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Expert in Pipeline Corrosion: Integrity Management, Materials, Root-Cause Analysis, Standards, Specs

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Texas (TX)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert is experienced in materials engineering, corrosion control and mitigation, failure analysis, root cause analysis, materials selection, non-metallic materials, protective coatings, cathodic protection, environmental control, specifications and standards. He has made contributions in pipeline corrosion integrity management, risk assessment, risk-based inspection (RBI), condition assessment, pipeline rehabilitation with composite materials, designing, implementing and managing internal and external corrosion control systems for new projects and modifications to existing systems, corrosion monitoring, chemical treatments, corrosion science, and emerging corrosion technologies. He previously worked in the Consulting Services Department, Saudi Aramco, Research and Development Department, Union Carbide Corporation, and Metals and Ceramics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He also consulted for Corrpro. He has had academic and/or industrial experience in the US, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Kuwait. He has been an independent consultant for many years. He has been involved with the following specific projects • Internal and External Corrosion Control and Mitigation of Chilled Water Line. • Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management • CP Design for Off-Plot Projects, • Evaluation of Treatment Chemicals, Corrosion Monitoring, and Control of Pipeline Operations. • Internal Corrosion Monitoring Services and the Development of Laboratory & Field Procedures. • Continuous Polymeric Anode for Cathodic Protection of Pipeline in Subkar Soil. • Steel Strip Laminate (SSL) Composite Pipe for Corrosive Flowline • Non Metallic Repair Systems for Metallic Piping. • Bending and Pressure Fatigue of Composite Pipe and Joints. • On-shore and Offshore Development Project

He has had extensive working knowledge of internal and external corrosion including the following: Galvanic corrosion cell on the pipeline; Differential oxygen concentration at the two surface locations; Changes in soil type at the two surfaces locations; Differences in conductivity due to presence of electrolytes; Metabolic processes of microbes; Connection to other metals, e.g. well casings to flow lines; Stray current interference; DC from transmission or transit systems, mining or welding operations; Geomagnetic (telluric) earth currents and AC current flow to ground; Grounded CP system for an adjacent CP of a foreign buried pipeline; Electrical grounding rods; Defective electrical isolation joints; and Contact with other metallic structures.


advanced composite


carbon dioxide corrosion


chemical plant corrosion


composite material failure


composite material selection


corrosion allowance


corrosion control


corrosion measurement


corrosion monitoring


corrosion prevention


corrosion protection


corrosion removal


corrosion-resistant material


elastomer blend


elastomer selection for chemical compatibility


galvanic protection


gas processing plant corrosion


localized corrosion


materials selection


microbiologically-induced corrosion


particulate composite


pipeline corrosion




polymer matrix composite


polymer selection for chemical compatibility


rust prevention


rust protection


rust removal


sacrificial protection


stainless steel corrosion resistance


stainless steel pitting


stress corrosion


structural composite


thermoplastic material selection


transgranular corrosion


underfilm corrosion


uniform corrosion


vapor phase corrosion inhibition

He has professional affiliations and certification from the following: NACE International and Certified Consultant: Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers.

