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 Expert  724720

Expert in Engineering Systems Design & Development: SAW Sensors, Cleanrooms, VLSI Technology, Photolithography

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Bexley, NSW
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert began research in computational mechanics of fibre-reinforced composite materials through which he obtained his PhD. With this background, he explored other advanced materials like piezoelectrics. Piezoelectric materials are essential for the development of SAW sensors.

advanced material

Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensors are micro-electro-mechanical sensors. The convert energy from electrical to mechanical and back to electrical. The sensing is performed in the mechanical phase of energy. The sensors are fabricated in a cleanroom through standard VLSI technology. The input Inter-Digital-Transducer (IDT) (made of aluminum, titanium or gold) are deposited on piezoelectric wafers (quartz, lithium niobate, PZT, etc) to enable the effect.

applied mechanics

Expert has been actively involved in device product development since 1997. It involves concept development, literature reviews; a design process encompassing simulation and modelling, and instrumentation and testing for various applications. He actively developed SAW sensors in the USA between 1998-2001.

device product development

The innovation for SAW sensors (and hence the application of a patent) would be application driven. The focus should be on solving a problem creatively through the simplest means. The design can be as elaborate as desired. Expert has a patent for the design and development of a MEMS RF-SAW Sensor.


Reactive ion etching is a process through which the IDT structures get carved out of metal initially deposited across the whole wafer. Through photolithograpy, selective areas are masked from the etching process. Magnetic RIE equipment can be used for this. He has developed SAW sensors through both the reactive ion etch process as well as the lift off process.

ion etching

Photolithograhy is the process by which the photoresist coated wafer is selectively exposed to UV light through a chromium mask. A mask aligner is used for the purpose. Ion beam lithography is sufficient for the feature size of the IDTs (75-100MHz device).

ion-beam lithography

The lift off process is complementary to the reactive ion process. In this process, photoresist is coated, photolithography undertaken prior to metallization through e-gun or thermal evaporation. He has developed SAW sensors through both these processes.

lift-off (semiconductor fabrication)

Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) are structures and systems in the microns regime. At this scale, stiction due to surface tension and viscous forces are larger than inertial forces. This presents a problem for many MEMS devices. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensors are simpler in that these can be fabricated from a single mask process (i,e. NOT multi-layer process), no movable components and hence this problem never arises. Expert has not only designed SAW sensors but has fabricated them in a Class 10 cleanroom facility at the Pennsylvania State University, USA.

micro electrical-mechanical system

Nanotechnology refers to devices and structures developed in the nanometers regime. Although most SAW devices have the smallest dimension in microns, the higher the operating frequency of the SAW devices, the smaller, the smallest dimension (tens to hundreds of nanometers) would be and consequently the more difficult to develop.


New products can be developed according to the market requirements and user applications. Although traditionally used as an electrical filter in the 60s, SAW sensors are currently being used for biochemical applications. The desired application is left to the ingenuity of the developer.

new product development

The SAW device is developed through standard VLSI wafer processing. The photolithography required at least a Class 100 clean room to ensure successful photolithography and metallization. Electron beam lithography, photolithography and wet bench equipment are available in most reputable universities conduction similar research.

semiconductor wafer processing

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1990   BS   Mechanical Engineering   National University of Singapore   Yes
2003   Executive MBA   Technopreneurship, Intellectual Property Rights and Commercialization   Helsinki School of Economics   GPA 3.78
1994   PhD   Computational Mechanics   National University of Singapore   N/A

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title  

2007 to


Expert's Firm


Mining and Industry


Principal Engineer / Senior Design Manager


2006 to 2007


Moltoni Adams Australia


Contracting Division


Project Manager


2005 to




High Tech Engineering Consulting


Principal Consultant


2002 to 2005


Kulicke and Soffa Inc.


