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Expert in Asset Configuration, Asset Management, Asset Maintenance, Asset Reconditioning, PdM/PM, RCM

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Education Work History Career Accomplishments Consulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

Listed with other top experts in: 

He is well versed with maintenance problems and refurbishing of Engine Lathes, Turret Lathes, Second operation lathes. Instructions to get the lathe refurbished if proper details are provided can be given and progress of the work can be monitored.



machine tool



He is well with High speed spindles which are used in CNC machines and Internal Grinders. The spindle is dynamically balanced and bearings are assembled in a clean room. Care and procedure to assemble, calls for meticulous work. In case of high frequency high speed spindles the spindle has to be dynamically balanced and vibration should be within acceptable limits.

high-speed spindle





He is well versed with details of machine installation which is fundamentally an important assignment, where care should be taken. Negligence will prove costly and dearly. The machine needs a good foundation with adequate load bearing concrete ratio. Some can be installed without foundation bolts and some need them. After proper curing of the foundation and by using recommended foundation bolts the machine is moved to the place and preliminary levelling is carried out. The places where spirit level to be used and type of level recommended can be ascertained from the Instruction Manual. The bolts are filled with concrete and machine allowed to cure for some days. Later the machine is given a power connection and other auxiliary facilities like air, and final levelling is carried out. The machine at design stage is checked for the balancing of all rotating and stationary components. In spite of the best designs certain amount of unbalance will be noticed. In order to overcome this unbalance and ensure that the same is within acceptable limits, levelling is done. Levelling increases life cycle, ensures proper functioning of components like bearings, motor, spindles and maintenance problems will also be within acceptable limits.

machine installation

He is well versed with assembling of machine parts which is of paramount importance. Assembly done during machine building or during maintenance work should be done only by diligent, trained ,knowledgeable persons. They should be conversant with the performance of individual mechanisms, like transmission, gear drives, types of bearings, motors, pulleys, machined shafts, housings, Sealants, pipe connections & fittings, fits and tolerances, methods to be adopted, cleanliness, lubrication techniques, tools & fixtures required, sanitised area, machining facilities etc. Without adequate information and knowledge, if the assembly is carried out it leads to encountering unexplained problems which may take days or months to analyse. Specifications maintained during design, manufacturing and inspection are consistently followed. During assembly also care should be taken to assemble only acceptable quality components. Nevertheless cleaning, lubricating and tightening of bolts occupies important feature of any type of assembly.

machinery assembly

He is well versed with machinery maintenance which is as important as productivity. A total neglect of prompt and need based maintenance of plant and utilities has led to enormous expenditure or waste of resources, and bottom line as well as the profits are affected to alarming proportions. Machinery maintenance and Productivity need synergising especially when complimentary functions have been noticed. TPM which many industries have started, can only be effective when Preventive Maintenance, Asset management and Maintenance Prevention are in place and sustained. So is Lean Manufacturing with 6sigma. Wastes eliminated, quality improvements and cycle time reduction are all directly dealing with the reliability of the machine. With the advent of Predictive Maintenance, Machinery maintenance has become phenomenal. We have Maintenance prevention tools like vibration analysis, thermography, noise and oil analysis which have to be effectively used along with Preventive Maintenance, Reliability Centred Maintenance and need based reconditioning/refurbishing wherever necessary. (recommended in view of low machine capabilities and poor quality)

machinery maintenance

He is well versed with Precision Machines. Precision means component manufacturing within tolerable critical limits and such components are directly assembled without needing further operations. Precision machine tools are group of machines which have to be used with proper care, since the inbuilt components accuracies and consistent quality of components are ensured over a long sustained period. These machines are like CNC Turning & Machining centres, Precision Gear manufacturing machines, Precision Tool room machines, Precision Grinders. All these machines fall under a different category and those who handle the maintenance and operations, should also be technically sound, adequately trained consistently, to ensure the machine's performance and its reliability. Preventive Maintenance/Periodic maintenance, Reliability centred Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance should be done religiously in order to prolong useful like and ensure satisfactory performance.

precision machine tool

He is well versed with rotating machinery which are significantly used in Petroleum and Minerals industries. The plant is a process layout and any unscheduled interruption in the line would incur dangerous losses. The reliability of these machines is not similar to that of machine tools where one could dismantle, replace parts which are accessible. In the case of centrifugal/reciprocating pumps, transfer pumps, exhaust systems, conveyors, valves, motors, which have links, it is difficult to ascertain the performance and the required output, without dismantling and analysing. Here the tools provided by Predictive Maintenance would be of tremendous use to ascertain the problems which erupt and which are likely to lead to malfunctioning/failure subsequently. Lead time is available to procure/arrange the parts and scheduled maintenance works carried out. With the advent of solid state systems, fuzzy logic, temperature and pressure sensors, which are all commonly used these plants utilisation of plant capacity has been considerably increased to appreciable levels.

