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Expert in Engineering Management

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New Jersey (NJ)
Education Work History Consulting Services Expert Witness

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Expert has been involved with the re-engineering of new product development processes, creation of total quality management programs, and organizational structure changes for process engineering and research and development functions for two major medical device manufacturers (i.e. Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb). He is an experienced change agent and enjoys thinking "outside the dots". Expert has played a key role in the re-engineering of a product development process, project management process, capital appropriation request/approval process, corrective action process, an R&D organizational structure, and several engineering departmental organizations.

business process re-engineering

Expert is a seasoned executive adept at identifying critical issues and developing options for consideration. He is known for his drive to "do it right the first time". He has operated at various management levels including manager, director, and vice-president.

management decision-making

Expert was a key member of TQM implementation teams for divisions of two major corporations in the United States (i.e. Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb). He participated in the training of all employees from the boardroom to the factory floor, the design of appropriate standard operating procedures (SOP), and mentoring during the implementation process. Expert has designed, and conducted, customized training modules for failure mode effects analysis (FMEA), design reviews, problem solving and decision making, and corrective action systems. He has developed a reputation as a passionate change agent who understands the relationship between culture change and a successful TQM initiative.

total quality management

Expert has led and mentored work teams, project teams, task forces, committees, etc.; at the departmental, functional, and cross-functional levels.

self-directed work team

Working with Teltech, Expert combined the concept of a virtual team member with state-of-the-art knowledge management techniques to create a "Knowledge Prospecting" process for identifying, capturing, retrieving, sharing, and evaluating knowledge pertinent to the development of new manufacturing and technology paradigms. The technique proved to be a dynamic, interactive, cost-effective, and highly productive method, and can be used by project teams or individuals to investigate any subject.

knowledge management

Expert has been a project manager and a manager of project managers for large and small companies in a variety of industries (i.e. medical devices, plastics processing, food processing, toys, recreational products, and consumer products). He is well versed in the issues related to project management from ideation to analysis of customer complaints. His experience includes product and equipment projects and effective communication to management regarding project progress.

project management

Resource planning for individual and/or multiple projects has been one of the common threads of Expert's experience. The balancing of people, money, time, priorities, and management's expectations is the classical challenge of resource management.

resource allocation


resource planning

Expert has had management responsibility for R&D activities in small companies and global corporations (i.e. Union Carbide, Johnson & Johnson, and Bristol-Myers Squibb), over a wide range of responsibility levels (i.e. manager, director, and vice-president), in a number of diverse industries (i.e. plastics processing, medical devices, food processing, toys, and manufacturing systems). He is equally experienced in dealing with the cross-functional issues characteristic of matrix organizations, and dedicated teams.

research and development management

Expert has served as an internal consultant to facilitate the execution-planning phase of numerous projects. He has developed the ability to engage the project's participants in open and frank brainstorming sessions to define optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic project scenarios. The scenarios address resource allocation, capital and expense spending, strategic impact, and cross-functional issues.

project execution planning

Expert has served as an internal consultant to conduct design reviews at various points during a projects life cycle, to assess results versus expectations, and to identify issues that need to be addressed to achieve project objectives. He has also conducted post-completion reviews to determine "lessons learned" and sustainability of the project's deliverables.

project assessment

Expert has had new product development management responsibilities in small companies and global corporations over a wide range of responsibility levels, covering a number of diverse industries. He is well aware of the cross-functional issues that need to be dealt with from ideation through product redesign.

new product development management


device product development

Expert has had experience as the plant manager for a small medical device company (i.e. 5-6 million dollars in sales, and 150 non-union employees). He was responsible for manufacturing, quality assurance/control, sterilization, regulatory affairs, purchasing, planning, and product development activities.

plant operations management

Expert has designed and delivered training modules dealing with how to measure and improve worker productivity. His experience also includes being responsible for improving productivity on the factory floor.

productivity improvement

Over the years, Expert has acquired the ability to identify the "root cause" of manufacturing problems in the least amount of time. He has extensive experience troubleshooting at the technical level, the business process level, and at the cultural level. He has designed and delivered training modules on troubleshooting techniques and best practices.

