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Expert in Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Renewable Fuels & Chemicals, Biomass and Biorefineries

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

South Carolina (SC)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Designed three state of art methanol fed biodiesel plants in US and one for Petrobras in Brazil. Developed Kreido biodiesel technology and advised the leading financial firms on biofuel investments. Served on ASTM biofuels committees and spoke at conferences on petroleum and biofuel projects and markets.

He is a world class expert on biomass conversion to fuels. Biodiesel and ethnaol plant expert. He spent the last four years developing the biodiesel market in Brazil, US and Canada. He started the biodiesel market in Delta-T. He enjoys a 24 year career of developing new businesses that are profitable. At Conoco and Dupont, he led teams that developed new fuel to chemical technologies.

He led the energy industry in adoption of new technology in process engineering from wells to refinery to fuels.

He developed the low cost feed filter business at Dover RPA for refinery hydrocrackers. He started a new business at Cortec in refinery overhead corrosion control. Both increased refinery process efficiency.

He advises world petroleum firms in using renewable energy in fuels. He advised leading algae companies on biofuels production.


alcohol fuel


amine treating


fine chemical


biomass fuel




alternative fuel


soy diesel fuel




business development


carbohydrate chemistry


chemical fuel


energy engineering


energy-efficient petroleum refining


petroleum processing


renewable energy source

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Secondary Expertise
amine treating, automotive fuel, aviation fuel, batch petroleum refining, boiler fuel, cellulose chemistry, coking, fluid catalytic cracking, fluid catalytic cracking unit, fossil fuel, fossil fuel hydroprocessing, hazardous waste fuel, heating fuel, hydrocracking, hydroforming, hydrogen fuel, liquid fuel, natural product chemistry, oil distribution, oil refining technology, organic chemistry, petrochemical marketing, petroleum hydrogenation, petroleum hydrotreating

Basic Expertise
2,3-butanediol, applied organic chemistry, carbanion chemistry, carbocation chemistry, chlorofluorocarbon chemistry, jet fuel, producer gas, pyrophoric fuel, thermal cracking, thermal reforming, tire-derived fuel
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Savannah, Georgia;  Columbia, South Carolina;  Charleston, South Carolina;  and North Charleston, South Carolina.

Often requested
with this expert:

Biofuels, Advanced Hydrocarbon Fuels, Refining, Hydrogen...
Chemical Separations, Extraction, Waste Management,...
Industrial Chemistry, Fuel Additives
Renewable Energy, Biorefinery, BioEnergy, Tissue

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1993   MBA   International Business   Warwick University   Conoco Sponsored Scholar
1977   MA   Geosciences and Planning   Arizona State University at Tempe   Gamma Theta Upsilon
1973   BA   Geography   University of Texas at Austin   Senior Honors
1991   Certification   Refinery and Chemical Engineering   Oxford University   St. Catherine's College of Petroleum Studies
1987     Economics   London School of Economics  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1998 to







Provide expert engineering, financial analysis and program development in petroleum refining industry on consultative basis. Clients include Shell Oil, Conoco, Turner, Mason & Company (TMC), MWV, Gerson Lehrman Group and various private equity investors in oil & gas, biofuels, biomass and biotechnology. • Completed due diligence for oil refiner acquisition of stranded ethanol plant assets. • Advised GLG clients in 300+ engagements since 2004 in petroleum refining, biofuels, biomass and renewable energy and presented at more than 25 conferences. • Saved Celanese Corporation $15M on biofuel project reporting issue.

Served as CTO of public traded Kreido Biofuels (KRBF) in 2007 to 2009. Secured licensing agreements for PetroAlgae (PALG) and developed markets for biotechnology firm ArborGen (2011 to 2012) and its parent firm (MWV) in 2013. Served on DOE Peer Review Panel in 2015.

2005 to 2007


Delta-T Corporation




Business Development Director


Leader of the Biodiesel Team with role to develop strategy and position DTC as market leader. Provide Feasibility to DTC clients on biodiesel and renewable diesel projects. Assist financial institutions with due diligence on biodiesel investments. Assist with engineering designs for biodiesel plants. Designed new biodiesel systems.

