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Expert in Offshore: Deep & Ultra Deepwater, Exploration, Appraisal & Horizontal, Subsea Development Drilling

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United Kingdom
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

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Expert time served and trained for several years as a marine engineering officer gaining hands marine engineering experience and knowledge of a ships engine room, notably as a 2nd engineering officer on at that time pone of the world most modern Anchor handling and supply vessels in the world. He then elected for a step-life-changing oil field drilling career and trained for a further six more years in rig based drilling contractors positions gaining the knowledge and experience needed for the company mans drilling role he applied to be developed for. He then applied all knowledge, expertise and working skill for 15 more years in this position with two of the world's major oil companies, both onshore but mainly in offshore drilling projects. He then furthered his offshore operational, exploration, appraisal and development drilling supervisory skills for 12years "cherry picking" as a global drilling consult, leading the forefront of new drilling areas, technology projects and drilling development with the Majors. Notably world-wide exploration in deepwater, subsea, horizontal and high pressure high temperature operations theatres.

In recent years he has complimented his extensive 'hand on' skill set working in a step-change and more dominant technical well engineering and specialist drilling support role namely with medium operating sized companies. Now being more intimately involved in the well design construction and engineering of wells before during and after execution he supports and mentors the drilling personnel in the team s that he currently involved with.

Expert offers a unique balance of operational hands on and well design and engineering expertise. He has the knowledge and experience to apply, implement and elected to use alternative, novel and creative drilling processes, has introduced and adapted new technologies in more than one operating environment, often setting new operating benchmark standards, instructions and operating procedures in several world projects all successfully delivered over the last two decades. Expert has explored, appraised and directly involved in the forefront of offshore drilling projects notably from semi-submersible and drillship projects since 1988 both in supervisory, consultancy and more recently in a well engineering and specialist drilling role.

Having worked in several world-wide offshore operating environments, (Offshore Uk, Norway, Black Sea, North South Atlantic, Indian Ocean, SE Asia, West Africa, North America etc.). Well that included remote exploration, deep and ultra deepwater locations. He is thus well versed in key drilling hazards, knowledge, drilling experience, to the issues aspects and challenges that are faced and exits in such areas.

Being selected to develop the world's first deepwater training workshops and seminar he has also continued to develop this area of expertise from 1998 and to date has presented and transferred this to many of the world operating and national oil companies. e.g. Pemex, PDVSA, ONGC, Petronas, Statoil, Petro Vietnam, BP Norge, Saga Petroleum, Sonangol, Occidente Cupit, Respsol, CNOC, CNOOC and other Chinese consortiums.

In more recent years he has been exclusively involved in offshore subsea horizontal well development in both chalk and sandstone reservoirs, deepwater and high pressure high temperature exploration and field development wells, and drilling optimization in aging and depleted offshore reservoirs.




drilling rig


oil well drilling


rotary oil drilling rig


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Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, Construction and...
Offshore Oil and Gas Construction Management
Petroleum Production Engineer
Global Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturing Companies,...

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
2002   MSC   Drilling Engineering   Robert Gordons University, Aberdeen, Scotland.  
1976   HND   marine Engineering   Glasgow College of Technology  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1973 to 1977


Denholm Ship Management


Marine Engineering


Engineer cadet


Expert completed marine engineering cadet training as per DOT requirements at this time. He gained an HND in Mechanical 'marine' engineering this period. During this period he also served approximately 10months at sea as a marine engineering cadet learnig basic fundamental marine engineering skills required. He complete required project and completed formall training in 1977.

1977 to 1979


Denholm Ship management


Marine Engineering


Junior and 4th Engineer


Expert conducted watch-keeping and marine engineering duties as per positions held. He served on foreign going Cargo, Oil Tanker and Refrigerated cargo vessels during this period. In 1979 he completed and passed his 2nd engineers 'Motor' certificate of competence in December 1979 and gain his Chief Engineers part A exemption.

1979 to 1980


Seaforth Maritime


Supply-Anchor Handling Vessels


Junior and Senior 2nd Engineer


Expert conducted watch-keeping and marine engineering duties as per positions held in this period. He served on a Modern state of the art supply anchor handling vessel at this time, serving Moving, Achoring and supplying four North Sea operating semi-submersible drilling rigs, based predominantly out of Peterhead.