NACE International

In wastewater treatment plants, pipes, transfer lines, pumps, holding tanks, sedimentation tanks, aeration tanks, and related equipment are exposed to high concentration of aggressive sewer environments including organic/inorganic chemicals, solids, liquids, gases, and microorganisms. Each of these environments contributes to the corrosion and structural deterioration of concrete and metallic assets of the treatment plant. For example, sulfide is produced by anaerobic sulfur-reducing bacteria (SRB) from sulfates in the slime layer on the submerged sewer structures. It is then consumed by aerobic bacteria to produce sulfuric acid (H2SO4). These microbial metabolic products (H2S and H2SO4) have significant deteriorating effects on the plant assets. Other forms of corrosion, such as erosion and galvanic corrosion are also at work. Expert is familiar with all forms of Corrosion, including: Uniform or general corrosion; Localized corrosion (pitting); Localized corrosion (crevice); Galvanic corrosion; Microbiological influenced corrosion (MIC); Intergranular & transgranular cracking (IGC); Velocity-related corrosion; Sour corrosion; Sulfuric acid corrosion; Sweet corrosion; Environmentally assisted cracking (EAC) • Step wise cracking (SWC) • Hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC) • Hydrogen embrittlement (HE) • Corrosion fatigue • High pH Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) • Near neutral pH SCC Expert's engineering and forensic expertise in wastewater treatment facilities normally facillitate the development of comprehensive corrosion management strategy. This, in turn, aids judicious asset preservaton in terms of rehabilitation, retrofitting, and/or replacement based on feasibility of implementation, cost/benefit analysis, permanence/effectiveness of mitigation actions, etc.

wastewater treatment corrosion


root cause failure

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Houston, Texas;  Pasadena, Texas;  Beaumont, Texas;  College Station, Texas;  Baytown, Texas;  Bryan, Texas;  Sugar Land, Texas;  Victoria, Texas;  Port Arthur, Texas;  and Galveston, Texas.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1973   PhD   Polymer Engineering & Science   Case Western Reserve University  
1971   MS   Chemical Engineering   University of California, Berkeley  
1969   BS   Chemical Engineering   Purdue University  
1980   MS   Engineering Management   New Jersey Institute of Technology  
1969   BS   Industrial Management   Purdue University  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2003 to





Independent Consultant


He currently consults on internal corrosion; pipeline corrosion integrity management; non-metallic materials; materials engineering; failure analysis; root-cause analysis; materials selection; specifications and standards

1996 to 2003


Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


Consulting Services Department


Engineering Specialist


He was responsible for company-wide consulting in oil-field engineering and operations services for surface and sub-surface facilities; project management; pipeline integrity management; internal corrosion integrity management; materials engineering; non-metallic materials; failure analysis; root-cause analysis; materials selection; specifications and standards

1990 to 1996


Research Institute, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia


Petroleum and Gas Technology


Research Professor


He was responsible for Petroleum & Petrochemicals Research & Technology. His research and consulting activities resulted in a US patent.

1990 to 1990


Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Metals and Ceramics Division


Visiting Consultant


He was responsible for the and the development of a project on “Alternative Non-Carcinogenic Polymeric Gel Casting Methodology for Molding Ceramic Powders for High-heat engine components”

1989 to 1990


University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria


University of Lagos Consultancy Services, UNILAG Consult


Managing Director


He was responsible and accountable for the optimum diversification of the university's business portfolio. He coordinated and managed a variety of client-funded engineering and socio-economic projects utilizing the pool of expertise within the university. Clients included private/public companies (e.g. NNPC, SHELL, ELF, CHEVRON), United Nations Organizations (e.g. UNIDO, UNDP, UNESCO), Government and other Organizations.

1987 to 1989


University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria


Department of Chemical Engineering




He was responsible and accountable for the academic, administrative, and financial health of the department. He taught Polymer Materials Engineering courses

1983 to 1987


Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria


College of Engineering, Technology, and Environmental Sciences




He had the responsibility and accountability for the academic, administrative, and financial health of the college including strategic planning, coordinating, and evaluating all major functions of instructional and student service programming and learning assessment. He championed the establishment of a Technology Park whose goal was to jump-start computer software development for local governments and businesses. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Center for Rural Development whose operational arms consist of engineering workshop, wood workshop, rural technology industries, extension and consultancy services.

1973 to 1983


Union Carbide Corporation


Research & Development


Research Scientist & Group Leader


He was responsible for the invention and development of the structural foam and structural web process/product systems for which 8 US patents were issued.

