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Expert in General Management; Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, IT, Manufacturing, Strategic Planning

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Wyoming (WY)
Education Work History Consulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert has extensive hands on experience in all aspects of accounting. He has established activity based cost systems and selected and implemented various accounting software applications, such as Peachtree and Oracle ERP. He has set up numerous budget systems ranging from top down to bottom up to zero based, including facility construction budgets and the associated monitoring systems. He has initiated facility analysis, which resulted in over $1.5 million in yearly savings by facility consolidation and production relocation. He developed an inventory analysis, using customer service level and sales, and coupled it with an inventory control system that highlighted and controlled inventory and reduced excesses. $8 million in supporting costs and $23 million in sales became $6 million in supporting costs and $42 million in sales. He instituted an ABC system that directly resulted in a 3%+ gross profit margin increase and 5%+ operating profit increase in the first year. He has established and recruited for many companies' accounting departments, including some with multiple locations.



accounting system

Expert has practical experience working with management to develop a business strategy and then working with all functional areas to implement that strategy. He has performed a profit turnaround from a significant 1st quarter loss to a 3rd quarter record profit and year end profit, by unifying management, setting goals, resolving manufacturing and marketing problems and reorganizing the corporate structure. He has in-depth knowledge in the evaluation and selection of Enterprise Resource Planning computer systems, ASK (Computer Solutions), Oracle, IBM and others. He has orchestrated telecommunications systems, which cost effectively links multiple facilities with video conferencing, voice and data links. He has pro-actively supervised the establishment of a comprehensive human resources department incorporating EEO policies and compliance, safety programs, stock purchase plans, a 401(k) plan, health and welfare plans, and recruiting, while insuring their cost effectiveness. He increased gross profit margins from 20% to 45% in one company by establishing a corporate profit contribution policy and working with the essential function areas to achieve the increases. Expert has over 25 years of hands on experience in the areas of accounting, finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, law, human resources and information systems.

business management

Expert has evaluated a multi-plant division acquisition where he restructured the business process, which resulted in a reduction in facilities and saved over $1 million in lease costs; the elimination of over 50+ personnel and reassignment of other personnel; and moved the company from a negative cash flow position to a positive one, within four months after acquisition. He has established unified and interdependent communications, for more effective and predictable pursuit of corporate objectives, between the following previously autonomous functional areas: manufacturing, engineering, quality control, and marketing. He has streamlined the order process and flow, increased accuracy, and reduced the order to invoice cycle, personnel, paperwork, files and time to process. Expert's analysis of one company's repair function resulted in the restructuring of the internal information flow to incorporate engineering and quality control. As a result, they provided faster production cycle product improvements and eliminated the need to open six remote repair facilities as previously planned. He also worked with one company to analyze their corporate structure, re-assign functions and personnel, redesign work flows and evaluate business lines for more cost effective results.

business process re-engineering


business process management

He has developed and installed complete standard cost systems from scratch, including setting up data collection and processing systems to provide the input and analytical tools to go with them. He has designed and implemented comprehensive budget systems from top down and zero based bottom up. One such program resulted in tighter financial controls and reduced operating expenses by over $800,000 in one quarter alone. Expert has also established engineering project controls, including cost estimation, budgeting, staffing allocation, scheduling, reporting, review and managing. He has instituted manufacturing cost controls including labor, scrap, rework, machine hours, process, materials, consumables, etc. resulting in better control, reduced costs and increased productivity. He has developed, for numerous companies, detailed product profitability reporting processes. They have resulted in company, divisional, product line and individual product profitability control incorporating all related costs, from allocations to the lowest level of direct.

cost control

Expert has helped numerous start up companies and companies wishing to change direction or enter new fields. He has experience in all business aspects including strategic planning, facility selection and start-up, manufacturing start up and control, redesign issues, product and otherwise. In addition, he has been involved in accounting system selection and set-up and computer and/or manual systems development and selection, including enterprise resource planning. He has experience with government registration process for medical devices, UL and other regulatory agency issues, patent and trademark issues, licensing issues, and other legal issues. Expert also has worked with financing and banking relations, human resource functions, project establishment and control, sales force development and strategy and marketing planning issues.


