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Expert in Specialized Safety Management (Explosives Safety and Aircraft Ground Handling Safety)

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Kansas (KS)
Education Work History Career Accomplishments Consulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert has 30 years of safety program management experience with Department of Defense (DoD). He has provided safety oversight of and direction to defense contractors engaged in processes involving various forms of ordnance from detonators to artillery rounds to missiles and the full range of explosives and energetic materials from UNO Class 1.1 through Class 1.6. He performed innumerable pre-award and post-award surveys of contractors, including large, complex, multi-site companies, to determine their ability to comply with safety requirements of the contracts. Expert is knowledgeable of all DoD safety requirements for development, manufacturing, testing, handling, storage, maintenance, demilitarization, and disposal of Ammunition and Explosives (A&E), as well as NFPA and OSHA requirements. Expert worked with contractors to develop required site and construction plans (Quantity-Distance, barricading, shielding, etc.) for construction or modification to explosives facilities, including nearby structures and activities, and approved submitted plans before operations could commence. Expert displayed a common-sense approach with regard to explosives safety, always focusing on the maximum credible event which could occur, and many times resulting in superfluous or unnecessary requirements being eliminated, thus saving contractor and government assets. He furnished input that created positive changes to DoD's explosives classification procedures. He has conducted many explosive accident investigations of mishaps involving manufacture, use, storage, and disposal of explosives/energetic materials in contractor facilities and has had approval authority on corrective action plans to prevent recurrence and for the resuming of operations.

Expert is retired from a 30-year safety management career with the Department of Defense, more than half spent providing safety oversight to and guidance of contractors that manufactured, modified, or maintained military and NASA aircraft. Expert was sole approval official of contractor's ground safety program for aircraft and other aeronautical weapons systems in facilities up to 12 million square feet under roof. He conducted all mishap investigations and had final approval authority of all corrective action plans to prevent recurrence and for the resumption of operations. Expert developed many innovative and cost-effective methods of protecting life and valuable property. He was responsible for the safety of as many as 42 large-frame, bailed aircraft at a time, as well as high-value, limited-number aircraft such as Air Force One and the Space Shuttle Carrier. Expert reviewed and critiqued contractor response exercises for aircraft crash rescue and other hazardous material incidents. He performed surveillance of aircraft fuel/defuel/depuddle, towing, jacking, servicing, engine runs, ejection systems, and Foreign Object Damage (FOD) prevention, as well as all backshop operations. His experience with aircraft ranged from fighter/attack (F-4, A-6) to large frame (747, B-52, KC-135) and because of this expertise was utilized by the Air Force to perform Contractor Operations Reviews of aircraft contractors nationwide.


contractor safety


explosion safety


explosion safety and hazards analysis


explosives handling




safety management


plant safety


contractor safety management


aircraft safety


occupational safety


industrial safety

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Wichita, Kansas.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1968   BA   English   Wichita State University  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2006 to


(Expert's Firm)




Expert Consultant/Expert Witness


Serves as expert consultant and expert witness in the fields of explosives safety and aircraft ground safety.

1990 to 1998


Defense Logistics Agency


Defense Contract Management


Retired-Specialized Safety Manager


He provided safety oversight of and direction to defense contractors in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska involved in the manufacture or modification of explosives or aircraft. Performed pre-award surveys of potential defense contractors to ensure capability to do assigned work safely. Reviewed and approved explosive site plans, at times working with contractors to help them develop proper plans. Worked with all branches of military and NASA. Certified to oversee and approve safety of all types of aircraft and explosives of any type or quantity, be they involved in manufacture, maintenance, or modification. Investigated and reported contractor mishaps; approved corrective action plans.

1975 to 1990




Contract Management Command


Safety Manager


He provided government safety oversight at the Boeing Wichita facility to ensure protection of USAF assets ($2 billion) and preservation of production capability. Job involved responsibility for large frame aircraft (KC-135, B-52, AF-1) fighter/assault aircraft (F-4, A-6), weapons, missiles (SRAM , cruise), and assorted explosive components. Daily involvement with operations such as aircraft servicing, towing, jacking, fuel/defuel, FOD prevention, storage/handling of hazardous materials, and airfield fire protection. Investigated and reported contractor mishaps; approved corrective action plans.

1973 to 1975


Kansas Air National Guard



Ground Safety Manager


Planned and administered a ground safety program for Forbes Air National Guard which flew B-57 bomber aircraft. Involvement with use, handling, and storage of explosive components of egress systems, engine starter cartridges, and practice bombs. Involvement with aircraft servicing, FOD prevention, and all things involved in operation of an airfield. Investigated, reported, and assigned liability for ANG mishaps.

1970 to 1973





Safety Technician


Planned and implemented a traffic safety education program for Forbes AFB ranging from orientation courses to remedial courses. Also taught supervisor safety courses. Investigated and reported vehicle mishaps.