Career Accomplishments:

NACE International; Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers


NACE International; Certified Consultant: Association of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers

Professional Appointments

Director, Internal Corrosion Engineering, Corrpro Companies, Inc. (2007); Engineering Specialist, Materials Engineering & Corrosion Control Division, Consulting Services Department, Saudi Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (1996-2003); Professor: Petroleum and Gas Technology, Research Institute, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (1990-1996).


USA Chapter of NSChE “Outstanding Achievement Award for Sustained Contributions to Chemical Engineering”, Houston, Texas, USA. (2007); Saudi Aramco “Certificate of Recognition for Contribution to the Building of a Research Paradigm Team”, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. (2003); Saudi Aramco “Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievements in Engineering & Operations Services”, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (2001); SABIC Prize for the “New Concepts and the Best Idea of Using Plastic Materials in New Applications”, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1996); Awarded the “Clarence Lottes Memorial Prize as the Most Promising Young Chemical Engineering Graduate”, Purdue University (1969.)

Publications and Patents Summary

He has 9 Patents, 3 Books, 5 Book Chapters, and 41 Journal Publications in materials engineering, processing, and corosion science.

His archival publications have received average yearly citations of over 120 since 1987, as documented in the SciSearch.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • *Internal Corrosion Monitoring Services, Development of Laboratory & Field Procedures, Kuwait Oil Company.
  • *Evaluation of Treatment Chemicals, Corrosion Monitoring, and Control of Fort Worth Basin Pipeline Operations, Texas.
  • *Continuous Polymeric Anode for Cathodic Protection of Pipeline in Subkar Soil, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia.
  • *Steel Strip Laminate (SSL) Composite Pipe for Corrosive Flowline, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia.
  • *Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management Course Development, NACE International
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in scale removal for consulting on removal of scale and prevention of recurrence.
  • Industrial cooling system for consulting on protect sintering furnaces from corrosion and build-up in their water jackets.
  • Expert in pipeline rehabilitation for consulting on pipeline repair and operation in Sudan.
  • Expert in paint failure for analysis on lining failure on steel substrated.
  • Corrosion expert in borehole cooling and piping corrosion issue.
  • Offshore pipeline expert in for consulting on offshore pipelines.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert can serve as an expert witness in the following areas: 1) Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management; 2) Internal Corrosion Engineering; 3) Non-metallic Materials Engineering; 4) Thermoplstics Materials and Processes; 5) Composite Materials
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Cathodic protection expert for consulting on pipeline cathodic protection issues.
  • Metallurgist corrosion for consulting on Pipeline Corrosion.
  • Expert in total containment gas line for testing a double wall pipe for leaks.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2006 to 2006   Kuwait   He developed and wrote the Laboratory & Field Procedures for the Internal Corrosion Monitoring Services, at the Kuwait Oil Company
2000 to 2002   Saudi Arabia   He consulted on the application of alternative cost-effective composite piping systems that could operate in a most corrosive field, where corrosion inhibition is unsustainable for metallic piping (Saudi Aramco).
1998 to 2001   Saudi Arabia   He consulted on the design and implemetation of impressed current cathodic protection systems using polymeric cable anodes as an alternative to coating rehabilitation of aged pipelines. (Saudi Aramco)
1997 to 2000   Saudi Arabia   He consulted on the identification and implemetation of protective coatings that provided long-term corrosion protection to buried pipelines when exposed to operating temperatures as high as 250oF for prolonged period. (Saudi Aramco)
1991 to 1996   Saudi Arabia   He consulted on the development of Catalyst and Process for Ethylene Oligomerization at SABIC. The activity eventually resulted in the granting of a US patent on February 6, 2001 assigned to Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

Additional Skills and Services:

1) Pipeline Corrosion Integrity Management; 2) Internal Corrosion Engineering; 3) Non-metallic Materials Engineering; 4) Thermoplstics Materials and Processes; 5) Composite Materials

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

He can assist with vendor selection in: 1) Non-Metallic Materials Selection; 2) Thermoplastics Materials Selection; 3) Composite Materials Selection; 3) Elastomeric Materials Selection


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