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Expert in Food Technology, Product Development/Optimization, Food Quality, Anti-oxidants, Sensory, Consumer

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Georgia (GA)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert is internationally recognized for her expertise in sensory evaluation of food products and associated packaging. She heads the sensory evaluation program at the Expert's University, which is ranked among the top five sensory science programs in the country. As a member of the Expert's University's Center for Food Safety and Quality Enhancement, she has directed numerous industry-sponsored projects involving the sensory analysis of food by trained and consumer panels. She has developed and conducted lectures and workshops on sensory evaluation, its application in quality control for management and manufacturing plant personnel. She is the associate scientific editor for the Journal of Food Science.

MILK PACKAGING. Expert has developed alternative packaging systems for fluid milk. She has conducted sensory analysis of skim milk processed by freeze-concentration and other traditional methods. She is developing, formulating, and evaluating flavored (UHT) milk products targeted for young (3-6 years) children.


food sensory science


food sensory testing


biological antioxidant




dairy product formulation


food formulation


food science


functional food


functional food development


health food


natural antioxidant



Expert has vast experience in strategic aspects of product research and development. Since 1984, she has maintained a consumer database of over 4500 households in Atlanta. The database contains information on consumer demographic characteristics, food use and purchase, food-related attitudes, and other food-related information. Her database is used to recruit panelists for research to measure ratings of attributes of food by consumers. These methodologies include focus groups, research guidance tests, surveys, simulated supermarket setting tests, in-home placement tests, and central location tests. The panelists have participated in tests to evaluate fresh and processed (irradiated, dried, pre-cooked, restructured, freeze-concentrated) foods and packaging materials. Expert's research has involved target markets composed of young children, teenagers, the elderly, and the major food shopper in consumer households.

consumer focus group


food research and development


consumer survey

Expert has experience in research involving sensory descriptive analysis and profiling of food, food products, and packaging materials. She has trained several descriptive panels and directed numerous research products involving training and evaluation of various food products and packaging materials by descriptive panels. These panels have quantified food attributes such as color, surface appearance, specific flavors, tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty), and food texture. She has used these panels in storage- and shelf-studies involving milk, beef, and peanut spreads as well as in claim substantiation research.

food product




snack bar

Over the course of her career, Expert led several research studies that examined flavor, aromatics, and tastes for a wide variety of food and packaging materials. She has published several studies on flavor profiling using descriptive sensory analysis panels. She has measured flavor volatiles in food (peanut butter, spreads, reheated beef) by headspace analysis using gas chromatography and other chemical indicators of quality and correlated these with sensory analysis results. She is using electronic sensors to evaluate food flavors.

fat flavor






nut (fruit)


tree nut

Expert has conducted several studies involving the measurement of textural properties of food. This involved sensory evaluation of hardness, crispness, crunchiness, tenderness, chewiness, adhesiveness, cohesiveness, viscosity, and others. Several of these studies involved simultaneous instrumental measurements (using the instron and Brookfield viscometer) of the physical properties of food for texture profile analysis, Warner-Bratzler and Kramer shear, back-extrusion, cutting, as well as puncture and snapping tests on a wide variety of foods.

food texture

Expert has conducted numerous studies resulting in referred journal publications that have focused on sensory or consumer-based optimization of food products. Such studies include modeling of the sensory properties of the food products and optimization of formulations or process variables, or both. Expert uses response surface methodology and regression analysis. She has employed factorial, fractional factorial, and mixture designs in the optimization studies. Her projects have led to development of value-added products, new products, and product improvement or enhancement of existing products. She has extensive international research and development experience in Asia and Egypt.

food product development


food product quality improvement


consumer product design


convenience food development

As a result of her involvement in food research, Expert has published her results in book chapters, refereed journal articles, and numerous technical publications. These include work conducted on animal meats (including beef and chicken), fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, composite flour products (snack chips, muffins, noodles), as well as tree and ground nuts. She conducted studies on packaging of fresh produce, beef, and fluid milk. Flexible films, pouches, and paperboard are among the different types of packaging materials she has studied. Expert has conducted workshops on sensory evaluation in quality control for food industry representatives in Manila and Malaysia.

