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Expert in Plastics Recycling and Life Cycle Analysis

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Tennessee (TN)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert has been involved with PET bottle resin since leading the Eastman Chemical commercialization team on the product (Eastman then the world's largest producer of PET bottle resins). He is well acquainted with all the commercial PET bottle formulations and effects of various modifying copolymers. He is also familiar with regulatory issues of introducing new polyester copolymers. In addition, he is familiar with the processing characteristics of polyester copolymers. Expert can help clients understand the economics of making and using PET and other polyesters.

Expert is the editor of the plastics recycling trade association effort to codify "design for recyclability and recycling" for plastic bottles. He is also expert in design for recyclability characteristics for plastic durable goods.

Expert is an expert on designing, developing, manufacturing, and recycling PET and PET copolymers. He has designed copolymers and produced polymer in continuous production facilities. He has designed, helped construct, and operated continuous PET melt and solid stating facilities. He is extremely knowledgeable in PET recycling, both mechanically and chemically. He can assist clients in understanding the economics of making and using polyesters. Expert can also aid in the evaluation of new technologies, assessing the economics, technical feasibility, and environmental stewardship and consequences. With a solid patent generation background, he can help refine ideas and better understand the value of interesting opportunities. He can also advise on business and technical case studies.

Expert is thoroughly knowledgeable in the selection of plastic materials for packaging. His primary emphasis is for polyesters and copolyesters, but he can advise on polyolefin as well. He is an expert on packaging material life cycle assessments (LCAs), choosing the right material to achieve the minimal environmental effect. He can help clients assess and interpret LCA studies on packaging materials in single use and in multiple or refill use. In addition, Expert can help clients deal with recycling and environmental impact issues management. He can assist in evaluating and crafting messages about the environmental consequences of your packaging choices.

Expert has expertise in PET bottle packaging, including thermoformed and molded polyester. He is very knowledgeable of life cycle assessments of plastic packaging, both disposable and reusable. He can assist with plastic bottle questions of material selection, applications, regulatory issues, processing, and recycling. He can also advise on plastic packaging waste disposal issues.

Expert is very knowledgeable of thermoplastic polymer recycling, particularly for post-consumer packaging but also for durable goods. He can answer questions about mechanical, thermal, and chemical recycling. He can also advise on the life cycle analysis implications of polymer recycling.

Expert is an expert on the business and technical and regulatory questions about recycling post-consumer plastics. His specific specialty is polyester post-consumer recycling, but also includes polyethylene, polypropylene, and engineering resins used for durables. He is the technical director of the leading plastic recycling trade association. He can answer both technical and economic questions.


bottle resin


design for recyclability


plastic waste disposal


recyclable packaging material


polyethylene terephthalate


packaging material selection


life cycle assessment


plastic packaging material


polymer recycling


post consumer plastic recycling

Expert has expertise in the curbside collection of post-consumer household recyclables, including both technical and economic expertise which has been used in the USA and Europe. He can be of particular assistance on issues of post-consumer plastics, but can also help on issues of steel, aluminum, glass, and paper. He can provide insight, guidance, and advice on the entire post-consumer recycling chain from collection through processing to new use. He is skilled in issues of plastics post-consumer material use in food packaging, particularly for polyesters.

Expert can help clients understand the costs and uses of post-consumer recycled resins, particularly HDPE and PET packaging. He can advise on the life cycle analysis implications for the use of post-consumer recycled resins. He can help in dealing with FDA issues in the re-use of recycled plastics. He can also guide clients in the use of recycled resins either as generics or as comingled plastics.

Expert can help clients be sure that their plastic can be recycled, and can help them to select, monitor, qualify, specify, and use recycled plastic. His primary area of expertise is with polyesters, but he also has experience with polyolefin and engineering resins. He has worked on ASTM committees and can help clients get the performance they need from recycled plastics. He can provide feasibility and assessment services, with technical feasibility studies and economic modeling to allow clients to more fully understand the opportunities plastic recycling offers.


post consumer recycling


post-consumer recycled resin


recycled plastic

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Knoxville, Tennessee;  Johnson City, Tennessee;  and Asheville, North Carolina.

Often requested
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Injection Molding Design/ Process Specialist; Plastic...
Blow Molding, Product Development, Training, Bottles,...
Blow Molding, Plastic Bottles, and Packaging
Uses of Polymers, plastics, silver and other metals. EPA...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1971   MS   Material Science   University of Cincinnati   Sigma Xi
1969   BChE   Chemical Engineering   University of Delaware   Tau Beta Pi, High Honors
1969   BA   Mathematics   University of Delaware   Phi Beta Kappa

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1999 to







He provides consulting advisement on plastics environmental stewardship including recycling and recyclability, life cycle analyses and resource conservation, recycled content in food packaging, technology assessments, and feasibility studies.

