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 Expert  726116

Expert in Market Research & Product/Service Development

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

Maine (ME)
Education Work History Career Accomplishments Consulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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He has over 15 years of market research experience. Most of it related to new product/service development.

He specializes in uncovering the marketplace drivers for success. This is typically accomplished through in-depth marketplace analysis combined with customer research and operational data. This delivers a multi-dimensional view.

He has a preference for working with products that have numerous intangible qualities associated with them rather than commodities. (Insurance, Socially conscious investment, Organizational memberships, Alternative energy, Medical devices, etc.).

He also has experience with Research Planning, Marketplace Data Collection & Market Assessment, Statistical Data Analysis & Data Mining, Product Performance & Customer Satisfaction Measurement, Start-up organizations.


market research

Expert has broad experience gained from over 20 years with nationally recognized companies such as Key Bank and Unum Group Insurance. One of his areas of strength is new product & service development.

He is especially knowledgeable about products that have significant intangible qualities associated with them such as service components or social goods.

Expert has been involved with the introduction of dozens of new products, services or business functions as well as three new companies. For example, he was a primary contributor in making the Passkey ATM system into the premier ATM network in Maine during it's first three years of existence. He was an essential member of a team that launched a voluntary long-term disability insurance product for Unum Insurance that led its market niche for years after its introduction.

Additionally, he has significant knowledge in the use of technology to improve and sustain valued customer relationships. He has years of experience in measuring and improving the performance of service call centers of all sizes and was also instrumental in the creation of several technology support services.


new product development

He developed a low-cost automated process to support new employee benefit products during the test marketing stage of development. This process cut the time to market by by 65% and the personnel required by 50% over the traditional process in place at that time.

He developed a new automated method to transfer customer information from this test marketing system to the mainstream administration system that reduced the time and costs by almost 80%.

He worked with a medical testing device manufacturer to do market concept testing with surgery staff & managers. The research led to a product price solidly based upon market defined benefits. The market introduction price ended up being 2.5 times higher than the company's initial estimate. The market research also defined 12 potential product improvements for the next version of the product.

He worked with a producer of an all-natural frozen treat to develop the business & marketing plans to take the concept through test marketing and into the first phase of market distribution. He still advises the company on marketing matters two years later.



He spent 17 years at current Unum Group companies as a technology consultant supporting the sales, marketing and product development functions. Later serving as a Director of Product & Market Research.

Numerous marketplace and competitor studies leading to new product introductions.

Internal claim & service satisifaction studies which generated measurable improvements to the process. This led to the creation of an industry-wide consortium study on disability claim handling and satisfaction level benchmarking.

His use of process automation substantially reduced the cost of market research, performance measurement programs and product test marketing for the company by 40-50%.


disability insurance

Expert was the primary customer advocate for Unum. He was responsible for all performance measurement programs within the corporation and was tasked with developing a "voice of the customer" report delivered once each quarter.

He developed programs to bring the officers of the company closer to the customer. One was called "tap into the customer" where officers could (by appointment) listen in on calls at service call centers. The program was very successful and was credited with dozens of new service process improvements.

He represented the company on several industry research panels to improve customer satisfaction and industry practices.


voice of the customer

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Portland, Maine.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution   Honors
1995   MBA (Executive Program)   Focus in Entrepreneurship & Marketing   UNH - Whittemore School of Business & Economics   School ranked as "10 Most Entrepreneurial" in the US by Forbes Magazine.
1983   BA   Economics   Bowdoin College  
1983   BA   Sociology   Bowdoin College   Departmental Honors

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

2003 to


(Undisclosed Consulting Company)




He is owner of market research and consulting firm with a focus on serving growing small to mid-size businesses. It specializes in performance measurement of processes undergoing growth or change. Also, new product or process introductions which include several intangible product attributes – service, organizational membership, promises of future benefits, societal benefits, etc. He serves as a business mentor to companies with promising new products via Maine Technology Institute.

