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 Expert  108426

Expert in Plastic Molding Processes

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Colorado (CO)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert has extensive experience with plastic molding processes and with injection molding in particular. He is often called upon to help clients with issues such as injection molding machine selection, injection mold lubrication, and in-mold labeling. He has been responsible for design feasibility, tooling maintenance, production standards, and quality control procedures for products such as computer components, automotive plastic parts, plastic medical devices, and plastic toys. He is familiar with runnerless and hot runner injection molding systems.

injection mold


injection mold design


plastic molding


plastic part


polymer processing

From his extensive experience with plastics processing, Expert has expertise in locating and correcting design errors in products or tooling that would cause product failure if not corrected. He has been responsible for specification of materials, design feasibility, failure analysis, and compliance to CPSA and FDA for a variety of molded plastic parts.

plastic component design


plastics mold


molded plastic part

Based on a product's design and market needs, Expert through his teaching and consulting practice, has the expertise to choose the proper material-process combination for the most cost-effective method of production. His skill in this area is based on familiarity with material selection, part design, purchasing, marketing, and product definition. He is knowledgeable of preventative maintenance scheduling to assure process and product stability.

plastic injection molding


polymer selection

Expert has worked extensively on injection molding machines that use computer analysis to assure consistency of process, both open loop and close loop. He is familiar with finite element analysis for modeling the flow patterns, stress levels, gate locations, and cooling patterns of molds.

plastic injection molding computer analysis


plastic injection molding computer modeling

Expert has worked on several projects where electrically conductive elastomers (stainless steel wire impreg, graphite filled, etc.) were used for the certification of business equipment to comply to FCC EMI/RFI protocols. He has used electro-conductive paints, fillers in plastics, and conventional methods of plating over plastics and vacuum metallizing.

electrically conductive elastomer


electrically conductive gasket


electrically conductive polymer

More than 75% of Expert's experience in industry has involved the selection, use, processing, and testing of parts made from engineering thermoplastics for specialty applications.

engineering thermoplastic

Expert has worked on several projects involving the manufacture of EPS parts, design of the parts, and the construction of packing materials through hot wire cutting or die cutting of EPS.

expandable polystyrene bead

Expert has worked with fiber-reinforced plastics on many projects. He has consulted on the design of parts, construction of tools, design critiques, flow patterns of fiber in the parts, and the maintenance of tooling to assure proper quality parts.

fiber-reinforced plastic

Expert's work associated with load-bearing applications for plastics includes the design of snap locks, screws, bolts, thread design, nut retention, and material creep applications where the robustness of the applications was paramount.

plastic bearing

In the area of plastic color, Expert has extensive experience with dry color, color concentrate, liquid color, as well as color match analysis applications. He has used dyes as colorants and as part of the sublimation transfer process.

dry color


plastic color concentrate


plastic coloring process


plastic dye

Expert has studied plastic component failure for his work in project engineering, expert testimony, and component design. He has gained the ability to predict failure and design tests to show failure mode. The forensic analysis of failed parts is a major component of his experience. The thermal/chemical/mechanical degradation of polymers all effect the choice of materials and product design. He has had significant exposure to plastic failure analysis tests and techniques.

plastic failure analysis


polymer degradation

Expert has experience with the design and tooling and equipment as well as the processing and techniques of plastic die cutting.

plastic die cutting

Expert maintains that one of the most common failures in plastics processing involves improper drying of plastics. He is familiar with the equipment and the time-temperature relationship required for each plastic materials to gain the optimum properties of each resin. Instructing clients on proper drying techniques, maintenance of equipment, and how to program equipment and read the outputs has been a large portion of Expert's consulting practice.

plastic drying

In his work with the electronics industry, Expert has gained extensive experience with stress free molding, the chemical etchant or electro-conductive paint primer step, and the control and application of the plating process.

plastic electroplating process

Expert has been involved with several projects where embossing has been used as a post process decorating method. He has had extensive experience with the photo engraving of extrusion dies where embossed sheet stock has been the primary feed stock for thermoforming.

plastic embossing

Expert has participated with the design, prototype testing, tooling, qualification of tooling, and ongoing production of plastic medical devices under the protocols of FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. He has been involved with the design critiques, tooling construction, tooling qualification, and testing of plastic valves for the medical industry.

plastic medical device


plastic valve

Expert has setup, implemented, and supervised a painting facility at Hewlett Packard's Northern Colorado Plastics Technology Center. He consults on the applicability of painting, paint durability testing, and quality control methods.

