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 Expert  107630

Expert in Adhesives, Sealants, and Coatings

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Connecticut (CT)
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Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
ADHESIVE MATERIAL; SEALANT; COATING PROCESS. Expert spent 17 years in technical work at Loctite Corp., a leader in specialty adhesives. As Chief Engineer - Europe, he spent seven years in product development, technical service, packaging and dispensing equipment. He has spent the last eight years as an independent consultant for adhesives, sealants, and coatings including in-depth market research in conformal coating, elastomeric sealants, electronic adhesives, and application engineering of how to select and use commercially available adhesives for electronics. He has experience evaluating products for all aspects of electronics, electrical, and medical disposal of specialty chemicals.

ADHESIVE SELECTION; HOT-MELT ADHESIVE. Expert is generally knowledgeable of all types of adhesives, such as anaerobic, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, acrylics, hot melts, silicones, and methacrylates. He has a complete file and data bank on mil specs for adhesives, sealants, and coatings, including information on suppliers and general test requirements.

ULTRAVIOLET-CURABLE ADHESIVE. In the area of UV-curable adhesives and sealants, he has in-depth knowledge about the types, formulators, suppliers, and necessary curing equipment.

ELECTRICAL ADHESIVES; ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE. He has extensive hands-on experience in using adhesives, sealants, and coatings in the electronics industry. He is experienced in the areas of printed circuit board assembly, conformal coating, and surface mount technology adhesives. He has been involved in the development of thermally conductive and electrically conductive adhesives for use in the electrical, electronic, and instrumentation markets.

ELASTOMERIC SEALANT. Expert has first-hand test knowledge about butyl, silicone, urethane, acrylic, latex, solvent-based, and water borne sealants for interior and exterior use.

DISPENSING EQUIPMENT; DISPENSING DEVICE. He is knowledgeable of all types and brands of dispensing equipment, including meter-mix, vacuum encapsulation, syringe, and electropneumatic.


adhesive material


adhesive selection




dispensing device


dispensing equipment


elastomeric sealant


electrical adhesive


electrically conductive adhesive


hot-melt adhesive




ultraviolet-curable adhesive

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York;  Yonkers, New York;  Boston, Massachusetts;  Worcester, Massachusetts;  Springfield, Massachusetts;  Newark, New Jersey;  Jersey City, New Jersey;  Paterson, New Jersey;  Bridgeport, Connecticut;  and Providence, Rhode Island.

Often requested
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Adhesives and Sealants
Selection of Structural Adhesives for Plastics, Metals, &...
Industrial and Consumer Adhesive and Sealant Technologies
Adhesive Consulting, Formulating, & Research in Structural,...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1982   MBA   Marketing   University of Hartford  
1969   MSME   Materials Design   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  
1960   BSME   Mechanical Design   Stevens Institute  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title  

1986 to




Independent Consultant


1969 to 1986


Loctite Corporation


Electronics Division


General Manager


1966 to 1969


Stanley Works



Manager, Value Engineering


Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of the Adhesion Society and a past member of ASME, ASTM, and SME.


Expert is a Registered Professional Engineer.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Adhesives and Sealants, ASM International  
 - Circuits Manufacturing  
 - Computer/Electronic Service News  

Consulting Services:
Recent Client Requests:
  • Adhesives expert for consulting on finalize adhesive selection and process for fixing plastics to metal in an external industrial environment where corrosion is the key problem.
  • Conformal coat expert for improvement on masking, spraying and touching up a high mix conformal coat process 1B73.
  • Chemistry metal bonding expert for consulting on adhesion on metal of ink.
  • Expert in adhesives for consulting on technological improvements.
  • Expert for consulting on Bonding of components using cyanoacrylate.
  • Conformal coating expert needed for consulting on conformal coating PCB's to surviving at -55degc.
  • Expert for consulting on UV light exposure and damage to chemical coatings of clients products with emphasis on testing.
  • Expert for consulting on PUR hot melt production/formulation.
  • Expert for consulting on Alternative to elotex.
  • Silk screen process expert for consulting on printing with UV cured adhesives.
  • Conformal coating expert in Los Angeles for consulting on conformal coating equipment and process.
  • Expert in label adhesive for consulting on label adhesion to HDPE bottles holding high solvent oils.
  • Expert in adhesives and sealants for consulting on leading applications for adhesives and sealants.
  • Corrosion inhibitor expert for consulting on corrosion inhibitor validity.
  • Adhesives expert for consulting on adhesive for polyolefin/polyethylene film with Velcro backing.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Paint coating expert for consulting on BE sealants Premoflex textured coating.
  • Expert in Cyanoacrylate Safety.
  • Adhesives expert for consulting on potential that adhesives were once placed on an ATV.
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Additional Skills and Services:
Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience locating vendors of adhesives, conformal coatings, sealants, dispensing equipment, curing equipment, cleaning methods, field repair procedures. He has access to directories, and contacts and personal knowledge.


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