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 Expert  723180

Expert in Materials for Electronic Applications

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

California (CA)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

Listed with other top experts in: 

Expert has successfully writen 2 proposals for EPA SBIR grants. The first was for a phase 1 program for the recovery and regeneration of spent etchants. This successful program was followed by a phase 2 proposal and award. That phase 2 program is in process. He has also submitted a new phase 1 program which is in the EPA review process. He has attended an EPA conference in Washington for phase 1 awardees, aimed at helping to understand the methods used to be successful in this area.

SBIR grant writing

Expert has been active in the laminate field for many years. He was the chief technologist for Fortin laminating Corporation, was president of QLP Laminates for the Amp-Akzo joint venture, and has worked for Nelco in the area of flexible and rigid substrates. He has a strong background in technical, marketing, and management areas. He is current on new classes of laminate including lead free circuitry and high frequency requirements. He has consulted for the IPC, done work for UL, and participated in due diligence activities in this area. He has experience as an expert witness

printed circuit board laminate




printed circuit board substrate

Expert is active in many parts of interconnection technology. He is involved in sustrates for fine line and high frequency circuits with an emphasis on thin or flexible circuitry and materials. This includes adhesive-less substrates, sputtered and plated materials, sequential layer addition, additive and semi-additive techniques, via formation and filling, and many other aspects of this area.

interconnection technology


electronic material


electronic packaging

Expert is involved in electo-deposition of magnetic materials, copper, and other metals and alloys. He has published many papers in this area. His work on insolible anodes for copper and precious metal plating is ongoing. Plating at very high current density for electrowinning and etchant regeneration is underway. The expert understands the effects of addition agents and plating bath chemistry along with parameters such as flow rate and patterns, temperature effects, current density effects, polarization, and other variables. He also has experience in electrochemical phenomena such as corrosion, anodization, anode shaping for throwing power, and other areas.



electrochemical system




electrolytic solution

Expert has a strong background in the management of technical companies and activities. He has run R&D groups for major corporations. He has managed large departments and divisions with bottom line responsibility. In some positions, he has been responsible for marketing, production, engineering, and finances. Expert successfully started a company in flexible circuitry manufacturing, brought it to a profitable level, and sold the company to a Fortune 200 company. He has experience from start-up to running a division for a major corporation. He has been involved in a successfull turn-around, taking a company from a loss possition to being sold to a major corporation as required by plan. He has made presentations to boards of directors and CEOs. He has experience as an expert witness. He is capable of helping with planning, long term stategy, and immediate problems.

business management


market research


printed circuit industry

Expert has experience in all aspects of printed circuitry. He has managed activities which sell and manufacture circuit boards. He has a technical hands-on background in process engineering, process control, trouble shooting,and quality systems. He works in fine line circuitry, etching, plating, additive circuitry, lamination, coating, UL, IPC specs, ISO, military spec qualification, and other activities in manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and management. He has consulted for the IPC and UL. He has strength in new materials, material problems, laminate, and fact finding in quality issues.

etched printed circuit board


circuit trace


multilayer printed circuit board


printed board assembly


printed circuit


printed circuit board


printed circuit board manufacturing


printed-wiring board


rigid-flex circuit board


surface-mount printed circuit board


board level technology

Expert has worked with many of the major areas in this field. These include lead free circuit boards, thermally improved materials for lead free solder, halogen free materials, non-halogen flame retardants, disposable components and boards, thermoplstic materials such as LCP. In addition he is active in regeneration of etchants and recovery of the copper.

environmentally-friendly process changes in printed circuit manufacturing

Expert has a strong background in development of new process and new materials for electronic components. Material work has included sputtering and electrodeposition on polymer films such as polyimide and liquid crystal (LCP). Work has been done on improved laminate materials including resins, reinforcements, and copper. Development of processes includes insoluble anodes for electro-deposition, improved plating techniques, bond enhancement, very thin substrate materials, and modified resin systems. Development of a novel electrolytic method for regenerating spent etchant and recovering etched copper as the metal is being done with EPA SBIR funding.

research and development

Much work has been done in electro-winning for zero discharge waste treatment. Expert has developed very high current density methods for recovering metals from waste treatment and automatically removing them from the system. New requirements will make this a necessity in the near future.

