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Expert in Chemical Process Engineering

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Colorado (CO)
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Expert's primary expertise is in technoeconomic evaluations. Chemical process research and planning can be assisted by engineering/economic evaluation of process options. This is a special application of process design and economic analysis principles, normally using short-cut methods. Computer-aided methods are used when appropriate. There is extensive use of parallels with established similar processes. The usual sequence: draw the process flow diagram (base case), calculate the material balance, calculate the energy balance, rough design of major equipment, estimate total capital costs, estimate operating costs, estimate potential profitability, evaluate excursions from base case, and develop conclusions and recommendations. He has done extensive work in this specialty field with Union Carbide, Olin, ChemSystems Inc., Solar Energy Research Institute, and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

technology evaluation

Expert has applied knowledge of process chemistry and thermodynamics, ideally supported by pilot plant data, in design of first-of-its-kind manufacturing systems, usually for large-scale, continuous operations. He has pioneering project experience in: 1) Ethanol via direct hydration of ethylene, 2) Chloromethanes via oxyhydrochlorination of methane, 3) Peracetic acid via catalytic oxidation of acetaldehyde (all with Union Carbide), 4) Peracetic acid derivatives (continuous epoxidation of multiple olefins), 5) Polychlorotrifluroethylene manufacture via batch process (Union Carbide), 6) Propylene oxide via propylene epoxidation with hydrogen peroxide (OLIN), and 7) UNOX waste water treatment plants for Shell Chemical, Appleton Paper, Weyerhauser, and three Union Carbide plants.

chemical manufacturing technology

Expert was part of a small Olin group that developed systematic safety and hazards engineering methods for new and existing operations; he has conducted company-wide plant surveys, reviewed process designs and operating procedures, trained plant personnel, and reported to management on safety and hazards considerations in Olin's chemicals operations. His principal contributions came from extension of his experience in chemical process design and knowledge of plant engineering and operations. He has extensive technical files on many case studies and analysis methods.

chemical process safety analysis


hazardous chemical processing

Expert has experience in plant engineering, major process design, project design, cost estimating, project management, process design supervision, major equipment design and procurement, assistance in plant startups, liaison with engineering contractors, and writing/editing operating manuals. He has worked with technology specialists in M.W. Kellogg, Badger, Stone & Webster, A.D. Little, Stearns-Roger, Scientific Design, and Davy Expertgas. Some projects with which he has been involved with include: 1) Ethanol via direct hydration of ethylene, 2) Chloromethanes via oxyhydrochlorination of methane, 3) Peracetic acid derivatives, 4) Polymer manufacture - polychlortrifluoroethylene (all through Union Carbide), 5) Ethylene furnace modernization, 6) Propylene oxide, and 7) Ethylene oxide catalyst modernization (the latter three with Olin).

chemical processing plant design


petrochemical process plant designing


petrochemical-related design

Expert has about three years experience in process and project engineering in a pioneering effort by Union Carbide to apply its UNOX process for pure oxygen bio-oxidation of industrial waste water. His work included treatability studies with laboratory group, proposal preparation, process/project design, liaison with engineering contractors, and plant startup. He has been involved in specific projects with Weyerhauser, Shell, and three Union Carbide plants. As a normal part of his technoeconomic studies, Expert carried out air-versus-oxygen studies.

wastewater treatment engineering

Expert was responsible for writing and editing process engineering methods manuals for Union Carbide, Olin, and Heyward-Robinson. His strong and well-developed native ability in technical research and writing was recognized and used to advantage, not only in this work, but in many engineering and economic study situations. He has produced a number of co-authored technical papers while working for SERI and NREL.

technical writing

Expert has done almost ten years of work with the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI), and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) doing technical evaluation and research planning for the groups working on biomass conversion to fuels and chemicals. He was originally part of a group of 12 engineers, but has been an independent contractor in this area since 1986. This work is based on preliminary chemical process design. It has also been called the "back of the envelope" stage of analysis. Approximate short-cut design and costing methods are used because they are more than adequate to identify areas for additional research or more detailed calculations and, in addition, the results can direct scarce research time to those areas which impact heavily on the process and economics to avoid effort that might otherwise be wasted on an unimportant, or, worse yet, on a futile program. There is heavy emphasis on judgement and experience in doing this work successfully.

microbiological biomass fuel production


biomass energy system


biomass fuel

Expert started this work as Engineering Manager for Union Carbide's Fluorocarbons Business Team in the late 1960s. He has had in-depth experience as a Senior Consultant with Chem Systems, Inc. (1981-82), where he worked with information-gathering methods in technology and business practices of competitors, using mostly privately-published information and that of various federal government agencies. An example of this was the use of public-domain aerial photographs from the Department of Agriculture and the US Geodetic Survey of plant site areas. Competitive chemical production analysis is concerned primarily with estimating differential total production costs; the job is to accumulate all available information, not just technical, that will help in business decisions. There is nothing covert or illegal; this is NOT espionage. Public-domain material usually provides most of the necessary information. Expert is not an in-depth specialist in this area, but does understand most of the methods used. He can provide appraisal-quality results in hours, depending on availability of information.

competitive chemical production analysis

Expert did pioneering work in the early 1970s in this area, immediately after the EPA came into existence. He was one of three people who developed impact analysis methods for Union Carbide's chemicals and plastics operations. He was closely involved with specialists in biology, meteorology, mathematical modeling of rivers and estuaries, limnology, industrial medicine, community relations, and governmental regulatory agencies. His work was a significant early step in chemical industry's efforts to cope with its environmental problems. He has maintained contact in this field through reading and study since that time.

environmental impact assessment

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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Denver, Colorado;  Colorado Springs, Colorado;  Aurora, Colorado;  Fort Collins, Colorado;  Arvada, Colorado;  Westminster, Colorado;  Boulder, Colorado;  Greeley, Colorado;  Longmont, Colorado;  and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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Chemical Process Engineering
Chemical Process Design
Process Engineering and Chemistry of Inorganic Chemicals
Chemical Process Engineering

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1974   MS   Chemical Engineering   West Virginia University  
1942   BS   Chemical Engineering   MIT  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title  

1986 to






1983 to 1986


Solar Energy Research Inst


Principal Process Engineer


1981 to 1982


Chem Systems, incorporated


Senior Consultant


1980 to 1981


Heyward-Robinson Corporation


Senior Process Engineer


1975 to 1980


Olin Corporation


Principal Process Engineer


1946 to 1975


Union Carbide


Senior Engineer/Project Manager/Process Group Leader


Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a Fellow of AIChE and a member of the Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers (New York City).

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - John Wiley & Sons  

Consulting Services:
Recent Client Requests:
  • Processing engineer plating expert for consulting on process engineer.
  • Expert in to assist with training engineers in petro chemicals.
  • Expert in chemical process engineering for consulting on a scale-up from the lab to a pilot plant of a process that involves use of a flammable solvent and pure oxygen gas near the boiling point of the solvent.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert in chemical process plant design for consulting on plant/facility and process engineering.
  • Hydrogen peroxide expert for consulting on peracetic acid.
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Additional Skills and Services:
Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience locating vendors for: * Specialty chemicals * Chemical process equipment (new and used).

He has access to the following resources: * Chemical Week Buyers' Guide * Chemical Engineering Equipment Buyers' Guide * Chemical Marketing Reporter * Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology * Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry * Personal contacts * Other consultants.


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