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Expert in Microbiology, Infection, Infection Control, Occupational & Hospital Hygiene, Biohazards, Needlestick

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United Kingdom
Education Work History Career AccomplishmentsPublicationsConsulting Services Expert Witness Market Research

Summary of Expertise:

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Expert offers a highly valued research-driven consultancy specialising healthcare, environmental, and occupational microbiology, waste management, and bio-safety. With a strong science-based research record in these areas, and a background in NHS and University Medical Schools, he has over 35 years post-qualification experience in laboratory and applied microbiology, and diagnostics, with research interests in hospital, occupational & environmental microbiology, surgical sepsis, hygiene, infection prevention control, healthcare waste management, sharps safety, and bio-safety.

He offers specialist services in several key areas: healthcare, environmental & occupational microbiology; occupational hygiene; sharps (needlestick) injury; hospital, community and environmental infection control; surgical sepsis; briefings, planning & licensing; site survey, audit & analysis; clinical waste management; waste safety; hygiene & PPE assessments. He has acted for many public- and commercial-sector clients in the UK and elsewhere as an advisor on healthcare waste management and disposal. Local, regional and central government agencies together with educational, charitable and aid agencies NHS Trusts and waste management, pharmaceutical & medical equipment manufacturing sector clients feature among an international client base.

Expert was, from 2006 until its dissolution in 2009, an Adviser to the Healthcare Commission. In this role, he investigated and advised on complex cases concerning matters of infection, infection prevention and control, post-surgical sepsis, antibiotic prophylaxis errors, diagnostics, and the predictable C difficile and MRSA infections. He now has a similar appointment with its successor organisation, The Care Quality Commission.

He operates an active research program with additional contract research, academic and commercial presentations, and delivers specialist training and support to undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students. He lectures widely, at home and abroad, and teaches on several medical, scientific and nursing taught courses. He has an extensive publication record of blue sky, translational and applied research publications in addition to reviews and book chapters.

His activities extend beyond the healthcare environment, embracing occupational hygiene and industrial microbiology, and the welfare of waste handlers and others exposed to biological hazards including blood and body fluid exposures, and sharps injuries. Expert is founding Editor-in-Chief of The International Journal of Hospital Environment & Hygiene Management. He sits on the Editorial Board of The Biologist, and completed a term on the Board of The Journal of Infection Prevention. For more than 3 decades, he has been a reviewer for many core high impact factor medical and scientific journals.

He is a Fellow of the Society of Biology, the Institute of Biomedical Science, and of the Royal Society for Public Health. He is a member of the Healthcare Infection Society and of the Infection Prevention Society. He is a Chartered Biologist, Chartered Scientist, and Chartered Waste Manager, and a Member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.

Expert has more than 25 years' experience preparing legal reports, briefings and Expert Witness reports, including work in Crown, County, and High Courts, in the Coronial Court, and in Planning and Public Inquiry. He is a Partner of the Health and Care Professions Council, and sits on its Fitness to Practise panel.






biohazard management


biological fluid waste disposal


blood waste disposal


clinical microbiology


environmental microbiology


home health care waste management


hospital waste management


hypodermic syringe


infection control


infection prevention


infectious medical waste management


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surgical infection


bacterial culture


biological waste


biological waste auditing


biological waste incineration


medical waste disposal




metalworking fluid


clinical laboratory


medical waste management regulation

Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year   Degree   Subject   Institution  
1982   MSc   Microbiology   University of London  

Work History:
Years   Employer   Department   Title   Responsibilities

1984 to







At his eponymous firm, Expert is an independent consultant environmental & healthcare microbiologist with a practice centered on aspects of clinical waste management, occupational and healthcare hygiene, bio-safety, sharps injury, healthcare-associated infection, healthcare hygiene, and infection prevention and control.

1997 to 2004


Imperial College London


Department of Infectious Diseases


Microbiologist; Administrator


Expert was responsible for the administration of a large academic microbiology and infectious diseases department embracing 6 distinct departments spread over 4 campus sites, and clinical infectious diseases and medical microbiology (laboratory diagnostic microbiology) services to two major London teaching hospitals.

