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 Expert  724667

Expert in Energy, Gas and Diesel Engine Generators, Combined Heat and Power Distribution

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

United Kingdom
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Run an informal group of experts, about 160 who are attempting to devise and alternative energy strategy for the UK, Europe and the world. This involves looking at all the potential concepts, wind power, tidal power, biomass, solar power etc scoping the potential contribution, costs; looking at aspects of integration, rate of introduction, and to what extent alternatives can replace fossil and other forms of energy, but with low green house gas footprints.

Various concepts are robustly debated in this forum, which includes power station and transmission system operators and a whole range of different expertise. Hence he has developed a good knowledge of the technologies, there likely costs and applications.

Familiar with various forms of moving grate waste combustor to generate power via steam turbine. Have visited various sites in Germany, Slovenia, Northern Ireland. Aware of typical costs and performances.

Familiar with use of diesel engines, gas engines/ spark ignited engines in a variety of cogeneration applications - known in Europe as Combined Heat and Power or CHP. Have installed several MW sized schemes running on bio-gas / sludge gas and have been involved in schemes using small automotive engines. Convinced British Gas to invest in the concept of the domestic stirling engine for micro-chip.

Have studied in detail in the past methods of distributing heat from combined heat and power systems and concluded that the way forward would be for small engine systems, about 500 kW located close to houses. Familiar with most types of combustion engine of the reciprocating type - costs, performances etc. Some familiarity with gas turbines by way of comparison. Familiar with compression ignition engines - major manufactures, costs, performances, applications etc. Very familiar with these. Have supervised the conversion of 30 standby diesels for use in peak lopping schemes in parallel with the grid. Understand costs and potential benefits.


alternative energy


biomass energy system


calorific value


engine selection


electric power generation equipment


combined-cycle electric power generating system


electric energy generation


fossil fuel


gas turbine electric energy generation


alternative-fuel combustion


spark-ignition engine


energy-efficient cogeneration




four-stroke cycle engine


combined heat and power distribution


combustion engine


heat engine


internal combustion


compression-ignition engine


diesel-electric energy generation

Have conducted direct mail campaigns to persuade industry in the UK to invest in peak lopping diesels and gas fired CHP for Caterpillar - Finning. Familiar with costs, benefits and technology of district heating, losses, performances etc.

He is familiar with equipment to burn waste wood - typically moving grate. these can be used to burn almost any kind of wood in any condition with certain exceptions).

Also familiar with the wood pellet market which has much drier fuel and is pelletized to a consistent size and standard and can be burnt typically in smaller domestic or commercial buildings for heat only. Have worked as energy manager in a large waste water company for 9 years and very experienced in the operation of these plants including how to cut energy losses.

Expert has developed a system to benchmark the performance of waste water pumping systems for the UK water industry. This enables users to look at all pump performance in terms of kWh/Ml/m lift. Expert has also developed a method of detecting anomous pump running by automatic analysis of pump half hour power data. Whilst at Wessex Water as energy manager, he was responsible for the purchase of 270 GW h/ year worth about $30million dollars. By predicting price forward and purchasing 3 years at the bottom of the market he saved the company $8million dollars over 3 years. Expert has a keen interest in what makes up the electricity price.

Expert has worked for either the manufacture or the dealer of several major engine companies and is familiar with how they work and the markets they sell in to and the applications of their engines. Expert has worked for Caterpillar, Cummins, Waukesha, Lister. Expert has bought product from these manufacturers. Expert has worked for many high speed engine manufacturers and has had to compete with heavy duty engine suppliers and so has an understanding of the differences in costs and performances and the different fuel characteristics they can handle. Expert has worked for many engine manufacturers and is keenly aware of the need to drive efficiency and the means by which manufacturers are doing this.


direct mail


district heating


wood burning


wastewater treatment


wastewater pumping equipment


electricity price


engine manufacturer


heavy-duty engine




marine engine


piston engine


energy-efficient engine generator

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Automotive and Small Engines
Evaporative and Refueling Emission Control
Process Heat and Mass Transfer, Energy systems and...
Power Plant & Marine Propulsion Engineering, Boilers,...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1973   Bsc Hons   Civil Engineering   Institute of Energy  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1989 to 2007


Wessex Water




Eenrgy Manager


Purchasing and saving of energy through all water departments. $30 annual energy budget

1997 to 1995


Cummins Engine Company


Genergy Drive




Advising on diesel engine installation

1990 to 1995


Caterpillar engine (Finning - Cat)


Power Generation


Sales Manager


Developing gas engine chp market

Career Accomplishments:

Member Institute of Diesel and Gas Turbine Engineers Chartered Member of the Institute of Energy Chairmen of the Claverton Group of Energy Experts


Cited in Marquis' Who's Who in the World Cited in Marquis' Who's Who in the World of Energy

Publications and Patents Summary

Author of "The IRG solution"

Consulting Services:
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Causes of engine failure
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Caterpillar engine expert needed for consulting on Caterpillar C15 Engine used in a Peterbilt truck Acert Technology.
  • Ignition system expert for consulting on Ford spark plugs used in 3-valve engine of F-150.
  • Expert in Matter relating to diesel generator power stations, including concerns relating to diesel generators and the cooling water system.
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Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
German   He has a very basic level
French   He has a very basic level

Market Research:
Run a network of 150 energy experts.

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