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 Expert  107981

Expert in Analog Circuits and Power Electronics

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Arizona (AZ)
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Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
ACTIVE FILTERS; R-C ACTIVE FILTERS; SIGNAL PROCESSING. Expert has a strong background in analog active filter synthesis for all realizable functions -- that is, any number of left or right half plane zeros and left half plane poles to frequencies as high as 5MHz, using both positive and negative feedback, from low Q structures to complex, high Q KHN filters. He is the author of many handbook sections on passive and active filters, signal processing, and power supplies.

AC TO DC CONVERSION AND CONVERTORS. Expert's background includes all types of rectifiers and filters, including high frequency, low loss conversion, as well as multi-phase conversion.

AMPLIFICATION; DC AMPLIFIERS; DIFFERENTIAL AMPLIFIERS. Expert has experience with solid state DC and AC amplifiers up to 100MHz, including selective amplifiers of low pass, high pass, or band pass type.

ANALOG CIRCUITS; ANALOG CIRCUIT DESIGN. This includes linear and non-linear amplifiers, multipliers, flip-flops, time delay, signal generators, and active RC filters, as well as passive filters of all types and characteristics. Expert has had experience with all of these.

DC TO DC CONVERSION. Expert has worked with moderate to high frequency conversion (from a few KHz to MHz) of the buck, boost, flyback, forward, push pull, and resonant types, including design, analysis, and compensation for specific characteristics of bandwidth, regulation, and efficiency.

ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING AND ELECTRONICS. Expert has been involved in the design of vacuum tube and solid state electronics circuits.

FEEDBACK. Expert understands negative and positive feedback systems for control, regulation, signal generation, and filtering functions. His design specifications can be of the steady state characteristics, or transient response of the system.

SWITCHED MODE POWER SUPPLY; Expert has knowledge of switched mode power supplies, AC to DC, DC to DC, and DC TO AC switched mode supplies of the buck or boost type at moderate to high frequency, (kHz to MHz) using flyback, forward or push-pull and resonant conversion methods for regulation, stability or transient response, and efficiency of conversion.

DIRECT-CURRENT TO ALTERNATING-CURRENT CONVERTER. Expert is experienced with low-voltage DC to AC converters of 25V to 150V RMS, typically at frequencies of 60Hz to 200kHz, both sine wave and pulse wave.


active filter


alternating-current to direct-current conversion


alternating-current to direct-current converter






analog circuit


analog circuit design


DC to DC conversion


differential amplifier


direct-current amplifier


electronics engineering




resistance-capacitance active filter


switched-mode power supply circuit

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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Phoenix, Arizona;  Tucson, Arizona;  Mesa, Arizona;  Glendale, Arizona;  Scottsdale, Arizona;  Chandler, Arizona;  Tempe, Arizona;  Gilbert, Arizona;  and Peoria, Arizona.

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Power Electronics
Selection of Structural Adhesives for Plastics, Metals, &...
Thin Films, Vacuum Technology, thin film resistors,...
Electronics and Programming

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1967   PhD   Electrical Engineering   Stanford University  
1953   MS   Electrical Engineering   Stanford University  
1948   BS   Physics   Redlands University  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title  



(Undisclosed University)



1986 to 2000



Adjunct Professor and Professor Emeritus


1969 to 2000



Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


1948 to 1970


NASA,, Electronics Research Branch, Ames


Chief of Branch


1962 to


Expert's University


Head of Electronics Department


Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a Fellow in IEEE for active RC research, NASA invention awards, and NASA patent awards.


Expert received the Centennial Medal from IEEE.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - CRC Press  
 - John Wiley & Sons  
 - McGraw-Hill  

Consulting Services:
Recent Client Requests:
  • Technical power expert for consulting on writing about the principles of power conversion.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Motor-generator expert for consulting on synchronous AC motor-generator sets.
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Additional Skills and Services:
Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

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