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Expert in Nutrition: Animal & Human; Mineral Bioavailability, Support to Nutritional Claims

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Summary of Expertise:

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His doctoral thesis pertained to the study of fatty acid synthesising enzymes in the different subcellular fractions of rabbit during the development of atherosclerosis and the effect of estrogens on them. The postdoctoral work at Rice University was on the isolation and characterization of the enzyme, dopa decarboxylase from the rat brain by using different new analytical techniques. Further he studied the substrate specificity of this enzyme. The latter study would help in the development of drugs for Parkinson's disease, a disease in which this enzyme plays a role.

More work of his work done on enzymes is described elsewhere in this biography.



He has worked on the following areas as a principal investigator with a group of scientists on the following areas of animal/human nutrition. --optimizing nutrient compositions with commercial advantage in feeds for animals( ruminants/layers/broilers). --Enhancement of immunity thru' mannon oligosaccharides(cell wall components) in birds. --Feed enzymes to improve the quality of feeds (cellulases, phytases etc) --use of stable forms of vitamin C for prawn nutrition --Made presentations / recommendations on how India can be useful as a source of animal nutrition research with cost advantage --Developed for the first time, a highly sensitive qualitative immunoassay for the detection of ricin (castor toxin)by using antibodies from rabbit serum

food research and development

Besides what has been mentioned above, he worked also on the following areas: --Selenium needs for optimum animal performance. --Initiated work on the production of selenomethionine/selenocysteine by growing yeast in a selenium containing medium (work could not be taken further as he retired from service) --As already mentioned, principal investigator of a patented compound for the enhancement of iron bioabsorption in vegetarians by exploiting the structural similarity between chlorophyll and heme. He was also part of the team on conducting the human volunteer trials with the compound. --successfully worked on increasing levels of omega3/omega 6 fatty acids in egg yolk by manipulating the feeds. --Interacted with NGOs in improving the nutritional status of the masses. --He may be useful in assessing the efficacy of the approaches adopted by international bodies in improving the nutritional status in developing countries.


His research/academic background allowed him to undertake work on the exploitation of commercial phytase as a nutrient. He had studied the enzyme for the first time and this later, led to the extensive use of this India in feeds by various commercial feed manufacturers. In particular, he studied its use with phytate rich cereals/brans to -endogenously liberate phosphate -liberate inositol with several benefits -enhance mineral absorption

nutritional biochemistry

As the Head of Animal Nutrition Research, he worked with a team of efficient scientists, on Protected Proteins for the ruminants, wherein good quality dietary proteins are protected from ruminal degradation through heat or formaldehyde. This approach significantly enhanced the milk yield. This work was successfully commercialised by the establishment of systems in the factories for production/quality control, optimization of levels of incorporation in feeds and assessing the efficacy by the milk yield improvement



nutrition support


mineral bioavailability

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1975   Ph.D   Biochemistry   Kent State University  
1966   M.Sc   Chemistry   Madras University, India   Third rank in the University
1964   B,Sc   Chemistry   Madras University   First Class

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2001 to 2004


Hindustan Univever Limited


Research Centre


Head, Nutrition Research (Retd)


He is responsible for human nutrition research projects particularly enhancement of iron bioavailability in humans (principal investigator of a patent in this area),human volunteer trials in St. John's Medical College advice on company's product claims, liaising with leading nutrition research institutes of India. Also served as the Chairman of the Expert Committee on Nutrition including Child Nutrition of Indian Chapter of International Life Science Institute (Washington based NGO)

1996 to 2001


Hindustan Unilever Limited


Animal feeding Stuffs


Head, Animal Nutrition Innovation Centre


Establish the new research centre, identify projects of relevance to the company, establish systems of monitoring the progress of the projects, research in mineral metabolism in animals (particularly calcium),enhancement of bioavailability of minerals particularly of iron, selenium sources and needs in animal systems, enhancement of immunity, protected proteins, least cost formulations, liaising with business and commercialization of viable research ideas

1992 to 1996


Hindustan Unilever Limited


Animal Feeding Stuffs


General Operations Manager (South and East)


Responsible for production, profitability, quality control, sales and marketing (in short, running an animal feed business worth Indian rupees 2 billion. Also served as the Deputy Chairman of All India Feed Manufacturers' Association

1980 to 1992


Hindustan Unilever Limited


Research Centre/ Animal Feeding Stuffs




Research projects primarily on animal nutrition (poultry, prawn)

1975 to 1977


Rice University, Houston Texas




Robert Welch Foundation Postdoctoral fellow


isolation and characterization of dopa decarboxylase and its role in Parkinson's disease

1972 to 1975


Kent State University




Graduate Student


Ph.D Student working on the role of fatty acid synthesising systems in the development of atherosclerosis and the effect of estrogens in them

Publications and Patents Summary

Principal investigator of a patent on development of a novel compound for increased iron absorption in humans

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Academic Press- Elsevier  

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  • Animal feed enzymes expert for consulting on enzyme stability in steam treated animal feed patent case.
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Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
English   Taught students at Kent State

Market Research:
Served as a Deputy Chairman of Feed Manufacturers' Association of India. This body's objective is the promote production of quality feeds and to address the problems confronting the industry by interacting with the Government, Academic and research institutions and the industry

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Additional Skills and Services:

Active participant in the training of sales and technical personnel in the company


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