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 Expert  719942

Expert in Plastics, Insulation, Roofing, Quality Systems and Tools, ISO 9000

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Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert is currently an active correspondent on committees C-16: Thermal Insulation, and D-8: Roofing, and has participated at times on E-5. He is familiar with the ASTM procedures, and has championed several specifications, including ASTM-C1126 rigid cellular phenolic insulation. He also has made contributions to standards on roofing materials and inspection practices.

American Society for Testing and Materials

As subcontractor, Expert participated in the certification of ISO 9001 and 9002 of two chemical manufacturing facilities.

He upgraded quality management systems to ISO 9001, 9002 and QS 9001 requirements at a testing laboratory, a conector manufacturer and an electronic assembly manufacturer.


ISO 9001


ISO 9002


industry standard

Expert contributed to the modification of the manufacturing process of phenolic foams for wall and roof thermal insulation. From experiments in papers cups, to continuous pilot mixers, to double belt pressure conveyors with several laydown configurations, he has a thorough understanding of many controlling parameters. Skins of different materials and configurations, cutting patterns, and perforations were used to improve dimensional responses, adhesion, and resistance to crushing.

cellular plastic


cellular solid mechanical property

Expert is familiar with many electrostatic dissipative packaging materials that provide ESD protection to printed circuit board assemblies against involuntary electrostatic discharge damage. Specifically, he is familiar with recycled transparent PVC sheets for thermoforming and with clam-shells and trays made by thermoforming from such sheets.

electrostatic protective package

Expert has participated in the design and application monitoring of built-up roofs over phenolic foam, wood fiberboard, fiberglass, adhered or mechanically fastened to steel or concrete roof decks, covered with or without vapor retarders. He has used both asphalt coated paper and aluminum/paper laminate retarders effectively. As membrane, he has used built-up roofing made of cellulosic felt, basesheets coated on one side, and fiberglass or polyester mat reinforced SBS, APP, or EPDM-modified bituminous sheets. He also has seen numerous extruded polystyrene insulated protected membrane roofs, and has inspected roofs covered with reinforced PVC and EPDM rubber membranes. Expert is familiar with roofing and waterproofing materials used on flat roofs and in the construction of some wall systems. He participated in training roofers in the application of modified bituminous membranes on roofs. He also has participated in the specification and verification of the performance of systems containing fasteners, adhesives, vapor retarders, thermal insulation, cellulosic and fiberglass felt, and SBS and EPDM modified bituminous sheets and roofing granules. The performance of materials in roof and wall systems is determined by the material properties, local environmental conditions, system design, application method, and a multitude of stresses in the system. Expert has a solid understanding of the properties of typical materials, and the stresses that can develop within the system before, during the application, and during the lifetime of the system. Large-scale accelerated roof and wall system tests allowed him to predict long-term performance based on accelerated simulation of the stresses.

roofing material


roofing membrane

Expert developed methods for measuring dimensional changes in composite materials exposed to hygrothermal and chemical stresses, and methods for measuring the effects of those changes in complex roofing systems exposed to heating, cooling, wet, and dry cycles. Special methods were used to control the manufacturing process by measuring the effects of residual stresses on dimensions. He used Hall sensors to continuously plot the displacement in specimens.

dimensional measurement

Expert facilitated the upgrading of the quality management system of a testing laboratory to meet the requirements of ISO 17025 and continue its certified status for third party testing. Several aspects of the quality system and quality procedures were modified in the process. In a different context Expert participated as technical adviser in the accreditation assessment by the Standards Council of Canada of two testing laboratories, using both guide ISO 25 and standard ISO 17025 as reference.

laboratory accreditation

Expert has participated in the development of phenolic foam insulation laminated between a variety of skins, including creped kraft paper, cellulosic roofing felt, single-faced corrugated paper, combinations with fiberglass mat and aluminum foil. He developed a segmented product with hinged connections that allowed for stress reduction and improved shape conformance. Hygrothermal dimensional stability, heat losses at edges, fire resistance, biological degradation, and corrosion were some of the problems he has faced in the production of commercial laminates. He developed quality plans, facilitated interdepartmental failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) of the product and the manufacturing process, verified and validated the product performance and adjusted the quality control methods to the specific nature of the products and the manufacturing process.