2003 to 2009


Association for Consulting Expertise (ACE)


Board of Directors


Board member. Operations and Membership committees. Helped to develop an alternative income stream that now accounts for 20-25% of revenues. Membership: designed an improved process for welcoming new members and renewing existing ones. Membership grew by 50% in 18 months. Director: Secured copyright protection for the organization's name and logos. Incorporated organization properly as a non-profit under Maine laws.

1996 to 2003


Unum Group


Director of Product & Market Research


Responsible for all aspects of customer research for market leading disability insurance company. Most projects sponsored by senior management or board of directors. Topics include customer satisfaction, customer persistency, customer service performance reporting, distributor satisfaction, market segmentation, new service process acceptance, lost customer and lost prospect analysis.

Some additional projects of note – Customer expectations regarding company merger. Redesigned key databases to be “customer-centric” versus “process-centric” in preparation for a CRM system. Designed a new customer "purchase readiness" scoring system that reduced the quote-to-close ratio by half. Designed satisfaction measurement for E-Service Center. Integrate all former Provident products & processes into existing Unum customer research projects.

Founding member and key proponent of project to benchmark claimant satisfaction across disability insurance industry. Also responsible for custom satisfaction reporting for large account customers. My significant use of process automation allowed the organization to cut its baseline satisfaction & performance measurement program costs by over 50% and dedicate those dollars to more strategic projects.

1989 to 1996


Unum Corporation


Sr. Programmer/Analyst


Directed multiple projects within a multi-year technology and business infrastructure re-tooling effort for the company's marketing function and sales offices. Involved the company's first use of client/server computing technology over a wide-area-network. Expanded the marketing and sales functions available to the field office by factor of five.

Designed business process and systems to support a "start up" subsidiary business which offered customized employee benefit enrollment, communication and fulfillment services to the insurance and financial sectors. Product knowledge included disability insurance (ID-STD-LTD-LTC), retirement products (TSA-401k) and life insurance. Significant use of customized electronic print-on-demand technologies. The business model was extremely successful and the subsidiary was eventually integrated back into the parent company.

Designed and implemented a flexible, low cost administrative process for test marketing new insurance products. System used PCs with LAN/WAN infrastructure that interacted with existing administrative mainframe systems. This process cut time-to-market for new products by two-thirds and the human resources requirements by three-quarters. The first product introduced using this method gave the company a 3 year lag time before competitors could come to market with a similar product offering.

1986 to 1989


Unum Corporation


Information Center Consultant


Consultant on numerous projects involving the use of PCs, software tools and LANs during period of significant technology re-tooling. Emphasis upon leveraging technology to deliver significant expense and service break throughs in critical areas – new product development, marketing, sales, actuarial and underwriting functions.

1983 to 1986


Key Corp


Systems Analyst


Managed the initial development of Key Bank's ATM system in Maine. Included the first use of multi-lingual ATMs in New England. Negotiated ATM sharing agreements between Key and other banks or national ATM networks. Developed infrastructure for Key to act as electronic ATM transaction clearing house for these banks. Also directed the introduction and expansion of PCs, e-mail and LAN/WAN infrastructure within the Maine based organization.

Career Accomplishments:

Association for Consulting Expertise (ACE), American Marketing Association (AMA), Life Office Management Association (LOMA), Maine Technology Institute's “Tech Tracker” mentor program.

Professional Appointments

Board of Directors - Association for Consulting Expertise (ACE), Fellow Life Management Institute Designation – LOMA (1991).


Pi Gamma Mu [honorary for academic achievement - MBA] (1995), Chairman's Award Nominee – UNUM Corp's highest award honor.

Government Experience:
Years   Agency   Role   Description
2008 to 2008   Governor's Wood to Energy Task Force   Individual Contributor   He was instrumental in defining the potential market size and identifying numerous market dynamics. (barriers to use, competing products, competing uses for raw materials, etc.)

