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 Expert  722472

Expert in Packaging Development for Household and Personal Care Products

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

New York (NY)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert worked on the development of in-house capability to produce blister card packaging for cosmetic and skin care products. He determined the cause of some blisters with thin skins, while other blisters on the same sheet had "webs;" he also developed the method by which more-uniform blisters were produced by each cycle of the machine. In addition, he developed test methods to ensure that all the blisters had the strength to contain the filled primary packages even during the roughest handling imposed by the distribution environment. Expert supervised the brittleness testing of blister materials (before and after forming) to ensure that the material could perform its function even after exposure to extremely cold environments. He developed test methods to ensure that blisters had adequate adhesion to their paperboard display cards.

blister packaging process

After attending a seminar on the dynamics of bubble wrap, Expert determined the most cost-effective means of utilizing this packaging material. Subsequently, fragile materials that might be subject to breakage were packaged with the bubble wrap per his direction. There was no damage reported about any of the shipments that were packed in this manner.

bubble dynamics

Expert has worked with bubble wrap as a cushioning material to protect fragile products from damage while in the distribution environment. He has also worked with other cushioning materials, such as felt and paperboard. He has performed testing to measure compression set as well as to determine the type of response to impact and vibratory inputs.

cushioning material

Expert notes that flexible packaging laminates are usually associated with packettes or pouches used in sampling programs. They are also utilized with collapsible tubes. He developed testing procedures to determine the adequacy of flexible packaging laminates to determine their compatibility with products, but also to verify that the seal strength was adequate to prevent delamination. Testing was also performed to ensure that the laminate had appropriate air or moisture barrier properties.

flexible packaging laminate

Expert notes that flexible packaging materials include collapsible tubes usually of high-, medium-, or low-density polyethylene and so-called glaminate tubes, or flexible pouches comprised of several layers of materials. Each tube material has its advantages and disadvantages. Having worked extensively with tubes, Expert has come to know the idiosyncrasies of each. He has also worked extensively with flexible pouches.

flexible packaging material

Expert notes that foil laminates are utilized in the production of "glaminate tubes" and flexible pouches. Because the surface area-to-volume ratio of packettes is large, there is a tendency for products packaged in packettes to dry out or lose volatile ingredients. Expert can consult on a laminate material that will work in these situations. Glaminate tubes are utilized in the packaging of toothpaste, certain cosmetic items, and some food products. Expert can consult on these tubes.

foil laminate

Having spent many years working with glass containers, Expert knows the processes by which containers are made as well their limitations and the sort of defects that might be found in them. With this insight, he can recommend solutions to poor glass distribution, inclusions, etc.

glass packaging material

Expert attended a seminar on impact testing in which he learned the effects of the various waveforms that can be imparted to a product by its impact onto different types of surfaces. He notes that waveforms might take the shape of a half sine, step or sawtooth. He performed impact testing of packaged products with different cushioning materials to determine the most severe impact waveform that might be applied to a particular packaging configuration.

package impact test


package impact testing


cosmetic packaging

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York;  Yonkers, New York;  Newark, New Jersey;  Jersey City, New Jersey;  Paterson, New Jersey;  Elizabeth, New Jersey;  Bridgeport, Connecticut;  New Haven, Connecticut;  Hartford, Connecticut;  and Springfield, Massachusetts.

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Packaging Design, Development, and Testing
Package Development and Testing
Food Packaging, Retail Products Packaging, Foodservice...
Package Manufacturing, Plastic/ Paper Packaging, Plastic...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1977   None   Structural Engineering   Stevens Institute of Technology  
1964   B.M.E.   Mechanical Engineering   New York University  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2001 to


(Undisclosed Consulting Company)





As a consultant to the personal products industry, Expert designed a palette compact for a start-up cosmetics company. He also provided training to key personnel of a firm entering the business of marketing collapsible tubes. Expert is presently working with an inventor who developed a system to keep closures on bottles filled with volatile fluids from sticking to the glass thereby making it less difficult and hazardous to open the container.

1990 to 2001


The Estee Lauder Companies


Technical Packaging


Executive Director


He directed the operations of Package Testing Laboratories in Melville, New York, Petersfield, U. K., and Markham, Ontario in the testing and evaluation of primary packages being developed for cosmetics, fragrances, and personal care products. Packages were evaluated for compatibility with products, functionality, fragrance, sealing effectiveness, ability to withstand the stress of the distribution environment, and dimensional integrity. Expert reviewed new product formulations to make preliminary judgments regarding the potential for incompatibility with packaging materials, and made recommendations for alternate materials when warranted. He supervised the development of test methods, and provided test plans to the lab's “customers” to ensure that all new packages were subjected to the complete battery of appropriate tests. He wrote computer programs to automate the collection and reduction of certain test data. The packaging materials Expert worked with were the various plastics commonly used in the packaging of consumer goods, as well as glass, paper, fabrics, rubber, adhesives and metals. Packaging configurations included bottles, jars, and closures, spray and lotion pump dispensers, compacts, lipstick cases, deodorant cases, etc. He also directed the acquisition of laboratory equipment as needed. He was responsible for capital and expense budgets as well as for the hiring and training of technical personnel. He developed detailed packaging specifications to ensure that appropriate materials and configurations were utilized. Material and mechanical failures were analyzed to determine the cause, and to suggest improvements to reduce or eliminate such failures. He also visited vendors' facilities to determine their capabilities to reliably provide packaging components with satisfactory quality.

