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Expert in General Industrial Hygiene; Toxicology; Laboratory Safety; Hazard Communication; Chemical Hygiene

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

New Jersey (NJ)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Expert has worked as a consulting industrial hygienist for 24-years. He is both a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP). He has conducted many detailed compliance evaluations/inspections and has developed helpful code interpretations for clients. Expert continues to provide comprehensive industrial hygiene services including air sampling, program development, and developing MSDSs. He has provided expert witness and litigation support work relating to OSHA compliance and industrial hygiene/toxicology issues.

industrial hygiene

Expert has an MPH in occupational health and a MS in Toxicology. Additionally, he has worked 24-years as a consulting industrial hygienist/toxicologist. During these 24-years, he has worked frequently with occupational physicians and nurses to ensure that physical and chemical exposure concerns were properly communicated to best ensure the health and safety of the workforce. He has helped to promote occupational health among workforces with previous known exposure to elevated airborne lead levels, chemical sensitizers, aromatic amines, isocyanates, diacetyl and very high occupational noise levels.


occupational health

Expert has inspected numerous chemical fume hoods and face velocity indicators as part of his laboratory evaluations. He has worked closely with ANSI Z9.5 and ASHRAE 110 testing requirements. He has performed modeling and reviewed empirical information to demonstrate that properly exhausted chemical fume hoods do not require fire suppression in their exhaust ducts. Expert first became familiar with the operation of chemical fume hoods while working as a Biologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

laboratory hood

Expert has provided laboratory safety consulting services to numerous universities, pharmaceutical and biotech companies through the years. These services included many laboratory safety evaluations of R&D, QC and clinical laboratories. He has frequently presented topical laboratory safety issues at national conferences. He was the Chair of the AIHA Laboratory Health and Safety Committee and spent several years as a research biologist before turning his attention to industrial hygiene and laboratory safety.

laboratory safety


OSHA compliance


clinical laboratory safety

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York;  Yonkers, New York;  Newark, New Jersey;  Jersey City, New Jersey;  Paterson, New Jersey;  Elizabeth, New Jersey;  Bridgeport, Connecticut;  Stamford, Connecticut;  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;  and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Indoor Air Quality, Mold,...
Industrial Hygiene, Asbestos, Ventilation, Regulations,...
Toxicology, Cyanide, Toxic Metals, Environmental Health,...
Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Hazardous...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1977   BA   Biology   Cornell University, College of Arts and Sciences  
1981   MS   Environmental Sciences/Toxicology   The University of Texas School of Public Health  
1985   MPH   Occupational Health/Industrial Hygiene   The University of Texas School of Public Health  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1992 to







For the past fifteen years, Expert has run an industrial hygiene consulting company, Expert's Firm He has conducted many detailed compliance evaluations/inspections and has developed helpful code interpretations for research clients. He continues to provide comprehensive industrial hygiene services including air sampling, program development, and writing MSDSs.

1990 to 1992


ENVIRON Corporation



Senior Associate


He prepared expert report on health and safety concerns based on an audit of a precision machining company. This included: investigating electroplating and machining operations, and hazardous chemical handling procedures; summarizing findings; and making recommendations for OSHA compliance. Expert also conducted health and safety liability evaluations of several operating industrial facilities representing potential buyers in real estate transactions.

1986 to 1990


ICF Consulting Group



Senior Associate


He developed and reviewed numerous health and safety plans for hazardous waste sites for private and public sectors as the Regional Health and Safety Manager for ICF. Additionally, he designed, conducted, and prepared reports based on ambient air monitoring for lead during a large lead removal project, and conducted compound specific monitoring for phenol, cresols, and polyaromatic hydrocarbons during a wood tar removal project, at two EPA Superfund sites.

1978 to 1983


MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX


Developmental Therapeutics and Tumor Biology


Research Associate and Senior Research Associate


He conducted cell toxicity and flow cytometric studies using human cells and cancer chemotherapeutic agents to better predict the efficiency and toxicity of treatment protocols for leukemia and lymphoma patients. -He conducted cell biology and biochemical studies to elucidate sugar sequences of glycoproteins on tumor cell membrane surfaces to better understand cell-to-cell interactions in tumor cells, which is critical to an understanding of metastases. (Note: He worked at MD Anderson for 2 periods July 1978 to September 1979 and from 1982 through 1983. In between he was pursuing his MS and after 1983, he was pursuing his MPH.)

1984 to 1984


ARCO Petroleum Products Company, Houston, Texas


EHS Department


Industrial Hygiene Internship


He monitored airborne chemical levels to determine compliance with OSHA exposure limits and performed noise monitoring of employees and respiratory fit-testing of new employees. He developed a familiarity with the chemicals and associated safety concerns at a large petroleum refinery.

Career Accomplishments:

Full Member, American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Associate Member, Society of Toxicology (SOT). Member, AIHA Laboratory Health and Safety Committee 2000- present. - Vice-Chair, 2004-2005; Chair, 2006-2007. Professional Member, American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). Member, AIHA, New Jersey Section. - Past-President, 2005-2006, New Jersey AIHA - President-Elect and President, 2003-2005, New Jersey AIHA - Secretary, 2001-2003, New Jersey AIHA - Instructor, Associate Director, Director of New Jersey AIHA Summer Industrial Hygiene Review Course, 1998-present. - Chairperson, 1998 and 2004 Northeast Industrial Hygiene Conference in Princeton, NJ Member, ASSE, Penn-New Jersey Chapter.


