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Expert in Food Service Management and Institutional Kitchen Design, Safety & Investigation, Retail Foods, FDA

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Texas (TX)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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His expertise in business management is related to the management of food service operations and systems. He uses his thirty five years of managing multi-unit food service facilities and his experience teaching Food Organization and Management, a upper division class for food science majors, to blend the practical and theoretical aspects of food service management. His expertise is derived from real life examples of text book theory.

business management

Expert is as comfortable in a kitchen during the designing phase, the building stage or planning the meals. Expert has the unique expertise derived from his experience in food management, food processing, food warehousing, bakery production, food facility design and food service management consulting. He has had the opportunity to take an idea and develop it into an operation and see it succeed and mature for 20 years and then renovation it into a new concept. His expertise in dining facilities extends from concept development and feasibility studies to all operational areas including profit and loss management.

dining facility


bakery design

Expert's expertise in facility engineering is directly related to the design, construction and maintenance of food service facilities. His extensive background in the design, construction and operation of food facilities have given him a unique perspective in the engineering of food facilities. Expert routinely reviews architectural and engineering plans for food service facilities to advise the owner about plumbing, mechanical and electrical design criteria and material selections as it relates to the operation and the maintenance of food facilities. His expertise is derived from experiencing the success and failure of the facility design, material selection and installation, and mechanical systems specificated in food facilities.

facilities engineering


facility design

Expert's expertise in facility evaluation is directly related to the evaluation of food facilities. He uses his knowledge of food service equipment and systems, building codes, sanitation codes, food operations and traffic flow to evaluate existing and new facilities. He is often called upon to evaluate a facilities requirements for a renovation project including the building code deficiencies within the kitchen area, change to the infrastructure, kitchen equipment, finishes and traffic flow required for operationally efficiency. He also performs facility evaluations related to operational efficiency and meeting customer expectations.

facility evaluation

Expert's expertise in facility management relates to food facility management. Expert supervised engineers and maintenance crews for a campus dining program feeding 65,000 meals per day and also for a large convention hotel. This experience including the financial responsibility for both maintenance and facilities setup as well as revenue generated from the facilities. His expertise in facility design and construction along with facilities operational experience is useful in developing building and equipment maintenance programs, room rental and set ups systems.

facility management

Expert received valuable training in food facility planning as a food service director working with a major university facilities planning group where he would introduce a concept and follow it from program to design and construction. Upon completion of construction he was responsible for operating it profitably and pay for repair and maintenance of these facilities. Expert experienced the pain of replacing and repairing building materials and mechanical systems that were not suitable for the operational conditions or improperly installed in the harsh food service environment. The buildings material successes and failures provided very valuable lessons in how to properly plan a food facility. He uses this experience to provide food facility programming, plan reviews and consultation to owner's of food facilities.

facility planning


food facility

With 40 years of food service experience Expert is comfortable in a kitchen during the design phase, the building phase, planning the menu and serving the customer. Expert's experience spans from cooking over an open fire on cattle drives to feeding three U.S. Presidents, several Prime Ministers and other World Leaders. He has provided design services from concessions stands to College Dining Facilities feeding 15,000 meals per day. Management advisory services from food warehouse inventory control and routes to Branded Concept Development. Food processing systems form cook-chill to a feasibility study for preservation, storage and distribution of an entire country's food supply.

food service


ISO 22000 (food management)


food service industry

Expert brings real life experience to operational audits knowing the short cuts that food service operators are likely to take. Expert has experience in providing food service operational audits that cover all aspects of a food service operation including but not limited to: Customer satisfaction, mystery shopper, food quality, sanitation and safety, inventory control, cash handling, profit and loss statement analysis, menu systems, purchasing and accounting, management controls, and staffing issues. He understands the food service employees environment and how to relate to them.

operational auditing

Expert's expertise in food facility operations management are derived from 35 years of experience in successful management of food facilities as well as the academic experience from teaching an upper division college class "Food Organization and Management" to college food science majors. He blends the real life experience and the academic information to provide sound advice to his clients.

operations management

Expert has forty years of experience in the food service industry and a Masters of Science Degree in Food Science upon which to base his restaurant management advice. When Expert taught Food Organization and Management to Food Science majors he assigned a major project to the students to develop a plan for a food service operation from concept through the first year of operation. Expert used his extensive food management experience as well as theoretical management principles to guide these students through the project just as he does his clients. Food management requires many skills and knowledge including management principles, food production and quality standards and marketing.

restaurant management


food service management

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Houston, Texas;  Austin, Texas;  Pasadena, Texas;  Waco, Texas;  Killeen, Texas;  College Station, Texas;  Baytown, Texas;  Bryan, Texas;  Sugar Land, Texas;  and Round Rock, Texas.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1988   M.S Food Science   Food Science   Texas A&M University  
1968   BS   Chemistry   University of Montana  
1968   BS   Zoology   University of Montana  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1994 to




Food Services Consultants and Designers




Provide commercial kitchen design and management advisory services to clients which include university, health care, correctional, education, B&I and other commercial food establishments. Kitchen Design Services include: Concept Development, Campus Master Plan, Kitchen Facilities Evaluation, Preliminary Design, Construction Documents Construction Administration Start-up Services.

