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Expert in Railway Vehicle Design, Freight and Metro, Operations, Testing Defect Detection, and the Locomotive Industry

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Florida (FL)
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Summary of Expertise: Listed with other top experts in: 
A large part of Expert's career has been closely related to design process. In the mid-sixties he was the team leader for the design of three different metro truck designs, which included working with the customer on parameters and specifications, interfacing with design engineers on the concept design, patent considerations, and prototype development, including in- house static and dynamic testing and on- track dynamic testing. He also worked with engineers at locomotive manufacturers on the development of locomotive truck designs which his company manufactured.

Later as Chief Engineer he orchestrated new designs of railway coupler systems and freight car trucks, for both US and international service. This also included all of the elements of design concept, patentability, prototype testing in house and in the field.

In a previous four year consulting assignment with a Chinese company, he was leading a design team through the same design processes discussed above for the development of a high performance railcar suspension system.

In 2011 Expert designed a filed a Provisional Patent for a defect sensing device for use on rail cars for detecting flat wheels or other problems, and can be used on locomotives for detecting and communicating track defects including serious problems that can lead to derailments. He formed a company in Sweden with a former colleague there whose business is in operating trains. The new company Railway Metrics and Dynamics AB (RMD), has now been granted a patent by the European Patent Office for the invention. RMD has sucessfully testing the device on the railways in Sweden, and will move forward to marketing and manufacturing the systems in the near future. Expert serves as Chairman of RMD.


design process



During his university studies, and after Expert decided to major in Metallurgical Engineering, he became intrigued with the metal casting process. During one summer vacation, he had an internship with a steel foundry and was involved in the testing for strength, chemistry and other process related tests. Following graduation and two years of military service as an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers, he worked for Rockwell International as a Process Engineer where he determined the specifics of what processes would be used for manufacturing and then monitored the processes in the shop. This assignment also included coordinating the sample approval, including radiography, metallurgical testing and machining. Later, as Industrial Sales Manager, he was responsible for sales engineers from three separate steel foundries, and the related customer coordination with regard to the quality and integrity of the casting. As Chief Engineer, he was part of a company that made steel castings at three locations, and had 10 licensees around the world, for which the engineering group had support responsibility. The company not only licensed the product technology but also provided transfer of process technology to insure that the castings were made to the appropriate standards and specifications.

ferrous metal casting


steel foundry

While much of his career was directly related to steel foundry manufacturing, there were often situations during the years in sales and as Chief Engineer, where the consideration for the material for a casting included both iron and steel castings. As part of the decision making process, he developed a detailed understanding of the metallurgical and performance characteristics of several iron alloys, including Grey Iron, Ductile, and Acicular grades.

iron alloy

A major focus in the railway equipment industry for locomotive, Metros, and freight cars, is a combination of safety, reliability, maintainability and longevity. When these attributes are coupled with good performance characteristics and lowest possible costs, the railways are close to their goal for equipment that is often expected to last for 30 years or more. Expert has worked for companies in the railway equipment business and been involved in new product development related to meeting the goals mentioned above for most of his career. As Chief Engineer, while he required his field service engineers to make certain that the products the company provided were performing well, but also to be aware of any problems the customer was having with other products in order to determine if there were opportunities for other new or improved products. From a personal standpoint, he was always interested in new product development as related to patentable designs. This resulted in the filing and issuing of eight US patents over a 15 year time span. Within the new product development arena, Expert was creative in making certain the correct elements of design reviews, testing and customer involvement were incorporated in the process.

new product development

Much of Expert's previously stated experience in new product development was in the management side. One of the lessons he learned early on, is there is almost never enough time available to do the project in the manner in which the company would like to do it. There are always overlaying factors of crisis with the existing product ,which demands the replacement product immediately, or competitive factors or a wide variety of other issues. Every department involved, would like to have a larger chunk of time than can be allotted. Expert determined that allocating the time carefully, using parallel path procedures, establishing and monitoring milestone events, when properly combined could often achieve faster results than had been thought possible, while minimizing risk.

new product development management

While Expert had much of his locomotive and metro truck experience early in his career, his experience with railroad freight cars began less than thirty years ago. Freight cars are essentially made up of four different but related and integrated systems: (1) car structure;(2) brake system;(3) coupler-draft gear system and (4) the truck or suspension system. As Chief Engineer Expert had direct responsibility for items 3 and 4 and for interfacing with the other two systems. Seven of eight of his patents are related to the truck and coupler systems, and his international papers have emphasised the capability to increase railways profitability by employing advanced designs of these systems. For example in the US, railways were able to reduce claims damage and increase market share for carrying automobiles, by using more sophisticated rail truck suspension systems which provided increased speed capability and enhanced ride quality. On the international side Expert has worked with the railways in 30 countries and rail car builders in more than 10 countries for projects with a wide range of axle loads and track gages.

