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 Expert  724246

Expert in Baby Diapers, Non-Woven, Absorbent Products, Films, Wipes, and Consumer Tissue & Towel

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Pennsylvania (PA)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
Has extensive experience in the development and evaluation of absorbent materials of all types for the management of all types of human exudates. This includes cellulose absorbent cores, superabsorbent materials, foams, fibers and non-woven absorbent materials. Has commercialized over a dozen embodiments in this area in commercial baby diaper, sanitary napkin and incontinence products through the years. Extensive work in the development of substrates in the area of wipes both dry and pre-moistened. Has expanded this area of expertise into industrial applications for oil sorbents in the area of spill control.

absorbent material

Participated in the commercialization effort of the first baby wipe in N.A., Baby Fresh, by Scott Paper in the mid-seventies. Developed air-laid technology for the private label segment in the baby wipe product category. Led the group that developed the substrate for Huggies Baby Wipes at Kimberly Clark utilizing KC's internal technology of "coform". Familiar and knowledgeable on lotion development and converting processes, as well as the use of spunlace and other non-woven for this application.

baby wipe

Extensive experience in managing "technology transfer and implementation" from R&D into Manufacturing, and the management of their respective "learning curves". Major initiatives include: broke handling system for Cotonelle adhesive creped tissue; commercialization of Scott Paper's air laid process for the manufacture of industrial; kitchen towels and baby wipes; commercialization of first-of-a-kind Kroyer (now Neumag) airlaid machine; commercialization of PET staple carded fabric ultrasonically laminated to compete with Dupont's Sontara; commercialization of carded web composite for personal care transfer layer; commercialization of various sanitary napkins (profiled pads; pantyliners and thin maxi's; commercialization of shaped fiber spunbond non-woven fabrics; commercialization of elastomeric tri-laminates; commercial of spunbond transfer layers; commercialization of tape-landing zone, transfer layer, apertured top-sheet, and leg-cuff diapers; commercialization of various incontinent disposable absorbent products and bladder control pads; commercialization of nine private label disposable absorbent products; commercialization of housewrap fabrics, anti-virucidal and clean room non-woven fabrics; and commercialization of film elastomeric laminates.


Experienced in the development of diaper coverstock and topsheets with carded, spunlace and spunmelt non-wovens. Managed major effort at downgauging spunbond topsheet from 0.9 osy to 0.6 osy from both material and product perspective. Managed the development efforts for polyethylene spunbond as well as bilobal fiber spunbond topsheet for added softness. Developed and commercialized hot needle apertured topsheet for baby diapers in 1986. Also evaluated extensive surfactant types and methods of application for tosheet use. In the backsheet or coverstock area led major development and cost saving opportunities in downgauging of films from 1.2 mils down to 0.8 mils, as well as led the developoment and commercialization of microporous film non-woven laminates in the breathable film backsheet application area.

diaper coverstock

Involved with cost savings of injection molded tampon tubes by downgauging. Worked on sanitization and sterilization methods for tampon materials such as cotton linters and string by gamma radiation, ETO and hot room sanitization. Developed full line of private label tampons with performance and manufacturing friendliness as objectives. Sourced both materials and converting processes for this products as well as assisted in the 510K preparation for the entire product line.

feminine tampon



Extensive background in the extrusion and extrusion coating of polyolefin films both breathable and non-breathable for hygiene and industrial applications. Primary areas of focus were baby diaper backsheet, film elastomeric laminates, medical fabrics, industrial and clean rooom protective fabrics as well as housewrap.


As a Director of R&D for the branded Depend line of retail incontinence products improved the absorbent performance of the briefs and undergarments. Developed the first commercial application of mechanical fasteners on a absorbent disposable product in NA, and developed Poise, the first bladder control pad in the category. Continued product development and commercialization efforts with Private Label products as well as institutional. Management the development effort of a thermo-formed bladder control guard to compete with Serenity. Knowledgeable of the category, consumer testing and performance measurements and material testing.


Significant experience in the development of processes and systems for intellectual property management. Extensive experience in working with over 28 patent attorneys through the years in patent filings, right-to-practice opinions, and non-infringement exercises.

Involved directly and indirectly in five patent law suits.

Very knowledgeable of the prior art in the baby diaper and non-woven areas, and capable of acting as "expert witness" in litigation of cases.


intellectual property

Has led and participated in six joint venture exercises by finding partners, participating in the negotiation of the deals, managing the joint ventures after formation, participating as a member of the Board of Directors, buying out of partners and ultimately managing the P&L of one of them.

Experiences were in Mexico(2), Argentina (1), Brazil (2), and People's Republic of China.

Participated in due diligence and negotiation process for seven other efforts which did not result in joint ventures in the Phillipines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Italy, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.


joint venture

Managed major non-woven and absorbent materials development group while at Kimberly-Clark for the hygiene products category. Worked on several material joint development agreements with major suppliers in the industry in the area of cellulose pulp, super absorbents, and non-woven composites.

