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 Expert  723359

Expert in Paper Coating Machinery & Paper Machine Engineering

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Connecticut (CT)
Education Work History Career Accomplishments Consulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
The paper clay coating process covers the area from unloading chemicals from a rail car or a trailer truck to storage tanks and tote bins for minor additives and dispersing the clay with starch or latex binders to a solids content suitable for the application process - pumping and filtering the coating color that is then delivered to the Run Tank System preceeding the Paper Coating Process. Expert has many years of experience with this process.

paper clay coating process

The Run Tank System consists of a Run Tank, preferably of Conical Shape with Double Wall for Cooling or Heating. The Run Tank System also contains filters and dearators to avoid scratching and skip coating during the process.

The paper coating process can vary depending on the grade of coated paper that is to be made. E.g. LWC paper (Light Weight Coated) is primarily done on a MSP (Metered Size Press) with the capacity to apply light coat weights to both sides of the sheet at high speeds. Coated Fine Paper can also be processed in a MSP, but it is more common to use Blade Coater for these grades as higher coatweights may be applied and better paper qualities such as Smoothness, Brightness, Opacity, etc. can be more easily produced. Rod Coaters can also be used for these grades, but will cause slower operating speeds and film split that will reduce quality. Therefore, Rod Coaters are used more in double or triple coating of Board Grades (SBS/SUS) that are produced at lower machine speeds. Expert can help with understanding of the paper coating process and troubleshoot any problems


paper coating process

Paper Drying can be accomplished with four different technologies, which Expert has indepth understanding of. The Steam Dryer Can still being the most ecconomcal after more than 100 years of paper making. Air Dryers with high temperature and high velocity are common, but mainly for Tissue production and Clay or Starch Coated grades. Gas IR is frequently used for drying of Clay Coated grades, but cannot be used to dry an uncoated base sheet because of a radiation wave length unsuitable for penetration into a fiber web. Electric IR, on the other hand, has a shorter wave length that is excellent not only for drying Clay Coatings and Starch, but also works very well on an uncoated base sheet. The efficiecy of electric IR is nearly 4 x that of Gas IR

paper drying

Paper Equipment is a rather broad term and can actually start at the pulper and end at the Winder and/or a Sheeter. Expert has "Engineered" Equipment covering it all.

paper equipment

Paper Industry is also a Broad Term for the processes used to make paper - from the Kamyr Digester to the Shipping Dock of the Finishing Room. Expert has had a finger on design of all mechanical equipment used in the process.

paper industry

Paper Machine Design differs depending on what grade is to be made. For Tissue and Machine Glazed Grades a so called Yankee Machine is used where the forming of the sheet is done on a straight forward Fourdrinier Machine or on a Crescent Former. The Yankee name comes from the large diameter dryer used to dry and/or creep the paper. Expert rebuilt several tissue machines in Scandinavia for higher speed to increase prodution.

Other types paper machines are Cylinder Machines and Fourdrinier Machines or combinations of both used for production from LWC to SBS and SUS (Solid Bleached Sulfate/Solid Unbleached Sulfate). Expert's personal experience is with Tissue Machines and Fourdrinier Machines for production of Fine Paper and SBS/SUS + expertise in all types of Coating Application.


paper machine design


paper machinery


paper mill machinery

Papermaking is term describing the "art of making paper" When designing paper mill machinery it is important to also have good knowledge of the physical properties of paper and how the different paper grades need to be treated in order to have the appropriate properties for the grade. This is mainly done in the refining process (disc refiners) + the wet-end chemistry and of course also by the surface treatment. (See Coating)


The most important asset an engineer can have for "Engineering" in the field of recycled paper manufacturing is the "papermaking" experience plus the knowledge of how to best remove impurities from the recycled paper. There is much equipment available in the marketplace today. Some work better than others and the knowledge of what works and what not can save a client much money and headaches.

recycled paper manufacturing

Wet-end paper operation varies with grade. Today mostly Fourdriniers are used for sheet formation, but there are many versions like with e.g. Dilution Head Box Profiling, combinations of Forming Equipment such as the Manchester Former, the BRDA formers, Cylinder Formers + Fourdriniers, etc. Single ply forming on a Fourdrinier is pretty straight forward. The Engineering Talent becomes challenged when serveral Formers + Fourdriniers are combined to form a thicker board of e.g. SUS from Recycled Paper with 3 to 4 layers. Expert's experience in this field is good.

wet-end paper operation


coater operation

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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Boston, Massachusetts;  Worcester, Massachusetts;  Springfield, Massachusetts;  Bridgeport, Connecticut;  New Haven, Connecticut;  Hartford, Connecticut;  Stamford, Connecticut;  Waterbury, Connecticut;  Yonkers, New York;  and Providence, Rhode Island.