Certified Industrial Hygienist, Certified Safety Professional

Professional Appointments

Chair, AIHA Laboratory Health and Safety Committee. President, New Jersey AIHA. Elected Member of the New Jersey State Industrial Safety Council.

Publications and Patents Summary

He has 3-peer reviewed scientific articles.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Elsevier/Chemical Health and Safety  
 - US Environmental Protection Agency  
 - Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
1986 to 1988   U.S. EPA   Contractor   He contracted to US EPA Region III as part of the Technical Assistance Team. He provided services primarily on SARA Title III and Superfund health and safety issues.
2007 to 2008   Department of Energy   Industrial hygiene consultant   He provided onsite laboratory safety related services for Brookhaven National Labs in Upton, New York. In this time period, Expert managed 3-contracts for DOE. These services included exposure assessments for numerous laboratory activities involving chemical handling. He also conducted air sampling and wipe sampling for chemicals, as well as sampling/monitoring for physical agents including noise and non-ionizing radiation.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He served as product steward intermediary for a chemical manufacturer whose products were being ground to specification by a small contractor facility. His client wanted to be sure that the contractor had a responsible health and safety program so that they would manage products safely during grinding operations. His audit of the contractor's facility revealed many serious health and safety issues and the almost complete absence of a meaningful health and safety program, including: Noise levels in excess of 105 decibels; Minimal local exhaust ventilation with particulate levels up to 45 milligrams per cubic meter of air during charging; High prevalence of occupational asthma in the workforce; No medical surveillance in place, inadequate personal protective equipment, poor housekeeping, no written health and safety programs and little safety training for the employees. He worked to educate the contractor's management and put health and safety “on the map” at the facility. An occupational physician was contracted to provide physicals, including spirometry and audiometric testing, for the workers. He developed written programs for hearing conservation, respiratory protection and hazard communication. He worked with management to provide adequate hearing protection, respirators and other personal protective equipment. He trained management in how to provide relevant safety training for employees. With the contractor's high employee turnover, training could be performed more cost-effectively by management, thus avoiding frequent return trips. He also proactively reviewed Material Safety Data Sheets on new compounds entering the facility, and provided health and safety handling suggestions up-front to reduce potential problems, e.g., development of chemical sensitivities with resulting loss in productivity.Improved working conditions and management interest in health and safety were met with enthusiasm by the workforce. His conscientious efforts and persistence resulted in a health and safety culture change at the contractor's facility. This met the chemical manufacturer's goals, improved the business climate for the contractor, and resulted in a safer workplace – a winning situation for all.
  • He served as a member of a corporate audit team performing comprehensive health and safety audits for U.S. and foreign sites of one of the largest biotechnology companies. Operations at the sites included research and development laboratories, manufacturing, cell culture facilities, central utility plants, and laboratory animal facilities. The audits targeted health and safety regulatory compliance, compliance with corporate standards and use of best laboratory practices. These audits operated on tight deadlines with a requirement that findings be written up on-site during the audit. Knowledge of state-specific health and safety requirements was essential. Draft audit reports, closely scrutinized by corporate health and safety personnel and corporate attorneys, benefited from his clear and concise written communication style. His expertise in laboratory safety, health and industrial hygiene were critical to the success of the audits.
  • He was retained by a defendant's attorney to serve as an expert witness in a case brought by a plaintiff who claimed that her birth defects resulted from her mother's occupational exposure to lead. The plaintiff's mother worked in a factory that assembled lead-containing equipment while she was pregnant with the plaintiff. The plaintiff brought an action against five separate companies that supplied lead-containing components for the equipment being assembled, asserting an enterprise theory of liability. He performed emissions modeling to determine the percentage of fault that could be attributed to the defendant in the event that the plaintiff prevailed on her theory of liability. The modeling demonstrated that the potential exposure to lead from the defendant's product was substantially less than would otherwise have been expected if the parties had simply relied upon apportioning blame based on sales figures for lead-containing components. Additionally, his command of the fine points of the industrial hygiene and toxicology of lead assisted the defendant's attorney in his interrogation of the plaintiff's key witnesses. Shortly after those examinations, the plaintiff dropped the case against the defendant.
  • He served as an expert witness in litigation involving an individual alleging medical symptoms and an increased cancer risk from exposures at a hazardous waste site. The plaintiff operated thermal remediation equipment to clean soils contaminated with coal tar residues containing polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and other chemicals. Site workers did not have appropriate personal protective equipment or access to adequate decontamination facilities, resulting in dermal exposure to site contaminants. The plaintiff claimed that his exposure was due to the failure of the former site owner and its prime contractor to fulfill their health and safety responsibilities at the site.He critically reviewed depositions, site plans and other documents, and integrated previous hazardous waste experience and detailed knowledge of OSHA requirements to develop an expert opinion supporting the plaintiff's claim. He developed insightful lines of questioning to guide the plaintiff's attorney when deposing key witnesses. A critical contribution he provided was an argument based on OSHA's multi-employer worksite policy. Based on this policy, the former owner and its prime contractor were the “creating” (created the hazard) and “controlling” employers (had responsibility for health and safety conditions at the worksite and authority for ensuring hazardous conditions were corrected) and thus had ultimate responsibility for health and safety at the site. He developed and supported a compelling argument that these companies had failed in their duty to provide a safe and healthful worksite, thus causing hazardous exposures to the plaintiff.
  • Expert developed/revised over 600 material safety data sheets (MSDSs) in the past 20-years, for products ranging from pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients to specialty chemicals. The work included researching the toxicology and hazards of ingredients, developing nuanced language to address different target audiences, including employees and downstream users. His final work product was complete, specific and technically accurate, and meets OSHA requirements (29 CFR 1910.1200(g)) and the most recent ANSI Z400.1 guidelines, while integrating elements from the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), a United Nations initiative for global hazard communication. These high quality MSDSs helped to protect employees and downstream users, meet regulatory requirements and reduce future product liability.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in exhaust configuration for consulting on correcting exhaust configuration for small volume atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment.
  • Industrial hygienist expert to evaluate a sausage producing facility.
  • Expert in MSDS for cured UV ink.
  • Laboratory safety expert for consulting on laboratory safety.
  • Company hygiene monitoring expert for consulting on potent chemical exposure evaluation in New Jersey.
  • Expert in surface contamination found on/in syringe components.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your expert consulting needs.  Expert is available for consulting to corporate, legal and government clients.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Provide expert health and safety litigation support to manufacturer of lead material that was used in an occupational setting and alleged to have played a role in birth defects in child of employee; provided expert health and safety testimony for respondent on worker's compensation case involving alleged asthma from exposure to chemicals in corrugated container plant (deposition); provided expert health and safety testimony for plaintiff exposed to coal tar residue from gas manufacturing plant (deposition); provided expert health and safety support for manufacturer of ortho-toluidine
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Hazard materials management expert for consulting on Chemical Hazard distribution - MSDS sheets.
  • Industrial hygienist expert for consulting as an expert witness.
  • Industrial hygiene expert witness toxicology for consulting on need expert witness.
  • Osha compliance fit testing forensic expert for consulting on osha compliance fit testing.
  • Expert in asbestos exposure and fabrics for consulting on asbestos litigation.
  • Expert for consulting on Evaluate and Value the loss of genetic material due to a Power outage.
  • Lab safety expert for consulting on high school laboratory safety.
  • Expert in silica/beryllium for consulting on exposure in railroad employee.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding expert testimony, litigation consulting and support, forensic services, or any related expert witness services.  A few litigation needs include product liability, personal injury, economic loss, intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), and insurance matters.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2006 to 2006   Canada/British Columbia   He performed a health and safety audit and developed report as part of a team looking at issues for an R&D biotech company.
2006 to 2006   Puerto Rico   He performed a health and safety audit and developed report as part of a team looking at issues for at a biotech manufacturing facility.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
French   Some knowledge. Married to a French woman, 6-years of French during schooling.

