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 Expert  728217

Expert in QC/QA, Sterility Assurance, Aseptic, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Device Manufacturing & Testing

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs

California (CA)
Education Work History Career Accomplishments Consulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

Listed with other top experts in: 

Environmental Monitoring Operations, EM Trends Reports, EM Remediation and Investigation. Cleanroom Contamination Control Practices, Behaviors, Personnel, Gowning, Cleanroom Traffic Guidelines, Process/Personnel and Product Flows. Microbiology Release Testing-Bioburden, Sterility Test, Growth Promotion, Materials Control, Microbial Identification, Bacteria Endotoxin, Biological Indicators Testing, Potency Assays, Identity testing, Tissue Culture Assay, pH, Osmolarity, Conductivity, Sterilization (EtO & Ebeam), Biocompatibility Testing. Cleanroom Facility Design and Validation- Basis of Design, User Requirement Specification, Cleanroom Design, Facility Validation Protocol and Reports, EM Sample Site Selection, Specifications, Room Parameters, Air Exchange, HVAC, Temperature Requirements, Humidity Requirements. CAPA, OOS, Invalid Assay, Sterility Failure, Departure from QC Procedures, Environmental Excursion Investigation. Quality Control Microbiology Audit-Internal and External Auditing, Vendor Audits. FDA, USP, ISO, MCA, CFR, ICH, and EU Guidelines and Regulations. FDA, ISO, BSi, TGA, KEMA Audits- SME, Corrective Action Response for Audit Findings. QC Microbiology Lab Restructuring, Reorganization and New Lab Set up. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Detailed Operating Procedures (DOP), and Standard Test Methods (STM's) Writing, Revision and compliance requirements. Test Method and Equipment Validation (MicroSeq, Vitek Compact II, VHP Sterilizer, Milliflex etc). Sterilization Experience- EtO, Terminal, Radiation Sterilization, Ebeam, VHP Decontamination. Biocompatibility Testing (USP Biological Reactivity Tests). Quality Assurance Release/Batch record review, stability test, raw materials testing, analytical testing and document control processes. Product Compliant, CAPA, Out of Specifications, Product Non-conformance Investigations/Tracking/Trending. Equipment Skills-ELISA, HPLC, VHP, Steritest, MilliflexTM, Abbott Quantum IITM Analyzer, ThinPrepTM 2000 System, Vitek Compact II, MicroSeq DNA Sequencing Equipment, Kinetic LAL Testing- ELX 808 Plate Reader, Sterilizers etc. Animal Testing/Potency Assays-Worked with Guinea Pigs, Mice, Rabbits, Injections Proficiency- Intra-cranial injections (IC), Intra-dermal injection (ID), Intra-peritoneal injection (IP) and subcutaneous (SC) Intra-venal (IV).

applied microbiology


aseptic filling


aseptic packaging process


aseptic pharmaceutical process validation


bio-clean room




decontamination equipment


environmental air sampling


Food and Drug Administration


FDA medical device regulation


Food and Drug Administration regulation


medical device


medical device manufacturing quality control


medical device sterility


nonaseptic pharmaceutical process validation


pharmaceutical aseptic filling room


pharmaceutical manufacturing facility auditing


pharmaceutical quality assurance


pharmaceutical quality control


quality control




sterile packaging process


sterile processing


sterile product aseptic manufacture




sterility assurance level

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise
Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Los Angeles, California;  San Diego, California;  Long Beach, California;  Santa Ana, California;  Anaheim, California;  Riverside, California;  Glendale, California;  Huntington Beach, California;  San Bernardino, California;  and Chula Vista, California.

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1990   BSc   Microbiology   University of Benin-Nigeria  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

2009 to


(Undisclosed Consulting Company)





Consultant in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device manufacturing and testing industries. performs consultation in all areas of Quality Control/ Assurance, Sterility Assurance, Aseptic manufacturing and Testing etc.

2006 to 2008


Abbott Vascular




QC Microbiology Manager


High level multi-site Quality Systems/Microbiology Manager with over 45 reports overseeing a total of four (4) Quality Control Laboratories. Report to the Director of Quality Services.

2009 to 2006


Tyco Healthcare




Sterility Assurance Manager


I was recruited to manage and completely restructure the Quality Systems/Sterility Assurance/Control laboratory with over 35 reports in order to effect adequate change in the organization's Quality Systems/Sterility Assurance/Control laboratory with specific emphasis on Sterility Assurance in the Aseptic and Non-Aseptic Manufacturing areas. Reported to the Director of Quality.

2003 to 2004


Cell Genesys Inc.


Quality Control


QC Manager


I was recruited to start up the Quality Control laboratory with more than 6 reports in order to situate the Quality Control laboratory for Phase III operation. Reported to the Director of Quality Control.

2001 to 2003


Wyeth Pharmaceuticals


Quality Control


QC Microbiology/Sterility Manager


I was recruited to work for Wyeth to effect total compliance in the Quality Control lab due to the Consent Decree status of the facility prior to my hire. Reported to the Director of QC/Microbiology.

1997 to 2001


BioPort Corporation


Quality Control/Bioassay


QC Bioassay Supervisor


QC/Bioassay Supervisor. Quality Control/Bioassay laboratory with over 20 reports with specific emphasis on QC and Bioassay (Animal Testing). Reported to the Manager of Quality Control.

