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 Expert  725132

Expert in Sensitive Assay Development for Sensitive High through Screening in Pharmaceuticals, Drug Targeting

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Michigan (MI)
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Summary of Expertise:

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The work that he did on Alzheimers disease revealed a new toxic species for the Alzheimers peptide, contrary to earlier opinions published. Using analysis of the kinetics of abeta oxidation he was able to identify a specific, small folded form of the abeta peptide that was toxic to Shep and other cells. Even though the results contradicted work by others, The data were so tight that they could not be refuted. Further work using antibodies specific for different areas of the Alzheimers peptide identified a commercial antibody that bound specifically to only the toxic species. These experiments suggested the possibility of using antibody therapy as a possible deterrent to Alzheimers disease, but the project he was working on was cancelled prior to doing the definitive work on toxicity, namely putting the antibody into cells, and putting different aggregated forms of the peptide into them to look for cell toxicity and death as a function of the kinetics of Abeta aggregation.

While at Pharmacia, he was also on the Lazaroid project the purpose of which was to use antioxidants therapeutically to prevent cell death in traumatic tissue injury situations by preventing damage by oxidation products formed by injury. He was also able to show that the addition of a lazaroid antibiotic into fresh blood obtained for ultimate transfusion into patients could extend the shelf life of stored blood for a period of up to two weeks. These results were published and ultimately confirmed by two independent authors in their own publications.


Alzheimer's disease


drug development




antioxidant function


free radical


free radical biochemistry


free radical chemistry


lipid analysis


lipid biochemistry


lipid chemistry


lipid metabolism


lipid oxidation




pharmaceutical chemistry



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Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Fort Wayne, Indiana;  South Bend, Indiana;  Gary, Indiana;  Elkhart, Indiana;  Grand Rapids, Michigan;  Lansing, Michigan;  Ann Arbor, Michigan;  Kalamazoo, Michigan;  Wyoming, Michigan;  and Battle Creek, Michigan.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1969   B.Sc.   Biology   Lamar University  
1975   Masters   Biophysics   University of Houston  
1978   Ph.D.   Biophysics   University of Houston  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2003 to 2006


Mayo Clinic


Department of Anesthesiology


Associate Professor of Anesthesiology


Researcher on the effects of anesthesia on immune response of surgical patients(primary project). He was also the safety representative for the Fields unit at Mayo and have Hazmat training and the appropriate certificate.

1983 to 2003


Pharmacia, Inc.


Physical and Analytical Chemistry and Discovery Technologies Department


Principle Research Scientist


Responsible for biochemistry and physical biochemical support of Drug Discovery project teams. Responsible for developing new assay technologies to be used for high throughput screening and lead identification in new drug development.

1980 to 1983


University of Cincinnati College of Medicine


Dept. of Pharmacology and Cell Biophysics


Research Instructor/Assistant Professor


Researcher in heart disease and myocardial infarction



Expert's Firm



Adjunct Professor


Responsible for teaching Medical Terminology

Career Accomplishments:

American Chemical Society Biophysical Society Sigma Xi


New Investigator Research Award, Grant from National American Heart Association and PPG Sections on lipid metabolites and an instrument core, University of Cincinnati Medical School, Cincinnati, Ohio Robert E. Welch Fellowship, Department of Biophysical Sciences, University of Houston, Houston, Texas

New Investigator Research Award 1982; National Award from the American Heart Association 1982, Principal investigator on program project grant (PPG) and co principal investigator on instrument core grant on PPG 1983.

Publications and Patents Summary

A list of Patents (7), Peer-Reviewed Articles(56), Book Chapters (4), Intramural Lectures and Abstracts (45) will be furnished upon request.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - proceedings society experimental biology medicine  
 - Journal of Molecular Evolution  
 - The Journal of Biological Chemistry  
 - Journal of Protein Science  
 - Chemistry and Physics of Lipids  

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  • Expert witness in Alzheimer's dementia in Utah for consulting on cause of memory loss in trauma incident.
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Market Research:
Versatile, creative thought leader with numerous patents and peer-reviewed publications. Research biochemist experienced in medical education, technical writing, analytical and physiological chemistry/biochemistry in both industry and academics; member of and contributor to numerous discovery project teams in the pharmaceutical industry.

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