Management Advisory Services include: Campus Master Plan Contract Compliance Review Contract Development and Implementation Food Facility Operations Review Management and Employee Review and Training Profit and Loss Statements and review POS System Development Inventory Control Analysis Food Production System Analysis and Implementation Bakery Operation Analysis Consultation on all aspects of food preparation, commissary and cook-chill systems.

1973 to 1994


Texas A&M University


Department of Food Services


Director of Food Services


Responsible for the operation of a campus food operation serving 65,000 meals per day from 22 revenue producing units and supported by Central Warehouse, Commissary, Bakery, Meat Shop, Vegetable Preparation and Laundry. The operation required 1,000 employees.

Responsible for the food operations as wells as the design, construction and maintenance of food facilities and building as the campus population grew from 14,000 to 44,000 students and 16,000 staff.

Career Accomplishments:

He is currently a profession member of FoodService Consultants Society International and has been involved in many food service related organizations including International Food Service Executives Association, Texas Chef's Association/American Culinary Federation, National Association of College and University Food Service including position as regional president and numerous national committees, Texas Restaurant Association, Texas Association for School Nutrition.

Professional Appointments

Region Vll Presidnet National Association of College and University Food Services(NACUFS), NACUFS National Committee including Branding Project, Finance Committee, Chairman of National Conference Policies and Procedures. Deacon First Baptist Church College Station


"Contributor of the Year" Texas Chef's Association, "Innovator of the Year" National Frozen Food Institute, Restaurants and Institutions Magazine "Design Award" and Honorable Mention on two occasions, Pepsi "Most Valuable Promotion Award 1st Place," Pepsi "Most Valuable Promotion Honorable Mention 3rd Place," Allied Bakery Manufacturers Outstanding Service Award.

Publications and Patents Summary

He holds three U.S. Patents for Food Service Equipment and wrote the first food service sanitation and safety training manual used by the Texas Restaurant Association for Training Classes for there members. Wrote the first publish scientific study of Impingement Oven Baking.

Wrote M.S. Thesis on Impingement Baking which was the first published documents on this subject.