Engineering Division


Engineering Manager


1996 to 2002


DSO National Laboratories


Materials and Electronics Division


Senior Engineer / Program Manager


1994 to 1996


Chartered Industry of Singapore


Computer Simulation Group


Mechanical Engineer


1990 to 1994


National University Singapore


Acoustics and Vibrations Laboratory


Graduate Engineer


Career Accomplishments:



Certified Associate of Emergenetics Asia Pte Ltd (a subsidiary of Emergenetics Inc, USA).


US Patent and Trademarks Office Patent; Outstanding Research Award, Pennsylvania State University, USA; Panel of Judges, Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Competition; Panel of Judges, National Junior Robotics Competition; Mentor, Young Defense Scientist Program

Medical/Professional Internships

Postdoctoral attachment to the Pennsylvania State University, USA (1998-2000) for MEMS and Nanotechnology. Developed Sensors in the Class 10 Cleanroom facility at Research Park, State College.

Publications and Patents Summary

He has published 8 international journal papers and 3 conference papers.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Electronics Packaging Technology Conference  
 - Wave Motion  
 - Smart Materials and Structures  
 - Composites Engineering  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
1996 to 2002   DSO National Laboratories   Senior Engineer / Program Manager   He successfully managed the MEMS / Nanotechnology program.
1994 to 1996   Chartered Industry of Singapore   Mechanical Engineer   Design and modelling of engineering systems.
1990 to 1994   Jurong Townhall Corporation   Graduate Engineer   He conducted analysis, processing and control recommendation based on field measurements pertaining to vibration of flatted factories. He liaised with government official on the results and recommendations.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He has been a trainer for government and private companies in Singapore until he migrated to Australia in 2006. He has analysed and presented reports to individuals from these organizations using the neuroscience based tool, Emergenetics.
  • He has developed a surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor through design, simulation and fabrication. He has worked in a class-10 cleanroom at the Pennsylvania State University, USA for 2 years. Upon returning to Singapore, he successfully transferred the technology for development work undertaken in the USA. As a stretched target, he replicated the sensor development process and developed the sensors in Singapore. Prior to beginning this process, he provided consulting services to the Singapore government (Defence Department) on the facilities and equipment that were required for the development. [Note: He left DSO National Laboratories in 2002 because they had no interest in commercial applications of the SAW sensors.]
  • He is currently working in a engineering consulting services company in Australia. Expert's Firm has 5000 employees in 65 countries. He is providing design management consulting expertise to various clients in the area of Mining and Industry at the moment. GHD also provides expertise in Agriculture, Structures, Water, Environment, Economics, etc.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in Plasma (RIE etching and plasma cleaning).
  • Expert in SAW sensor for consulting on market research to identify ideal application for this technology.
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Expert Witness:
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1997 to 1997   Switzerland, Europe   He went on a technology evaluation trip to the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland. He had to write a report upon returning to Singapore to present his evaluation and recommendation moving forward.
1998 to 2000   Pennsylvania, USA   He was assigned to acquire surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology through development of sensors for a defence application. The sensor can be applied to other commercial areas like biomedical engineering industry.
1990 to 2005   Singapore   Extensive engineering and business development experience in Singapore.
2006 to   Australia   Worked in Moltoni Adams and GHD. These companies are privately owned within Australia.
2007 to   Australia   Currently working at Expert's Firm.

Market Research:
He developed technology roadmaps for business development purposes i.e. solicit funds for projects with clients. Business trends, forecasting and market share analysis undertaken.

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Additional Skills and Services:

He has delivered training seminars to Corporate Clients. This is based on a neuroscience based profiling tool called Emergenetics from the USA.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Done throughout career as engineer until 1997. Thereafter delegated to his engineers.

Other Skills and Services

The Expert obtained a PhD in 1994 for developing a mathematical model for computational mechanics of laminated fibre-reinforced composites. Thus, extensive modelling and simulation experience. He has also recently undertaken simulation and modelling based on the Monte Carlo Method. Thus, depending on the complexity and relevance of project, he may decide to take up an assignment in the area.


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