railroad car


vehicle dynamics


locomotive industry


rail car design


railway vehicle

Railroad, or railway, transportation, is typically misunderstood in the US, since many people only think about passenger rail and all the wonderful things the Europeans and Japanese do in this area. However US rail freight transportation is the most efficient in the world, and therefore created the climate in which Expert spent his international and some of his Chief Engineer career. Although there are some very large privately owned Iron Ore and Coal mining railways in the world, most of the railways are government owned and plagued by inefficiencies. Many of the international mining companies have standardized on the US ( AAR) technology and the Chinese learned of the US railroad efficiencies in the mid 1980s and have continued to adopt US standards. Expert has contributed to this movement through early seminars with the Chinese, followed by establishing JVs and currently heading consulting on advanced designs. In Sweden, Expert achieved a major success by proving through on track testing that the axle loads, and thus the carrying capacity per car could be significantly increased without damaging the rails, by using improved suspension design.

railroad transportation

In addition to other consulting activities, Expert is focused on providing expert witness services. During the past 10 years, expert witness assignments have involved a wide range of law suits including, cargo damage during rail shipment, structural failure, personal injuries and patent related cases. In 2016 three new cases were added in the patent area, with two of the three being patent infringement suits which are ongoing during into 2017.

expert witness

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Miami, Florida;  Hialeah, Florida;  Fort Lauderdale, Florida;  Hollywood, Florida;  Pembroke Pines, Florida;  Port Saint Lucie, Florida;  Miami Beach, Florida;  West Palm Beach, Florida;  Pompano Beach, Florida;  and Boca Raton, Florida.

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Railroad Expert, Railroad Damages, Locomotive Loss of Use,...
Railroad Operations, Project Management, Market Analysis...
Railroad Equipment including Locomotives, Cars, Rolling...
Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Processing, Materials...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1961   BS   Metallurgical Engineering   University of Missouri- School of Mines and Metallurgy  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2001 to







All activities related to a one person consulting company.

1985 to 2001





Senior Vice President - International


Overall responsibilities, included managing domestic and overseas sales engineers, as well as licensees and agents around the world. Developed plans for specialize railway products, coordinated the engineering and marketing for overseas markets;

1980 to 1985


National Castings Inc



Chief Engineer


This company was merged into the previously listed ABC-NACO. Responsible for 40 engineers and technicians for the design, development, testing and field service engineering for railway vehicle products. Functions with in the department, included engineering, drafting, testing and field service.

1976 to 1980


National Castings Inc



Industrial Sales Manager


Supervised a sales force of 10 people in the US and Canada, for industrial steel castings for heavy equipment and transportation. Overall sales responsibility for $25 million / year.

1974 to 1976


Rohr Industries



Program Manager


Program management responsibilities for the development, manufacturing and testing of the first Metro Cars for Washington DC Metro.

1968 to 1974


Rockwell International



Manager Transportation Sales


Overall sales responsibility for sales and service functions of cast steel suspension systems for Locomotives and Metro vehicles. Annual sales volume of $ 15 million.

1963 to 1968


Rockwell International



Process Engineer


Developed and monitored manufacturing processes for cast steel products for the transportation, heavy equipment and valve products industries.

1961 to 1963


United States Army


Corps of Engineers




After Officer Basic School, served as a Platoon Leader followed by Assistant Operations Officer for Combat Engineer Training Regiment. Following two years active duty, served in the reserves for five years, attaining the rank of Captain.

