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Expert in Business Plans

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Wisconsin (WI)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

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business development


business plan


management consulting


venture capital

Expert has developed and implemented chemical safety procedures for several clients, including a chemical recycling facility, and metal finishers using strong acid and alkaline chemistries, etchants, and electropolishing chemicals in their manufacturing and/or wastewater treatment processes. Activities include safety tours, chemical safety training, and recommendation for industrial hygiene testing.

chemical safety


stainless steel acid etching

Expert has developed precision cleaning processes throughout his career. Primarily using aqueous chemical processes along with mechanical energy (i.e. spraying, ultrasonic, etc.), he developed processes for cleaning a variety of miniature manufactured components. A strong background in design of experiments and process development facilitate the development of robust cleaning processes specific to an often complex manufactured product.



precision cleaning


chemical cleaning


metal cleaning


printed circuit board cleaning


stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning


ultrasonic cleaning

Expert is familiar with a wide variety of analytical tools used to identify surface and material contamination. His broad-based manufacturing knowledge allows for using the elemental analysis to design experiments and processes to isolate and eliminate the contamination. Examples include: (1) chloride contamination on stainless steel components tied back to inadequate water treatment; (2) organic material identified as a component of a surfactant from a proprietary cleaner exceeding the "cloud point" and depositing during the cleaning process; and (3) inorganic material in a "white spot" contamination from a process chemical that was inadequately rinsed in subsequent operations.

contamination analysis

Expert has years of background in membrane separation technologies, primarily in reverse osmosis for water treatment and microfiltration in wastewater treatment applications. He has served clients with reverse osmosis systems in the capacity of system specification, operational troubleshooting, training, as well as design, install, and startup of systems ranging from 1 gallon/minute to over 100 gpm. Applications include ultrapure water systems, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing systems, to toner rinsewater, and facilities process (i.e. boiler) feedwater. He has experience with microfiltration for heavy metals removal from metal finishing wastewater, organics removal from toner manufacturing wastewater, organics removal from ethanol plant condensate, and pilot study to remove facultative bacteria from manure processing waters. He also has experience in multiple steps (MF to RO) to facilitate water reuse, or many combinations such as RO-DI-UV for ultrapure applications.

membrane separation


reverse osmosis water treatment



Expert has a background in industrial wastewater treatment that includes a strong expertise in separations technologies. Specifically, membrane technologies such as microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, along with ion exchange and traditional conventional metal hydroxide precipitation chemical treatments round out the expertise. Material removal experience includes dealing with heavy metals, oils, organic material, and agricultural waste. Examples of clients served include: metal finishing operations, printed circuit board manufacturers, plating operations, medical device manufacturing, toner manufacturing, and centralized waste treatment facility. He also has experience in manufacturing facility design and facility management including operation of pollution control technologies.

industrial wastewater treatment


metal finishing wastewater treatment

Expert has developed several passivation processes, primarily for manufactured 300 series stainless steel components. By using design of experiment fundamentals, he has been able to use a variety of commercial and basic chemistries to develop specific, robust processes that allow the manufacture to meet or exceed ASTM standards. His experience includes a working knowledge of passivation testing procedures.

metal passivation

Expert's strength in process development comes from over 20 years' experience with design of experiment fundamentals and pilot testing experience. He has applied these fundamentals for a variety of clients, including designing a jar test and pilot study for a heavy-metal-laden oily wastewater separation process; isolating a contamination problem and implementing a new cleaning process; installing a new etching process with hazardous chemicals; and linking several manufacturing processes together (metal injection molding, plating, vapor deposition, precision grinding, etching and cleaning). Expert enjoys troubleshooting existing process problems, optimizing underperforming processes, and developing new processes for new business applications. Expert was recognized by a previous employer with trade secret status (internal equivalent of a patent) for a process control parameter development. Examples of clients served include metal finishers; plating operations; medical device manufacturing; toner manufacturing; lumber processing; pharmaceutical manufacturing support; centralized waste treatment; and agricultural waste treatment.

process development


metal etching


metal finishing process


wastewater pretreatment


water reuse


water treatment



Expert has over 20 years of industrial water treatment experience. He has experience with water treatment processes for all aspects of facilities including boiler, cooling tower, process rinsewater, ultrapure water, and wastewater treatment. In addition to design of processes and systems, he has experience in the management of these systems in a large manufacturing setting. He has developed a specialized training package customized to specific clients training needs. Since Expert does not sell equipment or chemicals, the training is designed to help clients make educated purchases.

industrial water treatment

Expert has extensive background in the area of photochemical etching, in particular process control and process development for ferric chloride etching of ferrous alloys, but including many others. In addition to the etching process, he has developed the ancillary processes to support this process, including the safety and facilities requirements, with facility design management project leadership for two separate companies.

photochemical etching




positive photoresist


stainless steel chemical etching

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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Minneapolis, Minnesota;  Saint Paul, Minnesota;  Rochester, Minnesota;  Burnsville, Minnesota;  Eden Prairie, Minnesota;  Minnetonka, Minnesota;  Eau Claire, Wisconsin;  and La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Often requested
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Metal Finishing - From Anodizing to Zinc plating -...
Metal Finishing, Parts Cleaning, Electroplating,...
Membrane Separation Processes, Water Purification, Waste...
Membrane Filtration

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1987   M.B.A.     College of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN  
1982   Bachelor of Chemical Engineering   Chemical Engineering   University of Minnesota, Minneapolis  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

2000 to




President and Principal


Expert is a consultant focusing on process development with specialties in etching, plating, precision cleaning, and coating. He has a track record of successful design of experiments. He also consults on environmental, health and safety with a focus on industrial pure water and wastewater. He has a strong experience and expertise base in separation technologies (membrane, IX, and conventional).

