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 Expert  726188

Expert in Adhesion Science, Surface Modification of Low Energy Polymers, Polar Bonding

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

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Summary of Expertise:

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His expertise in adhesive application comes as a result of identifying the correct adhesive for a particular joining requirement and the need to then be able to implement that solution in a production environment.

He has over the years found a wide range of means of applying adhesives. These have ranged from simply identifying the correct commercially available solutions, to designing and building pumping and dispensing equipment.

His success in adhesive application has resulted in his clients being able to use adhesive joining and gaining the physical benefits that adhesive provide in creating higher performance, lower cost, jointing means than previously used.


adhesive application

He has built a variety of pumping systems for plural component adhesives. He has also built automated multi-axis applicator ends to apply the adhesive in precisely controlled amounts in precisely controlled locations.

adhesive application machine


adhesive pump

Because he has knowledge of a wide array of adhesives and their uses he has developed a deep understanding of the importance of being able to consistently apply the right adhesive amounts to maintain the best possible bond-line thickness.

Bond-line thickness is one of the key elements of a strong adhesive assembly. Applying the correct adhesive, in the correct amount, and developing the means of holding that bond-line as the adhesive cures is essential to adhesive jointing.

He has created a variety of solutions to this problem for a range of clients and in every case the result has been successful adhesive bonds.


adhesive application process

He knows most suppliers of application equipment, and if he cannot find the right solution commercially, he will then design and build a custom solution to fulfill his clients needs. Adhesive dispensing is often the key element to control the waste of adhesive materials, and thus reduce their actual cost of use.

adhesive applicator equipment


adhesive dispensing equipment

His expertise in this area is mainly in the control of temperature of the bond-line as the adhesive reacts. He uses DSC analysis to gain a complete understanding of the cure process and with this information formulates the best method of applying heat as needed during the adhesive curing process.

His clients have benefited from the precision afforded with this method and know exaclty when the adhesive joint can be handled, and when the physical properties of the adhesive are at thier peak.


adhesive curing

He has extensive knowledge of international testing standards for adhesives and can either test to those standards in-house or use his contacts to provide certified testing as the client requires.

adhesive testing

Over the past decade much of his work has been directed toward the design and manufacture of composite panels for use as portable roads for access into environmentally sensative areas to explore for oil and gas.

He has two patents pending in this area and has always designed his panels with their manufacturability in mind. He knows it is pointless to design a solution that cannot be built in a cost effective and profitable manner.

Consequently he has designed composite panel manufacturing facilities to build his inventions.

These designs have brought together his abilities in materials use, and their flow through the manufacturing process. He has designed and built specialised equipment to pump composite resins, dispense them onto fiberglass skins in the correct ratio of glass to resin, apply the wet skins to large tools, insert previously adhesively assembled core materials into the tool, and apply the top skins to the part.

He has developed materials handling equipment to apply vacuum bags to the parts, and then transport the tooling and the parts to curing ovens. When the part is cured it is then transported to final finishing areas.

The final finishing includes the dust-free clean-up of the finished part, the robotic application of coatings (he designed and built the 5 axis arm to hold the spray application gun), the fliping of the large part to coat on the second side, and the movement of the part from the spray booth to the drill station.

The drill station automatically positions the part, and drills 12 large diameter holes for the placement of fitments that connect one mat to the next.

The part then has the fitments adhesively attached and it the specially formulated adhesive is allowed to cure and the mat is then ready for sale.


composite material design for manufacturability


design for testability


composite material processing

He has deep knowledge of epoxy adhesives, the correct design of joints, and the ability to provide practical application proceedures.

His knowledge of the cure dynamics, his ability to design joints with optimized bond-lines, his ability to apply the correct amount of adhesive and maintain the bond-line thickness throughout the cure process has made him an expert in the use of epoxies to create high strength bonds that have high life cycles and the correct combination of strenght and toughness.


epoxy bonding

He has formulated a wide array of epoxy and polyurethane adhesives that have been reinforced with a number of fiber reinforcements. These include Spectra fibre, fibreglass, carbon fibre, ceramic whiskers, ceramic particles, titanium oxide, UHMW particles, nano particles, colloidial clays, and other proprietary materials.

The result is high-strength epoxy adhesives and repair compounds.


fiber-reinforced adhesive

Patent pending on the world's highest pressure lay-flat hose. This invention includes the creation of the necessary fitments as conventional fitments cannot handle the high pressure of this hose.

