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Expert in Technical Marketing, New Product Development & Launch, Materials Physics

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Minnesota (MN)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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Heat transfer across interfaces and through particulate-filled composite materials (solids and liquids) was one of his primary areas of research while at 3M Company. His work included development of heat transfer products for use in electronic equipment applications (e.g. between a heat sink and chip). He is experienced in analytical techniques ranging from steady-state thermal conductivity measurements to transient (hot-wire) methods.

dynamic heat transfer


electrical equipment heat transfer


heat conduction


polymer heat transfer

While at 3M he worked directly with OEM's and distributors across the USA, Europe and Asia-Pac to find new applications for existing products while identifying and establish business cases for new electronic material products. After being awarded Commercialization Team Leader (product management) responsibility for the product line, he lead cross-functional commercialization teams comprised of Marketing, R&D, Manufacturing, Quality and Sales through the solution of quality issues and other challenges in mature products, while guiding new product development through the Stage Gate process and rolling out several key product lines to the marketplace. Generating tens of $millions in new sales, he received the Product Champion award in one of 3M's most competitive business units for this work.

new product development management


technical marketing




distribution channel

While at 3M Company he worked on development of "new to the world" products as well as line extensions. His tools included direct field work with customers to identify the opportunity for new products that would fit the needs of a given large application. He used analytical methods such as Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to quantify and prioritize customer needs along with the product functionality that would satisfy those needs. He assessed in-house and outside technologies (including competitive ones) for their ability to contribute to the desired new product, and worked with manufacturing to determine how easily they might scale up. Finally, he worked in the field with key customers to evaluate prototypes and migrate through qualification processes and on to full production.

All this was in the context of a Stage Gate or New Product Introduction (NPI) framework, for which he was the leader of the cross-functional team and responsible for passing the criteria at each stage.


new product development


field testing


material product development


new product design


plastic product development


rapid product development


stage gate process

In the course of his R&D work at 3M Company he was co-author on several patents and applications, and garnered considerable expertise wading through spec and claim structures. He received praise from intellectual property attorneys for his ability to spot loopholes, gaps, and over-reaching in competitive patents, and hence find openings for migration of our his company's products. Eventually he was awarded responsibility for managing the world-wide patent portfolio in a specific technology area, rendering go / no-go decisions on records of invention and patent applications both from the USA headquarters and foreign subsidiaries.

claim (patent)


patent specification


intellectual property

Before having caught up with Ries & Trout's famous book on the subject, his field experiences included direct observation of occasions where customer perception augmented and even overrided accompanying factual information about a product. He sat next to an electrical engineer - the product's data page laid out in front of them - and heard the customer reject the product, not on the basis of the data, but rather on brand: "this is going near the IC chip -- we can't use Scotch Tape!". He attempted again to point to the data, showing that this highly-specialized adhesive had been tested to, and passed all the appropriate specs, civilian and military, only to be met by a brick wall because the product had the Scotch brand. It became clear that to many decision-makers in the electronics industry that meant the product was automatically unsuitable for high-tech applications. He then pushed to drop the Scotch brand in favor of the 3M brand, and found much greater receptiveness on the part of prospective customers. That's the power of positioning - witnessed first-hand in the field.

market positioning

His Ph. D. dissertation, along with several articles he authored for refereed journals, was on the topic of diffusion at amorphous polymer / polymer interfaces, especially how polymer structure and morphology factored in mobility. His work also extended to the effects of reactive ion etching and damage to polymer structures, and the implications of that alteration for mass transfer.

amorphous polymer


mass transfer

One of his R&D specialties while at 3M was in the area of electrically-conductive composites, particularly films used for electrical interconnection and/or grounding. He authored and-coauthored proceedings, white papers, patent applications, and product literature on the use of such materials for flexible circuit interconnection to printed circuit boards and displays, as well as the even higher-tech application of flip chip or direct interconnection between an IC chip and circuit board. In the course of such he became an expert on trends in the electronic packaging industry through a range of developments in chip packages and circuit board constructions, from thick film ceramic to TSOP and other plastic packages.

electrically conductive material


electrically conductive gasket


electronic packaging


electronic packaging technology


flexible circuit


microelectronic packaging

He is a veteran of a multitude of trade shows, large (Nepcon West) and small (Society of Plastic Engineers), with responsibilities including creating the message, gathering and authoring materials and demonstrations, and working with marketing communications persons to have presentation-quality graphics and hand-outs prepared. He logged countless hours "manning the booth" and thoroughly enjoying those experiences (except times when it was slow), meeting so many new people and trying different approaches to engaging those who might otherwise have only glanced at the display.

trade show

In on of his varied roles, managing an interactive marketing agency, he is immersed in internet-development and marketing trends -- Search Engine Optimization, Sponsored Link Advertising, Social Media PR, as well as strategic elements that go into the overall interactive development project: decisions on how to reach the target demographic and what approaches, styles, and graphics will most appeal to them; server-side dynamic content, content management systems, Ecommerce and custom web applications and more.