Intimate knowledge of the materials, their performance requirements and their correlation with end use application in baby diapers, sanitary napkins, wipes, and incontinent products.

More recent experience has focused on taking non-woven fabrics as well as film non-woven laminates into the construction material area with products such as housewrap, window flashing, and roof underlayment.


material product development

Knowledgeable of meltblowing and its fabric properties for use in wipes, absorbent structures and barrier fabrics. Extensive knowledge of hybrid technology and blending of meltblown fiber processes for absorbent structures. Commercialized meltblown injection into diaper core fluff formers for integrity, commercialized coform for baby wipe substrate, commercialized meltblown in general spunbond/meltblown/barrier fabrics as well as elastomeric non-woven. Developed and patented air-laid forming device to inject cellulose fibers into meltblown air stream for hybrid material development.

meltblown fabric

Has been involved with new consumer product development efforts and processes for over 20 years. Has developed two formal "product development processes" at two separate companies to use in R&D for streamlining purposes, imposing discipline, facilitating communication inter-function, and for the application "quality managment techniques".

Well versed in concept and material development for consumer products, market research, marketing , engineering and manufacturing coordination. Categories are in personal care absorbent products primarily, but recently it has expanded to pet care products as well.


new consumer product development


new product development management


new product development management

Experienced with 30+ years on all types of non-woven fabrics. Carded both thermally and chemically bonded, with various fibers such as PET, acetate, polyethylene, polypropylene and bicomponent. Spunlace, spunbond, meltblown, air-laid, and tissue.

Experience is in the area of polymers, fiber types, processes, topical applications, mechanical treatments,lamination, bonding , economics, competitive benchmarking, intellectual property, and applications.

Have led many product and process initiatives in this area such as: air-laid fabrics with staple and cellulose fibers and the latex bonding of such; air-laid cellulose fabrics and their latex, thermal and hydrogen bonding; bilobal and trilobal spunbond; polyethylene spunbond, SMS, and bilobal spunbond;meltblown at various fiber sizes; laminates of various types and non-wovens co-extruded to films.


nonwoven fabric


nonwoven fabric processing


nonwoven fabric technology


nonwoven fabric web


spunbonded polyolefin

Have managed the operations of three non-woven processes: staple fibes and cellulose air-laid, cellulose air-laid, and ultrasonically bonded air carded PET. Familiar with spunbond and meltblown operations and have developed very accurate cost models for the manufacturing of these materials as well as those made by other non-woven technologies. Have worked in or toured a total of 28 non-woven manufacturing plants globally in: US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain, Germany, Korea, Japan, and Australia.

nonwoven fabric manufacturing

Experienced in the design, product and material development and commercializaton of sanitary napkins both in branded and private label companies. Knowledgeable of consumer habits, product requirements, packaging requirements, material composition, economics, competitive benchmarking, market research and marketing requirements. Involved in many product initiatives in category from concept to commercialization.

Has been issued a US Patent on Three-dimensional sanitary napkin having absorbent material contoured on the baffle side and a US Patent on Absorbent article with dry surface composite construction, in the category.


sanitary napkin

Knowledge of absorbent core structures, cellulose fibers, superabsorbent, acquisition and distribution layers. Not only from a technical performance point of view but also from a cost, process and intellectual property angle as well.

absorbent technology

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York;  Yonkers, New York;  Newark, New Jersey;  Jersey City, New Jersey;  Paterson, New Jersey;  Elizabeth, New Jersey;  Trenton, New Jersey;  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;  Allentown, Pennsylvania;  and Baltimore, Maryland.

Often requested
with this expert:

Absorbent Materials and Systems for Personal Hygiene
Absorbent Technology
Diaper Industry, Diaper Design, Diaper Testing, and Diaper...
Absorbent Composites, Superabsorbents, Product Development,...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1970   BS   Chemical Engineering   Drexel University  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2000 to 2006


Clopay Plastic Products Company


Research and Development


Vice President Global Technology and GM Asia Pacific and Latin America


Responsible for R&D organization as well as having M&A and joint venture activity globally for organization. P&L responsibility for Clopay do Brazil, Ltda.

1994 to 1999


Paragon Trade Brands (acquired by Tyco Healthcare)


Operations, International and Technology


Executive Vice President


Responsible for Manufacturing, Engineering, R&D, Purchasing, Packaging, Logistics and International departments of major private label company. Involved with joint venture negotiations and mangement of 5 joint ventures in Latin America and PRChina.

1993 to 1994


Confab Inc. (acquired by TycoHealthcare)


R&D and Quality


Vice President of R&D and Quality


In charge of the product development and quality assurance departments in adult inconitenence and fem care for major private label products company.

1983 to 1993


Kimberly Clark Company


Baby Care, Adult Care, Fem Care and Non-Woven


Director of R&D


Product and process development in various personal care absorbent product R&D departments and non-woven material development.