1987 to 1999


Eastman Chemical Company


Plastics Technology and Recycling




He managed recycling issues for the largest PET packaging polymer maker in the world, including recycled content, recyclability, and economical recycling processing. He developed advanced processing technology to economically recycle used PET bottles back into food contact. He responded to PET resource conservation and hazard issues with technically sound, data-supported answers. Expert conducted business and technology assessments and developed value capture methods for both U.S. and world possibilities. He developed expertise in all aspects of post-consumer plastics recycling and in solid waste management including economic modelling of collection of municipal recyclables. He was a speaker at many U.S. and international conferences on stewardship issues. He edited an ACS book section on recycling. He developed life cycle analysis methodology. And he guided appropriate responses in the U.S. and in Europe on regulatory and legislative issues of PET packaging.

1983 to 1987


Eastman Kodak Company



Senior Staff Assistant


At Kodak Expert modelled suppliers' costs to maximize value in purchasing. He predicted raw material prices including crude oil and natural gas. He prepared speeches for senior management. He managed the compilation of a $300 million dollar capital program and conducted economic studies on new technology.

1980 to 1983


Eastman Kodak Company



Senior Scientist


He developed new chemical processing technology for the production of PET polymer. He authored 10 USA patents. He developed new technology in electrochemistry and near infrared fluorescers.

1978 to 1980


Eastman Chemical Company



Production Supervisor


At Eastman Chemical, Expert was a production supervisor of the then largest PET packaging polymer plant in the U.S., with 34 subordinates. He helped to increas production without quality loss. He started up plants and produced new products.

1975 to 1978


Eastman Kodak Company



Development Group Leader


He developed technology to make the PET bottle polymer, developed the PET polymer product, and was the commerciallization team leader for what is now a $1.5 billon PET bottle polymer business.

1973 to 1975


Eastman Kodak Company



Development Engineer


He supervised polyester pilot plant operations, and led two commercialization teams.

1969 to 1973


General Electric Company



Materials Engineer


He specified materials, conducted failure analyses, and predicted materials design properties for jet engine manufacturing.

Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of AIChE, ACS, SPE, ASM, and APR.


He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Tennessee.

Professional Appointments

He is the Technical Director for the Association of Post-Consumer Plastics Recyclers.


He has received the Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, and Phi Beta Kappa awards.

Publications and Patents Summary

Expert holds 15 U.S. patents with one pending. He is published in Modern Plastics Encyclopedia 1999. He authored a chapter and edited a section in an ACS book. He authored a chapter in Modern Polyesters. He also authored numerious articles in Resource Recycling magazine.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Modern Plastics  
 - American Chemical Society (ACS)  
 - Resource Recycling Magazine  
 - Wiley Series in Polymer Science, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
1995 to 1999   FDA   Consortium Member   Expert was a member of the National Center for Food Safety and Technology's Packaging Work Group.
1992 to 1992   U.S. EPA   Proposal Reviewer   He reviewed academic grant proposals for technical merit, feasibility, and economic impact.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert was retained by the Association of Post-Consumer Plastic Recyclers as technical director. He directed the technical program of the association, coordinate technical forum for members.
  • He prepared economic models for plastic production and processing and for cost of plastic bottles.
  • He evaluated plastics processing technology for technical capability and economic feasibility.
  • He advised on packaging product design to enhance recyclability.
  • Expert prepared a life-cycle assessment to show the superiority of a package with regard to total energy consumption.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Plastic waste expert for consulting regarding the economics of waste plastic disposal.
  • Expert for consulting on Recycled Value of e-scrap.
  • Expert for consulting on economics for establishing a PE Film recycling plant.
  • Expert in post consumer PET bottle recycling to assist with due dillegence and feasbility.
  • Expert in PET Recycling.
  • Expert in HDPE for consulting on used agricultural film recycling.
  • Expert in life cycle analysis for consulting on the impacts of a microwave-based disposable plastic container food preparation process to traditional ceramic dishware.
  • Life Cycle Assessment expert for consulting on advantages of OPP versus paper.
  • Expert in PET bottle making to consult on transition from the purchase of PVC bottles to in house production of PET bottles. .
  • Expert for consulting on PET/ PETg
  • Expert in PET recycling for consulting on PET process.
  • Plastic recycling expert for consulting on PE foam recycling.
  • PET plastic engineer specialist for consulting on creating the cheapest, most efficient still and sparkling beverage package on the planet.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1992 to 1999   Europe   Expert worked with various recycling groups and trade associations throughout Europe including APME, ERRA, PETCORE, and INCPEN. He aided the city of Leeds and the French Ecoemballage organization in determining costs of municipal collection of household recyclables.
1987 to 1991   Japan   He went on three trips to evaluate the economic and technical aspects of investment possibilities.
1989 to 1990   Saudi Arabia   He evaluated the economic and technical aspects of a large-scale capital investment possibility.
1991 to 1991   Indonesia   He evaluated the economic and technical aspects of a large- scale capital investment possibility.
1993 to 1993   Romania   He evaluated the economic and technical aspects of an existing technology for possible purchase.

Market Research:
He led two successful commercialization/introduction teams for new polyester products.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Expert has assembled and presented 1-3 hour sessions on polyester, recycling, and life cycle analysis to various audiences.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

He participated in the evaluation of all aspects of PET processing and recycling equipment.


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