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Expert in Manufacturing Technology

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Tennessee (TN)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
MECHANICAL SEALS RESEARCH. Expert is Co-Director of the Western Michigan University Tribology Laboratory, which has several active investigations of friction and wear processes. He is in the second phase of a multi-client study of blistering in carbon-graphite mechanical seal faces. Other research programs evaluate ceramic materials such as silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, and nanocrystalline diamond coatings as candidate materials for mechanical seal applications in pumps and mixers and pin-on-disc wear tests for wear resistant polymers against metal surfaces. He routinely uses interference microscopy to characterize surface topography, a particle counter to measure contamination of fluids and a mercury porosimeter to characterize pore size distributions.

DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURABILITY; MACHINE TOOL DESIGN. Expert has an extensive background in manufacturing research and development as well as machine tool design and development. He is knowledgeable of precision forging machinery and proprietary machine tools for forging high toughness automotive differential gears from metal powders. This background is complemented by experience at the university level where he teaches metallurgy, manufacturing processes, and mechanical engineering design and conducts industry-sponsored research. He is the Past Chairman of the Design for Manufacturability Committee of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME). In this role at ASME, he organized the 1993 Design for Manufacturability Conference and is currently organizing a satellite video conference on the subject.

MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY. Expert has broad experience in manufacturing processes and technology. He teaches short courses on manufacturing processes, forging die design, tribology, and materials technology for various clients as well as for the Forging Industry Association. While in industry, he developed processes for forging powder metal gears, for manufacturing sol-gel and alumina-zirconia abrasive grains, and for producing silicon carbide. At the University, he has conducted research in several areas of the lost foam casting process and completed a major study of the potential use of various granular ceramic media as recyclable replacements for foundry sand.


machine design


design for manufacturability


design for manufacture and assembly


machine design review


machine tool

GRINDING ABRASIVE MATERIAL; ABRASIVE BLASTING; FUSED ALUMINUM OXIDE. Expert's experience in abrasives covers grinding wheels, blasting grain, and abrasive grain technology and product development. He was directly involved in the development of sol-gel ceramic abrasive grains. He directed off-shore technology transfer projects for manufacturing fused aluminum oxide and alumina-zirconia abrasive grains. He was the Technical Director for a leading producer of fused aluminum oxide and consults with a foreign producer of the material. Expert can answer in-depth questions regarding metal grinding and abrasive blasting, in particular glass shot, sand, and grit blasting.

abrasive blasting


fused aluminum oxide


grinding wheel

SILICON CARBIDE. Expert is experienced in the manufacture of silicon carbide and recently published a review of silicon carbide manufacturing technology. He has been directly involved in the successful development of two patented processes for magnetically upgrading a silicon carbide furnace product, replacing an inefficient 90-year-old manual sorting process.

silicon carbide

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Memphis, Tennessee;  Jackson, Tennessee;  and Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Often requested
with this expert:

High Performance Gear Design
Tribology, Wear, Coatings, Materials Selection, Materials...
Compressor Design and Evaluation
Mechanical Design: Automated Machinery, Rotating, Assembly,...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1969   PhD   Metallurgical Engineering   University of Michigan  
1964   BSE   Mechanical Engineering   University of Michigan, Dearborn  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1987 to 2006


Western Michigan University


Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering




He taught Machine Design, Engineering Mechanics, Materials Science, Manufacturing Processes. Tribology, Design Theory. Co-Founder and Director of Tribology Laboratory – Friction and wear studies for corporate clients

1976 to 1984


The Carborundum Co.



Director, Grain Technology/Abrasive Technology Center


- He directed the development, manufacturing and market introduction of high technology abrasive grain.

- He was senior technical manager for $200 million business sector.

- He managed all technical activities in $65 million grinding wheel company.

1970 to 1976


The Gleason Works



Director, New Process Research; Manager, New Products; Chief Engineer, R & D


- He led team that designed, built and life tested multiple machine system for forging high strength automotive gears from metal powders

1968 to 1970


Amsted Research Laboratories



Project Engineer


-He worked on metallurgical development projects in corporate research laboratory.

1964 to 1968


University of Michigan



Research Assistant - Cast Metals Laboratory


- He conducted contract and consulting research for industrial clients

1964 to 1968





Cooperative education student, Foundry Division


Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and is Past Chairman of its Design for Manufacturability Committee. He is also active in the Metallurgical Society of AIME, the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, and the American Society for Engineering Education.


Expert is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan.