1981 to 1983


Burlington Industries


Formed Fabrics Division (now Precision Fabrics Company)


Director of Technology and Operations


Involved with the development of non-woven fabric with thermal and ultrasonic bonding to compete with spunlace on the durable non-woven in the home furnishing, and medical market segments.

1976 to 1982


American Can Company (now Koch Industries)


Operations and Technology Division


Manager Air-Lay Technology


Development of first-of-a-kind airlaid process for the manufacture of wipes, tissue and towel consumer products.

1969 to 1976


Scott Paper Company (now Kimberly Clark)




Manager Process Services


Development of air-laid process for the manufacture of kitchen towels and baby wipes. Development of broke handling system for adhesive crepe tissue products (DRC), and paper machine process control.

Career Accomplishments:

GPHC of Commerce-Philadelphia; AMA; AIChE

Publications and Patents Summary

Has 4 patent issued and four applications in the areas of consumer products, and non-woven and film materials.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - MTS- Insight 2010  
 - MTS- Insight 2014  
 - MTS- Insight 2013  
 - INTC  
 - IDEA  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Worked with major private label company in managing a project for a greenfield business launch in the feminine care absorbent products business. Work included submission of 510K's, product design, equipment, material supplier and site location selection.
  • Managed a major cost reduction program in the area of flexible packaging and reduced annual costs by $15MM through change of printing technology used, down-gauging of materials and managing of order quantities.
  • Assisted company in the understanding and circumnavigation around two problematic patents in a consumer product area.
  • Assisted and directed client in the filing of a sensitive patent application in the non-woven area into a very crowded field of prior art.
  • Developed a new non-woven process and assisted client in the manufacture and start-up of process equipment.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Diaper expert for consulting on producing a diaper for premature babies in China.
  • Expert for consulting on Potential of Cellulose acetate based Hydrogel in the diaper market.
  • Expert in Cleaner production project in the textile industry.
  • Wipes expert for consulting on diaper wipes and a plant operation relocation.
  • Expert diaper manufacturing for consulting on sourcing of RM/PM and manufacturing process and controls.
  • Expert in spun bonded non- woven fabric for consulting on SMS technology validation.
  • Tissue paper expert for consulting on developing quality control program with related testing equipment.
  • Expert in non-woven for consulting on technical inspection of facilities, review of technology and production capabilities and general advice.
  • Expert in food packaging for consulting on absorbent pad shelf life improvement.
  • R&D expert in baby diapers for consulting on developing a product in a new baby diaper factory.
  • Expert in absorbent polymers.
  • Expert in type IIR facemask for consulting on developing material specifications.
  • Expert in Forum on wipes manufacture.
  • Expert in diapers.
  • Expert for consulting on moist skin friendly adhesive to locate FDA approved adhesive to meet client properties.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
He has been directly and indirectly involved with seven patent litigation court cases in the area of personal care absorbent products. He has been deposed on two ocassions relative to Equity Committee hearings during the Paragon Trade Brands Bankruptcy proceedings.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on use of adult diapers.
  • Expert in flexographic printing for non-compete litigation.
  • Biomedical expert for consulting on transvaginal mesh and useof polypropylene.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1997 to   Brazil   Established two joint ventures in Brazil. One a diaper company and the other a film company in 1997 and in 2003. Sat in Board of Directors of one, and had P&L responsibility for latter.
1997 to 1999   People's Republic of China   Established a new joint venture in city of Kunshan, Jiangsu Province with a greenfield baby diaper plant and was member of Board of Directors.
1994 to   Mexico   Worked with two Mexican joint ventures in baby diapers and was member of their Board of Directors. Researched country for potential joint venture partners in the area of non-woven and film laminates.
1996 to 2004   Argentina   Managed a baby diaper joint venture and sat on the Board of Directors. Went through due diligence of plastic film company and negotiation of joint venture opportunity.
1999 to 2006   Germany   Involved with technical an business support to two film manufacturing facilities in this country.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
Spanish   He is completely fluent in Spanish.
Portuguese   He is completey fluent in Portuguese having been raised in Brazil through Senior High School.
Italian   Has good control of language and is totally conversant in it. Can write some with difficulty.
French   Has "working knowledge" of language.

Market Research:
Involved with major product launches in both branded and private label side of the personal care absorbent industry. Involved with major advertising firms in the area of claims substantiation.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Project Management- Diaper-101 (Product and Process) Managing Interpersonal Relationships-Wilson Led Major Training Program DevelopmentTask Force for Fortune 500 company Non-Woven 101 (Materials and Process)

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Ran Purchasing department with $480MM budget. Major contract negotiations in the $35-65MM per year range. Knowledgeable and experienced of global supply chain side of the non-woven, film and diaper . Conducted various Joint Development Agreements with major suppliers in the industry.

Other Skills and Services

Involved in M&A activity globally. He helped identify potential partners, negotiated joint venture contracts, assisted in the valuation of firms, and ultimately managed international operations. Involved in regulatory affairs in the writing of 510K's with the FDA, experienced with GMP and FDA audits. Experienced in Patent Searches and overall Intellectual Property management.


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