With responsibilities for educational support and with a personal teaching, the post embrased the management of substantial change in an evolving university medical school and teaching hospital environment. An on-going teaching and research & development commitment was matched with a responsibility for individual tutoring and research and teaching support, commercial and developmental activities. In parallel with these activities, he maintained a successful and expanding private practice. This involved substantial international consultancy activity to pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturing companies, and to clinical waste management companies, and embraced additional research and teaching in these and other areas.

1974 to 1997


Royal Postgraduate Medical School


Department of Bacteriology & Infectious Diseases


Senior Microbiologist; Business Manager


He contributed as Senior Microbiologist to the delivery of a high-quality diagnostic microbiology service. This role was augmented by specialist microbiology research and diagnostic services in support of the academic department of surgery, with collaborative and independent research activities in the fields of infection prevention and control, surgical microbiology and in particularly infection of the hepatopancreaticobiliary tract, device-related infections and anaerobic bacteriology.

This appointment included additional business management and administrative responsibilities first to teh diagnostic microbiology service and laterly to teh academic departments of bacteriology, infectious diseases and virology of the Royal Postgraduate Medical School.

Coincident to this appointment, he was a lecturer in microbiology to several regular courses of the University of London and for the Institute of Medical Laboratry Sciences and was for a time an examiner for that Institute.

With additional appontments in the private sector, he began during this appointment an extensive research career that continues to date, publishing extensively in the medical and scientific literature, and teaching and lecturing by invitaton around the world.

This formed the basic of the present international private practice, that continues to deliver a highly respected science-led and research driven practice.

Career Accomplishments:

Fellow of the Society of Biology; Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences; Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health;

Member of the Healthcare Infection Society; Member of the Infection Prevention Society; Member of Sense about Science; Member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.


Registered with the Health Professions Council; Chartered Biologist; Chartered Scientist; Chartered Waste Manager.

Professional Appointments

Member of the Product Accreditation Panel of the Royal Society for Public Health.

Vice Chair, Professional Registers Committee for the Society of Biology.

Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Hospital Environment & Hygiene Management.

Member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Infection Prevention (formerly British Journal of Infection Control).

Member of the Editorial Board of The Open Waste Management Journal.

Member of the Editorial Board of teh Journal of Electronic Health.

Member of the Editorial Board of The International Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology.

Member of the editorial review panel of Waste Management. Member of the editorial review panel of Waste Management & Research.

By invitation, a regular invited reviewer for many other medical and scientific journals, and has been recognised as in the Top Ten Reviewers for 2010 of the journal Waste Management.


Expert was awarded the Chartered Institution for Waste Management Waste Regulation Award for a paper he authored.

Publications and Patents Summary

Expert is the author of over 80 peer-reviewed publications in the medical and scientific literature including research papers and editorials, reviews and scientific correspondence.

He additionally writes, by invitation, for a number of non-peer reviewd and trade or commercial publications, and for Croner.

Selected Publications and Publishers  
 - Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences. Nriagu JO (ed). Elsevier Inc, 2015. 25  
 - Hospital Pharmacy Europe  
 - The Open Waste Management Journal  
 - Annals of Occupational Hygiene  
 - Public Health  
 - Health & Safety Publications Ltd, Ireland (in the press)  