Market Research:
Health and safety consulting services

Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your marketing research, industry research, and company research needs.  For research needs involving multiple experts or secondary research, a Research Director can be assigned to coordinate the work into a custom report for you as a potentially quicker and more cost effective alternative to doing this work yourself or hiring a boutique consultancy.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Additional Skills and Services:

Presented a number of seminars, talks and Professional Development Courses on laboratory safety over past 10-years.

Enhancing safety of research laboratories in a pharmaceutical facility through application of a chemical hazard exposure assessment tool, May 2005 at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition.

Hazardous exhaust systems in research laboratories- the need for a code change, May 2003 at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition.

Empirical data and modeling of a flammable spill in a chemical fume hood do not support the need for fire suppression within the ductwork of the chemical fume hood. Platform presentation, June 2002 at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition.

Derivation of acceptable quantities of hazardous chemicals for use and storage in research laboratories. Platform presentation, June 2002 at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition.

Lead toxicity in adults from an industrial hygienist's perspective. Presentation to the New Jersey American Industrial Hygiene Association, April 1997.

Air sampling and uptake biokinetic modeling as tools to assist the On-Scene Coordinator in prioritization of cleanup of lead contaminated sites. Platform presentation, September 1993 at the 9th Annual Conference of Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment, Egypt.

Lead air sampling and uptake biokinetic modeling as support for remedial actions at a Superfund site. Paper presented June 1992 at Air and Waste Management Association Conference in Kansas City, MO.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Experience with vendor selection for personal protective equipment (PPE); respirator selections for biological and chemical concerns; chemical fume hoods; and, chemical inventory systems for laboratories

Other Skills and Services

Significant experience with multiple companies developing specialized material safety data sheets for pharmaceutical products, consumer products, dyes, chemicals.

Significant experience performing health and safety audits of scientific laboratories, biotech manufacturing plants, and pharmaceutical R&D facilities


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