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • - Business & Marketing Plan for a BioFuel Producer. -An agricultural firm that wanted to also produce biofuel asked TallPyne and one of its partners to provide a detailed business & marketing plan so that they could secure financing for the project. The information provided was of a caliber that the company is still using TallPyne & its partner for follow up consulting when they need it many months after the delivery of the plan.They even asked us to help represent them at the 2007 National Biodiesel Conference in San Antonio TX. We have become valued advisors and partners to this company. This is TallPyne's goal — that's our greatest compliment!
  • - Introduction of an All-Natural Frozen Treat. -TallPyne authored the market research which served as the foundation for creating the business & marketing plans used to finance and implement this business. Several people have commented that our information was the key in pioneering this new market niche. TallPyne has remained on their board of advisors through the 2-year journey from idea to market testing andfinally being in over 400 supermarkets in the northeastern US. We continue to act as a trusted advisor as they grow and refine their business plans.
  • - Medical Testing Device. -TallPyne worked closely with the client as they moved this product from theprototype to market introduction stage. TallPyne conducted in-depth interviews of potential purchasers of this product who worked in an operating room setting. The information collected was verified with “live” research at an operating room nursing trade show attended by 12,000 people over five days. The goal was to assess the value of each of the product benefits and develop an optimum bundle of benefits with appropriate add-on options. One result of the project was that the potential users set a market value for this product between 2 and 2½ times higher than the client's intended sales price. TallPyne also discovered a new market segment that had not been considered previously and numerous improvement suggestions for the next product version. One of the product investors said TallPyne's market research report was one of the best that they had read in the last several years.
  • - Retest the Feasibility of an Employee Benefit Product.-A large provider of employee insurance benefits asked a consultant who is allied with TallPyne to look at a new product that was not gaining marketacceptance as well as expected to see if they could identify problems and potential solutions. That consultant turned to TallPyne for market research assistance. TallPyne was able to analyze the information collectedfrom the marketplace and co-author the report for the insurer. The insurance company took several corrective actions and later presented a summary of the findings and subsequent actions at an employee benefit convention.
  • - Introduction of a “BioFuel” for Heating Use.-TallPyne used a combination of focus groups and secondary research to define the primary marketing points important to potential buyers. The project also defined a price difference curve for this product versus its primary competing product. TallPyne helped to prove that the “green” heating fuel could support a price between 10-15% greater than its competition. The secondary research helped to locate potential funding sources for the client's expansion plans. TallPyne's marketing report correctly spelled out the circumstances under which the biofuel would begin to gain market acceptance.
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Expert Witness:
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1995 to 2002   Canada   Supported customer satisfaction measurement and product research for Unum Canada from Unum America. Substantial travel to Canada and contact with the Canadian empoyee benefit market. Several market research and focus group projects.

Market Research:
- He can discuss products offerings through the workplace. (especially insurance, investment products, employee assistance programs, etc.)

- He is well versed in the issues concerning the rapidly developing alternative energy field.

- He can cover topics relating to green & sustainable business practices.

Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your marketing research, industry research, and company research needs.  For research needs involving multiple experts or secondary research, a Research Director can be assigned to coordinate the work into a custom report for you as a potentially quicker and more cost effective alternative to doing this work yourself or hiring a boutique consultancy.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Additional Skills and Services:

Seminars: – Use Business Downtime to Reshape Your Product – How to Survive & Thrive in Difficult Times – Inno-vigorating Your Business (Use innovation to grow your business.) – Better Business By Design (Don't let your business growth depend upon chance. Design the future business that you want and map the pathway to get there.) – Is Your Business A Diamond In The Rough? (Look at your business from the perspective of an outsider. See all of the rough edges that may need polishing.) – Marketing with a Big Capital “M” (Marketing is much more than sales & advertising. Use all of the resources available in the marketing tool box.) – To Be or Not To Be a Consultant (Thinking about becoming a consultant? Know the basics in order to jump-start a successful consulting career.)

Other Skills and Services

- Solid market research skills for assessing new or emerging markets. Especially for products/services with less tangible qualities. (technology support services, value-added information databases, alternative energy, etc.)


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