food processing quality


palatability testing

Expert is known internationally as an expert on peanut processing technology and the research and development of value-added products made from peanuts. Her research resulted in the development of product prototypes such as cheese-flavored analogues from peanuts, honey-peanut butter and spreads, non-dairy creamer and whipped topping, and products from composite flours which include peanuts. She also studied the formulation of low-fat spreads from peanuts.

peanut butter


peanut butter flavor


peanut roasting

Expert optimized tortilla chips, muffins, snack chips, snack food, and Chinese-style noodles for consumer acceptability and sensory quality using mixture designs and response surface methodology. She determined the effects of each component flour on sensory and product characteristics.

composite flour




oil flavor


sauce development


food sweetener

Due to her experience in the industry, Expert has studied restructured beef steaks, pre-cooked steaks and roasts, the effects of reheating (microwave and conventional oven) on "warm-over" flavor of beef and vacuum-packaged pre-cooked beef, the use of surimi in restructured beef roasts, the effect of natural antioxidants in frankfurters, and consumer acceptance of a low-fat, no pork frankfurter. She has conducted extensive studies on irradiated ground beef and chicken. Her recent studies include the development of raw, packaged chicken products from dark chicken meat. She is the author of a chapter on meat cookery in the book "Muscle Foods."



chicken meat




food antioxidant

Expert has published several articles on her research on quality measurements of minimally-processed fruit and vegetables. Some of these studies involved the evaluation of post-harvest systems for tomatoes, snap beans, peaches, cantaloupes, honeydew melons, grapes, cucumbers, oranges, green peppers,



vegetable product


consumer demographics


new consumer product development


new product design


new product development


research and development


survey research


antioxidant function


organoleptic testing

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Atlanta, Georgia;  Athens, Georgia;  Macon, Georgia;  Roswell, Georgia;  Marietta, Georgia;  Greenville, South Carolina;  and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Often requested
with this expert:

Food Technology, Nutraceuticals, and Cereal Grain Processing
Food Sensory Science, Food Acceptability, Food Texture,...
Food Product Formulation
Food Chemistry & Shelf Life

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1976   PhD   Food Science   (Undisclosed University)  
1972   MS   Food and Nutrition   (Undisclosed University)  
1969   Graduate Diploma   Food Technology   University of South Wales, Australia  
1964   BS   Food Technology   University of the Philippines  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1993 to


(Undisclosed University)


Department of Food Science & Technology


Distinguished Research Professor


She conducts research, teaching and outreach activities. She is the Research, Instruction and Instruction (REI) coordinator for the Griffin Campus' Department of Food Science and Technology. Expert is responsible for the direction and coordination of the Consumer Insight and Sensory Science Laboratory (CISSL) of the Expert's University. She is part of the Food Product Innovation and Commercialization Center (FoodPIC). She continues her activities on product design, development and optimization; consumer insight and sensory science; phenolic anti-oxidants; and international development research..

1983 to 1993


(Undisclosed University)


Department of Food Science & Technology


Assistant/Associate Professor


Expert conducted research and directed graduate student research. She established a program in consumer insight and sensory science. In addition she developed analytical methods for anti--oxidant polyphenolics in food, that are beneficial to health. She applied her research findings to applied research on the development and optimization of foods on the basis of consumer acceptance. Her product design, development aand optimization research led to commercialization of several products globally.

1981 to 1983


Auburn University



Human Nutrition Specialist


Expert was the Human Nutrition Specialist for the State of Alabama. She provided science and research based support to County Agents and State prsonnel.

1978 to 1982


Pennsylvania State University


Food Science


Assistant Professor


Expert was the Nutrition Specialist of the Pennsylvania Cooperative Extension Service. She provided scientific and research based support to State and County professionals throughout Pennsylvania.

1976 to 1977


(Undisclosed University)


Department of Food & Nutrition


Post-Doctoral Associate


Career Accomplishments:

She is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists, the American Society for Testing and Materials (Committee E-18), the American Dietetic Association, the Society for Nutrition Education, the American Council on Consumer Interests, and several other professional associations.

Professional Appointments

Expert is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Sensory Studies, and was past Associate Scientific Editor for the Journal of Food Science


1967-- Colombo Plan Fellowship- Commonwealth of Australia

1995--Professional Scientist Award - Southern Regional Sections of the Institute of Food Technologists.