The hose has been tested to flow 800 gallons per minute at 800 psi of operating pressure. The minimum burst strength is 2,250 psi.

This hose is ready for manufacture and can be licensed.

The hose can be build in diameters as low as .25 inches and as high as 16 inches.

The wall thickness of the hose including its highly abrasion resistant coating is .125" A hose reel to dispense the hose from a mobile platform can hold between one and two miles of hose. It can be dispensed at a rate of 20 miles per day.

The liner can be altered so that the hose can transport virtually any liquid. It was designed at the request of the U.S. Military for use as a rapidly deployed fuel pipeline system. It was meant to keep pace with the advance of infantry and their armor.

The hose could have many other applications, from providing emergency potable water, to fighting forest fires.

He also has a version that can turn hose into 'instant' pipe for use in mining and oilfield applications.


high-pressure hose design

He has developed a method of surface modification of polyolefin plastics to create polar bonding sites.

This in turn provides the necessary conditions for excellent adhesive bonding to these more or less impossible to glue materials.

The result is that he can apply by adhesive any polyolefin to any metal or composite material.

This ability can be used with geoliners and they can be glued to the inside of tanks and other containers.

This capability has allowed his clients to apply UHMW in chutes, chain guides, and other places that UHMW is commonly used to alleviate wear. However the primary advantage of this adhesive bonding is the elimination of buckling of the UHMW as a result of differencial thermal expansion.

He has also developed a dual-containment tank lining system. This allows his clients to create a monitorable interstitial dual containment system that can be applied to any storage tank. Meaning steel tanks can be lined in-situ and meet government environmental requirements for dual containment without building containment dikes around them.


polyethylene-to-steel container bonding

His ability to formulate epoxies and urethanes containing proprietary wear resistant materials that bond to the resin system at the molecular level creates solutions for a wide array of wear problems.

His clients have benefited from this capability in everything from bushings that can operate for years in highly abrasive slurries, to chutes that have linings that make use of the best properties of both urethanes and UHMW.

His knowledge of a wide variety of ceramic and metal compounds has allowed clients to increase the life-span of many mission critical components.


wear design

His knowledge of international testing standards coupled with the practical issues of testing his inventions has given him a tool-kit of proving concepts.

His clients have benefited from his belief that sometimes there is no better proof than to stress something until it fails.

He has build safe and efficient test stands for high-load four point bend testing of composite sandwich panels to blowing up hose that is far outside the normal pressure range for hoses of the testing diameter.


destructive testing

He has designed a panel system that uses vacuum technology to create large structural building panels that have R-80 to R-100 insulation in wall thickness of 6 inches. These walls can be built for use in building industrial plant and warehouses. The design eliminates the common problem in structural insulated panels, the placement of utilities, and does it without loss of insulative abilities.

energy-efficient design

He has spent a decade developing new products using composite materials. The products include high-pressure hoses, dual containment tank liners, load-tranfering structural joints, portable road systems, adhesively applied UHMW, and an array of others.

new product development

He has provided his research services for clients to find the right polymer to meet the clients chemical resistance, temperature, and mechanical properties.

polymer selection for chemical compatibility

Has formulated a variety of epoxy and polyurethane adhesive systems to meet the particular challenges of adhering difficult to adhere surfaces for a range of clients.

thermosetting adhesive formulation

Has designed plural component adhesives and coatings for his own requirements and those of clients.

two-part adhesive

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1977   B.A. (incomplete)   Psychology/Philosophy   U of A  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Title   Responsibilities

1999 to






Research and Development of a variety of products. These range from a system to install dual containment into existing oilfield storage tanks in-situ; the world's highest pressure, large diameter, lay-flat hose and fittings; honeycomb core; sandwich panels; connection edge capable of transfering complete load from one horizontal composite mat to an adjacent mat; R-80 insulation panel; various adhesives, coatings, and unique methods to apply them.

Design and implementation of large scale composite manufacturing facility including the design of all factory automation and manufacturing jigs.

1989 to 1999


Self Employed



Product development, finance, accounting, systems integration, marketing and sales for various clients on one to three year contracts

1978 to 1989


Sherwood Printing Ltd.




Operated family business until it was sold.