1995 to 1995


Michigan State University


Department of Medicine


Research Assistant


Worked as a Research Assistant for the Professor of Medicine with specific emphasis on a Prothrombin time testing. Collected patient's serum samples form two major hospitals and well as from the clinical center of Michigan State University for use in the Coagulation studies. Tested the serum samples for prothrombin time (Coagulation time) using the Coagulab 40A, 60S, 32S, ACL 300, Electra 700 and Electra 1600 and reported results generated for use in the research project.

1990 to 1995


Wuramond Hospital




Assistant Microbiology Manager


Assistant Manager in the hematology and Microbiology divisions of the hospital with routine task of scheduling lab employees, assisting in managing the day to day activities of the laboratory function. Routine lab test not limited to Hematology and Clinical Microbiological Assays

Career Accomplishments:


Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • General Consultant for different investment firms and personal consultation within the pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries.
  • Consultant for the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) in different areas of Quality Control, Assurance, Medical Device Sterilization, Healthcare etc for Investment firms and other clients.
  • Member of the Sterility assurance Group on Linkedin.com on different topics within Sterility Assurance and Pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Recent Client Requests:
  • Expert in USP Water system.
  • Expert for consulting on Sterilization for Orthopedic Implants.
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your expert consulting needs.  Expert is available for consulting to corporate, legal and government clients.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Expert Witness:
Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding expert testimony, litigation consulting and support, forensic services, or any related expert witness services.  A few litigation needs include product liability, personal injury, economic loss, intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), and insurance matters.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
2005 to 2005   Amsterdam-Holland   Conducted audits, guidance and consultation with former Dutch and Irish inspectors in areas of Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Sterility Assurance in Pharmacuetical Manufacturing process.
2007 to 2007   Ireland-Clonmel and Galway   Performed consultation with Quality Control/Microbiology methods.

Market Research:
Microbiology, Compliance, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Sterility Assurance, Aseptic Manufacturing.

Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your marketing research, industry research, and company research needs.  For research needs involving multiple experts or secondary research, a Research Director can be assigned to coordinate the work into a custom report for you as a potentially quicker and more cost effective alternative to doing this work yourself or hiring a boutique consultancy.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Additional Skills and Services:

Container Closure Testing and Requirements.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Performs vendor/supplier assessments, qualification, requalification and corrective action programs.

Other Skills and Services

All areas within the Environmental Monitoring (EM) program not limited to EM Plans, Design of an EM program, EM Remediation, EM Trend Reporting, EM Excursion Investigation etc. All areas within the Gas Monitoring program not limited to Site Plans, Design of a Gas Monitoring program, Remediation, Trend Reporting, Excursion Investigation etc. All areas within the WFI Monitoring program not limited to Design of a WFI System, PM, Disinfection Plans, Remediation, Trend Reporting, Excursion Investigation etc. All Quality Control/Microbiology Testing as follows: LAL/Bacterial Endotoxin Testing, Product Validation and Suitability Tests; Bioburden Testing Program; WFI and other water testing programs (RO, Distilled, Steam, Purified); Growth Promotion Tests; GMP Testing of Raw Materials, API, and other materials and reagents used in the manufacturing and testing of products; Sterility Testing programs not limited to the design of the tests, direct and membrane filtration testing, sterility test failure investigation; Bacteriostasis and Fungistasis Testing as it relates to sterility test; Disinfectant Efficacy Testing (DE Test-In-vitro and In-vivo Tests); Biological Indicator Testing Program not limited to receipt, handling, storage, reconciliation, testing and failure investigations; Potency Assays within the Biologics manufacturing; Bioassay Testing not limited to animal testing; Virology Testing/Tissue Culture Assays; Different Media preparation, storage, expiration dating etc. pH Testing, Osmolarity, GC, HPLC, Conductivity Testing. Cleanroom Contamination Control Practices, Behaviors, Personnel, Gowning, Cleanroom Traffic Guidelines, Process/Personnel and Product Flows. Stability Testing Design, Requirements, Protocol and Report generation etc. Media Fill Program not limited to protocol/reporting design, media fill issues, failure investigation etc. Design of a Disinfection Program not limited to design, management and disinfectant and materials management. All areas of production and Process Controls. Microbial Identification systems (Vitek Compact II, MicroSeq etc) and all test procedures associated with Microbial identification Testing. All failure investigations not limited to Sterility, Environmental, Media Fill, Bacterial Endotoxin, OOS, Invalid Assays, Gas Monitoring etc. Experienced in the design, use, disinfection and validation of different types of Isolators (Soft Wall and Hard Wall), Transfer Isolators etc. Areas within validation as it relates to design, testing, Protocol/Report style and content within the areas of Method, Cleaning, Facility and Barrier Isolator validation. All Quality Systems/QA requirements and expectations as it relates to the Lab not limited to CAPA, Complaint Investigations, Document Control, Supplier Quality, Batch Record/Release, Deviation, and others. Biocompatibility Testing Requirements. EtO, Steam, VHP and Ebeam Sterilization Validation and Testing Requirements. Startups and Restructuring of a non-compliant lab into a very compliant QC Lab. Experienced in a vast array of QC Lab Procedural Revision, Writing and Design as well as all Forms associated with each procedure to meet the USP, ISO, EP, JP etc expectations. SME in all areas of Quality Systems as it relates to the Labs, Microbiology, Virology etc. SME in all areas of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Radiopharmacuetical, Drugs, Biologics and Aseptic Manufacturing and Microbiological Assays.


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