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Pulping and Papermaking
Paper Manufacturing, Coating, and Recycling
Paper Mill Operation and Management, Pulping of Non-Wood...
Baby Diapers, Non-Woven, Absorbent Products, Films, Wipes,...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1959   BS   Mechanical Engineering   STF - Norway  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1998 to







Industrial Design fror Paper Industry. Specialized in Coating Equipment and Paper Machine Technology such as Color Preparation and Drying. Insurance Claim Appraisals

1984 to 1996


Jagenberg Inc (Now Voith)




General Sales Manager


Early years as Area Sales Manager. Later years as General Sales Manager

1970 to 1984


Paper Machine Services AB






Industrial Design fror Paper Industry. Specialized in Coating Equipment and Paper Machine Technology such as Color Preparation and Drying. Made Insurance Claim Appraisals

1968 to 1970


Nima Screens AB


Sales & Engineering


Sales Manager/Engineering Manager


Sales and Engineering of Pressure Screens for the Pulp & Paper Industry

1964 to 1968


Bolton-Emerson SA




Sales Engineer


Sales of Disc & Conical Refiners to the Pulp and Paper Industry

1960 to 1964


R. Hoe & Company


European Division (Ampress SA)


Engineering Co-Ordinator and Office Manager


Co-ordination of Engineering documentation between Principal R. Hoe & Co. Bronx, NY and sub-manufacturer Bofors/NOHAB, Trolhattan, Sweden

Career Accomplishments:



The Coating and Graphic Arts Division of TAPPI Certificate of Appreciation

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Potlatch Corp at McGehee, AR & Lewiston, ID. New Coater installations
  • Domtar Inc.Cornwall, ON, CanadaOff Machine Coater feasibility study
  • Cascades Boxboard Inc.Toronto, CanadaOptimiztion of Air Knife Coater
  • International PaperRiegelwood, NCOptimiztion of Air Knife Coater
  • NewPage CorporationWickliffe, KYDryer Study
Recent Client Requests:
  • Paper coating expert for consulting.
  • Tissue paper expert for consulting on developing quality control program with related testing equipment.
  • Expert in coating for consulting on refurbishing or replacing with a newer rod coater.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on paper Mill equipement design
  • Expert for consulting on Paper Mill Equipment design.
  • Expert in paper mill design and manufacture for consulting on biegalke.
  • Expert in Kamyr Digesters for consulting on asbestos lawsuit.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1958 to 1984   Sweden   Several employments. Operated own company for 14 years rebuilding paper machines for European and Brazilian Paper Industry
1979 to 1980   England   Installed and started up new paper machine for Jefferson-Smurfit mill in Burnley
1980 to 1981   Brazil   Feasibility study for new high tech board machine for RIPASA - Limeira Mill
1981 to 1983   Norway   Directed sale of complete Board Mill from Mesna Kartongfabrik. Sold Board Machine to Hungary and was hired to dismantle, pack and ship equipment to Hungary
1983 to 1983   Spain   Water balance study on several board machines for Romani mill near Barcelona

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
Swedish   He speaks, read and write both Norwegian and Swedish as a native of both countries
German   Studied German and worked for German company for 15 years
Spanish/Portuguese   Spent 14 months in Brazil where all office communucations were in Portuguese

Market Research:
Sales and Engineering experience in large Companies over an extensive time.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Mercuri Institute, Stockholm, Sweden - Seminar in International Law

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

14 years of operating his company in Sweden purchasing material and services from many sub-suppliers

Other Skills and Services

Specialized in Paper Coating Equipment, Paper Machine Equipment from Stock Prep to Winding


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