Awarded the 2003 Captain Alfred E. Hunt Medal of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers as the principal author of the best published paper dealing with the field of lubrication. Awarded the 2001 Frank P Bussick Award of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers as the principal author of the outstanding published paper on sealing technology.

Publications and Patents Summary

Dr. Guichleaar has 38 publications, and 2 patents.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Pumps and Systems  
 - Lubrication Engineering  
 - Design for Manufacturability Handbook  
 - U.S. Department of Energy  
 - The National Design Engineering Conference  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Client sent samples of grinding wheels to determine the constituent abrasive grain, binder, and active grinding aids. Expert used light microscopy to partially identify the abrasive grain type. He also sent samples of the wheels to three different laboratories for state-of-art analyses to confirm the grain type, binder composition and to determine the active grinding aids. This project could not have been completed by a person unfamiliar with the typical composition of grinding wheels.
  • Client showed Expert a broken frame that was designed to withstand loads exerted by three in-line ultra high pressure cylinders. The frame was made from cast iron with steel extensions bolted onto the end. Expert and a faculty colleague determined by testing and by fracture surface examination that the cap screws that were used to bolt the steel extensions onto the frame had been over-torqued during assembly. One or more of the cap screws failed in tension when the cylinders were pressurized. This resulted in eccentric loading of the frame creating bending stresses that resulted in fracture.
  • Client presented a compressor rotor with several blades severely bent and evidence that the rotor had contacted the housing. Expert cut the rotor into 16 slices with a band saw and determined that the initial failure was initiated in the interior of one blade at a heat affected zone where the blade had been twisted into a tighter arc and then welded into that configuration during the original manufacturing of the compressor. The locally higher stress resulted in a high cycle fatigue crack after 25 years service. Thie crack caused the blade to deflect into contact with the compressor housing. A piece of the blade broke loose and jammed between the compressor disk and the compressor housing, bending the main rotor. The resulting eccentricity and unbalance in turn caused the rotor to contact the journal bearings, labyrinth seals and caused the impeller to rub against the compressor housing. The bearings and seals were partially melted into adherence onto the rotor and the compressor impeller was machined in an eccentric pattern reflecting the rotor's deflected shape. (Project completed with a colleague).
  • Client presented a broken leaf spring from the trailer of a semi truck. The spring segment had crashed through the windshield of a car that had been following the truck, severely injuring the driver. Examination of the fracture surface showed several beach marks, each one evidence of a fatigue fracture. The presence of several beach marks on one fracture surface indicates overloading of the trailer in the recent past.
  • Client asked if the manufacturing process used at an environmentally contaminated site could be identified. The buildings had been removed to their foundations. Expert found metal pieces on the grounds that were clearly flash trimmed from forgings. He then determined that the shape of the remaining concrete foundations corresponded to piers for forging presses. These two pieces of evidence showed that the environmental contaminants could not be traced to the prior occupant.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Product analysis expert for consulting on competitive product.
  • Silicon carbide expert for consulting on Acheson furnace production.
  • Expert in material selection needed for consulting regarding a wear plate ss traveling belt.
  • Expert for consulting on Reciprocating Piston Compressor Piston Seal Ring Improvement.
  • Expert in Shaft seals to consult on mobile refrigeration compressors.
  • Carbide expert for consulting on tungsten carbide failure.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert has over thirty years experience in product liability issues and litigation consulting. Early in his career, he worked for a grinding wheel company where he directed the product safety activity. Over the past twenty years, he has worked with plaintiff and defense attorneys on a wide variety of products, including a Travel Trailer Roof Lift Mechanism, Truck Steering Parts, a Broken Steel Ladder, Patent Litigation relating to a unique Abrasive Product, a Bungee Cord Failure, a Lawnmower Engine Part, failure of Fuel Oil Tanks, a Large Electric Motor, a Forging Press Malfunction, a Children's Swing Chain Failure, and a failed Snowmobile Engine. He has been deposed numerous times and has testified in court three times.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Manufacturing technology expert for litigation involving failed machinery.
  • Expert in hydraulic press machinery to evaluate overall functioning of machine and tooling of machine for litigation case.
  • Mechanical seals expert for consulting on industrial liquid mixers.
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Additional Skills and Services:

Expert teaches short courses on manufacturing processes, forging die design, tribology, and materials technology for various clients as well as for the Forging Industry Association. For ASME, he chaired the 1993 Design for Manufacturability Conference and organized two satellite video conferences on the subject.


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