electrochemical waste treatment

Expert has a strong background in this area. He has worked extensively with thin copper, both laminate and sputtered, to obtain 25µ lines and spaces. Additive and semi-additive methods have been employed. High quality etching with low undercut is another technique which can be used. Yields are of primary consideration as are throughput and cost. This technology also makes use of thin substrate materials such as 12µ and 20µ polyimide and other base materials.

fine-pitch technology


computer to plate

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: San Diego, California;  Long Beach, California;  Santa Ana, California;  Anaheim, California;  Riverside, California;  Huntington Beach, California;  San Bernardino, California;  Chula Vista, California;  Garden Grove, California;  and Oceanside, California.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1955   PhD   Chemistry   University of Chicago  
1951   BS   Chemistry   University of Illinois   Highest Honoors

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1993 to


(Undisclosed Consulting Company)





He does consulting in technical, management, and marketing area. Over 50 clients since company inception

1993 to 1988


Amp Akzo JV


QLP Laminates




He was responsible for all aspects of this 200 person manfacturing company. It began as a "turnaround" and became a profitable division. Products were sold to printed circuit board manufacturers.

1988 to 1993




Microbond Technologies




He was responsible for all aspects of this company which manufactured and sold flexible printed circuitry

1983 to 1988


Microbond Technologies





He started this company beginning with an R&D limited partnership, and using private placement for funding. Manufactured printed circuit boards and flexible circuits. The company was sold to Gould, a Fortune 200 company at the time.

1974 to 1983


Fortin Laminating Company



V P Technology


He was responsible for all technical aspects of this company. products were glass epoxy laminates, flexible laminates and other products sold into the printed circuitry industry.

1967 to 1974


Lockheed Electronics





Initiated department in electroplated magnetic memories. Departmernt was sold to Motorola.

1959 to 1967







Managed a department in the Honeywell corporate research center

1955 to 1959





Research Scientist


Career Accomplishments:

He belongs to the Institute for Printed Circuitry (IPC).

Publications and Patents Summary

He holds over 20 patents and one active application. He has chapters in 2 technical books. He has presented many technical papers, including several to international organizations. He has been invited to present many papers.

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2005 to 2005   EPA   Principal Investigator   He obtained a Phase 1 EPA SBIR program for Republic Anode Fabricators. The program deals with an electrolytic technique for the recovery and regeneration of spent etching solutions. The successful program has led to a phase 2 award which is currently in progress.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He was an expert witness in a case involving heated roofing shingles. He researched the situation and gave 2 depositions. Case was resolved satisfactorally for his client.
  • He worked with a client to market a water soluble silk screening ink. Found several customers and assisted in the technical evaluation of the product
  • He was involved as a partner in a program to build a facility to manufacture flexible printed circuitry in China. He made presentations to the Chinese authorities and helped to develop the total production and marketing plan
  • He was chosen by the Defense Enterprise Fund to perform due diligence on a printed circuitry board manufacturing facility in Khazakstan. This was part of the effort to use Nunn Luger funding to prevent the migration of former Soviet nuclear scientists.
  • He was chosen by Teradyne to perform due diligence relative to their acquisition of a printed circuit boart laminating facility.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in circuit boards for consulting on board level failure analysis.
  • Water filtration expert for consulting on new product development.
  • Expert in silk screens for consulting on setting up and operating a 80" wide bed automated line using water and solvent based UV inks.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
He was an expert witness in a case involving heating elements intended for roofing applications. He gave 2 depositions in the case
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert in UL standards and/or CE requirements for litigation case.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1996 to 1997   China   He was a partner in plan to install a facility in Wuhan China to produce flexible circuitry laminate. He participated in the planning phases for production and marketing, and look part in the presentations in Wuhan
1995 to 1995   Khazakstan   He was chosen by the Defense Enterprise Fund to visit a printed circuitry manufacturing facility on the nuclear testing site of the former Soviet Union, in Khazakstan. The purpose was to perform due diligance relative to an investment in the facility.

Market Research:
He has experience in marketing and sales, including a start-up and new product introduction

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Additional Skills and Services:

He has presented learning and training seminars at IPC meetings. He has extensive experience in presentations and technical training

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

He has been involved extensively in vendor qualification and selection

Other Skills and Services

He has experience in funding start-ups, due diligence for financing, and technical evaluation of new products


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