Consulting Services:
Selected Consulting Examples:
  • In 2010, Expert was invited to review and subsequently to brief the Government of the Isle of Man concerning the arrangements for island-wide clinical waste management. Current waste management arrangements were examined in depth, including a comprehensive waste audit at the Island's main hospital. This was extended to an examination of hygiene and health and safety matters, logistics, cost appraisal and compliance with the EU and UK legislative frameworks to refine existing waste management arrangements, promote best practice, and reduce the volumes of waste processed in a dedicated clinical waste incinerator that suffered high dioxin emissions due to its discontinuous operation profile. Peripherally, this project involved support of a University of London postgraduate student in the conduct of waste and environmental auditing.
  • Expert has reported on many cases of medical malpractice, each involving some aspect of microbiology.Cases have been received from private clients and instructing solicitors, and from the Healthcare Commission for whom Expert was appointed as an adviser in microbiology from 2006 to its dissolution in 2009.Cases have involved post-surgical sepsis, cannula-related sepsis, urinary tract infection a range of infections caused by MRSA and other pathogens, Clostridium difficile, Lyme disease and more general complaints of delayed or inadequate diagnosis or treatment.Other cases have involved sharps injury and other occupational illnesses including Legionella infection (Legionnaires Disease).
  • Expert was retained as the microbiology Expert Witness in the Powertrain case in which 90+ claimants alleged failure in the management of metalworking fluids as the cause of a range of respiratory symptoms including severe extrinsic allergic alveolitis.The case required review of all aspects of metalworking fluid management including its natural history and the nature of contamination with micro-organisms of environmental origin; technical assessment of microbial contamination including culture of metalworking fluids and a range of indirect markers; the use and control of biocide additives including biocide assay, biocide stability; the spectrum of activity of biocides, resistance mechanisms; the prevention and containment of metalworking fluid aerosols, and the burden of micro-organisms in air; PPE use; causative mechanisms.The case concluded with a meeting of Experts instructed by the Birmingham Country Court.
  • Expert has acted in a diversity of addition consulting activities including Crown Court and High Court cases, Public Inquiry, Planning applications and appeals, licenscing appeals and other regulatory processes including presentations to review panels at home and abroad as part of the application process for pharmaceutical licensing.
  • Expert has provided reports, appraisals and evidence-based guidance to a range of private clients in the waste management, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing and other sectors, including advice to investors.
  • Presently, around 15 mainly medico-legal, hygiene, occupational-related cases per annum
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Expert Witness:
Expert Witness Experience Summary:
Expert's practice portfolio as an Expert Witness extends over 25 years includes a diverse range of microbiology, extending from personal injury claims involving, for example, matters of diagnosis and treatment of infection and infection prevention and control, to management failures in hospital administration.

He was retained, until dissolution in Q2 2009, as an Adviser to the Healthcare Commission with responsibility for case investigations involving aspects of infection. He currently holds and appointment as Specialist Adviser to the successor body, the Care Quality Commission.

Further cases have involved foodborne and travel-related infections, and occupational infection risks including sharps (needlestick) injury, Weils disease and, among a diversity of occupational cases, adverse respiratory effects of exposure to contaminated metalworking fluids, technical failures in monitoring and control of that contamination, and failures in biocide control.

He continues to investigate and report on personal injury claims but extends this service to include guidance and information to claimants so that they can better understand the detail of their care, the follow-up and long-term implications, and the reasons underlying decisions not to proceed with legal proceedings.

Work has included Crown and County Court appearances, Public Inquiry, planning and licensing applications and appeals, and appeal presentations to the CSM and European regulatory agencies (pharmaceutical registrations). By invitation, he has written for Croner in its Health service Briefings series.

Expert has acted for several governments and government agencies, and for private clients including representation in planning and licensing applications and appeals, market intelligence and guidance, safety and compliance monitoring.

Recent Litigation Client Requests:
  • Expert for consulting on Legionnaires.
  • Expert for consulting on MRSA issues.
  • Expert in biology for consulting on Microbiology.
  • Micro biologist expert for consulting on client contracted infection following pregnancy and died.
  • Usage of disposable sleeves in dentistry
  • Association of expert in industrial paints for consulting on Workshop flooring at a bus depot.
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International Experience:
Years   Country / Region   Summary
1996 to 1998   Ecuador   Expert was invited by representatives of the Government of Ecuador and the NGO Fundacion Natura to advise on standards of clinical waste management in hospitals across in the Country.

The work involved much teaching of nursing, medical, technical and support staff, and of local, regional and national government officials in the health and environmental services, and of several university groups including engineering, microbiology and public health groups.

The work was sponsored and supported by The British Council

1998 to 2002   USA   Expert was invited to advise a Cleveland, Ohio, based company on the product refinement, packaging and use, and teh placement of a range of healthcare hygiene products in the international marketplace.
2006 to 2008   Ireland   Expert was commissioned to advise on the safe management of excavation and reshaping of a closed landfill site in Dun Laoghaire in which it was suspected that clinical wastes had been deposited without authority.

The work involved technical assessment of uncovered waste residues and remnants, advice to operators and regulators concerning the risks to operators and the precautions necessary to ensure safe operation and site containment. Advice was also give to a robust and vociferous local community action group and their political representatives. This involved an overview of the finds and their likely origins, the probability of pathogen survival, the risks to individuals and to the environment, and a review of the safety precautions and containment methods proposed for continued site operation.

