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 Expert  713064

Expert in Ion Exchange Membrane Separation

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Texas (TX)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert is acclaimed world-wide as an expert in the application of electrodialysis (ED) to industrial separations. He has personal experience in ED for salt removal and acid recovery, and he developed and patented a process using bipolar membranes to make NaOH and HCl from NaCl. He is experienced in teaching the principles of ED and in assisting clients in determining its capabilities and limitations in their particular situations. He utilizes contacts with researchers, suppliers, and users of ED membranes and equipment around the world to keep abreast of the latest developments in ED technology. Expert uses electrodialysis to perform metathesis of both inorganic and organic salts.

Since electrodeionization (EDI) is a variant of electrodialysis, Expert is proficient in the area. He performed pioneering research on the use of EDI to regenerate ion-exchange resins, and he obtained a patent on the use of ion-exchange fibers in EDI.

Expert has worked as a researcher and consultant in the field of ion-exchange membranes and their applications. His familiarity with the manufacturing techniques and methods of measuring membrane properties allow him to make knowledgeable recommendations about which types of membranes are appropriate for particular applications. In addition, Expert is particularly knowledgeable about the success of ion-exchange membranes in Japan, and he is seeking to apply that success in the western world. Though his primary emphasis is in the application of ion-exchange membranes, he has also done research on gas separations. Additionally, he is familiar with reverse osmosis. Expert supervised research on an industrial application of bipolar membranes and obtained a patent on a process for splitting NaCl into HCl and NaOH for regenerating ion-exchange resins.

Expert has done considerable research in the applications of dialysis in industrial separations. His experience includes having conducted hemodialysis and Donnan dialysis. His work involves the use of ion-exchange membranes to recover acid or base from a mixture with salts. Additionally, Expert has a patent on base dialysis for separation of sodium hydroxide from sodium aluminate, and he has studied acid dialysis extensively, particularly the mathematical modeling of dialysis.

Expert was a pioneer in the research that led to the development of an electrodeionization process utilizing ion-exchange materials. In that process, ion-exchange materials were used to form conductive paths through highly deionized solutions so that they could be further deionized by electrodialysis. Expert has developed techniques for measuring electrical conductivities of ion-exchange materials and has characterized many such materials.

His desalination experience is primarily in the application of electrodialysis to reduce the salt level in brackish water. Expert has designed a novel spacer for solution distribution and tested it in the field.






electrolytic solution




ion-exchange membrane


ionic membrane


membrane process




ion-exchange material


conductivity measurement





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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: El Paso, Texas;  and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Often requested
with this expert:

Membrane Separation Processes, Water Purification, Waste...
Membrane Purification Processes, Separation Processes
Water and Wastewater Treatment, Nanofiber and Nanotube...
Wastewater Treatment

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1967   Ph.D.   Chemical Engineering   University of South Carolina  
1961   B.S.   Chemical Engineering   University of South Carolina  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2009 to


(Undisclosed University)


Center for Inland Desalination Systems




Expert leads research activities in desalination of groundwater. His particular interest is in the recovery of chemical from the concentrated solution that results from the desalination of water by reverse osmosis. Recoveing chemical allows the solution to be further processed to produce more purified water.

2001 to 2008




Chemical Engineering


Research Professor


Expert conducted research in seawater desalination, fuel cells, hydrogen production and storage, and supercritical carbon dioxide for cleaning and sterilization.

1989 to 2000







He served as an expert witness and provided consultation on ED and RO applications.

1984 to 1989


Graver Company


Graver Water Division


Director of Research and Development


Expert managed projects on ED, EDI, bipolar membranes, and filtration.

1978 to 1984


Exxon Research and Engineering Company


Corporate Research Lab


Senior Staff Engineer


He developed membrane processes for carbon dioxide separation from mixed gases, encapsulated hemoglobin for artificial blood, and studied reaction kinetics for hindered amine synthesis.

1967 to 1978


Southern Research Institute


Biomedical Engineering


Section Head


Expert developed and evaluated ED and EDI devices, and designed and tested an activated carbon artificial kidney.

Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of the AIChE and the North American Membrane Society.

Publications and Patents Summary

He holds 14 US patents and has published many technical papers. His patent titles include Apparatus to Compact Fabrics, Electrically Regenerated Ion Exchange Systems, Hemoperfusion Device for Specific Modification or Removal of Components of Whole Blood, Method for Producing a Rigid Shaped Mass Support System, Process for Preparing Artificial Red Cells, Adaptive Support System, Artificial Red Cells, Integrated Process for Deasphalting Heavy Oils using a Gaseous Antisolvent, Air/Water Distributor Underdrain, Use of Bipolar Membranes to Split Salt into Regenerants for Ion Exchanger, Recovery of Sodium Hydroxide and Aluminum Hydroxide from Etching Waste,Production of Purified Water and High Value Chemicals from Salt Water, and Water Desalination Process and Apparatus.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Handbook of Downstream Processing, Chapman & Hall  
 - Industrial Processing with Membranes  
 - Transactions of the Am. Soc. for Artificial Internal Organs  
 - Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology  
 - In M.C. Porter, ed. Handbook of Industrial Membrane Technology  

Consulting Services:
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in water treatment.
  • Electrolytic membrane separation expert for the removal of water and metals from a concentrated acid etching process.
  • Expert in IX membrane for consulting on manufacturing procedure and specifications for equipment.
  • Expert in resin ion exchange and off-flavor removal.
  • Expert to consult in nanoparticle isolation and purification,.
  • Expert for consulting on hypochlorous acid production
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your expert consulting needs.  Expert is available for consulting to corporate, legal and government clients.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert has served as expert witness on several patent infringement lawsuits.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Water desalination expert for consulting on desalination of Water.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding expert testimony, litigation consulting and support, forensic services, or any related expert witness services.  A few litigation needs include product liability, personal injury, economic loss, intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), and insurance matters.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
Japanese   Expert is learning to speak, read, and write Japanese. He is proficient in Karaoke. He reads with the aid of dictionary.
French   He reads French with the aid of dictionary.
German   Expert reads German with the aid of dictionary.
Spanish   He reads Spanish with the aid of dictionary.

Additional Skills and Services:

Expert is a regular lecturer on the subject of ED with the Center for Professional Advancement.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience in locating vendors of ion-exchange membranes and related equipment. He has personal contacts at the management level in most of the companies that supply membranes and processes.


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