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 Expert  711117

Expert in Alpha Olefins, Primary Alcohols, Lubricant Additives

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Texas (TX)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Having 10 years of experience with alpha olefins, Expert has a thorough understanding of all aspects of the product, including technology, process, manufacturing, economics, applications, and markets. Expert was intimately involved in process improvement, troubleshooting, operations, new process development, cost improvement, capacity expansion, business assessment, competitive technology, new downstream derivatives development, purchasing, marketing, and sales of an entire range of alpha olefin products. His experience includes working for a major alpha olefin producer; with an alpha olefin formulations, marketing, and distribution company; and with a downstream user of alpha olefins. Additionally, Expert supervised a process technology group responsible for technology, quality, safety, environmental improvement, and cost reduction for a large alpha olefin plant. He participated in the start-up and later the expansion of a large alpha olefin plant. Two process patents on the technology of alpha olefin manufacture have been granted to Expert.

Along with his experience in synthetic fatty alcohols, Expert has obtained considerable knowledge of the manufacture, quality issues, markets, and applications of hexyl alcohol. As a process technology group manager for the unit manufacturing of hexyl alcohol (among other fatty alcohol products), Expert was responsible for a project to increase the flexibility in production rates of the hexyl alcohol relative to co-manufactured products as well as to improve its quality and purity. More recently, he helped develop a different, more cost-effective route to on-purpose production of hexyl alcohol. As a result of his work in these projects, Expert gained a solid understanding of the markets and quality requirements for hexyl alcohol.

During his work in the development, formulation, marketing, and sales of a number of products for drilling mud and completion fluid companies, Expert gained a thorough knowledge of chemicals used in the oil field. Specific products with which he is familiar include synthetic and refined drilling mud base fluid, glycol carrier fluids, shale stabilizers, surfactants, and bromine-based completion fluids. Expert led the development and commercialization of the first large-scale PolyAlphaOlefin (PAO) base fluid for a synthetic mud program. As the performance and cost pressure moved the market to a number of other synthetic basestocks, Expert participated in the development, testing, marketing, and sales of alpha olefins, internal olefins, and blends. He helped develop technology for the manufacture of a unique branched olefin base fluid with remarkable low temperature characteristics. Other studies in the area included one on suitable synthetic mud basestock availability from petrochemical manufacturers and another on supply/demand balance of the currently used basestocks.


alpha olefin


alpha olefin processing






chemical processing


ethylene oligomerization



Expert's extensive understanding of synthetic lubricant technology, manufacturing, application, and markets was gained through his work in PolyAlphaOlefins (PAO), polyol esters, and dibasic esters. He led a process technology group engaged in process improvement, capacity expansion, and cost reduction of a PAO plant. He aided in applications development and testing of commercially manufactured synthetic lubricant basestocks including PAO and esters. Additionally, Expert led several successful efforts to develop novel synthetic lubricants, including a major project involving market research, technology development, plant design, and commercialization of a new highly stable PAO-based synthetic lubricant for automotive and industrial applications. He participated in a research effort to identify and develop a novel polyol ester lubricant, and he helped identify cost-effective sources of short-chain synthetic acids worldwide for polyol ester basestock manufacturing. In his studies, Expert compared the performance and application cost characteristics of synthetic lubricants with highly refined mineral oils, and he has obtained an excellent appreciation of the processes, economics, and applications of the VHVI and UHVI basestocks. He presented a paper entitled "Isoparaffins:

Expert has extensive knowledge of the technology, manufacture, process, and economics of synthetic fatty alcohols via a fifteen-year involvement with the product. While working for a major manufacturer of fatty alcohols, Expert gained expertise in process improvement, troubleshooting, operations, new process development, cost improvement, and business assessments. He supervised a process technology group responsible for technology, quality, safety, environmental improvement, and cost reduction. He received a patent for a major improvement of the alcohol plant process technology. Synthesis vs. Refining" at the Spring '96 AIChE meeting in New Orleans.

Expert has had 15 years of experience with the manufacture, properties, applications and markets of synthetic primary linear alcohols, of which 1-decanol is one. Expert has had approximately 7 years of experience in studying the oleochemical route to 1-decanol. The synthetic and the oleo route to 1-decanol are the only two commercially significant routes to 1-decanol.

