulting on Failure analysis of the contact failure in one of our parts using Copper and Stainles steel contact.
  • Expert for consulting on Connector Design.
  • Electrical contact analysis expert for consulting on Electrical contact analysis.
  • Expert in design review and issue resolution for solar applications.
  • Expert in bus bar connectors and current carrying capacity.
  • Expert in aluminum electrical connectors on flat braided aluminum electrical connectors in a nitrogen/hydrogen atmosphere.
  • Expert in electrical contacts for consulting on female design to prevent fretting corrosion.
  • Expert in electric switch for consulting on Electric switch.
  • Expert in Intermittent high resistance connector connection.
  • Expert in Materials and plating recommendation for custom application.
  • Electrical wiring expert for consulting on electrical safety of underground power wiring and leakage measurements.
  • Expert for consulting on Connector Failure Analysis
  • Relay contact expert for consulting on Electrical Contact Desired.
  • Expert in failures with bi-metallic disk thermostat to assist with a root cause analysis.
  • Expert in science behind crimp and IDC connectors and reliability and potting.
  • Expert in reverse engineering for consulting on industry standard video connector.
  • Expert in silver alloy design for consulting on design of a silver alloy to significantly lower the volatility of silver.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on blade failure to stop causing a riding lawnmower injury.
  • Expert electrical engineer connector thermal damage failure for consulting on Notebook computer power adapter thermal failure at tip/connector connection.
  • Expert in electrical connector for consulting on patent infringement.
  • Electrical connector expert for consulting on coaxial cable connector patent Infringement issues.
  • Expert in electrical design for consulting on electrical switches and failure analysis.
  • IPR for Electrical Connectors in PC
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