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Expert in Structural and Durability Evaluation of Concrete, Steel and Timber Buildings, Structural Witness

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Arizona (AZ)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert has experience with the analysis and design of concrete. He can perform analysis on prestressed (pretensioned, post tensioned) concrete. His work has been involved with concrete structures (buildings and bridges) as well as steel bridges.



structural analysis


load (force)


metal tensile strength


Prestressed Concrete Institute


prestressed concrete steel

Expert has experience designing concrete and steel buildings including high-rise buildings. He can do analysis and design of any concrete structure.

building design


earthquake engineering


load combination


structural design


structural steel


concrete pipe


concrete structure

Expert is familiar with the design of concrete resistant to weathering conditions. Expert has diagnosed concrete deteriorations such as sulfate attack, alkali aggregate reaction, freeze-thaw deterioration, etc. He has also used corrosion inhibitors in concrete.


concrete corrosion


corrosion inhibitor


concrete outdoor weather corrosion


watertight concrete

Expert can conduct structural evaluations of existing concrete structures. Expert has a lot of experience finding the reason for structural failure of concrete structures. He has performed failure analysis for a number of failed structures to find the main reason for the failure. Expert can determine the proper retrofit design.

concrete failure


compression failure


concrete failure analysis

Expert is very familiar with High Strength and High Performance Concrete (HSC/HPC). He can determine the proper mix design for high strength concrete.

high-strength concrete



Expert is an expert in most of the structural engineering fields ( structural analysis, finite element analysis, design of concrete structures, design of steel structures, wood design, and masonry design).

Expert has experience with state of the art structural repair systems.

He can provide evaluation and redesign of the existing structures, application of ACI code for structural evaluation and loading tests for his clients.


structural engineering


structural repair


structural redesign

Expert is an expert in concrete materials and structures. He has designed numerous concrete structures. He has designed large span concrete thin shells for a public auditorium. He is very familiar with concrete durability. In several occations, Expert has evaluated the structural integrity of the concrete structures to determine structural defficiencies or material deterioration.



fiber-reinforced concrete


low-density concrete


aggregate material


air-entrained concrete



He has evaluated several construction defects in buildings such as concrete failure, steel failure, and wood element (beams, columns, trusses) failure.

construction defect


expert witness

He is familiar with concrete mixes using numerous additives (admixtures) such as: water reducing, plasticizers, super plasticizers, micro silica, fly ash, slag, accelarating, retarders, air entraining, polymers, etc...

concrete mixing


concrete foundation

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Phoenix, Arizona;  Tucson, Arizona;  Mesa, Arizona;  Glendale, Arizona;  Scottsdale, Arizona;  Chandler, Arizona;  Tempe, Arizona;  Gilbert, Arizona;  and Peoria, Arizona.

Often requested
with this expert:

Structural Design, Structural Investigation, and Failure...
Structural Design and Analysis
Cement and Concrete Technology, Planning Capital Project in...
Materials Engineering; Expert Witness for Litigation...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1988   PhD   Structural Engineering   Leeds University, England, UK  
1984   MS   Civil Engineering   Leeds University, England, UK  
1976   BS   Structural Engineering   Sharif University, Tehran  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2000 to




Bridge Group


Senior Bridge Engineer


He is a Bridge and Structural Engineer. He is responsible as project engineer for design of several highway bridges.

2004 to


Expert's Firm


PE Review course


Structural Engineering Course Instructor


He teaches Structural Engineering subjects for Civil Engineers who are preparing for PE (Professional Engineering) and SE (Structural Engineering) exams. Those subjects include: Steel Structures Design, Concrete Structures Design, Design of Masonry Structures, Timber Design, Structural Analysis, Code Implication in Design includind the application of: UBC, IBC-2003, ASCE-7, AISE (ASD and LRFD), ACI, AASHTO (Standard and LRFD).

2005 to





Structural Home Inspector


He is responsible for Structural evaluation of residential and non-residential buildings. Structural problems evaluated are such as: cracking in the wall or floor, excessive deflection, concrete deterioration, steel corrosion, Soil expansion, attachment of manufactured homes to permanent foundation, timber element deterioration and retrofit.

1988 to 2000


Isfahan University of Technology


Civil Engineering Dept


Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering


He taught: Concrete Structures and Materials, Civil Eng. Senior Design, Bridge Design, Advanced Concrete Design, Prestressed Concrete Design, Statics, Strength of Materials He has numerous research experiences most of which in practical aspects of concrete structures and materials, prestressed concrete design, design optimization of structures, bridge design, design of high rise buildings, building and bridge retrofit,

Career Accomplishments:

Licensed Professional Civil Engineer (PE) Licensed Structural Engineer (SE)


Recognized by US government as an outstanding professor and researcher

Publications and Patents Summary

He has about 30 publications

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Journal of Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings  
 - National Concrete Bridge Conference  
 - International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering International Symposium  
 - CANMET/ACI International Conference in Concrete Technology  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2000 to   (Undisclosed)   Senior Bridge Engineer   Structural Design

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He has been a consultant for design of several special structures as follows:Design of Concrete Silos and Bunkers for cement Industry;Design of large span concrete domes;Design of Concrete Reservoirs for Water and Waste water industry; Design of High Rise Buildings;Design of numerous bridge structures
  • He is a consultant for design of numerous residential buildings. The consulting includes structural design of industrial, residential and non-residential buildings.
  • He been a consultant for Structural evaluation of numerous buildings. Structural evaluations are for structural defficiencies such as excessive deflection, concrete cracking, steel corrosion, wood deterioration, soil settlement etc.
  • He has been structural witness for several structural failures.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Surveying expert for consulting on structural integrity of existing concrete floors, columns, and beams.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
He has been an out of country structural witness for several cases.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • TASA expert for consulting on civil or structural engineer for patent infringement lawsuit.
  • Expert in concrete for consulting on insurance claim do to corrosion.
  • Expert witness in the steel industry for consulting on Steel Fabrication Plant where "red iron" is detailed and bolt holes, etc., drilled, so that red iron can go out to construction projects such as bridges, multi-story structures, etc.
  • Expert for consulting on cable net curtain wall system.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1988 to 2000   Iran   He has been teaching Civil and Structural Engineering Subjects as follows: Civil Engineering Final Design Project, Reinforced Concrete Design, Advanced Concrete Design, Concrete Materials, Design Of Prestressed Concrete, Bridge Engineering, Analysis of Structures, Mechanics of Deformable Solids, Statics,

1988 to 2000   IRAN   He has been a chief structural designer of numerous structures. Examples of design experiences includes: 1) Design of large span thin concrete shell structures 2) Design of several industrial structures such as six concrete silos and bunkers, Steel supports for steel mill belt conveyor, concrete waste water digestors and etc. 3) Design of several multi-story steel and concrete residential and non-residential buildings. 4) Expert witness for several structural failures of steel and concrete buildings.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
Farsi   He speaks fluently in Farsi

Additional Skills and Services:

He has developed a Structural Engineering course for training of civil and structural enginers to take the US Professional Civil and Structural Engineering exams


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