plastic painting

Throughout his career, Expert has been active in designing tooling and setting up processes using hot-plate welding, spin welding, ultrasonic welding, RF sealing, and electro-magnetic bonding.

plastic pressure bonding

Expert teaches seminars, presented papers, and published articles on the proper construction of tooling. He has helped with tooling deliveries, critiques of mold designs, and tooling qualifications.

plastic tooling

Expert is knowledgeable of all phases of spin welding, heat welding (hot gas, infra red, and laser), ultrasonic, and vibrational welding. He had managed the project at Ford Motor Company that developed the original design optimization for the ultrasonic weld bead. He has had extensive experience with designing and setting up equipment as well as the qualification and testing of processes of all phases of ultrasonic vibrational welding of both plastic-to-plastic welds (in both similar and dissimilar materials) and insertion welding.

plastic welding


plastic ultrasonic welding

Over the course of his career, Expert has summarized his knowledge of plastics inspection in two books, "Quality Control Manual for Injection Molding" (1972) and "From QC to SPC" (1991). He has set up inspection protocols and quality programs, taught seminars, and presented technical papers on this subject.

plastics inspection

Expert has consulted on the design of plastic parts (particularly when they mate with dissimilar material) on the effect of thermal expansion and the design techniques required to compensate for this effect

plastics thermal expansion

Expert has participated in several projects where scrap plastic was used as the primary component of the end product. He has consulted with several companies as to the proper use (or reuse) of scrap plastic to avoid the disposal costs of purgings and regrind.

scrap plastic

Having extensive experience with the design of vinyl parts, Expert has particular knowledge of vinyl ester resin. He has built tooling, set up precision processes and inspection protocols for vinyl products that were injection molded, thermoformed, and extruded.

vinyl ester resin

Expert has been involved with projects where he has set up processes for applying decals, pad printing, silk screening, and hot stamping on plastic parts.

plastics printing


vinyl compound

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Denver, Colorado;  Colorado Springs, Colorado;  Aurora, Colorado;  Fort Collins, Colorado;  Arvada, Colorado;  Westminster, Colorado;  Boulder, Colorado;  Greeley, Colorado;  Longmont, Colorado;  and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Often requested
with this expert:

Plastic Injection Molding
Adhesion Bonding, Plastic Surface Treatments, Plastics...
Injection Molding, Training, Material Selection, Part...
Plastic Injection Mold Design and Troubleshooting

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1968   BS   Chemistry   Syracuse University  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

1975 to






Consultant advice, expert witness to the plastics industry. Seminars on productivity improvement, process improvement, process documentation, Scientific Molding, Troubleshooting, Quality systems.

1980 to 1990


Hewlett Packard, Fort Collins Systems Division


Principal Materials Specialist


Tool/project engineering on plastic parts. Consultant advice to designers on manufacturing processes.

1978 to 1980


Mattel Toy, Inc.


Senior Materials Specialist


Research and tooling specialist on molded products, FMEA product ID, R&D.

1975 to 1978


Bentley Laboratories


Production Manager


24/7 medical molding facility, 24 machines. P&L responsibility, all management duties.

1973 to 1975


McGaw Laboratories


Senior Manufacturing Engineer


Tooling project engineer, consultant advice on QA/QC, maintenance, vendor selection, mold qualifications, troubleshooting

1971 to 1973


Ford Motor Company, Saline Plastics Plant


Senior Manufacturing Engineer


Tooling engineer. Quoting, specifications, vendor selection, tool follow up tryout, qualification and production of parts.

1971 to 1971


American Western Plastics


Production Manager


Manufacturing Manager for 4, machine custom molder.

1968 to 1971


General Motors, Inland Manufacturing Division


Manager of Quality Control Laboratory, Manufacturing Engineer


Troubleshooting / floor engineering in an injection molding start up operation. Manager of a QC lab.