Publications and Patents Summary

He has eight US patents,one European patent, and has presented several international technical papers.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He is currently on an assignment with a rail car builder in Slovakia, to transfer US, AAR technology to add to their existing European Technology. This will permit them to broaden their markets into countries that utilize the AAR design technology instead of the European technology.
  • He performed a four year assignment with a Chinese company and it's Australian Division on the development of a new generation of freight car equipment.
  • At present he has an ongoing engagement, on a monthly retainer basis with an International Railway Equipment Distributor, for sourcing of US products for export, and for sourcing overseas products from one country for sale in a second country.
  • Following his early retirement he performed as part of an acquisition team assessing the technical and market related aspects of companies being considered for acquisition.
  • He performed a market feasibility study for a Swedish company, for a unique intermodal railcar.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on Casting Radiography.
  • Rail car design expert for consulting on flat work car design, engineering and fabrication.
  • Railway expert in Oklahoma for consulting on rail cars and tracks for coal.
  • Expert for consulting on Fall from rail car
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
1976 - On the basis of a suit brought by New York City Transit Authority against his previous employer, Rockwell International, in the amount of $100 million, he was deposed for about 8 hours over a two day period. 1980-85 He worked with Corporate Counsel on patent, licensing and litigation support while serving as Chief Engineer 1985-2001 While reporting to the CEO, he provided support for patent, licensing and litigation for a variety of projects. 1987 He testified in Federal Court for two days, during a patent infringement suit filed by a competitor. The trial was bifurcated, and the testimony given was involved with part two, in determination of the amount of damages to be paid to the plaintiff. He was called to testify by plaintiff's attorney in trying to prove willful infringement, for treble damages, which was not granted by the court.

Recent expert witness assignment have included litigation involving; personal injury related to railcar operations, alleged damages to equipment being carried on a rail car and most recently a patent infringement case involving railcar design.

Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on rail car patent case.
  • Rail car expert needed for consulting on rail car transportation.
  • Expert for consulting on Alexander v Norfolk Southern, et al.
  • Expert for consulting on federal laws, regulations and standards governing manufacture of passenger railcars and brakes.
  • Expert in high rail vehicles for consulting on design of a high rail vehicle.
  • Expert witness in loading railway freight cars for shipment unloading injury case.
  • Expert in refurbished locomotives and freight cars for assistance in procurement.
  • Railroad safety expert for consulting on truck accident while crossing double track.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1984 to   China   Initially he presented 10 days of railway equipment design seminars to engineers from the Chinese National Railway. Over the years he made several visits to China to promote advanced railway technology. In the late 1990s he was involved in one existing JV and in setting up a second JV for manufacture of US type railway equipment to be produced and used in China. Currently he is completing a two year consulting engagement in designing advanced railway equipment for use in China and Australia.
1983 to   Australia   He was originally involved in Australia while Chief Engineer in supporting a licensee for rail products. After the sale of the licensee to a competitor, he established an agency agreement for direct sales from the US to Australia. Most recently he has worked with the Australian Division of a Chinese company on the development of a new generation of railway equipment.
1995 to 2004   Sweden   In 1995 he hired and trained a Swedish engineer to promote special railway equipment development and sales in Scandinavia and mainland Europe. Specialized designs were developed, extensively on tested both on and off site and sold in Scandinavia, providing a new generation of high performance equipment. In 2004 he performed a consulting assignment for a Swedish company developing a new design intermodal freight car.
1992 to 2000   Russia   He worked with the Russian Railway design institute on providing more reliably and higher performance freight railway equipment. After several meeting, agreements were reached related to design, but the partnering relationships and testing costs offered by the railway were unreasonable.
1986 to   Brazil   Originally he worked with a freight car builder in Brazil in providing special US technology equipment for cars being built for Gabon. Later as his company considered acquisition of a company in Brazil, he headed the acquisition team. In 1992 he established an agent in Brazil for direct sale of equipment from the US to railways in Brazil, and worked with the railways and agent in promoting the new designs. Currently he is involved in sourcing US made railway equipment for the market in Brazil, through an International Distribution Company.

Market Research:
Career focus has been on making equipment perform to improved standards, in terms of reliability, maintainability, and cost efficiency. The ability to analyze performance improvement vs. costs and to successfully present this information has been a key element in meeting both personal and customer/client goals.

Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your marketing research, industry research, and company research needs.  For research needs involving multiple experts or secondary research, a Research Director can be assigned to coordinate the work into a custom report for you as a potentially quicker and more cost effective alternative to doing this work yourself or hiring a boutique consultancy.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Additional Skills and Services:

In1984 he presented ten days of railway equipment design seminars for the Chinese National Railway in Beijing China, all through an interpreter 1986-2001 He wrote and delivered several international railway technical papers presented in Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany and Hungary.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

During his years as Chief Engineer, was involved in vendor approval as part of the sourcing process. 2005 to present, he is engaged in sourcing projects, on a monthly retainer basis, for an International Railway Equipment Distributor.

Other Skills and Services

Having been granted 8 US patents and having other applications in process, is a process that is well understood and appreciated in terms of the value of intellectual property.

Also recently award a patent by the European Patent Office for the remote rail vehicle mounted defect detection device discussed in an earlier section.


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