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 Expert  721498

Expert in EPDM Elastomer, Chemistry and Technology

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

New Jersey (NJ)
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Expert has applied his background in chemistry and rubber science to the development of butyl rubber compounds and their use in non-tire, automotive rubber parts. He has developed and optimized butyl and halobutyl rubber formulations to meet ASTM D2000/SAE J200 specifications for hoses, mounts, exhaust hangers, seals, and diaphragms. He is knowledgeable of the development formulations for specific performance properties, Banbury mixing, and processing of these compounds to include calendering and extrusion.

butyl rubber

Expert is familiar with a broad range of elastomers. In addition to butyl and EPDM, he has experience with SBR, NBR, polychloroprene, their vulcanization chemistry, and compounding for specific performance levels, including abrasion resistance, fuel, oil, and other chemical resistance, oxidation, and ozone resistance. He is knowledgeable of the methods of curing various types of elastomers and the cure systems required for this purpose. He has developed and taught courses in basic elastomer technology.





rubber product

Expert has been involved in developing elastomer compounds for hose and tube applications, cellular products such as sponge sealing, and calendered goods such as EPDM roof sheeting. His involvement has included designing the compound, evaluating the performance properties, re-optimizing the formulation, and fabricating prototypes. For example, he has conducted factory evaluations of the compound and tracked the field tests.

elastomer application


EPDM roof

Elastomer compounding is an area where Expert is extremely proficient. He is experienced with using carbon black as a reinforcing filler for rubber and knowledgeable of the influence of particle size and structure properties of the filler. For non-black compounds, Expert is conversant with silica, clay, talc, whiting, and their reinforcement capacity relative to carbon black. From his chemical background, he has combined silane chemistry with mineral fillers to improve modulus, abrasion resistance, and other properties of non-black rubber compounds. He is well versed on vulcanization chemistry, using either sulfur/rubber accelerators, peroxides, or metal oxide cure systems. He has compounded for heat and ozone resistance, using anti-oxidant and anti-ozone types of age resistors.

elastomer compounding


elastomer formulation

Having worked with Banbury and other shear intensive mixing machinery from lab- to factory-scales, Expert has gained expertise with rubber mixers from a practical point-of-view. He is familiar with fill factors for proper sizing of a batch as well as mixing cycles to maximize dispersion of compounding ingredients. He is knowledgeable of rubber extrusion, primarily with cold-feed extruders, dual tandem extrusions, cross-head extruders, and working with lab- and pilot-scale equipment. He has also been involved with calendering and injection molding processes. He is experienced with various modes of curing rubber, including compression and injection molding, steam autoclave, microwave, hot air oven, and Ballotini (fluid bed).

elastomer processing


rubber processing

Expert has expertise with the physical and environmental properties of elastomer compounds and the interpretation of their significance. He is knowledgeable of the approaches to bring about changes and improvements in the properties of a compound to increase performance. He has developed testing procedures to measure specific properties when standard testing is not useful or available.

elastomer property


rubber physical property

Expert has extensive experience with the classification of elastomers based on their performance limitations. ASTM D2000 classifies elastomers by heat and oil resistance. Expert has taught seminars on this system to help people understand and interpret elastomer properties, specifications, and performance features.

elastomer selection

In an area of primary expertise, Expert has become an international expert on compounding ethylene-propylene rubber. He has an in-depth understanding of the influence of Mooney viscosity or molecular weight of the polymer, its molecular weight distribution, ethylene content, and other factors affecting the processability and mechanical properties of the compound. He has recommended the development of new or improved E-P polymers based on market and application demands and the lack of performance with existing products. Expert is also knowledgeable of the influence of the non-conjugated diene on cure performance of a rubber compound. He is familiar with the various dienes used in EPDM and the benefits and limitations of the dienes presently used in commercial grades. Much of his compounding expertise was obtained with ethylene-propylene terpolymers.

ethylene-propylene rubber


ethylene-propylene terpolymer



Expert has a strong background in hose manufacturing operations, the polymers, compounds, and synthetic yarns that are used in the construction of the hose. He was intimately involved in developing EPDM materials for automotive coolant hose to meet the evolving demands for heat and electrochemical resistance and low temperature sealability.. He holds two patents on hose compositions with improved mechanical properties and adhesion to polyester yarn reinforcement. He is proficient with other chemical and compounding techniques to maximize the adhesion of the rubber compound to the hose reinforcement.

rubber hose



With expertise in compounding approaches that effect the durometer of a specific rubber compound, Expert has extensive experience with instruments that measure hardness of rubber compounds. He has worked with Shore A, Shore D, Shore O for sponge, and the Zwick hardness tester. He understands how the selection of carbon black as a filler has profound effects on the hardness properties of a compound.

rubber durometer


rubber hardness


rubber hardness testing

Expert is experienced with the effects of deformation, vibration, temperature, and environmental factors on the long term performance of rubber. He has studied compounding approaches to negate these effects.

rubber fatigue

Expert is knowledgeable of the tensile strength properties of rubber compounds. He is familiar with the stress-strain properties of vulcanized rubber and its significance on the ultimate performance of the compound. He understands the influence of strain amplification on elastomers containing fillers, the affect of temperature on stress-strain properties, and how the type of cross-linking system dictates the final tensile properties of rubber.