1979 to 1990


Noxell Corporation (now Procter & Gamble)



Senior Test Engineer


Expert created the Package Testing Laboratory, and then directed its operation in the testing and evaluation of primary packages being developed for cosmetics, fragrances, and personal care products. Packages were evaluated for compatibility with products, functionality, sealing effectiveness, dimensional integrity, and ability to withstand the distribution environment. He developed this laboratory from scratch, acquired the appropriate equipment, hired and trained the personnel, and wrote testing procedures. He initiated and directed the acquisition of a specialized computer system to automatically collect, store and reduce data from a variety of laboratory instruments. During its first year of operation, this system saved the firm approximately $17,000 in labor costs while increasing the reliability of data collection storage and analysis. He also designed specialized test equipment, and projected capital equipment needs. He supervised the acquisition of capital equipment as needed to perform the laboratory's mission.

1977 to 1979


United States Testing Company, Inc. (now SGS)


California Division


Assistant Division Manager


He was responsible to the Division Vice President for the testing and evaluation of materials, components and systems. As head of a department with $250,000 in billings, he supervised six scientists and technicians. In addition to materials testing this department engaged in performance testing of such diverse items as packaging, aquarium filters, electrical cables for shipboard use, and many more systems. Testing was performed in accordance with military, federal, ASTM, or other appropriate published procedures. Where no standards existed, he developed appropriate test procedures. He had extensive client contact including the marketing of testing services and the preparation of detailed test reports.

1973 to 1977


United States Testing Company, Inc. (now SGS)


Manufactured Housing Certification Division


Project Engineer


While working for the Manufactured Housing Certification Division in Hoboken, Expert analyzed manufactured housing units for building code compliance. This work entailed detailed structural analysis as well as review of the electrical and plumbing systems. He analyzed plans for manufactured housing units to ensure building code compliance. After plant inspections, he also certified housing manufacturers with regard to their compliance with building code requirements.

1970 to 1973


American Society of Mechanical Engineers



Standards Engineer


He worked with committees of professional volunteers to develop standards for such items as plumbing materials and equipment, and transportation equipment such as pallets and freight containers.

1964 to 1970






Between 1964 and 1970 Expert worked for several aircraft/defense contractors in the development of systems for vertical take-off aircraft, laser range finders and gas turbine engine components.

Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of IOPP and ASTM.


He is a Registered P.E. in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Professional Appointments

Expert served as Chairperson of the ASTM Subcommittee on Consumer Packaging for about 10 years.

Publications and Patents Summary

He has written approximately 24 magazine articles on packaging, package testing, and lab automation. These articles appeared in Cosmetic Packaging and Design and in Test Engineering.

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
1956 to 1959   Unites States Navy   Aviation Machinist's Mate 3CP1   Expert repaired and performed routine maintenance on reciprocating (not gas turbine) aircraft engines. He also worked on the flight line and served as an airplane captain for anti-submarine aircraft. In addition, he was in the flight crew and was a radar operator.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert worked with a company that manufactures vitamin supplements to help them size packages for liquid products to prevent overfilling. He also identified the cause of liquid leakage as a mismatch between the "H" dimension of the container and the closure.
  • He worked with a start-up cosmetics company to design a palette-type compact, identify appropriate materials, and find suppliers for the compact and for filling it.
  • Expert is currently working with an inventor to bring to market a patented concept to prevent the sticking of plastic closures to glass containers of nail enamel and other products.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
In one case, Expert provided expert testimony in a case in which a paper bag broke thereby allowing a glass soda bottle to drop, which caused cuts and lacerations to a customer's foot.

In another case, as a result of testing and analysis, he provided expert testimony regarding the structural integrity of fiberglass from a motor boat involved in a fatal accident.

In a third case, he provided exert testimony in a case involving the disposition of asbestos in a residential building.

Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on cosmetic manufacturing trademark case.
  • Expert in child resistant chemical closures for consulting on failure analysis on child resistant closures Failure/Regulatory Compliance/Examination Testing.
  • Expert in consumer product plastic bottle design/ spray mechanism on P&G Febreze bottle design litigation.
  • Expert expert services for consulting on Packaging Inspection.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1993 to 2001   United Kingdom   Expert developed a package-testing laboratory. He hired and trained staff and maintained contact through periodic visits, videoconferencing, and telephone calls.
1997 to 2001   Canada   He developed a limited-resource package testing laboratory in Markham, Ontario. Due to the proximity to the United States, this laboratory was equipped to perform only the most rudimentary of tests. More complex evaluations were sent to the laboratory in the United States.

Additional Skills and Services:
Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

As a result of visits to suppliers' facilities, he made recommendations as to whether particular suppliers could provide components with a satisfactory level of quality.

While consulting for a start-up cosmetics company, he identified a suitable supplier for a compact, and also a supplier capable of filling the compact at an acceptable price.

Other Skills and Services

Expert has analyzed the response of structures to imposed dynamic forces such as shock or impact loads. As a result of these analyses, he was able to recommend the appropriate packaging materials and configurations to resist these imposed loads. He has also analyzed structures for their ability to support dynamic loads. As a result of these analyses, he was able to recommend appropriate materials and configurations to support these loads. Expert utilized the theories of classical dynamics to predict the response of packages to shock and vibratory inputs. As a result of these analyses he was able to specify appropriate materials and configurations to prevent damage to the products. Testing later confirmed the accuracy of his analyses. He notes that materials and packaging components need to be able to withstand static and dynamic forces. He has many years of experience in applying static and dynamic forces to materials (as in test specimens) and to various packaging configurations, and determining the response.


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