1986 to 2000   Switzerland   For many years, Expert provided ad hoc technical, regulatory and research support to teh anti-infectives division of Geistlich Pharma AG, Wolhusen, Switzerland.

Market Research:
Expert has extensive experience in several key sectors: Healthcare – microbiology and infection, infection prevention and control, healthcare hygiene, diagnostics, laboratory and general biosafety, sharps injury; Pharmaceuticals – product development and evaluation, clinical trails, formulation science, manufacturing; Medical devices & disposables – design and evaluation, clinical trails, technical assessment; design for disposal; Waste management – process evaluation and control, safety, environmental impact; public policy, regulation, science vs policy.

He is frequently consulted by industry and investors, by trade bodies and by professional groups and learned societies. He sits on the Royal Society for Public Health product accreditation panel, and on the Chartered Institution of Wastes management health & safety panel. A past member of the ASTM International F2132 sharps container standard task group and an active member of the Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) consultancy. He is a member of the charitable organisation Sense about Science, and provides advice and support to a number of charitable and aid agencies, including a role as an adviser to a UK-based Hepatitis C support forum.

Click the green button above to contact Expert for a free initial screening call regarding your marketing research, industry research, and company research needs.  For research needs involving multiple experts or secondary research, a Research Director can be assigned to coordinate the work into a custom report for you as a potentially quicker and more cost effective alternative to doing this work yourself or hiring a boutique consultancy.  Remember, your initial screening call to speak with Expert is free.

Additional Skills and Services:

He teaches regularly on technical, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK university and healthcare sectors, and by invitation to a number of professional bodies and clients in the private service and manufacturing sectors. He additionally supports individual postgraduate and doctoral students.

He is a StemNet Ambassador. He sits as Vice Chair of the Society of Biology Professional Registers Committee.

He delivers small group teaching and training to nurses, scientists and technicians, to ancillary workers and other groups in the commercial sector, and 1-2-1 briefing and training sessions and tutorials for senior managers.

With particular interests in biosafety and expertise in laboratory microbiology, expert had accepted a post as Safety Adviser to a specialist company offing chemical and microbiological analysis, providing core and supplementary safety training for technical and support staff.

Expert has lectured widely at home and abroad, presenting research papers and guest lectures on subjects including medical microbiology and surgical sepsis, infection prevention & control, clinical waste management and sharps injury. He has chaired many lecture sessions and conferences, and has most recently organised and delivered the first of an annual series of conferences on healthcare waste management and hospital hygiene held in Dubai.

Supplier and Vendor Location and Selection

Expert has performed formal assessments of a range of innovative medical devices as part of his research activities, with reports to producers and where relevant formal peer-reviewed publication of results. He has additionally worked closely with developers and others in the design and initial assessment of medical devices.

He is regularly approached by suppliers, developers and manufacturers of a range of medical devices and of equipment and technologies intended for use in the clinical and related waste disposal sectors. Requests range from a superficial commentary or opinion, to an in-depth technical assessment.

Expert is creator and manager of the Clinical Waste Discussion Forum. Though that Forum is intentionally non-commercial, those responsible for a range of products and services have used the Forum to contact Expert for advice and guidance on technical and more general commercial and development guidance, and for technical support. Despite this, he insists on maintaining full independence and is not retained by any organisation, supplier or vendor.

Other Skills and Services

Expert has wide experience in the, commercial, pharmaceutical, manufacturing waste management and facilities sectors, as well as health, scientific, academic, regulatory and government sectors.

His extensive experience brings together several disciplines, from academic and diagnostic, surgical sepsis, antibiotic and chemotherapy, and clinical trail, to medical devices and device-related infection, design and manufacturing including pharmaceutical microbiology and manufacturing, policy and regulation, and litigation. This extends further to industrial and occupational microbiology and biosafety with emphasis on the waste and manufacturing industries. Supported by extensive teaching, lecturing and research, a strong publication record in the peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, Expert is perhaps uniquely experienced in each of these areas, and is consulted widely by fellow professionals, representatives of commercial and investment enterprises, manufacturers, and by the professional bodies representing many of these diverse fields.


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