Along with his experience in synthetic fatty alcohols, Expert has obtained considerable knowledge of the manufacture, quality issues, markets, and applications of 1-octanol. As a process technology group manager for the unit manufacturing of 1-octanol (among other fatty alcohol products), Expert was responsible for all phases of technology involving 1-octanol.


synthetic liquid lubricant


fatty alcohol





Expert has had a distinguished career as a chemical engineer. After graduating third in his class, Expert quickly rose on the technical ladder with Ethyl Corporation, becoming the youngest Manager, R&D in the corporate history. Innovation in solving technical problems, troubleshooting and creative design solutions has helped Expert become one of the best chemical engineers in the company. After leaving Albemarle Corporation, Expert improved his economic and business grasp of the discipline, but continued the practice by inventing a new process for production of Linear Internal Olefins.

In his career with Ethyl and Albemarle Corporations, Expert was called upon to perform facility evaluation a number of times. In his subsequent consulting practice, Expert was involved in a number of large projects involving facility evaluation, where he was the top technical expert.

As a young engineer with about four years of experience, Expert was given a project to investigate the possibility of making a specific internal olefin molecule via metathesis. Expert concluded at the time that the project would not be justified, but the technology is so flexible and elegant, that he has continued working on it for the last eleven years, studying all possible applications and all aspects of the technology.

Expert has studied the oxo process as a method for derivatizing alpha and internal olefins to aldehydes, and subsequent conversion of aldehydes to carboxylic acids or alcohols. The process is an important one in the alpha olefin downstream derivatives. Expert has spent 4 or 5 years studying the process and how the feedstock affects it.


chemical engineering


chemical plant design


chemical plant start-up


chemical process


chemical process design


chemical process equipment designing


petrochemical process plant designing


chemical manufacturing facility evaluation


chemical process economics


olefin metathesis


oxo process

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Houston, Texas;  Pasadena, Texas;  Beaumont, Texas;  College Station, Texas;  Baytown, Texas;  Sugar Land, Texas;  Port Arthur, Texas;  Galveston, Texas;  and Missouri City, Texas.

Often requested
with this expert:

Chemical Process Engineering
Synthetic Lubricant Business from Oleo and Petrochemical...
Petroleum Production Engineer
Olefin Polyolefins Catalysis

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1995   partial MBA   Business Management   Louisiana State University  
  Partial MS   Chemical Engineering   University of Houston  
1986   BS   Chemical Engineering   University of Houston  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2010 to




Management & Financial Consulting


Managing Patner


Responsible for: Practice Development, Engagement Management, Strategy, Systems & Financial Consulting

2008 to 2009


Intercontinental Bank Plc


Group Chief Executive's Office


Executive Assistant (Chief of Staff)


Board Paper Review, Performance Review of Subsidiaries, Performance Management of Divisions

2005 to 2007


Intercontinental Bank Plc


Strategy & Business Development


Head of Strategy & Business Development


Strategy, Capital Structure, Capitalization Drive, Financial Modeling, Project Management and Business Development

1999 to 2005


Equity Bank of Nigeria Plc


Strategic Planning & TQM


Head of Strategy & TQM


Strategy, Performance Management, Quality Management

1992 to 1994


Fidelity Union Merchant Ltd (now Fidelity Bank Plc)


Financial Control


Head of Financial Control


Financial Control, Regulatory Compliance, Performance Management

1989 to 1991


Coopers & Lyrand (now Price Waterhouse Coopers)


Business Services Group


Assistant Manager


Audit, Consulting and Business Surpport (SME)

1996 to 1999


BPS Technologies Ltd


Finance & Adminstration


Assistant General Manager, Finance & Administration


Business Systems, Training, Consulting & SME's

1994 to 1996


Ivory Merchant Bank Plc


Financial Control & Strategic Planning


Head of Financial Control & Strategic Planning


Financial Controller, Balance Sheet Restructuring, Regulatory Compliance, and Strategy

Career Accomplishments:

Expert holds memberships in AIChE and the Commercial Development Association.


Expert was awarded 10 certificates of recognition from Albemarle Corporation for developing new product ideas.

