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Expert in Value Added Packaging for Consumer Products

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Oregon (OR)
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Summary of Expertise:

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In designing a new consumer product he employs market driven engineering. In essence, the target demographic group is identified and the technologies favored by this group are employed in the customer interface design process, and, more particularly, the technologies abhorred by this group are avoided. For example, for seniors small controls, tiny print and low contrast graphics are avoided. For the youth market those characteristics are embraced, as are the "sexy" high-tech look. He designs the product in a minimalist fashion to maximize reliability and cost efficiency. Then he visualizes the desired process, creates the machinery that will optimally perform that process, and adds the market-determined packaging and controls for it.

When creating and designing new product packaging he looks to the market and to what annoys or frustrates the user about the product itself. He then creates packaging that can somewhat mitigate that annoyance or enhance the value of the product to the user. An example might be a Popsicle wrapper that catches the drips, a disposable pill package that reminds the user in real time to self-medicate, or a cigarette package that doubles as a disposable ashtray. The last example is not about an annoyance issue for the user, but for an annoyance issue for those around him. He firmly believes that most packaging can and should be redesigned to enhance value to the product purchaser. The competitive value this provides to the seller of the product more than offsets the few pennies spent on higher packaging costs. Environmental friendliness is another important factor that is coming to the fore. Almost any product can be made more desirable to the consumer through value-added packaging.

In new product development there are few factors more important to the strategic placement of a product on the market than the minimization of direct cost. It does not force its employer to sell cheaply, but it enables him to do so in a competitive environment and allows him to maximize his profits otherwise. Additionally, a low priced product on the market is highly discouraging to would-be competitors. Particularly in the electronics field, where products are increasingly becoming comestibles, it is important to provide a reliable product with a rather brief lifespan. Thus interconnection requirements are designed for the shorter term with resulting substantial cost savings. Printed circuits on cardstock, employing electrically conductive inks and electrically conductive adhesives promise to not only substantially reduce manufacturing costs, they provide the added advantage of being more environmentally friendly in the waste stream.


consumer product design


device product development


household appliance


household appliance new product development


new product design


product design


product improvement


research and development


consumer product packaging


medical device packaging design




packaging development


package design


design for cost

Global competition in manufacturing makes obsolete the notion of first designing a product for function, then redesigning it for manufacturability. It is ever more important that the team that designs a product in the first place must do so with the product manufacturer's capabilities and limitations in mind. Part of the enormous manufacturing success in the Far East comes from their deep appreciation of this fact. They design tooling to optimally interface between the product's requirements and their manufacturing limitations. As such, they keep their tooling costs to about one third of ours. Nothing does more than it absolutely has to do. In the West we still too often favor the notion of adding functions to a product because our engineers know how to do it. So, too often our products are overbuilt, which leaves us vulnerable to having them reverse-engineered overseas and back on our markets in no time at half (or less) of the cost. If we instead employ market driven engineering to reduce costs and optimize assembly we will more often end up without facing "echoes" of our own products in our markets.

His fields of ideation focus upon the needs of outpatients, the elderly, value added packaging, energy generation, energy conservation, and environmental responsibility. Outpatients and the elderly, quite often the same people, are two rapidly growing demographics. Their needs already outstrip the servicing capabilities of the U.S. healthcare system. For them, he focuses on badly needed services that our current and future systems can't provide, then devise new technologies that are instrumental to remotely and automatically providing those services. This can open up new multi-billion dollar markets in some of the highest markup fields in commerce. Value added packaging is of particular interest to him because the current state of packaging is, for the most part, at least forty years out of date. Too many consumer products are provided in packaging that does little more than protect its contents from the elements. Quite often small changes to the packaging can make its contents more useful, and thus more valuable, to the consumer. This field stands to benefit greatly fro creative thinking. Energy generation, energy conservation, and environmentally friendly products are the way to the future. He prefers to devise energy generation products that decentralize its creation primarily because he believes the future is about self-sufficiency. Similarly, energy conservation works best at the home level and he focuses his thinking in that direction. Devising products and strategies to enhance environmental responsibility is also an interest of his because it leads to a better world.


design for manufacturability






gas appliance

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Eugene, Oregon;  Medford, Oregon;  and Springfield, Oregon.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
2000   Certificate   Autodidact   Medication Compliance Institute  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

1993 to






He is responsible for Product & Packaging Ideation, Creation of Business Models that Maximize the value of new products in a field, and Consumer Product Packaging Advancement.

1982 to 1994


Chiropractic Equipment Repair Service




He owned and operated a commercial medical equipment repair service. He fixed chiropractic equipment, physical therapy equipment, diagnostic x-ray equipment, radial tomography equipment, floroscopy equipment and pediatric equipment for private practices and clinics.

1980 to 1982


Los Angeles Tool & Cutter Service




Resharpened and custom ground all forms of industrial cutting tools employed in the machining industry.

1975 to 1980


Garrett Mfg.


General Machinist


General Machinist on conventional equipment and NC/CNC.

1967 to 1971




Cryptographic Technician


He was a 5th echelon cryptographic technician on all forms of communications security devices and systems then employed.

Career Accomplishments:

He is a current or former member of ASME, ASPE, ISPE & Mensa.

Publications and Patents Summary

He currently owns two issued patents, two provisional patents and is pursuing PCT applications on several products. He is the inventor of nearly two hundred products.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He is working with the tobacco industry to curtail smoker littering with the creation and development of an improved cigarette package that serves as an ashtray.
  • He is working with the facial tissue industry to curtail littering and enhance public health with the creation and development of improved packaging that serves the dual function of delivering the product and being a receptacle for its waste by-product.
  • He is working with the food service industry to enhance product value to the consumer with value adding packaging.
  • He has worked with the pharmaceutical industry in the creation of value adding packaging for the delivery of pharmaceuticals. During this process he developed the concept of market based engineering.
  • He is working on advanced energy generation concepts for the Department of Energy.
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Market Research:
He is experienced in Product Ideation and Creation on the basis of market demands. He designs products with the demographic characteristics of its target customers in the design process.

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