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 Expert  108228

Expert in Soldering Technology, Printed Circuit Boards, Intermetallic Compounds and Military Standard-2000

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Alabama (AL)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert's career has provided him with the opportunity to see and be a part of the growth of the electronics industry from vacuum tubes and terminals to transistors and printed wiring boards. His early working life was spent as lead laboratory engineer for Dr. Werner Von Braun, conducting necessary tests to determine the strengths and weaknesses of electrical terminations and the development of methods and techniques for making them. These tests helped him understand and prove requirements prior to implementing them via the NASA and Military specifications.

electronic assembled device surface contaminant


printed circuit board soldering




solder behavior


solderability testing




soldering application


microelectronic soldering


electronic hardware soldering

The testing of parts and boards is paramount in establishing a zero defect assembly line. Expert played a major role in the development of solderability test documents and requirements. Expert owns and operates an analysis laboratory that specializes in failure analysis, solderability testing and training.



solder training

Expert played a major role in the advancement of the solder machine and offered the first zero defect training program on the subject. Expert is called around the world to solve wave (flow) solder problems. He can analyze problems and establish corrective measures rapidly. He believes that defects should be understood before touchup. Expert believes in exact and correct pre-heat and dwell time during wave soldering. Most problems arise from the mismanagement of these two factors.

flow soldering

Expert is an expert at lead forming and board stuffing to tough requirements.

electronic packaging


printed-wiring board assembly process

Expert is an expert in wetting and de-wetting as they relate to solderability issues. He notes that when one forms a solder joint to parts being joined then they have achieved wetting. When one performs a solderability test, they measure the time to wet, and solderability is the ability of solder to wet to a lead or PCB in a selected time frame with a specific flux with a set temperature. To achieve wetting one will form an intermetallic bond, which forms naturally as one achieves wetting.





solder wetting

Intermetallics formed during wetting and sometimes storage at high temperature can cause solderability problems. Expert has performed studies and research projects on this subject.

intermetallic compound

The proper flux and its condition is an important part of the solder process and Expert is very knowledgeable of this subject.

soldering flux


fluxless soldering


fluxless solder

Expert worked with the United States Government for 30 years and held positions as director soldering tech. for the Navy, Army, and NASA Expert devised and managed the MIL-STD-2000 specification program. He also developed and implemented WS-6536D Since Expert wrote most of the defense solder standards and specifications. He is adept at helping clients understand and meet these requirements by laying out clean-up or corrective action plans. He was the originator of all government soldering specifications and training programs. He also formulated a detailed plan for Navy's EMPF. Since leaving the employment of the government he established and presided over STI Electronics Inc, which continues to be a very successful organization with his son David E. Expert now the sole owner.

military standard-2000

For 38 years Expert has played the key role in government as well as industry organizations on the subject of conductor jointing. Expert is recognized throughout the world for his expertise in the subject. Expert travels throughout the world conducting seminars and training programs on the subject.

conductor jointing

Expert has developed equipment and procedures as well as conducted training and problem resolutions on the subject.

dip soldering

Expert began working with low-temperature solder on early NASA programs in 1963 and continues to work with them in special applications today.

low-temperature solder

Expert is thoroughly knowledgeable in the use of resistance soldering for local heat application. He has developed equipment, methods, and techniques in this subject.

resistance soldering

Expert has served as a consultant to some of the world's highest-volume production lines on this subject.

Jim, in establishing STI operates 2 complete smt lines, using inline AOI equipment for control


surface-mount soldering

Expert has undertaken various test programs to understand and resolve gold embrittlement occurring during a solder operation.

gold embrittlement

Expert enjoys and is skilled in working with ball grid array (BGA) packages, and feels they are perhaps the simplest SMT package to work with. He is an expert in knowing the amount of paste to be used, and proper part placement. He is also knowledgeable in cases where it is necessary to remove and replace a BGA, including rework of the placement area.

ball grid array package

Expert notes that component lead solderability must be established early and when it is determined that the leads are solderable, then they must be protected against oxide growth and/or deterioration. Expert can assist in these areas.

component lead solderability

Expert notes that heat sinks are used to dissipate and otherwise manage heat. Expert is knowledgeable regarding heat sinks.

heat sink

Expert notes that bare bard technology is constantly changing. His company performs oversight of board shops and tests boards for their clients. Many board shops are also their clients.

printed circuit board

Expert notes that most printed circuit boards use some type of connector, or plug into a connector. Connectors are in many cases complicated and complex in their installation. Expert has experience with most types of connectors.

printed circuit board connector

This subject is discussed by many people the world over, and there are many knowledgeable people that fully understand the subject, but Expert brought the subject to the top of the game

soldering technology

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Nashville, Tennessee;  Chattanooga, Tennessee;  Murfreesboro, Tennessee;  Birmingham, Alabama;  Huntsville, Alabama;  and Decatur, Alabama.

Often requested
with this expert:

Surface Mount Technology
Surface Mount Solders
Printed Wiring Board Assembly
Electronics Reliability and Testing, Electronics Packaging...

Subject   Institution  
Mechanical Engineering (major in Metallurgy)   University of Nebraska, Auburn University, Cal Poly  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1982 to





Technical Director


Expert is responsible for the company's analytical lab equipment and staff, as well as advanced technology development, new and emerging technologies and materials. He is knowledgeable of wetting balance testing, lead (Pb)-free alloys, profiles, applications, process development, and online consultation.