thermal insulation foam

Expert has tested many of the mechanical, chemical, electrical, and thermal properties of plastic material, as well as some of the processing characteristics of most commodity plastics, and some of the engineering materials, including polycarbonates and nylons. Also responsible for the coordination of the processability evaluation of polycarbonates, he compared materials from different sources in injection molding, extrusion, blow-molding, and cast film applications.

polymer testing


plastic material property


plastic chemical property

Sometimes certain areas of roofs suffer localized damage. It is possible to detect and control the spread of the defects to the surrounding areas. Careful inspection of the roof surface and test cuts, the experience from hundreds of simulated accelerated aging tests, and the monitoring of the performance of many roofs allows Expert to identify and delimit areas of roofs that can be repaired without having to replace the entire roof surface. His group has also developed repair methods for specific types of roof defects that have been proven to be effective for many years after the application.

roof reconditioning

Expert inspected roofs at the expiration of system guarantees to determine the cause of problems and suggest repair methods and maintenance programs. Special techniques permit him to determine the approximate contribution of several factors to the problem evolution. He performs large-scale moisture content mapping with a non-contact dielectric instrument, and is familiar with the methods of application of most commercial and industrial roofing materials and the critical success factors in good applications.

roof inspection

Expert is mostly familiar with open and closed cell phenolic foams that he modified in paper cups, on semicontinuous pilot lines, and on a continuous double-belt machine. He has compared them with other commercial insulations, including polyurethanes, polyisocyanurates, polystyrene, perlite, and mineral fiber boards. He is proficient in bat insulation from his attempts in the development of phenolic fiber insulation. In addition, he has constantly evaluated mechanical, thermal, aging, moisture and fire resistance properties in his laboratories.

thermal insulation material


low-temperature insulation


thermal insulation product

Most construction and industrial insulation materials become parts of rather complex systems. Frequently, other components of the system and the mode of the assembly of the system change the behavior of the insulation. A good understanding of these effects gives a multitude of opportunities to technical people. Often these interactions interfere with the intended application. Some of the insulation materials Expert developed were in fact also composite laminates of 3-6 components combined for optimal performance. Currently, he seeks funding to complete the development of a vacuumed thermal insulating system.

thermal insulation system

Expert has effectively used a capacitance sensor to measure moisture distribution over areas of roofs. It is a highly-effective, low-cost method for finding localized defects. Wet bulb thermometers were used in his laboratory to measure relative humidities in controlled humidity chambers. Humidities were controlled either with known salt solutions or with automatic steam injection.

moisture sensor

Expert is familiar with materials, construction systems, application practices, testing procedures, ASTM standards and alternative technologies to built-up roofs. He has developed several insulation materials for built-up roofs, large scale simulation testing devices for the more important modes of failure, and test methods for the evaluation of roof systems in use on buildings.

built-up roof

Expert has actively participated in the writing of Canadian and ASTM standards for thermal insulation and roofing materials. He is a voting member in the ASTM Committees C-16 on Thermal Insulation and D-8 on Roofing and Waterproofing. His knowledge in these domains was built up by many years of development and technical service related to phenolic foams, roof and wall thermal insulation and rubber modified reinforced roofing sheets. Product and manufacturing process development, performance testing, competitive comparisons, application testing and durability evaluations provided solid knowledge used in this work.

materials standard

Expert worked more than 10 years on developing, testing, introducing in production and helping introduce on the market several configurations and compositions of rigid and semi-flexible phenolic foam composites. This work was associated with the development of performance standards acceptable to users and associated with satisfactory application and durability criteria.

rigid insulation

In order to ensure the performance of the roofing materials developed or introduced on the market, Expert had to develop a good understanding of the accepted methods of building roof systems and the conditions of application, material selection, environment, code requirements and accepted standards that influence the performance of the entire system. Based on this understanding he could be effective in developing new products, assuring adequate application methods, develop durability tests for long term predictions, and find means for the assesment of the quality of the roof system applied on a building.