Career Accomplishments:

Adhesion Society

Publications and Patents Summary

6 patents pending. Many industrial designs. Extensive I.P. estate.

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • He has recently started to do consulting work on a non-contractural basis. Currently he is engaged on a day basis at a major manufacturer of oilfield camp and dormatory structures, coaching their staff to embrace the possibilities that automation of certain processes can create. He has worked for them in areas ranging from increasing the life-span and performance of a foam injection machine, to designing a production line for manufacturing doors.It is anticipated that this contract will continue for a long period of time as the company currently has very low levels of automation, jigs, and fixtures. The company wants to improve productivity in all areas of its manufacturing process but needs a guide to help them overcome resistance to change and the risk it entails at all levels of the corporate structure.The client understands that his expertise and experience in materials, assembly, automation, fixturing, jigs, materials flow, manpower flow, and information flow, can move them from where they are now to a world leader in their field.He understands that a corporate culture cannot be changed quickly, especially in economically uncertain times. So he will patiently and at the correct pace, work with the client toward identifying their true goals and bringing them toward success in achieving them.
  • He has worked with a client to develop a method of creating a complex adhesive bonding solution. The pieces to be connected with adhesives are difficult to bond to. He researched and tested a wide range of adhesives to find the correct one that met all of the various and demanding environmental requirements. He then created a way to fill the bond area (which is quite large) that maintained the ideal bond-line thickness (0.030") and filled it without voids.The result is an automatable method of creating ideal bonds that is accurate, repeatable, scalable, and controlled. The reduction in the waste of the adhesive pays out the investment in jigs and pumping equipment in less than 1,000 parts.
  • He demonstrated in conclusive fashion that with certain surface modification techniques difficult to bond polyolefin plastics such as ultra high molecular weight polyethelyne (UHMW) could be adhesively attached to metal surfaces. This technology eliminates the biggest problem in using UHMW in wear applications; buckling of the plastic due to the different themal expansion properties of the two materials.He went further and created an automated process to attach foam-backed pressure sensative tapes to the UHMW so that it could be instantly applied to any properly cleaned metal surface.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Adheisive expert for consulting on special bonding needs of motorcycle grip.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2001 to 2007   United States   Work on adhesive applications for surface modified thermoplastics, particularly UHMW and high-tensile strength fibres made of gel spun UHMW

Market Research:
The unique ability to identify problem areas in most business or products, find innovative solutions, and turn them into actions.

Primarily I have worked in composites and thermoplastics, but also have experience in specialty metals and ceramics.

An example would be the invention of the world's highest pressure lay-flat hose.

I was working a trade show with a client when a visitor came to our booth and asked me if I could build a very high pressure hose. At that point the only thing I knew about hoses was the one I had to water my lawn.

I asked the visitor if hoses 'acted' like pipe. He confirmed that it did. I did a calculation based on Barlow's formula to figure out how thick the wall of a pipe would have to be to achieve the pressure (750 psi for 6 inch diameter) and 3 times safety factor. I then calculated the amount of Spectra Fibre it would take to achieve the same capacity and the braid angle I would need the Spectra to be braided at. Within a few minutes I was able to tell the visitor that I could indeed meet his requirement.

We moved forward on the project, and found that because there was no hose that could handle this level of pressure, there were no commercially available fitings with which to test the hose.

So I invented the fitings, and tested the hose. It consistently failed at between 2,500 psi and 2,800 psi.

The objective was met, and the solution was exactly as I predicted it was going to be in those first few minutes of discussion with the visitor in our booth. From start to finish the program took less than 3 months to complete.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Small group coaching to develop industrial automation awareness within manufacturing corporations. The objective is to develop an internal skill-set that enables clients to embrace change and benefit from increased quality and production speed brought about by automating aspects of their manufacturing process.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

A big fat rolodex with 30 years of contacts across an astonishing range of businesses.

Other Skills and Services

I am an indefatigable researcher. I know how to work a library and internet search engines. I keep up to date on scientific literature as well as product literature. I have a gift in that I can discuss topics ranging from what happens in the first 10 angstroms of the surface an adhesive is acting on, to the way the Chinese government operates.

I am curious. I am inventive. I am dilligent. I am intellegent. I am honest. I try to guide my life by being impeccable with my word, I don't take anything personally, I don't make assumptions, and I always try to do my best.


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