Internet marketing


service marketing

He is a veteran in both intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, having first excelled at taking concepts to commercialization at 3M before breaking off to start his own marketing company. He has navigated many pitfalls and false starts, and gained experience spotting opportunities, assessing competitive advantage, and working rapidly to identify the target market and generate a unique value proposition for product and service.


In one of his materials science / materials physics consulting projects he helped a client discover and understand ways in which different materials in their product construction and assembly could interact to generate charge (and subsequent discharge). He probed beyond tables of materials in the triboelectric series to get at the core science of predicting charge generation and transfer, including practical ways to measure and characterize electron donicity levels in metals, polymers, and composite materials.

electrostatic discharge control


polymer tribolectricity


antistatic packaging material


new product launch

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Minneapolis, Minnesota;  Saint Paul, Minnesota;  Rochester, Minnesota;  Burnsville, Minnesota;  Saint Cloud, Minnesota;  Eden Prairie, Minnesota;  Minnetonka, Minnesota;  and Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1989   Ph.D.   Applied Physics   Cornell University  
1983   B.A.   Physics; Mathematics   St. Olaf College   Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Dept. Distinction: Mathematics

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

2002 to






He is responsible for managing an interactive marketing agency, including staff and contract designers and programmers. Additionally he manages client accounts and projects ranging from corporate presence websites to online catalogs and custom web applications, and internet marketing tactics from Search Engine Optimization, Sponsored Link Advertising, to Social Media PR.

2007 to




Materials Science Consultant


Leverage background in materials science / materials physics to help clients solve technical issues and drive process and product improvements.

1989 to 2002


3M Company


Various R&D, Technical Marketing and Prdouct Management


As a researcher, Expert developed new material technologies and processes, particularly in the area of thermally conductive composites and anisotropically electrically conductive materials.

Moving to product development and technical marketing roles, he was responsible for expanding and commercializing a line of electronic materials (particularly electrically conductive and / or thermally conductive films) used in the electronic assembly marketplace. As an award winning Product Champion, he worked with customers to define opportunities for new products and put together a technical and strategic roadmap for development and market introduction. He lead cross-functional marketing, sales, production, and R&D teams through new product launches, generating millions in new sales

Career Accomplishments:

Circle of Technical Excellence, Product Champion (3M)

Publications and Patents Summary

He has authored patents and records of invention in materials-physics areas, and has dozens of publications from refereed journals to white papers in trade publications.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Materials Science / Physics. A client wished to understand how chemi-physical materials interactions in their industrial product might affect function. I gathered and brought definition to customer and internal field information, then researched current scientific literature, uncovered clues toward suspected agents the phenomenon of interest. Finally, I tied information together in recommendations for possible materials, process and test method improvements, delighting the customer. (Confidentiality prevents more specifics.)
  • Technical Marketing. A client wished to know whether their in-house technology would give them an edge over the competition. Pulling together field information, I created a set of top functional requirements for the product in the target application, and gathered information on how the technology in question would serve against those functional needs compared to the competition. The answer help the client focus their development effort and avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars on dead-end avenues.
  • Technical Marketing. A wholesale manufacturer wished to expand their internet marketing presence and raise their image as a preferred vendor. I worked with them first to try define their uniqueness compared to the competition. When internal viewpoints conflicted, I helped them turn their energy outward by setting up and conducting a telephone survey of current and ex-customers. The results helped answer the question of their unique selling point, as well as providing valuable direction to the sales and marketing functions.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Static electricity expert for consulting on elimination of static electricity during tire assembly.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1993 to 1993   Asia-Pacific   Developed training materials and worked with local marketing, sales, and application engineers to bring them up to speed on the technology and applications for a new product introduction. He then accompanied them on sales calls (Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan) to potential customers and to help the subsidiary get product tested and qualified for production. In the process he was able to get new insights on global competitors and markets and take this back to the new product development effort in the USA.
1996 to 1996   Europe   Developed training materials and worked with local marketing, sales, and application engineers to bring them up to speed on the technology and applications for a new product introduction. He then accompanied them on sales calls (England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Sweden) to potential customers and to help the subsidiary get product tested and qualified for production. In the process he was able to get new insights on global competitors and markets and take this back to the new product development effort in the USA.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
German   He is near-fluent in German and frequently complimented on his pronunciation.

Market Research:
I am currently immersed in the internet - development and marketing industries -- including trends in web development server-side dynamic content, content management systems, Ecommerce and custom web applications -- and trends in internet marketing: Search Engine Optimization, Sponsored Link Advertising, Social Media PR.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Developed sales training course to help 3M sales and marketing professionals get up to speed on product applications in the electronics assembly area, and for specific materials products being introduced to the market.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Marketing: sourced dozens of candidate designers and (web) programmers, then winnowed down to a select set of vendors based on talent, experience, and portfolio.

Industrial: sourced and selected vendors for 3M new products effort in the electronic materials marketplace.

Other Skills and Services

My background is a rare mix of technical and marketing experience, from R&D to Technical Marketing, Product Management and Business Development. This unique perspective enables me to generate unique ideas and insight.


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