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Expert in Manufacture Testing & Quality Assessment of Welded Steel Tube & Pipe, of API Q-1Specification, AWWA

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Utah (UT)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
In the area of standards for API grades of line pipe (5L), down hole casings (5CT) and Resource Group on Nondestructive Testing he is a member of these committees, with the responsibility of up-grading existing standards and writing new standards. He has been a member of these committees for over 26 years. He's familiar with most line pipe standards of different countries. Total of 133 valves, hull and topside installations. Valve manufacturer is Flowserve of Utah. Expert was recently involved in the start-up of a spiral weld, mill in Canada, producing 15 foot diameter cylinders. Expert was recently involved in the start-up of a spiral weld mill producing up to 15 foot diameter cylinders. This facility was located in Canada. In September of 2012 Expert was retained by a company of Malaysia to audit a pipe mill in that country to determine the mill manufacturing capabilities and product quality abilities. Within a two week period Expert had lead the operational personnel to double their hourly production from 30 sections to 60 sections per hour.
He's knowledgeable of most of the petroleum industry's tube and pipe standards, the standard of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) for water pipe, the tube and pipe standards of theASTM standard, 01.01 Steel Piping, Tubing, Fittings.Recently involved in the area od hot induction pipe bends in two different plants Involved in writing quality manual for one of the plants, set-up a spiral forming sub arc welding mill in Canada to produce 15 ft 6inch diameter settlement tanks, trouble shooting an erw pipe mill in Malaysia to improve productivity and product quality.
In his many years in the tube and pipe manufacturing industry he has been involved in the production of all kinds and grade of this product. His main expertise lies in the production of pipe for the petroleum industry, API and ISO types and grades of tube and pipe. Also, in the city water grades of pipe as in the AWWA specification.
His expertise lies in the quality evaluation of tube and pipe for the petroleum market, such as Non-destructive testing, physical testing, impact testing, burst testing, hydrostatic testing, both in manufacturing plant and in the field and visual inspection. While employed in the private sector of the industry he holds ASNT level III in non-destructive procedures. He has worked as lead inspector for several clients involved in the petroleum pipe market instructing novice inspectors, supervising inspectors and auditing production in the producing plant when client's order is being manufactured and tested. He has been involved in the development and writing of quality standards for tube and pipe in the petroleum industry for over 24 years. He's a voting member of three standing committees of the E & P section of the American Petroleum Industry. Approximately 15 years ago API made the requirement that all API tube and pipe manufacturers develop a management quality manual according to API Q-1 Specification. He has written four such Q-1 manuals for different clients. Last one written was for a pipe manufacturer in China.

qualification test standard

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Salt Lake City, Utah;  Provo, Utah;  Sandy, Utah;  Orem, Utah;  Ogden, Utah;  West Jordan, Utah;  and Layton, Utah.

Often requested
with this expert:

Welding Engineering, Process Development, Welding...
Plastic Piping Systems, Hydrostatic Stress, Oxidative...
Energy & Process Piping Design
Quality Auditing, Welding Engineering,

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1951   BS ME   Mechanical Engineering   Univ. of Alabama  
1962   Diploma   Metallurgical Engineer   Canadian Inst. of Science  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2009 to




Manufacturing and Technical Assistance Department


Consultant & State Side Representative.


Mill planning expertise for 8" OD casing mill, Proving steel chemistry's for OCTG, hot stretch reduction process, cold sizing, heating, quenching and tempering and mill flow design. Representing Baoji at API semi-annual meetings. Two visits to the area this year, 2010.

1997 to




Equipment Manufacturing


Consulting Engineer


Provide current pipe mill manufacturing techniques to staff. Training of clients personnel in API requirements, etc.

1992 to




Legal and Engineering Dept




Consultant to Corporate Attorney in pipeline failure action. Consultant to Chief Engineer. Training personnel in pipe inspection techniques.

1990 to






Field Engineer


Present equipment capability to pipe manufacturers.

1983 to





Consultant/Expert Witness


After retiring from USS, Expert was retained by Lone Star Steel Co. as a consultant to the CEO & President. Accepted a contract position as Corp. Director of Quality for the total plant at Lone Star, Texas.

1990 to 1998


Paragon Industries


Pipe mill Operations


Plant Manager and Chief Engineer


Daily operation of 8 5/8 " OD ERW pipe mill. Preliminary design and equipment placement for 16" OD ERW pipe mill.

1983 to 1989


Lone Star Steel Co.


Inspection Department


Corporate Director of Quality


Total responsibility of steel melting via electric furnaces,, continious slab casting, rolling mill and two pipe mills for quality product.

1955 to 1983


United States Steel Corp


Geneva Works, Pipe Mill Division


Manager, Pipe Mill Inspection & Metallurgy


Expert was responsible for quality control & quality assurance of two pipe production lines. 16 inch ERW line and 40 inch U-O-E line.

Career Accomplishments:

American Petroleum Institute: In this organization he is a member of the line pipe committee, API-5L Specification,the down hole casing committee, API 5CT ,the Resource Group on Non-Destructive Testing and the User Advisory Group..At the June,2011 meeting of the API E&P committees he was presented with a Recognition For Service award for 25 years of participation in standards development


Professional Engineer, State of California; Manufacturing Engineer.