Expert has been instrumental in providing critical acquisition analysis and selection criteria to numerous companies, which helps their decision making process. He has arranged and negotiated numerous bank lines of credit on behalf of various companies. He moved several companies from secured, above prime rates to unsecured, below prime rate lines of credit with higher limits. He has designed and implemented a cash requirements system for a three plant operation resulting in minimizing cash on hand in banks, borrowing and interest costs. He has assisted several companies with "going public" support including; S-1 input, SR, S-8, 10-Q, 10-K, proxy, quarterly and annual report development and printing, annual meetings, investor relations functions, etc. Expert has also assisted several companies in developing strategic plans at corporate and divisional levels. The plans help the businesses ascertain what business they think they are in, what business they are really in, and how to get back to where they want to be. He has overseen the establishment and development of accounting, treasury, investor relations and information systems functions.



private equity fund

Expert's hands on experience includes the establishment of a medical device manufacturing facility including plant selection and layout; construction; hiring personnel; purchasing; UL and CSA registrations and approvals; FDA 510(K); and site registration preparation and submission and on-going manufacturing operations. He has established comprehensive standard cost systems for numerous manufacturers. Expert is familiar with GMPs, as he was involved in writing the same for a medical device manufacturer. He has been involved in process assessment, manufacturing facility design and construction, government site registrations and FDA compliance issues and all other aspects of the manufacturing process. Expert has taught in-house seminars on how inventory control and MRP impact the manufacturing process. He has developed and installed complete standard cost systems from scratch including setting up data collection and processing systems to provide the input and analytical tools to go with them.


Expert has extensive experience with various companies in disposables, both sterile and non-sterile and implants and hardware products used in the hospital, office and home care markets. This experience includes competitive product and market analysis; life cycle cost analysis; new product evaluations, from proposal preparation to project implementation and control; FDA site registrations and 510(k) preparation; manufacturing set up and control, including systems and procedures; legal liaison; procuring liability coverage; new product development; strategic planning; sales coverage determination; and the establishment of computerized accounting control systems, including Enterprise Resource Planning. Expert has held positions of responsibility at both the corporate and operations level in the medical device industry. Products with which he is familiar include endoscopes, video systems, ureteral stents and scopes, insulflators, cryosystems, colposcopes, tubing, various types of cannula, nebulizers, surgical hand instruments, limited implantable products, laproscopic systems and numerous others. He has been involved in the design, development, approval, manufacture, marketing and tracking of most of the products listed above at various levels. His hands on experience includes the establishment of a medical device manufacturing facility including; plant selection and layout; construction; hiring personnel; purchasing; UL and CSA registrations and approvals; FDA 510(K) and site registration preparation and submission, and on-going manufacturing operations.

medical device


corporate accounting

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Pocatello, Idaho;  and Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1978   MBA   Finance   LaSalle University  
1975   BBA   Accounting   Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1985 to 1995


Cabot Medical Corp.




CFO, VP Finance & Administration


Expert was responsible for the finance, accounting, legal, human resources, information technology, SEC, insurance and customer service/telemarketing functions. He was also responsible for mergers and acquisitions facility consolidations and re-organizations.

1992 to 1998


Circon Corp./Cabot Technolgy Corp.


Corp. Officer


Treasurer, Chairman of BOD


He was responsible for the evaluation of patent and trademark licensing, renewal analysis, competitive patent analysis. He was the liaison with outside council for filing and litigation.

1982 to 1985


Sirometrics, Inc.


Corp. Officer


CFO, Director


Expert was responsible for finance, accounting, manufacturing, research and development, information technology, human resources and legal functions.

1981 to 1982


CDX Corporation


Corp. Officer


CFO, Treasurer, Controller


He was responsible for finance, accounting, facilities, SEC, legal and insurance functions.

1979 to 1981


Rocky Mountain Featherbed Company


Corp. Officer


CFO, VP, Treasurer


Expert was responsible for finance, accounting, MIS, manufacturing, sales, and administration.

1978 to 1979


Dodge Cork Co.




Corporate Controller


Expert's responsibilities included finance, general and cost accounting functions.

1974 to 1978


Extracorporeal Medical Specialties, Inc.




Corp. Cost Accounting Mgr.


He was responsible for the cost accounting function; computer systems selection and implementation; and accounting operations of outlying facilities.

1972 to 1974


Scriptomatic, Inc.




Cost Accounting Supervisor


Expert was responsible for the cost accounting and accounts payable functions. He was also involed in computer systems selection and implementation.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert is currently assisting a medical products client in corporate reorganization; personnel changes; new ERP computer system selection and implementation; evaluating acquisition candidates; and general corporate strategy.
  • For a medical device company, Expert conducted patent and trademark business valuation and renewal reviews. He also reviewed instruction sheets and operations manuals for FDA and legal liability ramifications.
  • Expert consulted with an aerospace company where he performed cost and manufacturing efficiency analysis.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1985 to 1995   Western Europe   Expert was responsible for setting up and administering a foreign based sales and marketing office. He also did the same for foreign based "cottage" contract medical device manufacturers.

Additional Skills and Services:

Expert has provided various cost to product impact seminars. Additionally, he has trained personnel in ABC usage.


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