rubber tensile strength

Experienced with rubber testing procedures (including ASTM standards), Expert's expertise encompasses testing rubber for processability such as Mooney viscosity and scorch, oscillating disk rheometer, extrusion lab testing, green strength measurements, and cured property performance such as tensile and tear strength, compression set and load deflection, low-temperature flexibility, and environmental aging. He has developed test procedures when standards were not available.

rubber testing

Expert has expertise with EPDM blends using nitrile, polycholorprene, and SBR elastomers in compounds to gain performance advantages. This often requires knowledge of the individual elastomers, their compounding and cure system factors, vulcanization characteristics, and modifications required for maximum performance. He has a strong background with the type of EPDM polymer that can be used, the chemical modifications of the polymers in the blend, and the use of compatabilizers.

elastomer blend

Expert has broad experience in rubber and elastomer training programs. He has organized and taught many seminars and workshops and has lectured nationally and internationally on ethylene-propylene elastomer technology.

elastomer training

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York;  Yonkers, New York;  Newark, New Jersey;  Jersey City, New Jersey;  Paterson, New Jersey;  Elizabeth, New Jersey;  Bridgeport, Connecticut;  Stamford, Connecticut;  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;  and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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Applied Rubber Technology, Design of Experiments, and...
Rubber Compounding, Compression,Vaccuum and...
Rubber, Polymeric Materials, Design, Testing, Production...
Polyolefins & Elastomers Process Technology, Polyethylene...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1956   BS   Chemistry   Rutgers University  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1994 to


(Undisclosed Consulting Company)





Expert provides consultation service in rubber science and technology in new product development, educational training, and forensic investigation and deposition in civil litigation.

1966 to 1993


Exxon Chemical Company


Polymers Group


Research Associate


His major activities included EPDM elastomer product and applications R&D, marketing, technical service from the lab through the plant evaluation and field service.

1962 to 1966


Thiokol Chemical Corporation


Chemistry Department


Senior Research Chemist


Rubber and thermoplastic material research for aerospace applications.

1959 to 1962


Uniroyal Chemical Company


Synthetic Rubber R & D


Research Chemist


Application research for ablative insulation materials.

Career Accomplishments:

Expert has been a member of the American Chemical Society since 1954 and its Rubber Division since 1962. He was active in Society of Automotive Engineers (1978-2005) and was a member of the Coolant Hose Technical Committee.

Professional Appointments

As a past Chairman of the Rubber Division Educational Committee of the American Chemical Society, Expert coordinated the educational programs for approximately 4500 members. He was also the co-Chair of the Workshop on Engineering Design of Elastomers in 1989.


Expert won the Best Paper Award for original contribution at the Rubber Division of ACS Meeting in 1991.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting  
 - Automotive Polymers and Design  
 - Rubber Chemistry and Technology  
 - SAE Paper  
 - The Rubber Division American Chemical Society (ACS)  

Consulting Services:
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in Rubber Seal Issue.
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  • EPDM expert for consulting on EPDM compound markets, applications and cost evaluation.
  • Rubber epoxy expert for consulting on development of a flame retardant rubber compound.
  • Expert for consulting on soybean derivatives in rubber compounds.
  • Extrusion expert for consulting on manufacturing process optimization & consistency.
  • Water filtration expert for consulting on new product development.
  • Expert in santoprene for consulting on design of purified water bladder seperating two compartments.
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  • Expert for consulting on Elastomeric materials for use in diaphragm pump
  • Expert in Pneumatic Diaphrag Failure.
  • Expert in Sealed Elastomeric Consumer Device.
  • Expert in epdm rubber consutant for consulting on extruding epdm with low elongation high modulus.
  • Expert in EPDM Elastomer for consulting on EPDM Gasket Selection for Pharma Packaging.
  • Expert in adhesives for consulting on butyl rubber soles onto polyurethane midsoles.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert has been involved in forensic investigation of rubber products and processes in connection with civil litigation. He has given depositions for actions pending in state and provincial (Canada) courts. He also had informational discussion with DoJ attorney in a federal court action.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Epdm expert needed for consulting on Sunroof drain valve (EPDM).
  • Expert witness in tire wear for consulting on litigation involving car accident blamed on worn tires which skidded on wet roadway.
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Market Research:
A large part of his work was in the area of marketing technical service. In this connection his responsibilities included tailoring elastomer and application technologies in response to emerging industry market trends for greater performance and longer service life. He has interacted with individuals involved in sales, technical, design and engineering, and manufacturing functions of an organization.

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Additional Skills and Services:

He has developed and conducted seminars and training on EPDM and other elastomer materials. Topics typically include fundamental properties and attributes of rubber, compounding rubber for specific applications, processing, and testing. Courses vary from basic knowledge of elastomer technology to in-depth presentation of the chemistry and technology of EPDM for individuals active in the field of rubber science.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience locating vendors of ethylene-propylene elastomers and other rubbers, rubber chemicals and compounding ingredients, and rubber machinery. Certified testing laboratories are used in conjunction with his consulting work when appropriate..


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