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 Expert  719789

Expert in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Minnesota (MN)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert is recognized as a world class expert in all types of heat exchangers. This includes forced convection, natural convection, and mixed convection devices operating with laminar, turbulent, and transitional fluid flow (either gas-gas, liquid-liquid, or liquid-gas). He has also worked with many heat exchanger configurations, including shell and tube, compact, plate fin and tube, tube banks, crossflow stacks, enhanced fins, single and multipass, regenerators, and those for condensing, vaporizing, and waste heat recovery.

condensing heat exchanger


convection heat exchanger


economizer heat exchanger


gas-gas heat exchanger


gas-liquid heat exchanger


heat exchange condenser


heat exchanger


liquid-liquid heat exchanger


plate heat exchanger


regenerative heat exchanger


shell-and-tube heat exchanger

Expert has broad experience in the design and characterization of these devices. His expertise includes forced convection, natural convection, radiant heating, microwave, and the processes involving electric resistance heating and induction heating. He also has successfully dealt with issues such as temperature uniformity, fluid flow uniformity, heat flux uniformity, heat loss control, and transient and steady operation.

furnace design


heat flow




natural convection

Expert has participated in the design and execution of hundreds of heat transfer experiments, encompassing all modes of heat transfer. He is well-versed in experimental simulation development of highly-complex processes where heat transfer plays an imperative role, and has worked extensively with the identification of instrumentation needed to determine necessary results for design. In addition, he is an expert in analyzing and interpreting experimental data.

dynamic heat transfer


energy-efficient heating device


energy-efficient process heating system


heat transfer experimentation


heat transfer instrumentation

Expert is very knowledgeable in the heat transfer issues that occur in a variety of machining operations, including cutting and grinding, casting, extrusion and pultrusion, welding, laser cutting and shaping, and others. He is also experienced in the design of heat sources for extrusion and pultrusion equipment, as well as heat sinks for machining operations.

heat transfer fluid


high-temperature process heat transfer


machining heat transfer


manufacturing heat transfer

Expert is a world authority on radiation heat transfer problems, and is an expert in designing and analyzing systems and processes that involve radiant heating. He is experienced in the modeling of complex devices where radiation is either the dominant heat transfer mode or interacts strongly with other modes of heat transfer.

heat radiation

Expert is fully prepared to work on any heat transfer problem involving heat conduction, including both steady-state conduction and unsteady conduction. He also has considerable experience in modeling complex systems, including numerical and experimental simulations and the application of analytical methods.

enhanced convective heat transfer


heat conduction


thermal conductivity

Expert has worked on the design of various types of systems for the reduction of heat losses, and is familiar with the available insulations and the use of radiation shields. He has also been involved with thermal control systems that utilize latent heat for storing and withdrawing energy.

insulation material


radiation shield

Expert is exceptionally qualified to work on any problem involving convective heat transfer. He is proficient in laminar flow, transitional flow, turbulent flow, forced convection, mixed convection, and natural convection. He has also worked on hundreds of convection problems, including duct flows and external flows, and has encompassed analysis, numerical simulations, and experiments.

duct fluid flow


heat convection

Based upon 40 years of fundamental and applied research in heat transfer, Expert has accumulated a thorough understanding of all modes of heat transfer. He has published over 560 papers in the field, and has extensive experience in applying his knowledge base to "real world" problems.

heat transfer

Expert has performed dozens of experiments, analyses, and numerical simulations to determine the fluid flow and pressure drop characteristics in a broad variety of duct configurations. His work includes laminar, transitional, and turbulent flow.

turbulent flow


fluid flow

Expert has been actively involved with the development of thermal-based therapies to enhance human health and also with the development of devices to deliver these therapies. His activities have encompassed human thermo-regulation in general, hyperthermia, hypothermia, prevention and control of wounds caused by elevated pressures or temperatures, protocols for enhancement of wound healing, animal models, mathematical models of human and animal thermoregulation, non-invasive and invasive thermally-related instrumentation, diseases and disabilities related to impaired blood flow, among others. His experience also includes designing devices to create the needed microclimates and macroclimates to promote wound healing.