manufacturing troubleshooting

During his extensive experience with plastics processing and assembly, Expert has integrated state-of-the-art technologies that were new to existing manufacturing operations (i.e. replaced batch mixing of adhesives with twin-screw compounding, established in-house extrusion of Teflon tubing, and implemented 100% computer process control for ultrasonic welding operations in the production of toys).

technology transfer

Expert acquired his expertise in plastics processing while working as a Process Development Engineer for Union Carbide. It was his job to develop processing technology for new polymers discovered by the polymer chemists in Research. His range of experience includes extrusion, molding, calendering, drafting, tentering, mixing, compounding, fabrication, joining, decorating, and film slitting/winding/rewinding. He has developed technology for a wide range of industries (i.e. medical devices, food processing, plastics processing, toys, consumer products, and recreational products).

technology development


technology management


technology innovation

Expert has spent a considerable amount of time evaluating new technology paradigms with respect to their place on the technology life cycle curve, and their ability to produce a sustainable competitive advantage for a given business situation. Those evaluations took into account all aspects of the business model (i.e. sales, marketing, quality, finance, distribution, product form and function, regulatory, production, customer satisfaction, and competitive pressures).

technology evaluation

In his search for new technology paradigms for next-generation manufacturing, Expert had to monitor technology trends to ensure that he was not missing any key areas of interest or development. He used a variety of techniques and sources to check and double-check observed trends. The most productive technique was "knowledge prospecting", an "outside the dots" knowledge management technique developed by Expert and Teltech.

technology trend


technology forecasting

Expert's expertise includes assessing the utility of state-of-the-art technologies, evaluating a technology's place on the technology life cycle curve and its ability to produce a sustainable competitive advantage, and searching for new technology paradigms for next-generation manufacturing. He has experience with a wide range of manufacturing technologies (i.e. heat welding, RF welding, laser welding, ultrasonic welding, gluing, cutting, punching, web conveyance/slitting/winding/rewinding, embossing, decorating, and automated process control).

manufacturing technology management

Expert has applied state-of-the-art process technologies to create manufacturing processes for a wide range of products, across several industries. He has also been "prospecting" for new technology paradigms that will have an impact on next-generation manufacturing systems.

process technology

Expert was introduced to the concept of process inventing as a Process Development Engineer for Union Carbide. It was his job to invent processes for the conversion of new polymers (discovered by the polymer chemists in Research) into useful products. He has designed processes for the full range of manufacturing complexity (i.e. manual to automated, with single and multiple components), and a variety of products.

process design

Expert has developed processes for the full range of manufacturing complexity (i.e. manual to automated, with single and multiple components), and a variety of products.

process development

Process simplification through cycle time reduction and defect elimination has been a key area of Expert's experience for many years. He has experience as a "hands on" process engineer and a corporate trainer of total quality principles, metrics, and best practices.

process engineering

Expert has been responsible for the design, fabrication, assembly, testing, qualification, and validation of mechanical manufacturing systems of varied complexity. He has developed mechanical manufacturing systems for the production of single component products and complex assemblies. He has worked with flexible films/sheets as well as rigid and semi-rigid components. His experience has included work at all levels of development (i.e. prototypes, working models, pilot lines, production lines, and multiple production lines).

mechanical processing technology

Expert has done a great deal of research regarding the nature of next-generation manufacturing. Attaining world-class manufacturing status is not a manufacturing issue. It's contingent upon the entire company redefining its structure, culture, paradigms, operating systems, and strategy to become an extended enterprise. He has facilitated workshops on becoming an extended enterprise and defined the appropriate metrics to measure progress to that end.

world-class manufacturing

Expert's work with next-generation manufacturing paradigms has been driven by the need to be able to manufacture customized products (i.e. production runs of one unit) with the speed and efficiency capable of creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the 21st century. He has been working "outside the dots" to identify, develop, and implement new manufacturing/technology paradigms that will set the standard for 21st century manufacturing.

mass customization

Expert's experience with medical devices included process engineering responsibilities for manufacturing systems required to produce 100-150 million units per year. Expert has experience addressing the manufacturability of a product design during the ideation process.

