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 Expert  711338

Expert in Microwave and Combination Oven Development, Food Heating Technology and Oven Calibration Services

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United Kingdom
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert has been completely involved with microwave (MW) appliance cooking technology since 1969. He has expertise in developing gas and electrical combination microwave ovens and cookers, for consumer, foodservice, vended hot-food, and bakery equipment applications. He has developed microwave ovens having hot-air, steam, and halogen grill facilities, and specializes in providing experienced microwave oven design and development (in-house) assistance.

A considerable part of Expert's activities includes work carried out on international standards. As a member of the British Standards Institute, he has served as a liaison on IEC and CENELEC oven safety and heating performance issues. This in turn is incorporated into European (EC) Directives. Expert can be of great help to non-European firms who wish to understand the requirements. During the past five to six years, Expert has been a key member of the UK Microwave Working Group, developing the food and oven performance rating scheme. He was rewarded for his accomplishments by an invitation to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace (The UK rating scheme was introduced).

Expert has developed a patented low-cost method for distributing microwave energy in a conventional cooking cavity. This invention is not a microwave combination oven; there are no hot or cold spots in the cavity. With this new technology, all foods can be cooked evenly using conventional recipes, utensils, and metal containers on all shelf levels simultaneously. The high-quality cooked (baked or roasted) food result that is usually achieved in an oven is achieved in a fraction (25%-50%) of the time with Expert's invention. The concept is suitable for use with all types of gas and electric consumer cookers and ranges, plus supermarket and catering bake-off ovens, combi-steamers and deck ovens. It can also be adapted for tumble dryer applications.

Much of Expert's experience is called upon by food and food packaging organizations in order to assist them in nearly all aspects of microwave technology. He has been involved with advanced microwave "active" packaging systems leading to improved food heating performance. He is also an advisor on microwave affairs to the Aluminum Foil Container Manufacturers Association (AFCMA) and BRC (the British Retail Consortium). Expert regularly speaks on microwave food and food packaging technology subjects at the Leatherhead Food Research Association and PIRA (Packaging Industry Research Association). Their seminars are well-attended, drawing delegates from several European countries.


microwave oven development


European microwave oven standard


British standard


British Standards Institution


microwave oven heating performance


microwave cooking


microwave oven


microwave heating device


convenience food development


microwave convenience food heating performance

As more Europeans move towards a "grilled food," healthier diet, much of Expert's new work revolves around hot-air and halogen microwave combination appliances. The method of distributing microwave energy into an oven cavity has changed little since the product was first introduced during the 1960s, and in many ways this has hindered the growth of more cost effective combined energy appliances. Having recognized this limitation, Expert set about developing a microwave launch system that is not dependent on cumbersome and costly mode stirrer and turn table devices, making full use of the cavity's dimensions, overall space, and microwave components used. The result is a totally controlled, simple-to-apply energy launch system that can be used for all types of commercial catering and bakery systems, as well as consumer microwave cooking appliances. The system is especially useful for multi-shelved gas and electrical combination ovens. Expert's system can be used to supply two (oven or grill) cavities within the same appliances, using the same microwave components, thus improving efficiency and feature content for very little extra cost. The system (which can be expanded to produce higher microwave power) can also be used to replace more costly out-of-date methods or be integrated within existing appliances to improve their cooking performance. Expert is currently able to offer licenses on this new technology and provide development assistance where required.

Expert's experience has been used for several years in the development of microwave systems for heating cook-chill and sous-vide prepared foods. Other activities he has been a part of involve extending the shelf-life of food products. He has been instrumental in assisting the industry to accept metal containers for microwave heating use, and now accepted by the majority of microwave oven manufacturers.

As a technically knowledgeable member of the Microwave Association (UK) and IMPI (US), Expert's technical publications in recent years have been aimed at educating the microwave food industry. He has numerous publications and presentations to his credit, and is well known by major food and supermarket chains. He organized the program for the Microwave Association Annual Conferences.