1975 to 1984


Navy, China Lake



Head, Solder Technology


He was head of the soldering technology laboratory and the electronic manufacturing contractor activities. He worked with specifications and information exchange with industry (contractors). He worked in the failure analysis lab and did advanced manufacturing technical research.

1960 to 1975


NASA, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center


Quality & Reliability


Soldering Technologist


Expert's responsibilities were soldering specification and requirements development, solder schools and requirements training. He coordinated efforts with contractors during the Saturn/Apollo program.

1958 to 1960


Army Ballistic Missile Agency



Lab Technician


He worked on testing solder alloys, fluxes, and materials involved with the new and developing electronics industry for the upcoming Saturn/Apollo program.

Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of IPC, AWS, and SMTA.


He is a licensed Professional Engineer in California. (retired)

Professional Appointments

Expert is a Calhoun College technical program advisor.


He is an IPC charter member and received the President's Award. Received Presidents honor/award Calhoun College 2006

Publications and Patents Summary

Expert has 26 patents, all in solder machines and related equipment. He has written papers on fluxes, and lead (Pb)-free alloys and their use.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - NWC  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
1952 to 1956   U.S. Navy   Sailor   Expert was an electronics technician and worked with radar.
1958 to 1959   ABMA   Lab (Electronic) Technician   He tested solder alloy strengths, and worked on specification development, contract requirement development, and understanding materials and processes to be used in electronics manufacturing.
1960 to 1975   NASA   Engineering Technician   Expert studied solder alloys, fluxes, and materials to be used in electronics manufacturing during the Saturn/Apollo program. He performed wetting balance testing, SIR testing, QPL development, specification development, and training program development.
1975 to 1984   U.S. Navy, China Lake   Head, Soldering Technology Lab   He established a soldering technology program for the Navy and eventually the DOD. He developed specifications and standards dealing with materials and methods for electronics manufacturing. He exercised oversight of all Navy electronics contractors.

Consulting Services:
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in PCB Assembly / IC Failure.
  • SMT voids and fractures expert needed for consultation regarding root cause identification of SMT voids and fractures .
  • Soldering expert for consulting on solderability of gold leads after long term storage.
  • Expert in PCB's
  • Wave solder expert for consulting on icicle prevention in wave flow solder tinning process.
  • Expert in forensic solder reliability to consult on sychip RF module to multi-layer PCB.
  • Wave solder expert for consulting on solder quality investigation.
  • Expert in lead tinning for consulting on root cause and eliminate the occurrence of excess solder build up.
  • Gold soldering expert for consulting on gold embrittlement.
  • Expert in solder joint analysis for evaluation of several failed solder joints on a test printed circuit board.
  • Expert in component assembly guidelines for consulting on footprint, assembly and cleaning guidelines for SMT.
  • Expert in hot bar soldering for consulting on good process for electrical components.
  • Expert in PCBs for consulting on recommending some areas of focus for solder process improvement.
  • Expert in Solder joint issue on electronic device.
  • Laser soldering expert for consulting on designs and process for selective laser soldering applications and appropriate testing.
  • Refractory metal expert for consulting on refractory metal issues.
  • Soldering expert for consulting on wave soldering of electronic thru hole components.
  • Expert to set-up a business in advertising on LED banners.
  • Expert for consulting on Die attach of Bipolar Transistor using AuSn versus AuSi.
  • Expert in soldering analysis for consulting on soldering process validation.
  • Expert in IST coupon correlation, PWB reliability issues (dewetting, ionic contamination, electro-chemical migration).
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Expert Witness:
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1985 to 1988   Japan   In May of 1985 and in the following two years, Expert visited Osaka and Tokyo giving two-day technical seminars using up to four interpreters; attendance varied from 60 in the first seminar to 750 in the last one. He provided consultation after each seminar and was called back to Japan several times since as a consultant on materials and processes for electronics manufacturing.
1986 to 1995   Singapore   He provided technical seminars in large forums six each year for four years and built a very large following of clients for whom he provided consultation and problem resolution in-house and in his company's lab.
1986 to 1991   Israel   Expert gave technical seminars and consultations two times per year through 1991 when he stopped due to a heart attack. He still has many clients for whom his lab continues to respond.
1988 to 1994   Thialand   He gave technical seminars and provided consultation for several clients.
1981 to 1990   Australia   Expert gave technical seminars and consultations. The consultations continue with the lab on a regular basis.

Market Research:
Expert's latest patent came in Jan 2007, for embedding active and passive components, as well as bare die into laminate materials, which reduces the footprint of a circuit board and increases the reliability, the electronics circuits has been flight tested in Navy missiles, and has survived over 20kg of shock/vibration.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Expert developed the early NASA Soldering Program and the Navy (China Lake) Solder Program. He started the NASA and Navy soldering schools. He was responsible for the assembly and soldering of various contractor assembly quality, including surface mount as well as wave solder

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has experience locating vendors of: wave solder/IR reflood/cleaning; new and used hand tools; solder irons; S.M.T. and through-hole hands-on training; training instruction services and materials. His resources include printed materials, contacts, and a fully approved, equipped, and staffed laboratory.

Other Skills and Services

Expert initiated a Zero Defect Program for wave soldering. He developed the original plan for the Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility (EMPF), and CCAPS.

Expert notes that a total understanding of the electronic assembly and manufacturing has been cultivated over the past 50 years and his company is in a position to help others with the installation of a lean line concept. They have the ability to simulate and run a simulation program on a line to determine potential bottlenecks before they can happen.


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