1982 to 2000


Hutchinson Technology Inc.




He held a variety of positions over an 18-year career including process engineering, product/new business development, functional technical management, and project management for multimillion-dollar projects. He has been awarded trade secret status (internal patent recognition) for process control parameters.

Career Accomplishments:

Expert is a member of the Federation of Environmental Technologists (FET).

Professional Appointments

He is Chair, Eau Claire County (WI) Groundwater Advisory Committee. He is a past Member of the Local Emergency Planning Committee for Eau Claire County. He is Past President, Western Wisconsin Chapter of FET, and is a stakeholder in Project XL for the 3M-Hutchinson, MN facility air pollution permit application.

Publications and Patents Summary

Expert has been awarded trade secret status (patent equivalent) with his former employer for process control parameter development.

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2003 to 2004   State of Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs   Consultant   Expert was trained to facilitate counties in the state of Wisconsin to update their Emergency Operating Plan (EOP) to incorporate terrorism and WMD countermeasures, including bioterrorism.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert developed a new cleaning and passivating process for a medical device component manufacturing company. The work required a complex design of experiment (DOE) approach. The resulting process changes required an upgrade to a pure water system, which he specified and the startup of which he oversaw.
  • He performed pilot studies and developed specifications for a two-pass reverse osmosis rinse water system for use during toner manufacturing, and a corresponding microfiltration wastewater system to remove toner and color.
  • Expert developed a batch treatment process to segregate and treat heavy-metals-laden oily wastewater for a licensed Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) operation, allowing them to expand their operations.
  • He developed a process for a small company to utilize several manufacturing technologies through outsourcing to demonstrate the feasibility of a patent application. Technologies included molding, coating, electroplating, electroforming, etching, physical and chemical vapor deposition, thermal spray coating, and metallurgical testing.
  • Expert designed the chemistry portion of a pilot study to determine the feasibility of using membrane cross-flow filtration technology to recycle facultative bacteria and solids from swine and dairy manure treatment operations.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on converting a manufacturing facility to use non-ozone depleting substances.
  • Expert for consulting on Glass to Metal debonding caused by contamination.
  • Expert for consulting on Some basic Ferric Chloride questions.
  • Expert in Medical instrument reprocessing for consulting on Cleaning and reprocessing.
  • Expert in wastewater treatment regulation standards.
  • Expert in post copper etch & wafer rinsing.
  • Expert in etching micro patterns in glass.
  • Expert in stainless steel etching chemical for consulting on stainless steel etching chemical for on car use.
  • Photo chemical machining expert for consulting on transfer of etch technology to China.
  • Expert in passivation and cleaning of titanium anodization and metal parts to assist with automation.
  • Expert in Removal and generation prevention of particles on a disk drive suspension.
  • Expert for consulting on Steel Pickling (Carbon & Stainless)
  • Expert in passivation of stainless steel.
  • Clean room expert for review of manufacturer's clean room processes.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on Litigation / expert witness.
  • Expert for consulting on potassium hydroxide exposure.
  • Electropolishing and black oxide expert for product liability expert.
  • Expert for consulting on for litigation matter regarding ulrasonic degreasing equipment.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding expert testimony, litigation consulting and support, forensic services, or any related expert witness services.  A few litigation needs include product liability, personal injury, economic loss, intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), and insurance matters.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1990 to 1992   Germany   Expert managed a product line component that was sold into a product manufactured in Germany. His company explored a joint marketing project. He did not live in Germany, but travelled often to Germany and Europe during the time period.
1987 to 1987   Japan   Expert travelled to Japan to work with a Japanese supplier of thin gauge rolled metal, working on specifications and various other aspects of purchasing from the vendor.

Additional Skills and Services:

Expert has presented: "Your Water, Clear Water" - a basic water course for facilities personnel, including boiler, process, cooling tower, and pure water basics; "MP&M rule" - an update on the (then) proposed MP&M categorical effluent limit guidelines, and the technology alternatives to meet the discharge limits; and "Environmental Management Systems" - He developed and delivered several seminars on the topic of EMS, and developing them to pass ISO 14000 standards.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

He has significant expertise with sourcing suppliers in a wide variety of areas, including: facilities maintenance; industrial water treatment; electroplating; vapor deposition; coatings; chemical suppliers; regulatory agencies (hazmat, wastewater, industrial hygiene, air pollution); and controlled environment areas.


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