rotating machinery

He is well versed with Screw machines which are recommended for large batch quantity production, at optimal cycle time, resulting in high productivity. Multiple operations are performed on the screw machines and the layout is a dedicated route which has to be strictly adhered to. Repetitive operations on 6 or 8 spindles increases productivity. Large scope is there for different types of operations with the help of attachments which are used like modules and connectivity established in a short time. The machine is user friendly and comes with various safety features and sensor controls for rejections. Machines are available both for chuckmatic and barmatic. The machines are made with CNC controls also The range starts with 6mm to 120mm dia.

screw machine

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1970   B. E.   Mechanical   University College of Engineering  
1968   B.E.   Electrical   MSR College of Engineering  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2007 to






DGM Maintenance


He is responsible for all types of Breakdown, Predictive/Preventive Maintenance, Increasing up-time and productivity, offering maintenance solutions to repetitive problems, Maintaining MTBF and MTTR, on all types of conventional, SPM, CNC & Multispindle automats. TPM and lean manufacturing activities.

2005 to 2007


Sri Balaji Maintenance Services


Own business




He has undertaken Reconditioning of Multispindle and Spring Coiling machines in various places

2004 to 2005


Stumpp Schuele Somappa






He was responsible for all maintenance activities including breakdown, PM, & Reconditioning of spring coiling machines, CNC wire forming machines, End Grinders, Indexing station automats, Tool room machines, Power Presses and utilities

2002 to 2004






Manager, Maintenance


he was responsible for maintenance, PM and reconditioning of all types of Multi spindle machines, Centreless Grinders, CNC Turning and machining centres, and utilities, SPM. Low cost automation.

2000 to 2002


Sri Balaji Maintenance Services


Own business




He undertook Reconditioning, consulting for reputable firms in all the fields as described earlier.

1998 to 2000


Anand Technology Resource Park


Reconditioning and Maintenance


Specialist(Maintenance & Reconditioning


He was responsible for Maintenance and Reconditioning works in all 44 Anand group companies. Training of personnel in Predictive Maintenance, PM & Lubrication technology. Sourcing and establishing vibration analysis equipments.

1995 to 1997


Panyam Cements & Minerals




Assistant General Manager


He was responsible for all maintenance activities, PM of Wire Drawing machines, Annealing plant, Pointing & shaving machines, Thermax Heating system. Oil tempering furnace and utilities.

1991 to 1994


Rao Insulating Company


Maintenance and Production


Assistant General Manager, Maintenance


He was responsible for maintenance, PM, Reconditioning of Power Presses, Presses, Notching machines, Printed Circuit board manufacturing machines and lamp caps.

Career Accomplishments:

Member, Indian Institute of Plant Engineer. Underwent training on CMMS

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Presently working as Consultant in Expert's Firm. He has conducted training classes for peers and workers on Autonomous Maintenance, TPM and techniques involved in Maintenance.
  • He has sourced UK FFT Analyser with suitable accelerometer to set up Vibration Analysis when he was working with Anand as Specialist (Maintenance & Reconditioning) He has also conducted Training programmes on Predictive Maintenance and Lubrication maintenance techniques.
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Expert Witness:
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1980 to 1980   Australia   He was deputed to Australia for Servicing of machines and also to demonstrate the new machines to prospective customers at the show-room
1986 to 1986   London   He visited London to inspect sophisticated machines brought to India to set up Lamp cap project.
1994 to 1994   London   He visited to source used lamp cap machines for expanding the lamp cap manufacturing unit.
1997 to 1997   Seoul   He visited to inspect highly sophisticated 150 ton Broaching machine at Hyundai for familiarisation, which was subsequently brought to Chennai, India for Hyundai car project and underwent Reconditioning

Market Research:
His core competency is from Hindustan Machine Tools,(one of the ten largest manufacturer in the world). India has grown to what it is today because of this company which has contributed to industrialisation. This company was started by Oerlikon (Swiss origin) at inception. Machine building and important maintenance parameters have helped him to understand maintenance technology of the highest order. Added to this he has undertaken reconditioning of many indigenous/imported machines simultaneously looking after maintenance. The development of maintenance into new subjects like TPM,RCM, Lean, Kaizen and the importance of properly configured Asset have become phenomenal. Consequently experts is these fields are sought after.

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Additional Skills and Services:

He has developed training programme for Operators of CNC machines, Maintenance personnel , on Predictive Maintenance & Importance of Lubrication.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

He has identified the sources during his tenure as Maintenance Manager for many years. He is confident to locate similar vendors anywhere in the world.

Other Skills and Services

He has concepts of Reliability in machines needed, has a keen eye for details and precise diagnosis. Any maintenance problem can be handled confidently with positive results.


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