Professional Appointments

Corporate Director of Quality, Lone Star Company

Publications and Patents Summary

Seven technical articles published. Most of the articles he has had published deals with ERW pipe/tube production quality and statistical use in a pipe mill.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Tube and pipe journal  
 - Tube & Pipe Technology & Welded Steel Pipe Journal of China  
 - Tube & Pipe Journal  
 - Tube & pipe Journal  
 - Practical welding today  

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
1995 to 1997   Aid To International Development   Pipe manufacturing consultant   Consultant to the Director of Quality Seversky tube Co. Russia
1997 to 1997   Aid To International Development   Pipe manufacturing consultant   Consultant to the owner of Sultuca Pipe Co. Venezuela. both for International Executive Service Corps, part of AID.
1952 to 1955   U.S. Air Material Command   Sr. Tool & Equipment designer   Re work of WWII air planes to be used in the Korea conflict.
1946 to 1949   U.S. Navy   Seaman   general war time duties

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Retained by British Petroleum of Alaska to survey steel mill and pipe mill in North America to determine if they can produce steel plates for and 52inch diameter pipe for the North Slope natural Gas pipeline.
  • Retained by Paragon Pipe of Supulpa, OK to design 16 inch ERW pipe mill.
  • Retained by Lone Star Steel Co, Lone Star, TX to up grade and improve their ERW welding process. After two years as Consultant accepted position of Corporate Director of Quality.
  • Retained by Bronx Taylor Wilson/ Expert's Firm to provide training for Kingland Hozhou pipe personnel in China. Retained by Expert's Firm for planning of OCTG casing mill and personnel training in Q&T of green tube to make world class collapse resistance down hole casing & tubing for Baoji Steel Group of China.
  • Retained by Welded tube of Canada to assist in up grading their pipe producing units to qualify for API license to make pressure tube and pipe.Retained by T.S. Law Holding Co. to audit pipe mill in Malaysia to determine mill capablity for production rate and quality of product, 7 pipe manufacturing facilities.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Steel pipe expert intota for consulting on API Pipe.
  • Expert in welding for consulting on Joining API X80 pipe and Q&T 4130.
  • Spiral pipe mill expert for consulting on necessary equipment and quality control.
  • Pipe threading expert for consulting on Pipe threading to assist with training and problem resolution
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Several depositions, hearings and trial cases where Expert provided expert testimony, deposition assistance and expert advice. He has provided expert testimony in six pipe line failure cases.In February of 99 Expert was in Australia for four weeks on a boiler tube failure case. He was in the witness box for two days.
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on API 5L X70 LASW pipe.
  • Expert in Metallurgy and Pipe Mfg *KR.
  • Steel pipe expert for consulting on pipe manufacturing.
  • Expert for consulting on in identifying types of pipe and tube.
  • Expert familiar with API Standards for consulting on expert witness for legal case involving API-5CT testing standards.
  • API 5L line pipe expert for consulting on a needed API 5L line pipe in Houston.
  • Asnt expert for consulting on ANST.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
to   Argentina   Retained by Yoder Co of Cleveland, Ohio, to correct skelp forming problems caused by bad pas line calculations as to skelp elevation for down slope forming on a 24 inch diameter ERW pipe mill they had rebuilt.
to   Venezuela   Retained by Int. Executive Corp. to train personnel of Soltuca Co. in the fine points of submerged arc welding of spiral formed pipe.
1995 to 1995   Russia   Retained by Int. Executive Service Corp. to assist Seversky Tube Works to develop a steel chemistry to produce high strength down hole casings.
2001 to 2001   China, Panyu Chu kong Steel Pipe Co.   Start-up assistance of a relocated 20" through 42" U-O-E pipe mill Training personnel in API line pipe and down hole casing requirements.
2005 to 2005   China, Huzhou Kingland Pipe Co.   Start-up assistance of a new 8" through 24" ERW line pipe mill. Training personnel in mill set-up, quality objectives and API requirements.

Market Research:
As he meets to train personnel, his first topic is safety in the pipe facility.

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Additional Skills and Services:

He has developed a training seminar to present to personnel of new pipe manufacturers. Includes forming, welding, finishing and testing procedures to manufacture API type tube & pipe. Presented this to the following:Two new ERW pipe mills in China, One mill in Canada hiring a new crew, two times and a new ERW tube mill in Portland.

Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Co of China Severdky Tube Works of Russia Welded Tube of Canada Kingland Hozhou Steel Pipe Co. of China

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Western Instruments Inc. St Albert, Alberta, Canada

Expert's Firm Ltd. Perrysburg, Ohio

Brnox Taylor Wilson, North Canton, Ohio All related to equipment used in manufacturing of tube/pipe.

Other Skills and Services

ERW pipe weld area evaluation via microscope and macros. Pipe failure analysis. Pipe mill design, plant layout, equipment selection and flow line development. ERW forming roll design.


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