1969 to 1970


Army Materiel Command



Safety Officer


Served as Army safety representative at a government-owned, contractor-operated ordnance plant in Iowa. Administered and monitored safety program, investigated/reported mishaps, performed safety inspections, and provided guidance to contractor. Involved with wide range of energetic materials from initiating to blasting, components from detonators/primers to 8 inch HE projectiles, and explosive magazines licensed up to 400,000 pounds of mass-detonating material.

1968 to 1969


Army Materiel Command



Safety Assistant/Trainee


Attended safety career management intern program. Received instruction in various technical and management aspects of safety ranging from industrial through guided missiles. 1000 hours classroom plus on-job-training.

Career Accomplishments:

Member International Society of Explosives Engineers, Past member American Society of Safety Engineers, Past member of Association of Federal Safety and Health Professionals.


Defense Logistics Agency, Contract Administration Services: Specialized Safety Certification in Explosives from 1991 to retirement in 1998; Specialized Safety Certification in Industrial (Aircraft) from 1991 to retirement in 1998. Expert has held Top Secret clearance plus other high level security clearances.


Member of Mensa (High IQ Society); Certificate of Appreciation from Secretary of the Air Force

Medical/Professional Internships

U.S. Army Materiel Command Safety Management Intern Program 1968-69

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
1968 to 1970   Army Materiel Command   Safety Intern/Assistant   See work experience.
1970 to 1973   USAF   Safety Technician   See work experience.
1973 to 1975   Kansas Air National Guard   Ground Safety Manager   See work experience.
1975 to 1990   USAF   Safety Manager   See work experience.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Serving as an Explosives Safety expert and an Aircraft Ground Safety expert for DoD, he was used as a technical resource by contractors beginning unfamiliar work with explosives or aircraft. He teamed with contractors to ensure work was performed safely and to ensure protection of production resources. Many contractors did not have the in-house safety expertise to properly direct their safety programs.
  • He made his expertise and services available to any defense contractor on any matters of safety whether they applied to government interests or not. This was done to promote teaming and to dispell any adversarial attitudes. This assistance was provided on an availabliity basis.
  • Through Intota, provided safety expertise in the area of siting and Q-D to a manufacturer of explosive shaped charges, provided explosives safety expertise to U.S. Department of Justice on solid rocket manufacture, provided guidance regarding explosives to Department of Homeland Security contractor and provided expertise on several personal injury cases involving explosives. Worked for plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Several legal cases involving a total of many hundreds of millions of dollars were settled favorably before trial due to expert's inputs.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Explosives expert safety for consulting on explosives handling.
  • Expert in transportation of material.
  • Explosives safety expert for consulting on DCMA explosives safety and risk management program from defense.
  • Expert in ESD elimination for consulting on an automated assembly line for munitions.
  • Expert in explosives for consulting on parameters and conditions on which it would be safe to treat 1.1 materials.
  • Expert in squib production.
  • ANSI expert for consulting.
  • Nuclear certified equipment expert for consulting on Nuclear and Air Transport Certifications for cargo pallet.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Was witness for Army accident investigation board establishing causes of service magazine explosion. Performed inspection of magazine two hours before explosion and discovered numerous imminent danger conditions. Testimony helped to establish root cause of mishap. Also provided written input on many aircraft ground mishap investigations involving tanker, bomber, fighter aircraft and SAM aircraft (AF-1). Provided safety input to Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board(DDESB) involving contractors under his responsibility.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Explosions expert for consulting on fireworks roman candle explosion.
  • Explosives safety expert for consulting on serious personal injury case (burns).
  • Expert in industrial accident - rocket motor unintended ignition during production.
  • Expert in exposives safety..
  • Perchlorate expert for consulting on a CERCLA litigation.
  • Pyrotechnic expert for consulting on Litigation.
  • Aircraft ground handling expert for consulting on aircraft ground handling.
  • Expert for consulting on Natural gas explosion.
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Additional Skills and Services:

Developed and performed explosive safety training and hazardous materials training for government quality assurance, property, and other personnel performing their duties in hazardous environments.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Performed a considerable number of pre-award surveys on contractors bidding on government work involving explosives/energetic materials and government aircraft/aircraft components. Contracts could not be awarded without his approval of their facility and safety program.

Other Skills and Services

Many environmental courses attended because Defense Logistics Agency wanted him to function as EPA resource. Agency changed mind after fully trained and functioning as that resource for just a matter of months. Was a member several times of the Air Force Contractor Operations Review (COR) team reviewing contractual safety compliance in all areas of safety of companies such as General Dynamics, Martin Marietta, Boeing, and Fairchild Republic. Evaluated fire prevention/protection programs including aircraft crash rescue response.


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