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
1995 to 1996   Texas Department of Criminal Justice   Consultant   He studied the existing warehousing and distribution system used by TDCJ which consisted of warehousing by at least 6 different department with transportation to various state prisons by the TDCJ Transportation Department. Study showed the inefficiencies of the system and potential cost savings for regional consolidated warehouses.
1998 to 1998   U.S. Army   Member of Consulting Team   Provided food operational review on several military bases to determine food quality and satisfaction level of the customers
1995 to   Various State and local governments   Consultant   Provide food facility design and Management Advisory Services to state and local government agencies.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He provided consulting services for a large consolidated school district that was operating a cook and ship hot food service commissary. The project included analysis of the existing operation, developing a program of requirements to enlarge the existing facility for the addition of a commodity storage warehouse, additional cooking and processing capacity including the addition of chilling and cold storage and shipment to the schools.Two of the biggest improvements included modification of the bakery mixing equipment and dough hoist that increased capacity of the roll equipment form 30,000 rolls per week to 20,000 rolls per hour and the addition of dry and refrigerated warehousing.
  • He conducted a contract management review of a junior college that was experiencing poor food quality and service from their management company. The original intent was to conduct the study and then write an RFP for the food service operations. He discovered that the food program had deteriorated to such a low that no regional or national food service contractor would provide a full time manager for this facility.He helped the college to review their options and then provided both management and design services to renovate their dining facilities, add convenience store and in-house brands and to develop all of the necessary tools to become self operated and financially successful.
  • He provided food service design services to a large school district located in four different cities with different code requirements to renovate 40 elementary, 8 middle and 4 high schools and to build three new elementary schools.Many of the elementary schools were located in a city that required that the renovated schools must meet the same code standards as a new school. This requirement presented a significant budget impact and required a lot of very detailed design work to remove exposed conduit and piping and restore existing equipment that was not budgeted for replacement. The architectural firm stated that he provided the best service for this detail project that they had ever received.
  • Provided management consulting to a large inner city school district that operated a central food service warehouse that delivered food and supplies to each school several times each week.Consulting contract included a review of their inventory, revision of the inventory description and in controls to prevent theft. The project uncovered employee theft and mismanagement resulting in the termination of the warehouse manager and several employees. He directed the warehouse operation while a replacement was trained for the position.He also provided design work for the repair of the cooler and freezer, included leveling of ceiling panels, new forklift doors and the installation of pallet rack for the freezer, cooler and dray storage area.
  • Provided kitchen design services for a 50 year old large college food service kitchen located in the basement. Design services included central pot and pan operation and the bulk cooking area with 120 feet of kitchen exhaust hoods. Work included the identification of both kitchen equipment requirements as well as identifying mechanical, electrical, plumbing and architectural changes that should be made.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in food automation processing kitchen design for consulting.
  • Food production commissary expert for consulting.
  • Expert in food service commissary for consulting on design project.
  • Restaurant expert for consulting on construction of a new office park kitchen/cafeteria.
  • Commissary operations expert for consulting on operations.
  • Expert for consulting on Needing a Food Hygiene expert or Certified Food Scientist
  • Expert in food production for consulting on fast food franchise based on Middle Eastern cuisine.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Retail Food and Beverage safety expert for consulting on case in which a client drank chlorine or other bleaching agent that was in a convenience store fountain drink.
  • Expert in bakery design issue that resulted in fire and loss.
  • Restaurant operations expert for consulting on the safe disposal of hot grease.
  • Expert for consulting on interpretation and explanation of "fields of use" in license agreement.
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Market Research:
Developed In-House Food Brands for several clients including logo, menu and recipes. Analyzed military retail food operations for improvement in marketing, and delivery of services. Analyzed clients food preparation and service systems and recommended marketing strategies for improved revenue. Developed in-house food brand for a National Association which included logo, menu, construction requirements, operations guide and marketing strategy. Developed three new institutional dining concepts: First Food Court on a College Campus; Accordion Style Institution system for rapid feeding in a small space and the Plate Ready Faculty member for Penton Publishing Company "Branding Institute". "Innovator of the Year" by National Frozen Food Institute "Rolling Pin Award" by Allied Bakery Manufacturers for conducting Seminars and Training Seminar for food service operators. Speaker USDA Food Safety Inspectors on Inspecting Institutional Food Facilities. Speaker to National Conferences of School Food Service Association and the National Association of College and University Food Services and The National Association of College Administrators. Provided details and insight to the Army Corps of Engineers for their Dining Hall Program of Requirements.

Designed and implemented three new food serving systems: First Food Court on a College Campus, Accordion Style Service to rapidly feed a variety of food in a small area, and The Plate Ready system which feeds 2,400 people in fourteen minutes.

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Additional Skills and Services:

He developed employee training courses for food service employees that were implemented on a weekly basis and taught during an extend coffee break. The courses provided an on going employee training program for basic job skills such as sanitation, safety and customer service and specific job performance training for multiple job categories. He developed and implemented a annual bakery seminar which was conducted for over twenty years. Bakers and food service managers form every state and at least 10 foreign countries attended this seminar. He developed an operating bakery for the National Retail Bakery Convention showing automation improvements for Retail Bakers. He coordinated the donation of specific pieces of equipment and a staff of volunteer bakers to demonstrate a variety of automation techniques for the convention visitors. He developed an energy saving program for food service operations that encouraged employee participation and competition to reduce energy costs, He developed and implemented a Chef and Cook Certification program that was accredited by the American Culinary Foundation and the Texas Chef Association as a recruiting, retention and employee training program. He was a lecturer to the Food and Drug Administration food inspector training program. He co-authored a food service sanitation and training manual which was used by the Texas Restaurant Association food safety seminars for several years.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

He wrote the RFQ for a multi-campus Food Service Point of Sale (POS )and Accounting System for institution clients. Analyzed the clients requirements and interface with corporate accounting, developed preliminary requirements and invited vendors that meet the requirements to a presentation to the client. He wrote detail specification based on the what the client like from the vendors. Analyzed the response and selected vendor. Coordinated implementation. He wrote the Request for Quotation for Campus Pouring Rights, Campus Food Service Management, and Campus Vending for several institutions. Designed food facilities including writing the specification for the food service equipment, developed the RFP, selected the contractor and managed the construction.

Other Skills and Services

Food facility design for new and renovation projects for schools, colleges, hospitals, B&I, prisons and other institutional clients.

Taught Pizza Hut how to bake pizza in an impingement oven which is now the industry standard.


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