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Expert in PET Plastic Molding, Surface Technology, Statistical Analysis, Failure Analysis, Design of Experiment

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Summary of Expertise:

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Expert has designed and developed a dual arc vaporization system with pulsed bias and filtered arc capability. He took a development project and brought it to the state of the art and turns it into a profit center for thin film coating services. Coatings included nitrides, carbides and oxides of various metals as well as multi-layed and composity coatings for general use as well as application specific projects.

arc deposition

He has over 12 years experience in selecting appropriate coatings for specific applications. As no one coating will work for all instances, his expertise and familiarity with product requirements allows him to have a unique perspective in determining the correct coating for a given situation. Coating selection for molding applications is one of his primary fields of expertise, however many other industries have benefited from his advice in selection of the right coating for the right job.

coating selection

He has spent 10 years working with composite and co-deposition plating processes. New formulations were often presented for his evaluation including Teflon nickel baths, and Nickel boron nitride baths. Tracking plating performance was also an important process in the plating evaluations.

composite plating process

He has spent three years working with design processes including streamlining R&D activities to shorten development timelines and hand off a product ready for production. His experience in this area can lead to reduced service and warrantee costs and fewer revisions after launch.

design process

With over 12 years of experience in the electroless nickel plating process field he has been involved in bath and equipment evaluations, production planning and control and quality audits. Working hands on with the chemistry in a production environment allows him to impart specific knowledge to help solve every day occurrences, or to streamline operations. He has experience with a variety of bath types including lead-free chemistry, low mid and high phosphorus baths and co-depositions.

electroless plating process

As past President of the Surface Engineering and Coating association, he has a vast knowledge of coating types, equipment designs and technology applications surrounding all facets of physical vapor deposition industries. His experience can provide solutions to processing problems, or thenilogy and coating selection.

physical vapor deposition

He has worked in the PET plastic industry for over 3 years during which time he developed procedures and processes to asses and eliminates part defects, shorten cycle times and improve system performance. His fundamental knowledge of plastic behavior coupled with a practical approach to provide resolutions has led him to become an excellent resource for many process related issues.

plastic molding

He has over 12 years of experience in the plating industry. He is intimately familiar with the operations, installations and regulations surrounding the plating process. Cleaning lines, bath chemistries and equipment design are all areas in which he can provide expert guidance and trouble shooting advice.

plating process

He has installed and worked with one of the first alkaline zinc installations in Canada, and one of the few in North America. Alkaline zinc has many advantages over traditional zinc plating, but also carries its own pitfalls. His experience in this field can save you valuable time and money.

zinc plating process

Expert installed and worked with different filtered arc technologies, a well as charaterizing films produced with conventional arc technology and filtered arc processes. Many of the failure modes of thin film coatings can be attributed to macroparticle accumulation which can be remedied with filtered arc technology

filtered arc deposition

Expert has worked for the two largest suppliers of hot runners in the world. He has extensive experience working with new technology being involved with research and development into hot runners. He has also developed and investigated a novel hot runner balancing method to improve part quality and reduce cycle times. Many advances in materials and coatings have been attributed to his work. He has extensive experience working with PET hot runner systems.

hot runner molding system

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1994   B. Sc.   Marine Biology   University of Guelph   Honors degree

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2006 to







He founded Expert Technologies to be a flexible endeavor into a variety of coating technologies, vacuum processes including brazing, and other research and development services. He is currently responsible for all facets of the operation from plating parts to product development for clients.

2003 to 2006


Husky Injection Molding



Desinger - R&D


During his 3 years, he was responsible for a variety of product development projects, as well as support for service with failure analysis. His background in statistics was used to help design many experiments and provide proper analysis.

1993 to 2003


Mold Masters Ltd.


Fused Metals Inc.




He was responsible for all environmental issues concerning an industrial plating operation. He also design and built several pieces of equipment including Physical Vapor Deposition system and a Vacuum Furnace. In addition he was a valuable resource in R&D and failure analysis for the parent company Mold Masters.

Publications and Patents Summary

He has co-authored the handbook "Principals of Chemical Vapor Deposition: What goes on inside the reactor" He is the co-inventor of three patents in the molding industry, as well as being published in a medical journal for implant coatings.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Kluwer Academic Publishers  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He identified and help develop a new technology to manufacture a descrete cooling chamber for an injection molding application
  • He was instrumental in identifying a coating failure and prescribing the correct procedure to eliminate the failure and create a product that performed well.
  • He help diagnose a PET perform defect and identified the steps and procedure for eliminating it.
  • Consulted on a plastic part defect, and prescribed several steps to identify the source of contamination and design changes to eliminate the problem.
  • He conducted an investigation and feasibility study into a new coating technology to help in a new product development project.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in intota for consulting on Metco Sprabronze AA with 405NS Bond.
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Expert Witness:
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2005 to 2005   Luxemburg   He developed a hot runner balancing technique and applied it to a molding application that could not run without this procedure being implemented.
2006 to 2006   Morocco, Casablanca   He conducted an on-site failure analysis of corroded injection mold components and help identify the root cause and provide a solution.
2004 to 2004   USA, Iowa   He conducted an equipment audit of malfunctioning injection molding machinery, implements some repairs and provided a procedure for future scheduled maintenance and operation of said equipment.
2001 to 2001   France, Nice   Presented a paper on a novel coating process to help identify and quantify bio-medical coatings for orthopedic implants at a Surface Engineering Conference.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
French   He is able to communicate in French with a few difficulties.

Market Research:
Past president of the Surface Engineering and Coating Association Designed and installed Production Electroless Nickel Plating Line

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Additional Skills and Services:

Design for Vacuum Brazing (internal seminar for Mold Masters) Coatings for Plastic Molding (trade show seminar for Fused Metals Inc.) Conformal Cooling Channels (trade show seminar for Fused Metals Inc.) PET Hot Runners (internal seminar for Husky) Hot Runner Balance (internal seminar for Husky) Co Authored hand book "Principals of Chemical Vapor Deposition: What goes on inside the reactor" Multiplayer coatings seminar at the Forum of Technology International Conference, Nice, France.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

He worked on a cost reduction program with a plastic extruder to manufacure PVC tubes to replace aluminum machined parts. He was instrumental in assiting with the process to produce extruded parts with tight tolerances and insituted changes in the final product design to accept the new material. HE has also sourced new suppliers for a variety of products including extruded flexible tubing, thin film coating service providers as well as other critical to quality parts for an assembled component.

Other Skills and Services

He designed control system for Vacuum Furnace and PVD systems Co-inventor of Several Patents - familiar with patent process, patentability and infringement. He designed, executed and analyzed proper experiments for specific questions.


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