Publications and Patents Summary

Expert has filed for 20 patents and was granted 11 patents in the areas of olefin oligomerization, Fischer-Tropsch crude upgrading and metathesis of olefins. He also wrote 6 publications.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - AIChE  
 - US/Russia Chamber of Commerce Newsletter  
 - Colin A. Houston and Associates  
 - Informex  
 - Colin A. Houston and Associates Alpha-Olefins Newsletter  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert performed process technology assessment, product cost analysis and developed retrofit options for a fatty alcohol plant in Asia.
  • He led an engineering team in a plant and technology assessment effort as a part of a due diligence study. This was conducted on two natural fatty alcohol plants and an ethoxylate plant in Southeast Asia and a specialty oleochemical plant in Germany.
  • Expert invented new technology for production of linear internal olefins. This was used to manufacture polymer additives, surfactants, lubricants and lubricant additives. He coordinated the technology development program with a sponsor. He also performed 1st and 2nd Stage market research and process evaluation studies for the technology.
  • Expert completed a performance comparison study for high-reactive and conventional polyisobutylenes (PIB). The applications studied included lubricant and fuel additives, synthetic lubricant basestocks, detergent intermediates, specialty chemicals and solvents. The project also included a comparative study of capital and production costs.
  • Expert completed a number of smaller technology and application studies on specialty and fine chemicals, fluorinated polymers, pharmaceutical intermediates, paper sizing chemicals, aluminum extrusions, organo-sulfide intermediates and ester lubricant basestocks.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in fuel additive for olefins for consulting on Olefins fuel applications.
  • Expert in olefins for lubricants for consulting on renewable olefins,oleochemicals, esters, other chemicals for lubs, oilfield chemicals,personal care markets.
  • Expert in polyalphaolefin lubricant manufacturing processes for consulting on Polyalphaolefin manufacturing processes.
  • Polyalphaolefins expert for consulting on polyalphaolefins.
  • Esters expert for consulting on olefins, alcohols, esters.
  • Expert for consulting on global markets for alkylated phenols.
  • Expert in alpha olefins markets for consulting on novel alpha olefins and derivatives.
  • Expert in polyalpha olefins applications for consulting on alpha olefines, fatty alcohols, and liquid lubricants.
  • Expert in olefin to alcohol technology for consulting on isoparaffins and ester lubricants.
  • Expert in silicates for consulting on Euclid.
  • Lubricant additive expert for consulting on lubricant additives.
  • Expert in fuel additive chemistry for brainstorming on design of new fuel additives or surfactants.
  • Expert in oilfield services for consulting on client needs.
  • Understanding costs associated with converting to an esterification process
  • Expert in Finished Fluids Approvals.
  • Expert for consulting on Polyol Ester (POE) Based Refrigerant Lubricants Business.
  • Houston based completion fluid expert for consulting on Completion fluid.
  • Expert in polyalphaolefin pricing for consulting on PAO.
  • Corrosion expert for consulting on corrosion inhibitor additiives for steel lubricants.
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Expert Witness:
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
to   Russia/Ukraine   Expert's work in Russia and the Ukraine includes technology transfer, petrochemical sourcing, and performance chemical market development in the areas of alpha olefins, fatty alcohols, lubricant and fuel additives, lubricans and chemicals.
1997 to 1999   Venezuela/Colombia   Expert was involved in sourcing chemicals and basestocks in Venezuela and in developing markets for lubricants, lubricant additives, and alpha olefins in Venezuela and Colombia.
1997 to 1999   Germany/Italy   Expert completed a number of projects on polymers and polymer applications while working with manufacturers.
2000 to 2000   China/South East Asia   Expert has worked on two different projects involving assessment, evaluation and improvements of natural and synthetic alcohol plants and other oleochemical facilities.
1997 to 1998   Japan   Expert participated in applications research projects in Japan and developed markets for the Japanese alpha olefins in the United States.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
Russian   Russian is Expert's first language.
Spanish   His knowledge of Spanish is sufficient to carry on a business conversation.
Armenian   Armenian is Expert's second language. Due to lack of use, his skills in this language are declining.

Market Research:
He is intimately familiar with alpha-olefins and derivatives industries. He is also knowledgeable in the marketing and sales of lubricants and lubricant additives internationally.

Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your marketing research, industry research, and company research needs.  For research needs involving multiple experts or secondary research, a Research Director can be assigned to coordinate the work into a custom report for you as a potentially quicker and more cost effective alternative to doing this work yourself or hiring a boutique consultancy.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Additional Skills and Services:

Expert has provided seminars on project management as it applies to the new product development process. His seminars include; "Isoparaffins: Synthesis vs. Refining" for AIChE, and "Russian Business Culture" for Biznis.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has vast experience in selecting vendors in the alpha-olefins, primary alcohols, lubricant and lubricant additive industries, hygienic films, specialty chemicals and toll manufacturers.


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