Expert's extensive microwave appliance experience is coupled with long-term use of switch mode and inverter power (magnetron) suppliers. These devices have incorporated various sensor systems, including fuzzy logic and bar-code controls concepts. During development of the microwave breakthrough technology, it was found that with some redevelopment to accommodate a circular cavity, it was possible to incorporate the new launch system into spark-free tumble drier appliance applications.


combination oven development


microwavable food product


technical writing


clothes drier

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1971   Diploma of Management Studies   Management Studies   Polytechnic of London  
1959   National Certificate - Electrical   Electrical   SW Essex Polytechnic College  
1955   Indentured Electrical Engineering Apprentice   Electrical Engineering   UK Electrical Utilities  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title  

1983 to


(Expert's Firm)



Managing Director - Principal Consultant


1972 to 1983


Litton Microwave Cooking Products




Technical Manager Europe


1969 to 1972


Philips Electrical (now Whirlpool)


Major Appliances / Microwave Ovens


Technical Commercial Engineer


1966 to 1970


London Electricity Board


Training Division


Electrical Appliance Instructor


1962 to 1966


Hotpoint Limited


Appliance Service Engineering


Appliance Engineer / Field Trainer


Career Accomplishments:

British Standards Society, Member Chartered Institute of Management, consulting Member of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Microwave Technical Policy Committee.


UK National Britannia "SAFEcontractor" Accreditation for Microwave Oven Performance Calibration; Gas and Electrical Thermal Oven Calibration; Microwave Appliance Development activities.

Professional Appointments

Expert was the appointed chairman of the U.K. Microwave Association from 1989-1991 and joint chairman during 1994 to 1995, and currently as Technical Officer.


He received two awards from Litton for his contributions in establishing and developing their consumer and catering microwave oven activities throughout Europe. In July 1992, industry recognition was awarded for his work in microwave oven performance and UK / EU food heating performance harmonization.

Publications and Patents Summary

In addition to the motorsport tyre heating system, Expert has been responsible for for introducing a number of microwave patent applications now all assigned. Expert has numerous trade magazine publications and industry hand-book publications to his credit.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Appliance Magazine  
 - Ready Meals Info  
 - The Home Economist  
 - International Food Marketing and Technology)  
 - The Independent Electrical Retailer  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • From 1995-1997, Expert was a key member of the team that introduced the revolutionary Stoves ACS cooker (Accelerated Cooking System) which cooks food using conventional means and low-level microwave, in a fraction of the normal conventional cooking time. Unlike microwave ovens, there are no metal usage restrictions with this system. This development work was continued during 2002-2006 leading to the recent introduction of the Stoves GENUS build-in range of domestic cookers.
  • Energy Consultant (5 years) for Trust House Forte Little Chef, Happy Eater and Travel Lodge divisions, making recommendations for the introduction of new systems for energy cost conservations and specific tariff advantages, leading up to the utilities privatization.
  • Consultant to a UK waste recycling company (1994/1996) reporting microwave pyrolysis tyre and medical waste recycling activities in Canada, with respect to the impact of existing UK Patent registrations and new business opportunities.
  • Principal microwave applications engineer for introduction of energy-saving no limitation new microwave technology, suitable for multiple metal shelf food service combination-steamer-microwaves, baking & bake-off convection ovens, advanced gas and electrical consumer ovens, and microwave tumble drier applications. System is currently in the marketplace, being used by leading international bakery and catering food service equipment manufacturers.
  • Principal microwave applications engineer for microwave oven developments suitable medical / pathological evaluation purposes, such as the FISH (Fluorescent in situ Hybridisation) system.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Built in oven expert for consulting on design & development of a for household with microwave and steam technology.
  • Expert in microwave oven design for consulting on design cost for combination microwave hot air fast cook oven.
  • Expert for consulting on plastic packaging.
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Expert Witness:
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1972 to 1983   Europe and the Middle East   Expert, Technical Manager, Litton Microwave Cooking Products, was responsible for Litton's international technical business management is these regions.
1983 to   Europe, Eastern Europe the USA and Far East   Expert, Managing Director, GAMA Microwave Technology Ltd., is responsible for GAMA's international business activities in the designated regions.

Market Research:
Successful international technical management background with practical experience of managing all facets of consumer and commercial cooking appliance development, manufacture, individual country International Approvals and after sales servicing requirements in a dynamic growth marketplace.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Expert has been a participant in IMPI symposia and International conferences. He regularly provides short courses on microwave heating technology for the UK food (supermarket) retailing and ready meal manufacturing and supply industries.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience locating vendors of consumer and commercial food service microwave ovens and components, and international microwave oven standards, approvals, and agencies. He has access to print materials, brochures, personal contacts, and European directive and standards.

Other Skills and Services

Joint inventor of a high frequency method (microwave, radio frequency and infra-red) mobile tyre heating system, for heating the tyre on the rim at motorsport and motorcycle GP events. System suitable for 'heat scrubbing' traction improvements.


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