high volume, low cost product design

Expert has functioned as a product design engineer in several industries (i.e. medical devices, food processing, plastics processing, toys, consumer products, industrial equipment, and recreational products). He is experienced in addressing the appropriate product interfaces (i.e. customer needs, owner use and abuse, manufacturer, vendors, suppliers, packaging, distribution system, etc.).

product design

Expert has experienced the reality that the design of the product being produced is as important to the assembly process as the equipment being used. He has dealt with that issue over the full range of assembly complexity (i.e. single component/low speed to multi-component/high speed). Expert has also experienced the reality that cost must always be minimized while achieving product performance requirements.

design for assembly


design for cost


design for manufacturability

Expert has been involved in projects to minimize product development cycle time at several companies. The range of project scope varied from addressing specific portions of the product development process to a complete redesign of the process. He has done extensive work in the area of medical devices.

product development cycle time

Expert's experience with Johnson & Johnson (16 years) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (10 years) has exposed him to every facet of the design process from ideation to product redesign. His varied responsibilities along the product development continuum have sharpened his awareness of the issues that impact the design of a medical device. His varied responsibilities along the product development continuum give him a unique perspective of the issues that can impact results.

medical device product development

Expert's experience as a product design engineer has included product improvement projects driven by customer feedback from the field. The range of activity has covered simple production process changes to a complete product redesign. The key factor in any product improvement activity is an accurate analysis of reliable feedback information from the field. He is comfortable dealing with people at all points along the product life cycle (i.e. end users, focus groups, clinical test participants, manufacturing line workers, distribution personnel, doctors, nurses, quality inspectors, sales force, marketing, regulatory, medical researchers, R&D, financial, etc.).

medical device product improvement

Expert has experience in the design, development, and fabrication of manufacturing systems. He has worked on, and supervised work on, manual systems, semi-automatic systems, and automated systems. His experience covers the complete range of product complexity from single to multiple components.

production engineering

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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York;  Yonkers, New York;  Newark, New Jersey;  Jersey City, New Jersey;  Paterson, New Jersey;  Elizabeth, New Jersey;  Bridgeport, Connecticut;  New Haven, Connecticut;  Stamford, Connecticut;  and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Plastic Injection Molding, Medical Device Design and...
Quality Management Systems and Engineering Ceramics
Laboratory Management; Quality Assurance/ Control
Materials Engineering for New Designs, Cost Reduction, and...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1965   MSME   Mechanical Engineering   University of Connecticut  
1962   BSME   Mechanical Engineering   City College of New York  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2000 to 2000


Self Employed



Independent Consultant


As required by customers.

1997 to 2000


ConvaTec(division of B-MS)


Technical Operations




Technology Assessment & Productivity.

1995 to 1997


ConvaTec(division of B-MS)


Chronic Care Products & Services


Vice President


Chronic Care Product Development.

1990 to 1995


ConvaTec(division of B-MS)


Technical Operations




Process Engineering.

1985 to 1990


J&J Baby Products (Division of J&J)


Child Development Products




Product Development Engineering.

1981 to 1985


Devro Inc.(division of J&J)


Research & Development




Product and Process Development.

1979 to 1981


Electro Catheter, Corp.




Plant Manager


Materials Management, Extrusion, Assembly, Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Packaging, Maintenance, Shipping & Receiving, related to the manufacture of medical devices.

1976 to 1979


Jelco, Inc.(division of J&J)


Research & Development




Technical Services, Research & Development, Research & Development; related to the design, development & manufacture of medical devices.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • On-site Consulting Expert has served as an internal consultant for project planning, design reviews, failure mode effects analysis, troubleshooting, and strategic planning. Training/Seminars Expert designed and delivered training seminars on design reviews, failure mode effect analysis, measurement of individual and process productivity, corrective action processes, project planning, engineering career opportunities, and problem solving.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert in valves for consulting on patent infringement.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1990 to 2000   UK, Italy, and Denmark   Technology Assessment, productivity, and process development for ConvaTec locations and vendors.
1976 to 1990   China, Canada, Germany, Scotland, and Taiwan   Process Engineering and Product Development assignments,related to medical devices,while employed by J&J.


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