1980 to 1986


Shell International Petroleum


International Drilling Operations


Trainee, Assistant Driller, Driller.


Expert worked as a trainee from 1980-81 completing land rig assignments in various roughneck, roustabout, & derrickman positions. He then completed and passed a required 14weks training and exam during this period. He was then assigned to Brunei Shell in 1981 where he worked as both assistant driller and then driller on onshore light land rigs and offshore 'tender barge' assisted drilling platforms for various drilling contractors. Hen completed the required Shell internal correspondance courses and passed both required round 1 and round 2 competency examinations during this period to reach drilling supervisor 'company man' standards of which he was being trained.

1986 to 1987


Shell International


International Drilling Operations


Drilling Supervisor


Expert served as a Drilling supervisor on Shell Installations both land/offshore Brunei and then trnasferred to Shell Expro Uk working on the Brent delta platform and Semi-submersible Stadrill which was Shell's owned and managed semi-submersible. During this peirod he supervised on development, exploration and appraisal wells respectively on Shell's behalf.

1987 to 1993


BP Exploration




Senior Drilling Supervisor


Expert served as a Drilling supervisor from 1988 and then Senior on BP Installations offshore. He supervised field in-fill drilling, workover, and intervention operations, then early extended reach drilling operations from BP's offshore platforms. Late 1988 he was assigned to the exploraiton group and worked there-after dominantly on several semi-submersible rigs exploring ealry UK and international Deep water, HPHT, and salt plays during this period. He was during this period seconded for 10months to assist in the development of a integrated wel engineering and reporting system. He then trained offshore personnel in the implementation of this system gaining valuable well engineering experience in drillstring torque and drag, hydraulics/swab & surge, cementing, simulations etc using and applying this system.

1993 to 2005


Self employed consultant


World wide drilling


Drilling Consultant


Expert opted to specialised and further develop his career in offshore remote exploration drilling, working on several remote, wildcat, deep and ultra deep water project in several regions during this period. Ref. his bio for more specific projects worked etc. In 1998 he was asked to developed and then has delivered 'industry first' deepwater well and drilling operations training and has continued to do so till current date to remain abreast with drilling and technological developments in this field. He served as a deepwater advisor to national and independent oil companies on more than one occasion and on several key start up projects in various areas, including Ultra deep and surface BOP wells. In 2003 he sucessfully planned and supervised an HPHT land well meeting required objectives i.e. on time and budget to prove commerciality in this field. During this period he further self financed, completed and passed in 2002 an 'Open learning' Masters degree in drilling engineering via a Uk University druing full time employment, to compliment his operational knowledg and skills gained. Expert gaine Charetered marine engineering staus via the Uk engineering council in this period and in this view has been an SPE member also from 1991.

2005 to 2008


Kerr McGee / then Maersk OIl UK


Drilling & Completion


Senior drilling specialist


Peterhas worked as a senior drillng specialised on subsea high angle horizontal, in-fill, development, exploration and appraisal wells. The organisation he worked setting best in class wells delivery during this period. Ref. Rushmore benchmarkng data. He was first to introduce a new 17-1/2" bi-cone drilling bit to the world and then sucessffuly ran this product on several development wells at increased drilling efficiencies. he ran the first XR reamer in the North Sea. He also in conjunction with is colleagues developed a step changing riserless drilling method to eliminate one casing string and well bore section at significantly reduced well costs.

Career Accomplishments:

IMar.Est, SPE.


C.Mar.Eng. IWCF combined drilling supervisors well control certification.

Medical/Professional Internships

BP trade test. Shell Round 1 & Round 2 examinations.

Publications and Patents Summary

Hosted knowledge sharing and best practices web site since 1993.

Numerous documents, drillig operations, engineering design manuals, worksheets, best practices and engineering worksheets have been developed and hosted on this site since 1993 with much more to come.


Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Kingdom Drilling Services Ltd  
 - Drilling geology  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • Expert was hired in by various operating oil companies based on previous 'harsh environment' operating drilling experience gained in such areas in the 90's. Here as a Deepwater consultant drilling supervisor for the operators he delivered the Uk's first subsea horizontal deepwater field development. The initial phase one wells that he was responsible for supervising being drilled and completed so far ahead of the planned project schedule with little drilling difficulties experienced that the rig had to be relocate to another area.
  • Deepwater drilling consultant for BP on Wildcat Ultra deepwater wells drilled offshore Faeroes islands. Hired by cleint due to his previous expertise in this area. Well delivered on time and budget.
  • Hired as a Deepwater drilling consultant/specialist to a client who who had no previous Ultra deepwater experience, on the worlds first surface BOP wells to be drilled with a subsea seabed safety device. i.e. ESG 'Environmental safe guard' that was built by Cameron Oil tools in Singapore for this project. Well was drilled and delivered without major incident.
  • He worked as an offshore drilling advisor to ONGC on their first deep and Ultra deepwater well campaigns drilled in the Bay of bengal and Arabian sea. Assisitng operator to becpome familiar with all aspects of deepwater and Ultra deepwater exploration drilling operations
  • Deepwater drilling consultant for Saga Petroleum's Ultra deepwater well drilled offshore Norway on the Voring plateau. Despite picking up a vessel that had never drilled in deepwater and one that required signficant upgrades to work ion this Ultra deep well, Assisted operators team in setting a new drilling benchmark in this area.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in deepwater drilling
  • Expert in Scale deposits (BaSO4) in Oil Well
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Expert Witness:
Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert in deep water drilling to consult on securities class action lawsuit.
  • Drilling expert for consulting on Macondo oil spill
  • Expert for consulting on Failure in oil seals in a screw compressor oil free for VRU in petrochemical complex.
  • Drilling rig design expert for consulting on litigation for trade secrets case involving drilling rig technology.
  • Oil and gas drilling expert for consulting on surface jarring operations.
  • Petroleum engineering expert for consulting on deepwater horizon explosion.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1980 to 1981   Holland   Land rigs from light land rig workovers and intervention to heavy land rig deep HPHT subsalt 'gas wells' drilling and completion operations.
1981 to 1986   Brunei  
1986 to 1993   Offshore UK / Norway   Onshore and offshore work on drilling, completing and working over severely depleted reservoirs to Onshore and offshore new exploration and field developments. in areas that often had very complex geology and several drilling challenges.
1993 to 2005   Worldwide   Offshore, UK, Canada, Brunei, Norway, Black Sea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, West Africa, Falkland Islands, Faeroes.

Exploration, Appraisal, Development, Deep, Ultra deepweater, HPHT, ERD, MPD, subsea horizontal wells. Well completions, re-completion, abandonments, both offshore on moored and DP vessels, platforms, jack ups and land rigs.

2005 to   UK/Norway   Exploration, Appraisal, Development, HPHT, ERD, MPD, subsea horizontal wells. Well completions, re-completion, abandonments, offshore on moored and DP vessels, platforms, & jack ups.

Language Skills:
Foreign Language   Description
Bahasa   Basic conversational abilities.
Dutch   Basic conversational abilities.
English   Expert in fully proficient in the English language.

Market Research:
Expert background both at the rig site and now in an onshore support role understands better than most the key project drivers of 'time, money, quality and the Health, Safety and environmental issues that have to be managed to deliver safe, efficient and effective 'loss free' drilling operations. Meeting and aligning with all stakeholders goals and objectives.

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Additional Skills and Services:

Expert was ther first drilling person to develop and deliver a series of deepwater well engineering and drilling operations course, seminars and workshop from 1988 (For the NExT Organisation). Since then he has continued to deliver and provide an independent service world-wide in this area.

He has also assisted in a similar manner more recently in high pressure high temperature wells planning, training and competency development.

Other Skills and Services

Expert is a recognised 'hands on' practioner of drilling operations and well engineering specialism.

he is a 'Mathcad' user who has developed more than 300 drilling engineering worksheets to aid and optimise well planning, and drilling engineering practices and processes that are fundamental to a wells successful delivery.

He has self financed a home of drilling operations web-site to share knwoledge and experience, best practices, and well/drilling guidelines gained to aid and assist individuals self education, knnowledge and skills development. Seeking to align with other peers in the industry to enhance this process of sharing and learning form each otehr to prevent recurring mistakes in the future.


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