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 Expert  725595

Expert in Turbomachinery, Gas Turbine Engines, Aircraft Auxiliary Power Units

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Michigan (MI)
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert, is well-versed in internal aerodynamics of a axial-flow compressor, having commenced his career in testing and development of same for gas turbine engines.

Expert is sole-inventor of a significant patent concerning "floating vane diffuser" for high-performance centrifugal compressors. Well versed in application and development of centrifugal compressors for gas turbine engines.

Expert has held positions in industrial fan companies as Manager of R & D and VP Engineering. Made detailed analysis for customers and been on industrial committee for application of power plant fans.

Lead engineer for F-16 Engine Start System, which uses an 8-disc hydroviscous clutch newly designed and developed for that application. Intimately involved in testing and re-design of shut-off and actuation valving for the cooling flow of that clutch. Also did engagement analysis and re-design recommendations for the APU clutch for the V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft.

Have made detailed presentations to Air Movement and Control Association regarding use and definition of Specific Speed parameter on which to base fan/compressor selection criteria.

Has experimented with surge control techniques for industrial blower operation, to include re-directing a portion of outflow into the inlet with sensing and actuation methods.

Of more importance, is his long-involvement with compressor surge, including his patent on extending compressor range by means of a "floating vane diffuser", particularly as it might apply to gas turbine engines.

Expert holds a patent in this area for a floating vane diffuser, which was specifically created as a surge range extension means. This means was mentioned specifically as a potential surge preventer in "Centrifugal Compressor Design", by David Japikse. A polycarbonate working demonstrator was created and constructed using a vacuum cleaner impeller. That demonstrator is currently on-loan to UK-Paducah extension with Dr. V. Capece.

Lead engineer for F-16 Engine Start System, which required first company-wide design and development of a torque converter for the use of a small single-shaft gas turbine engine to engage and apply rotation torque to the main engine. That torque converter probably is the only one that uses a high degree of back-swept impeller blading, with splitters, to facilitate a flat input power demand from the small gas turbine engine. Such a characteristic was implemented in conjunction with him and a renowned consultant, Dr. George F. Wislicenus. He also instituted unique methodology to make minor corrections to the stator vanes to modify the power input/output characteristics necessitated by initial production inadequacies.

Principal investigator and experimenter concerning ultra fuel-rich combustion of air/JP and oxygen/JP mixtures for application to high-altitude emergency power systems for aircraft. Utilized methodology adapted from Rocketdyne in determining ratio of specific heats of combustion products for application in determining downstream turbine performance. Included assignment as project engineer for Air/JP system used for high altitude engine re-start assist on TR-1 (U2) aircraft.


axial-flow compressor


centrifugal compressor


centrifugal blower


centrifugal fan




compressor selection


compressor surge


compressor surge control device


torque converter



Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Toledo, Ohio;  Grand Rapids, Michigan;  Flint, Michigan;  Lansing, Michigan;  Ann Arbor, Michigan;  Kalamazoo, Michigan;  Wyoming, Michigan;  Saginaw, Michigan;  Fort Wayne, Indiana;  and South Bend, Indiana.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1970   MSME   Mechanical Engineering   Bradley University  
1962   BSME   Mechanical Engineering   University of Kentucky  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1994 to 2002




Fort Worth/Korea


Contract Engineer/Engineering Specialist


Technical adviser to Korea Aerospace Industries on T-50 Aircraft Secondary Power Systems. 1994-96 and 2001-02 only.

1985 to 1993


Sundstrand Corp.




Master Engineer


Investigate pumps, ejectors, combustion, and engine processes in a research environment. Direct participation in aircraft APU (APS 3200 and V22) development in San Diego (1992 and 1993). Program manager for TR-1 In-Flight Engine Start System (fuel-rich air/JP) in San Diego (1990). Preliminary proposal efforts and analysis regarding application of fuel-rich oxygen/JP or catalytic oxygen/hydrogen systems

1983 to 1985


Sheldons Mfg. Corp.


Elgin, IL


VP, Engineering.


Directed four-man engineering department for heavy-duty industrial fan and blower (ex: cooling blower for GE locomotives) manufacturer.

1979 to 1982


Clarage Fan Co.


Kalamazoo, MI


Manager of R&D


Application engineering, new product design, and direction of a four-man prototype test laboratory for heavy-duty industrial fans.

1974 to 1979


Sundstrand Corp.


Aviation Mechanical Div.


Principal Engineer, Senior Project Engineer.


F-16 Engine Start System product support and sub-contractor coordination. Lead engineer for F-16 Engine Start System development, including first torque converter and hydroviscous clutch for Sundstrand. Commercial APU load compressor definition.

1965 to 1974




Research, Peoria, IL


Research Engineer


Responsibilities included gas turbine engine cycle analysis, compressor testing and design, turbine analysis and development, and combustor development.

Career Accomplishments:

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Retired)


P. E., Illinois (inactive)

Professional Appointments

Member AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) , 1981-82.

Publications and Patents Summary

Several peer-reviewed technical papers/articles, to include 2 for ASME, 1 for AIAA, 1 for POWER magazine, and one for AMCA. Two sole-inventor patents: (1)U.S. Pat. No Self-Aligning Vanes for a Turbomachine, May 18, 1976 and (2) U.S. Pat. No Method and Apparatus for Starting a Gas Turbine Engine, Sept.15, 1987.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) FED  
 - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)  
 - POWER magazine  
 - Air Movement and Control Association Publication  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Week-long consulting session with South Korean Agency for Defense Development, regarding presentation and discussion of disciplines regarding design and development of small jet engines, in 2002.Also, similar consulting session with Samsung Techwin in Changwon, South Korea during March 2006, except subject was auxiliary power units for helicopters/aircraft.
  • Re-designed an airfoil industrial centrifugal fan for Sheldons Manufacturing Co. in Elgin, IL , so as to result in a single thickness blade with near-identical performance, which led to full-time employment with Sheldons. Subsequently tested ventilation system for FermiLab (Chicago suburb) after conclusion of employment with Sheldons Manufacturing Co.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on to assit in patent language for patent application.
  • Impeller expert for consulting on 5" dia radial compressor with additional features.
  • Heat exchange expert for consulting on surface condenser tube sheet repairs.
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on compressor system issues.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2001 to 2002   South Korea   Contract engineer with Lockheed-Martin, serving as a Technical Adviser to Korea Aerospace Industries in Sachon, S.Korea., on the secondary power system for the T-50 Supersonic fighter/trainer aircraft.

Market Research:
Have had several instances of contact with South Korean government and industry regarding aircraft auxiliary power units and gas turbine engines for both commercial and military applications. Maintain social contacts with those individuals, to include Agency for Defense Development (Government, in Daejeon), Samsung Techwin (Changwon), and Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI, Sachon).

Also know some key individuals at Hamilton-Sundstrand in San Diego and one at Lockheed-Martin in Fort Worth.

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Additional Skills and Services:
Other Skills and Services

Applications and use of high performance turbomachinery, mostly as result of years of experience and two major patents (sole inventor).


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