Career Accomplishments:

He is a senior member of the Society of Plastics Engineers and the Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Professional Appointments

Senior editor of Expert's Firm Monthly newsletter, Past Editor of Product Design and Development (PD3) Division of SPE newsletter, Past President of PD3 Division, Past President of Rocky Mountain Chapter of PD3, Past Board of Director Member of PD3, Rocky Mountain Chapter and Los Angeles Chapter of SPE


Fellow of the Society of Plastics Engineers

Publications and Patents Summary

He has made over 80 professional presentations, has 23 published books, two instructional videos, and more than 200 published articles. He has two pending patents.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Expert's Firm  
 - Injection Molding Magazine  
 - Modern Plastics  
 - Plastics Machinery and Equipment  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert has assisted in material selection, manufacturing processes, tooling specifications and on-site troubleshooting.
  • Expert has evaluated businesses for sale or purchase as to their business worthiness.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Polymer expert for consulting on printing on plastics.
  • Plastic expert engineer for consulting on injection molding manufacturing.
  • Expert in roof tile manufacturing process.
  • Scientific molding expert expert project for consulting on Injection molding process optimization and trainer needed on short term basis.
  • Expert in Industry and Process opinion for Injection Molding Acquisition.
  • Expert in Infrared welding of plastics.
  • In mold decoration expert for consulting.
  • ABS Injection molding expert for consulting on small container failure analysis.
  • Expert in injection molding training course.
  • Plastic injection expert for consulting on supplier selection for plastic molded products.
  • Expert in colored plastic for consulting on an immersion heater housing.
  • Injection molding expert for consulting on a feasibility study for insourcing injection molding.
  • Resin injection molding expert for consulting on resin injection molding.
  • Injection mold expert for consulting with manufactures to set up process.
  • Expert in plastic injection molding optics for consulting on molding thick lenses.
  • Expert in plastic molding processes and specifically injection molding of polycarbonate.
  • Injection mold maintenance expert for consulting on tooling maintenance program and tooling condition documentation.
  • Expert in plastic injection molding for consulting on design of an enclosure for a piece of heavy machinery.
  • Injection molding expert for consulting on plant start-up in Mexico.
  • Barcode expert for consulting on Applying and reading bar code on hard clear plastic.
  • Plastics processing expert for consulting on plastic extrusion and thermoforming.
  • Injection molding expert for consulting on plastic injection molding issues.
  • EPS expert for consulting on EPS department.
  • Expert in development (predictive engineering, modeling, and high-performance materials for automotive air ducts.
  • Expert in 722726 for consulting on Electroless Plating on Polymer Substrate.
  • Extrusion blow molding expert for consulting on PP body and elastomer pads.
  • Expert in silicone hard coat chemistry for consulting on optical molding and coating processes & systems evaluation.
  • Expert in injection molding for consulting on manufacturing optical lenses.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your expert consulting needs.  Expert is available for consulting to corporate, legal and government clients.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert has been deposed more than 20 times and has testified on 15 occasions on product design, industry standards, and common practice issues.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Plastic toy expert for consulting on Thermoplastics.
  • Thermoplastics Expert needed for consultation regarding material properties of thermoplastics.
  • Plastic injection molding expert for consulting on the condition on plastic injection toothbrush molds after exposure to fire.
  • electronic toy expert for consulting on patent infringement case related to a toy remote helicopter.
  • Plastics expert for consulting on thermal plastic issues.
  • Extrusion expert for consulting on maintenance and operations.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding expert testimony, litigation consulting and support, forensic services, or any related expert witness services.  A few litigation needs include product liability, personal injury, economic loss, intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), and insurance matters.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1999 to 1999   Milan Italy   Expert assisted client in El Paso in tryout of tools made in Italy before shipment to Mexican production facility.
1999 to 1999   Saudi Arabia   Expert taught two injection molding seminars on process and troubleshooting to molders in Saudi Arabia at the behest of the Saudi Arabian Government.
2000 to 2000   Saudi Arabia/Tunisia/UAE/Egypt   Expert taught seminars on troubleshooting, product design and cost reduction to molders. He also taught tech. Service Engineers for a resin company materials, processes, assembly, molding and troubleshooting.
2008 to 2008   New Zealand/Australia   Expert taught Seminars on FUNDAMENTALS OF INJECTION MOLDING, SCIENTIFIC MOLDING, and TROUBLESHOOTING MOLDING DEFECTS, along with consulting with private companies.
2007 to 2007   Israel   Expert taught Seminars on FUNDAMENTALS OF INJECTION MOLDING, SCIENTIFIC MOLDING, and TROUBLESHOOTING MOLDING DEFECTS, along with consulting with private companies in and around Tel Aviv.

Additional Skills and Services:

Expert teaches seminars in Scientific Molding, Troubleshooting Injection Molding along with providing the textbooks written on the subject.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has had extensive experience in potential vendor evaluation and job placement of molded products. He has experience locating vendors of plastic processing molds, tool makers and plastic processing equipment.


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