• Presented R&D papers to management for technology selection • Advised financial firms on ethanol investment • Reviewed gasification and digester systems for ethanol plants • Led DOE grant team and review of cellulose to ethanol projects • Spoke at conferences to enhance the reputation of company • Reviewed all design work for new projects for technical leadership • Managed budget for feasibility income and costs for a 60% GM • Negotiated role for DTC in the acquisition of NREL gasification technology

2002 to 2004


Crown Holdings, Inc.






Led Crown's biodiesel initiative to position company as the leader in the growing biodiesel process technology market. Negotiated contracts for construction of two plants and developed international ventures with petroleum firms in South America. Managed the Biodiesel team and business unit with 30% GM.

• Positioned company with leading oil & gas companies with speech to World Fuels Conference. • Positioned company with biotechnology venture capitalists with speech at Biotechnica America. • Authored paper with engineering staff for presentation at Malaysian Palm Oil Conference. • Managed the sales effort to secure company position in new market with new product.

2000 to 2002


Cortec Corporation


Oil & Gas Processes & Operations


Product Manager


Responsible for Sales, Strategy and Marketing for the Process Industries. • Developed new plan for Marketing, Sales and Distribution Strategy. • Trained sales representatives for international markets with strong commercial and technical skills. • Wrote strategic plan for corrosion chemical products for VP Sales & Marketing and CEO/President. • Advised on oil and gas market, engineering and international negotiations for business over $5M.

1998 to 2000


GE Osmonics


Process Filtration




Provided leadership and merger skills to design new product line. Preserved gross margin and increased sales from merged units. • Created one line of products from merger of two companies with gross margin of 55% and P&L for $21M. Achieved profit targets for product line for two years. • Trained sales team with strong commercial and technical skills. • Wrote strategic plan for filtration products for General Manager and CEO/President. • Advised on oil and gas markets. Developed sales in Brazil and UK markets. • Awarded Business Excellence Citation 1999 – 2000.

1993 to 1997


Chemstar Products Company




Director of Sales & Marketing


Provided leadership and turnaround skills to family firm. Increased sales from $3 million to $17 million preserving gross margins over 50%. Developed marketing plan and strategy. Started five new products. • Increased sales and penetrated new international markets. • Developed new commercial literature and trained sales team and distributors. • Organized American Petroleum Institute meetings in Bahrain and Canada • Collaborated on the development of starch patent.

1990 to 1993


Conoco (UK) Limited


Special Projects




Planning Manager – Europe 1992 – 1993 Coordinated refinery and petrochemical process and new product planning. • Managed Specialty Chemicals businesses in Europe. • Advised senior management on acquisitions and product strategy. • Led Conoco's effort in Dupont's Aerospace Enterprise Team. • Coordinated refinery planning to meet chemicals and fuel markets.

New Business Manager 1990 – 1992 Researched markets in Europe for Conoco and Dupont's new products for oil and gas, chemical process and filtration. • Started four new products in pipeline flow control, aviation, solvents, oil and gas filtration. • Merged US and European literature and product introduction planning. • Interfaced Conoco Planning with Dupont Intermediate Chemicals.

1985 to 1989


Imperial Chemical Industries






Recruited to lead ICI into oil and gas chemicals in Europe. Created start up company ScotOil in UK, wrote marketing plans, created $5M sales in three years. Promoted from field engineer to office based management.

• Transitioned conservative British chemical giant into dynamic supplier of chemicals to demanding oil and gas sector in Norway, UK, Holland, Germany, Italy and West Africa. • Structured and negotiated license agreements with French Italian and US firms to start sales in West Africa. • Advised oil and gas units of ICI in UK, Indonesia, USA, Canada and Italy on drilling technology. • Led field engineering team and trained staff in field engineering. • Negotiated agreement with ICI units in Europe to be agents for a variety of specialized chemicals sold on a technical basis to oil and gas firms worldwide. • Reviewed contracts for inorganic chemicals markets, advised on acquisitions in bromine manufacturing. Graduate, ICI Advanced Management Program, Stratex, Paris, France 1988. • Trained staff in ICI INSEAD Stradex Course for international sales and marketing skills.

2015 to 2018




Adjunct Professor


Adjunct Professor


Professor of Economic Geography.

2013 to 2018




Adjunct Professor


Adjunct Professor


Professor of World Regional Geography.