1995--Senior Scientist Award of Merit for Research - Gamma Sigma Delta, Expert's University Chapter

1996--D.W. Brooks Faculty Award for Excellence in Research – The Expert's University,

1998--International Award - University of the Philippines Alumni Association . 1999--Outstanding Professional Scientist Award for Food Science & Nutrition- University of the Philippines Alumni Association.

2000--Fellow - Institute of Food Technologists.

2006--D.W. Brooks Faculty Award for Excellence in International Agriculture- The University Of Georgia,

2009- Institute of Food Technologists, B.S. Luh International Award

2010--Awarded the Title of Distinguished Research Professor, the Expert's University.

Publications and Patents Summary

Expert published 2 Books; 5 Chapters in Books; and 151 Refereed Journal Articles. She has 259 Published Abstracts of Presentations and Proceedings; and 500+ Scientific and Technical Publications. She has one patent on methods to increase resveratrol in peanuts.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • She directed and managed projects on assessing consumer attitudes toward product/package prototypes, advertisements and promotional materials by focus group studies.
  • She provided consumer insight on new products on the basis of consumer acceptance tests.
  • She conducted shelf-life studies on various foods
  • She moderated focus groups
Recent Client Requests:
  • Food scientist for consulting on microbial concerns with sauce.
  • Expert needed for panel discussions regarding development of chocolate snacks.
  • Food expert for consulting on sauce & dressing formulation.
  • Flavoring expert for consulting on Flavoring in non-dairy creamers self life.
  • Expert in packaging and shelf life of Nove protein ingredient.
  • Expert in sugar crystallization for consulting on crystallization of honey.
  • Expert for consulting on Ingredient flavoring, colors and additives.
  • Food science expert flavor profile for consulting on Flavor Profile enhancement.
  • Peanut butter expert for consulting on Peanut Butter Manufacture.
  • Expert expert In Food Canning for consulting on Marketing Canned Meat.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Provided consulting and science-based summaries to Attorneys.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Poultry expert needed for consulting on the effect of refrigeration fluctuation on the appearance of cooked chicken products.
  • Expert in food product design for litigation involving patent infringement..
  • Food chemist expert for consulting on orange juice processing litigation case.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2008 to   AFRICA/Uganda, Ghana, Burkina, Mali   She directs/manages food product development research projects with food industry partners; conducted training courses on consumer acceptance tests in food product development
1983 to 2007   ASIA/ Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia   She directed/managed food product development research projects with food industry partners; conducted training courses on consumer acceptance tests in food product development
1996 to 2007   Bulgaria/Balkan   She directed/managed food product development research projects
to   Egypt/Middle East   She directed/managed food product development research projects. Trained scientists on product development and consumer testing
to   Asia: Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia   Conducted training on consumer testing and sensory evaluation; conducted training courses on consumer acceptance tests in food product development

Language Skills:
Foreign Language  

Market Research:
Expert can provide consultation on consumer insight on food product development. She is an expert on the measurement of food related attitudes and behaviors of consumers as these related product design and development. Expert is able to determine consumer response to product concepts, prototypes, new and existing food products, through focus groups, consumer acceptance tests, central location and home-use tests. She is the author of two books widely used by the food industry: "Consumer Sensory Evaluation in Product Development" and co-author of "Consumer Sensory Testing in Product Design and Development."

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Additional Skills and Services:

1. Conducted Training courses on consumer acceptance testing and food product development at international locations, iincluding the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. (2-4 days) 2. Co-organized and conducted training courses in product development. (USA, Philippines and Thailand) 3. Co-organized and conducted training courses on Aflatoxin reduction to meet regulatory limits (Philippines, Uganda, Ghana) 4. Conducted day-long pre-World Food Congress Meeting, on Mycotoxin Management (Brazil) 5. Co-organized several courses on food quality in the USA

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience locating vendors of food ingredients, food packaging materials, microbiological testing and product evaluation.

Other Skills and Services

Expert is an experienced focus group moderator. She provides product consulting from concept to commercialization. She has vast international experience. She has considerable experience in relating consumer/sensory responses to instrumental and chemical measuremenets.


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