EPDM roof


ISO 17025

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1983   MBA   Business Administration   Concordia University - Montreal  
1962   MSc   Organic Chemistry   Bucharest University  
1960     Chemistry   Humboldt University - Berlin  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1990 to







Expert is a self-employed consultant in ISO and QS 9000 quality systems upgrading, and quality audits. He provides technical advice on materials, products and systems.

1997 to 1998


EDS Primetech Cablages


Quality Assurance


QA Manager


He was responsible for all aspects of quality in ISO 9002-registered cable assembly company.

1974 to 1990


BPCO (formerly ESSO Building Products )




Final Position: Construction Materials and System Consultant


His responsibilities included: product and process development, technical service, quality assurance, management of development group, interaction with other departments, and standards developments.

1969 to 1973


Nestlé / Industria Lechera Friedmann



Production Manager


He supervised 50 workers, scheduled production, and responsible for QC, maintenance, logistics, and supplier relations.

1962 to 1969


ICECHIM - Bucharest


Plastics Processing


Chemist and Laboratory Supervisor


Expert managed mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical testing laboratories. He developed test methods and formulations. He tested most plastic materials, some types of rubbers, and many processing methods.

Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a senior member of the American Society for Quality (publicity chair Montreal section), American Chemical Society, ASTM, and the Quebec Order of Professional Chemists. He was formerly member of the ESD Association and SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers).


The American Society for Quality has given Expert the Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) designation.

Publications and Patents Summary

He has five publications and five patents (composite phenolic foam thermal insulation materials).

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Materiale Plastice  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2000 to   Standards Council of Canada   Technical Advisor   Expert has assisted with the accreditation of testing laboratories to ISO 25 guide and ISO 17025 standards.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert conducted internal quality audits to ISO 9002 at C-MAC subsidiary assembling printed circuit boards for the electronic industry.
  • He upgraded quality manuals to ISO and QS 9000 standards at CONEC Elektronische Bauteile.
  • He performed vendor quality system audits on behalf of Howmet, dealing with paint, coating, and electrocoating shops processing aluminum parts.
  • He upgraded a quality manual for FORINTEK Eastern Laboratory towards accreditation by SCC for third party testing.
  • He evaluated the feasibility of producing colored products from recycled rubber.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert fluoropolymers for consulting on Extruded Polystyrene.
  • Expert for consulting on Need - ISO 17025 Internal Auditor.
  • Perlite expert for consulting on Perlite based products project in Morocco.
  • Expert in zirconium-based oxygen sensor for consulting on design and performance optimization.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Insulation expert for consulting on Flexfoil insulation.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2000 to   U.S.A.   Expert performed vendor audits on behalf of Howmet.
1996 to 1998   Germany   He consulted on the upgrading of a quality system to ISO and QS 9000 standards.
1969 to 1973   Ecuador   He was a production manager, responsible also for maintenance, quality, logistics, and supplier relations in a milk processing factory in Cayambe.
1962 to 1969   Bucharest - Romania   He was a chemist at ICECHIM. He developed test methods, managed laboratories, and supervised technicians.
1957 to 1960   Germany   He had student summer jobs in the Piesteritz chemical complex and in a Wittenberg calcium carbide factory.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
Spanish   Expert is fluent after working five years in Ecuador. Also, his wife is originally from Ecuador.
French   Expert considers himself fluent in French. He completed internal auditing at C-MAC in French.
Romanian   He was schooled completely in Romanian.
German, Hungarian   Hungarian is Expert's native language. He studied chemistry in Germany for three years.

Market Research:
He assisted the ESSO Building Products marketing department in assembling marketing material on new products developed.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Expert delivered ISO 9000 seminars in French and English, and a TQM seminar in German. This included training for internal quality auditors.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

He found a supplier of a water-repellent coating for paper surfaced composite material.

Other Skills and Services

He can assist with literature translation, abstracting (has been voluntary abstractor over 10 years for Chemical Abstracts) and perform literature and internet searches.

When quality management systems are insufficient to achieve the desired results, the behavior of people involved can be influenced by a series of human factor assessments, training and coaching. He has over 15 years of experience and is expert in some assessments.


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