Career Accomplishments:

Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Petroleum Institute, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, ASTM International

Professional Appointments

Technical Editor for the Society of Petroleum Engineers

Publications and Patents Summary

He has 14 publications in 22 years.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Malaysian Palm Oil Conference  
 - Congreso y Exposicion Internacional de Ductos  
 - InfoCast  
 - BBI Conferences  
 - Biofuels  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
1978 to 1979   Texas Department of Water Resources   Planner   He wrote the state RCRA Hazardous Waste Management Plan with EPA funded Texas Department of Water Resources
1988 to 1989   UK Department of Energy   Advisor   He advised UK offshore regulatory minister on oil production issues.
2001 to 2001   Oil Minister of Romania   Advisor   He advised Oil Minister on future planning for privitization of Petrom and Romgaz.
2007 to 2007   Minister of Transportation ISRAEL   Advisor   Invited by Israel's Embassy in USA and invited to speak in Tel Aviv on biofuels.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He advised investment bank Goldman Sachs on refinery processes as part of a bankruptcy acquisition.
  • He advised IMin Partners investment fund on acquisitions in chemical companies.
  • He managed ethylene oxide project and refinery economics for new contracts with oil price mechanisms.
  • He positioned Dover RPA Process to grow in mature market.
  • He advised Anchorage Capital on recent crude oil pricing and links to refinery margins.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on biodiesel processing, purification, filtration.
  • USDA biorefinery expert for consulting on loan application issues.
  • Expert on current trends, drivers and performance requirments pertinate to use of superabsorbent materials.
  • Expert for consulting on Cooperation with Green Oil Energy, Israel.
  • Expert for consulting on DOE grant writing
  • Carbon expert for consulting on Carbon black from tires.
  • Expert in gas treatment for consulting on Dygoil power generation using gas fuel.
  • Expert in biofuels for consulting on manufacturing feedstock for bio-diesel production.
  • Expert in biodiesel plant design for consulting on hazwaste facility adding biodiesel capability.
  • Expert for consulting on Seeking expert in bio-based product production beyond ehtanol production
  • Expert chemist for consulting on developing a household consumer product.
  • Expert in bio-diesel fuels for consulting on 100,000 tons refinery in Brazil.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Testified on drilling rig safety in 1990 for Dresser Industries in New Orleans Federal Court of offshore safety. Gave biotechnology and chemical engineering witness testimony in class action suit. Gave biodiesel expert witness reviews for case with accident and fire. Gave biodiesel expert witness reviews for case with economic consequences.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Methanol expert needed for consulting on contaminated methanol that was purchased by a biodiesel plant.
  • Expert for consulting on biofuel.
  • Expert for consulting on expert witness for lawsuit.
  • Ethanol expert witness and expert for consulting on feasibility of ethanol plant design.
  • Expert in contracts in the chemical industry for consulting on chemical industry contract dispute.
  • Expert in petroleum for consulting on petroleum litigation.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding expert testimony, litigation consulting and support, forensic services, or any related expert witness services.  A few litigation needs include product liability, personal injury, economic loss, intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), and insurance matters.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2004 to 2004   Brazil   Advised Brazil's national oil & gas company on biodiesel plant design and engineering.
2001 to 2001   Romania   Consulted with national oil & gas firms (Petrom and Romgaz) on corrosion control as well as Oil Minister on Russian gas production issues.
2001 to 2001   Saudi Arabia   Provided engineering and corrosion control technology to petrochemical company SABIC.
2001 to 2001   Kuwait   Lectured to Kuwait Oil Company R&D Managers on novel corrosion control chemicals.
2000 to 2000   Czech Republic   He engineered new refinery filtration systems for Chemepetrol in Prague.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
English   Native language.
Italian   He worked with national oil company AGIP for 5 years and became fluent in Italian.
French   He worked with Total, Fina and Elf-Aquitaine in Africa and Middle East and developed average ability in 1980s.
Arabic   He worked in Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen and Tunisa where he learned basics.

Market Research:
36 year career of starting new products and processes to oil, gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. World Class marketing skills that positioned companies in leadership roles.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Oil & Gas Process Chemicals at Oxford University College of Petroleum Studies in 1987 and 1990-91.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Selected supplier (SAP) for Osmonics. Provided the engineering and equipment reviews for all employers (Dresser, ICI, Conoco, Dupont, Chemstar, GE Osmonics, Cortec, Crown)

Other Skills and Services

Ten years of university education coupled with over 20 years of international petroleum management, leadership and consulting.


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