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 Expert  108134

Expert in Imaging Systems, penetrating radiation

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Illinois (IL)
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Expert and Expert's Firm have designed and built many types of X-ray systems, ranging from microtomography CT systems to digital radiography and CT systems large enough to examine objects up to 6 feet wide and 30 feet long.

X-ray imaging


X-ray imaging system



Expert is an expert on the different types of absorption and their effects. He has access to computer programs that calculate absorption under complex conditions, including the exact shape of different X-ray source spectra, the energy dependent absorption of objects made of various elements or chemical compounds, and the effects of various detectors.

X-ray absorption


X-ray detector


X-ray detection

Expert and the Expert's Firm staff have built X-ray NDT systems for automotive, petrochemical, aerospace, and many other applications. They are not only familiar with the advantages and limitations, but also with the subtle effects not usually considered in conventional design.

X-ray nondestructive testing

Expert and other Expert's Firm personnel have designed and built all types of CT scanners. They have made innovations in their sources, mechanisms, detectors, computers, and mathematics. Expert's Firm has an extensive library of programs for generation, simulation, and correction. It operates several types of scanners and offers customer testing services, as well as supplying standard and custom designs.

computed tomography



Expert and Expert's Firm personnel have produced images from computer data based on optics, X-rays, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance. They have built image processor boards and displays to handle 3-D information, picture manipulation, compression, correlation, storage, etc. With proper scaling and alignment, they can combine images from two different modalities (such as CT and radioisotope imaging) into one display image.

computer graphics process

Expert and Expert's Firm personnel have created and have access to software and hardware to perform such image processing features as edge enhancement, histogram equalization, pseudocolor mapping, smoothing, feature extraction, Fourier transform, image compression, area and frequency filtering, and noise reduction.

image processing


image processing hardware


image compression

Expert and Expert's Firm scientists have hands-on experience in designing the following types of medical imaging equipment: CT scanners, MRI scanners, ultrasound, and medical picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). Their design work has frequently led to advances in imaging technology.

medical diagnostic imaging

Expert and Expert's Firm personnel are experienced in the design of gradient coils, pulse sequencers, head and body coils, and image reconstruction.

magnetic resonance imaging


nuclear magnetic resonance biomedical imaging

Expert's Firm has designed non-film radiography systems for nonmedical applications such as inspection of tires, aerospace parts, ammunition, castings, and complex assemblies. These systems are more sensitive to small density differences than are film.



real-time radiography

Expert's Firm can generate point-clouds and other types of three-dimensional data from X-ray CT scanning of objects, can compare these with an "ideal" (either the CAD design or a scan of a known good object), and can create NURBS, shaded-surface, triangulated, and other types of solid models. These can be used to create engineering drawings from undocumented samples.

reverse engineering

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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Chicago, Illinois;  Rockford, Illinois;  Aurora, Illinois;  Naperville, Illinois;  Joliet, Illinois;  Elgin, Illinois;  South Bend, Indiana;  Gary, Indiana;  Milwaukee, Wisconsin;  and Madison, Wisconsin.

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X-Ray Imaging
Computed Tomography, X-ray Detectors, Medical Product...
Imaging Systems, New Products
Recognition Systems, Imaging, Check Imaging

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Publications and Patents Summary

Expert has published more than 40 technical papers and patents.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Third International Symposium on Computer Tomography  
 - Radiology in Killarney Conference  
 - International PACS Conference  
 - RNM Images  
 - 3rd International Symposium of Picture Archiving and Communication System  

Consulting Services:
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in fast object tracking needed to determine its directional vector.
  • Expert for consulting on X Ray Tube Manufacturing.
  • X ray tube expert for consulting on Improving X Ray Tube Yield as a purchased part and evaluate system efficiency.
  • Engineering expert in x-ray technology for consulting on baggage scanning system.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Cat scan engineering expert witness for consulting on CT scan engineering product defect litigation.
  • Expert familiar with capabilities of a 4 slice scanner to consult on medical malpractice case.
  • Expert in imaging systems for litigation case against large medical center.
  • Expert in anode x-ray tubes for consulting on trade secret violation accusations.
  • Engineering expert for consulting on MRI operation & maintenance.
  • Expert in medical equipment for consulting on review of a portfolio of patents in the following categories: medical imaging / MRI /CT and microscopy.
  • Expert in CT Reconstruction Hardware.
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