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 Expert  725689

Expert in High Voltage Motor, Low Voltage Motor, Random-wound, Form-wound, AC Motor, DC Motor

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

North Carolina (NC)
Education Work History Career Accomplishments Consulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert has been in the motor repair industry for over 40 plus years. He has seen what improper lubrication can cause to the life of a motor. Proper lubrication can have an effect on warranty as well as shorten the life of a motor. Too much lubrication is as critical as not enough or none at all. Most companies do not lubricate properly. He can help a customer come up with a proactive lubrication program that is tailored to his applications. Proper lubrication can just about cut his rewind costs in half. Over the years he has helped his customers extend the life of their bearings. That in turn increases his production and cuts down on unplanned downtime.

Bearing noise can be generated by several factors which can cause premature failure. Most failures he has seen coming into a repair shop is from LACK of proper lubrication. Most people would think electrical but not so. Another noise generated can be from improper alignment, belts too loose or too tight. All belts should have the proper tension. He has found in some cases a customer replaced 4 out of 5 belts. The 4 new belts were tight of course but the 5th one flopped around the pulley. With the increase of variable speed drives you may find excess current on the motor shaft which could cause bearing noise and premature failure. Over lubrication could be a problem with a motor as well. One of the things to look for is an increase in the motor amp draw. All these problems cause resistance which increases the amperage.

Split bearings are bearings that go on the shaft in halves. Most are Babbitt bearings and used for heavy slow speed motors. Usually the rotor is very heavy so that is the reason for the split. Another reason is that the bearing can be taken out in halves without taking the end bell completely apart. That saves a lot of downtime in an emergency situation. Here again the main factors are lubrication, alignment and temperature. Either one could end the life of a motor.




bearing lubrication


sleeve bearing


bearing noise


split bearing

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Charlotte, North Carolina;  Greensboro, North Carolina;  Winston Salem, North Carolina;  High Point, North Carolina;  Asheville, North Carolina;  Gastonia, North Carolina;  Concord, North Carolina;  Columbia, South Carolina;  Greenville, South Carolina;  and Johnson City, Tennessee.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1980   n/a   n/a   Gaston College  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

2007 to 2008


Electric Motor Service of Shelby


Outside Sales


He was responsible to call on outside accounts for repair work.

2001 to 2006


Southern Electric Service


Sales Engineer


He was responsible for securing repair business for major accounts.

2000 to 2000


U S Drives


Sales Engineer


He was responsible for selling AC Drives for the southeast US.

1995 to 1998


Hayes & Lunsford


Shop Manager


He was responsible for outside sales and shop management.

Career Accomplishments:

His certifications include: Hoist Certification School, Variable Speed Drive Schools and Large AC & DC Motor Schools at General Electric.

Professional Appointments

He is a licensed Life, Accident & Health Agent.


New Motor Project for paper mill valued at 1.2 million dollars plus Top Salesman of The Year; Fire & Rescue Service for 23 years.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He has demonstrated over and over his consulting skills each time he has called on his accounts. He has maintained accounts for years with multi-million dollar volume. This requires him to constantly find out what his customers problems are and provide solutions and cost effective repairs, be aware of who his competition is so he does not lose business.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in 68KW DC motor to assist with troubleshooting and assembly.
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
While working for Eastern Electric, he had to give depositions on a nuclear repair operation they were to perform in their repair facility in Charlotte, major power company.
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Market Research:
He has called on customers from Florida to Virginia. He has called on most of the major manufacturers in the southeast. From paper mills, power plants, textiles, chemical, tire plants, there are not many that he does not know about or has not called on. He is able to solve his customers problems and save them downtime.

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Additional Skills and Services:

He has done several seminars for companies covering electric motor repair, proper bearing lubrication, proper preventative maintenance practices for both AC and DC motors, proper brush maintenance, troubleshooting techniques. Have presented programs at several major companies like Bowater Paper

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

He has worked in the motor repair industry for over 45 years. There are not too many companies that he does not know about or where to get needed information or products when he needs them.

Other Skills and Services

He has worked on the larger high voltage motors like wound rotor motors, sync motors, traction motors as well as transformers, variable speed drives. He makes the customer his friend and can provide other insights into some of his problems. Coming from a motor repair background he can help him evaluate his vendors he is using. He does have some expertise in hoists as well.


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