biological heat transfer

Expert has broad experience in the development of models of complex heat transfer processes. These models encompass analysis, numerical simulation, and experimental simulation. He specializes in problems where the needed information for modeling is not fully available, and has developed a method for identifying and separating the knowledge that is strictly necessary from that of lesser importance. He also strongly advocates the use of available software whenever possible.

heat transfer modeling


thermal transient

Expert has designed convective and/or radiant chambers and tunnels for processing polymers, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products. He has also worked with the design of furnace-like chambers for the heat treatment of metals.

heat treatment


thermal curing

Expert is experienced in using air as a coolant for electronic equipment, including forced convection, natural convection, and jet impingement. He has worked with liquid-cooled cold plates. In addition, he is well-versed in contact resistance and its control.

electronics cooling


microelectronics cooling

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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Minneapolis, Minnesota;  Saint Paul, Minnesota;  Rochester, Minnesota;  Burnsville, Minnesota;  Saint Cloud, Minnesota;  Eden Prairie, Minnesota;  Minnetonka, Minnesota;  and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Often requested
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Heat Transfer, Burns, Burn Injury, Scald Injury, Fluid...
Fluid Flow Systems/ Heat Transfer Equipment/ Porous Media...
Process Heat and Mass Transfer, Energy systems and...
Heat Transfer, Utilities, Energy

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1952   PhD   Mechanical Engineering   Harvard  
1949   MS   Mechanical Engineering   MIT  
1948   BS   Mechanical Engineering   MIT  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title  

1959 to


(Undisclosed University)


Professor of Mechanical Engineering


1986 to 1988


National Science Foundation




1968 to 1980


(Undisclosed University)


Chairman, Fluid Mechanics Program


Career Accomplishments:

Expert is member of ASME, Sigma Xi, and Pi Tau Sigma.

Professional Appointments

He was the Senior Editor for the Journal of Heat Transfer. Expert has been a member on a number of national committees, including the Solar Energy Panel, Committee on Energy R&D Goals, and Federal Council on Science and Technology.


He is the recipient of numerous awards including membership in the National Academy of Engineering, Federal Engineer of the Year (1988), and the Worcester Reed Warner Medal.

Publications and Patents Summary

He has published over 550 scientific papers.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert has been a consultant to many industrial organizations.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Vacuum insulation expert for consulting on vacuum insulation manufacturing alternatives.
  • Expert for consulting on Inductive heating consultation.
  • Expert for consulting on thermal processing.
  • Heat transfer expert for consulting on analysis of the heat transfer in a given design.
  • Expert heat exchangers for consulting on utilization of 2 large stainless steel tubes with aluminum spiral embedded fins at high air velocities.
  • Oven design expert for consulting on Toaster Oven.
  • Expert in electronics cooling for consulting on modifying a current handheld electronic product design.
  • Heat transfer expert for consulting on energy efficient cooling and heat transfer issues.
  • Expert in fans and air flow manifold design for consulting on how to dissipate heat inside solar panel.
  • Expert in steam oven design.
  • Expert for consulting on thin film heat transfer HVAC
  • Expert in Heat Exchanger for Organic Rankine Cycle.
  • Silo expert for consulting on Heat Transfer.
  • Expert in steam boiler design for consulting on preliminary calculations for a steam boiler.
  • Expert in economizer heat exchanger for consulting on heat recovery from oven stack.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Litigation expert.
  • Expert witness fluid transfer for consulting on Engineering safety for transfer of hot asphalt from tank to truck-.
  • Expert in intota for consulting on heat transfer and fluid mechanics specifically as it relates to vapor chamber heat pipes.
  • Expert in vacuum induction melting for consulting on history of accidents/explosive events in VIM industry.
  • Expert in inspection for validation of contractors work on two heat exchangers.
  • Expert in electrosurgical forceps for consulting on basic designs.
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Language Skills:
Foreign Language  

Additional Skills and Services:

Expert has lectured extensively throughout the world including China and the Soviet Union.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience locating vendors of: heat transfer instrumentation, temperature measurement devices, and heating devices.


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